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to believe the rest will be completed in its Time.-The 18th Chapter opens with an Angel's descending from Heaven, and crying, Babylon is fallen, is fallen, the great City, and is become the Habitation of Devils, and the bold of foul Spirits, and a Cage of every unclean and hateful Bird: for all Nations bave drunk of the Wine of the wrath of her Fornication; and the kings of the Earth have committed Fornication with her, and the mere chants of the Earth are waxed rich of the abundance of her Pleafures. — And indeed, nothing ever was more fitted for a Comparison: have not almost all the neighbouring Kingdoms in Europe been under the Tyranny and Imposture of the Romish See? have not the Kings of this considerable and flourishing Nation, in former times, been drunk with the Wine of her Fornication? have they not been terrified and threatened with all the horrid Thunder of Church-Artillery, if they did not acknowledge submission and allegiance to his Holiness? What a long time was it, before God, as it were by a Miracle, eafed our Necks from the Yoke, and brought



on the glorious Reformation? when Faith and Reason, Scripture and Learning went hand in hand: while the Sons of Briton cordially renounced and protested against a Religion, that was planted in Ignorance and watered in Blood. And to see what we did reform from, may add to our detestation of Popery:-we reformed from the Perfecutions and Tortures of the Inquisition: from the most corrupted WorThip, that ever dishonoured God: from Beads and Images: from Pardons and Indulgencies: from midnight Cells and melancholy Convents, whereYouth and Beauty bloom in Vain, and are cut off all from the sweet Civilities of Life. Their Doctrine of Pardon is an Insult to God; their Pretence to give it an Infult to Man: and

you will not wonder at the severity of the Character St. John gives them, when he styles them Devils, foul Spirits, and hateful Birds; for the Agents of the Inquisition are little better than Devils Incarnate: and as to the Bulk of the people in Italy, if Report says true, they are divided betwixt Sodomites and Atheists. Thus far then, they have ad4


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vanced to the Prophecy, and have abfolutely outfinned the Description; and therefore, as I mentioned before, we have good reason to believe the rest will come upon them in its Time.

Known unto God are all his Works, from the beginning to the End; and he has not left us without some Intimations, that her Time is not far of from being completely destroyed. We may easily observe, that she has tryed all her Arts, and Impor tures in every part of the World: yet notwithstanding, the Lamb fhall overcome her at the last: perhaps the Kingdoms that now adopt her Impurities may be the first that turn upon her with vengeance and work her Destruction: it is hinted fo in the 16th Verse; the ten Horns are they that fall hate the Whore, and shall make her defolate and naked, and fall eat ber Flesh, and burn it with Fire. The Reverence now paid to the Pope, even by Catholic Kings, is more Form than Reality, more Policy than Reverence. His Power diminishes in all the Courts of Europe, and by comparing what it has been, to what it is at


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present, we may venture to imagine its Glory is sinking into Shame. pui

Thus you have seen the juft and wonderful hand of God, in delivering us this Prophecy of the Romila Impiety, and in performing so much of it to our prefent Observation, as to make us fuppose the rest is not far behind. In this we are all concerned: and I cannot make a better application of what has been said, than in the Angel's words; Go out of her my people, and be ye not partakers of ber Sins, and that ge receive not ber plagues, for ber Sins are are come up to Heaven, and God hath remembered ber Iniquities: reward ber, as flse hath rewarded

you, and give ber double according to her Works: in the Cup that fhe bath filled to you, fill ber double.

This Advice we as Protestants are com manded to follow, in renouncing all Communion with her: in flying from and den testing the Idolatries of her Religion: in abjuring all her Impurities, and praying against the secret diabolical Plots and Contrivances of her Councils from debauching our Morals, or demolishing our State,


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Thus may we say with the Angel exulting over her Ruins: Rejoice, O Heavens, and ye boly Apostles and Propbets, for the Lord hath avenged ber for your Sakes.

Now to the King, immortal, invisible, eternal, the one undivided Trinity, be Praise, Majesty and Dominion, throughout all Ages. Amen.


I N I S.


Pag. 3. For Pefurmption, read Presumption. 9. For bac, read hæc.


read τον.

For σεφυλάζο, read σεφυλάξο. 17. For whether,' read whither. 29. For cozin, read cozen. 55. For aproaches, read approaches. 59.

For iny, 61. For őo, read ős. Ibid. For Xdnos, read Xguros

65. For Γατερ, read Πατερ. Ibid. For Eedwža, read Eidwa.

66. For indevisable, read indivifble. 68. For gray, read grey. 71. For Saccurram, read Succurram.

86. For AvIqwa', read Aripws'. Ibid. For ramu, read tim.

98. For Complement, read Compliment.

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