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Treuttel and Würtz, Treuttel, Jun, and Richter, 1836

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Page 319 - Shishak king of Egypt came up against Jerusalem, and took away the treasures of the house of the Lord, and the treasures of the king's house ; he took all : he carried away also the shields of gold which Solomon had made.
Page 56 - DICTIONARY IN SANSKRIT AND ENGLISH. Translated, amended, and enlarged from an original compilation prepared by learned Natives for the College of Fort William by HH WILSON.
Page 26 - Nomentanus?" pergis pugnantia secum frontibus adversis componere. non ego avarum cum veto te fieri, vappam iubeo ac nebulonem. est inter Tanain quiddam socerumque Viselli : 105 est modus in rebus, sunt certi denique fines, quos ultra citraque nequit consistere rectum.
Page 318 - Israel with him ; and it came to pass, that in the fifth year of King Rehoboam Shishak, king of Egypt, came up against Jerusalem, because they had transgressed against the Lord, with twelve hundred chariots and threescore thousand horsemen ; and the people were without number that came with him out of Egypt the Lubims, and the Sukkiims, and the Ethiopians. And he took the fenced cities which pertained to Judah, and came to Jerusalem.
Page 128 - Taillefer, ki mult bien cantout, Sor un cheval ki tost alout, Devant li Dus alout cantant De Karlemaine e de Rollant, E d'Olivier e des vassals Ki morurent en Renchevals...
Page 262 - Various apartments were assigned to them in the palace, designated by various symbols ; a Triumph for the warriors ; Groves of the Muses for the poets ; Mercury for the artists ; Paradise for the preachers ; and for all, inconstant Fortune.
Page 227 - This is multum in parvo indeed,' to which the master immediately replied, ' Yes, I teach that ; you may put that down too.' " In one of the seminaries of learning, where there were about 130 children, the noise and confusion was so great, as to render the replies of the master to the inquiries put to him, totally inaudible; he made several attempts to obtain silence, but without effect; at length, as a last effort, he ascended his desk, and striking it forcibly with a ruler, said in a strong Hibernian...
Page 397 - ... day, and put them in prison for their gold and silver, and punished them with such inexpressible torments as none of the martyrs ever suffered. They hung them by the feet, and smoked them with foul smoke ; and they hung them by the thumbs, or by the head, and hung fire to their feet. They put knotted cords about their heads, and twisted them till they pierced to the brains.
Page 413 - Yet consult the general opinion of mankind, and it will tell you that France in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries was the most civilized country of Europe.
Page 216 - ... effected no real change, the only one of them which presented any interest being the suppression of the law obliging every candidate for naturalisation to receive the Sacrament as evidence of his Protestantism. At last, in 1843, it became clear to everybody that all this was a disgrace to England, and a Committee of the House of Commons was appointed to examine into the state of the alien laws as a whole. The report of that Committee tells the story very moderately, but it exposes frankly most...

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