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the cessation of the supplies of number of persons receiving incotton wherewith to keep our mills door relief was 109,429, out-door in full action, has sensibly in- 683,962 ; in 1860, indoor, 115,158, creased the demand upon the poor out-door, 673,680 ; in 1861, indoor, rates. In the autumn of 1859, the 128,533, out-door, 716,096.

Return of the Number of Persons of every description killed or injured

from all causes on all the Passenger Railways open for public traffic in England and Wales, Ireland and Scotland, during the year 1861.

Killed. Injured. Passengers killed or injured from causes beyond their own control

46* 781* Passengers killed or injured owing to their own misconduct or want of caution






Total number of passengers killed or injured . : 79 Servants of company or contractors killed or injured

from causes beyond their own control Servants of company or contractors killed or injured

owing to their own misconduct or want of caution 105 Other persons crossing at level crossings Trespassers

54 Suicides

3 Miscellaneous




2 13


[blocks in formation]


Collisions between passenger trains
Collisions between passenger trains and other trains, or

Passenger trains, or portions of trains, getting off the rails
Passenger trains running into sidings, or off their proper

line, through points being wrong Axles, or wheels, or machinery of engines attached to pas

senger trains breaking or getting out of order Axles, or wheels of carriages of passenger trains breaking

[blocks in formation]

Bursting of boilers of engines of passenger trains
Trains running into stations at too high a rate of speed

1 1


1860. 1861.

Miles. 10,401 10,833

Length of railway open on the 31st December

Of this number of passengers, 38 were killed, and 493 injured from two collisions.





Treaty between Her Majesty and Royal Highness the Prince Con

the Grand Duke of Hesse, for sort, Prince Albert of Saxethe Marriage of Her Royal Coburg and Gotha, and His Highness the Princess Alice Grand-Ducal Highness

the Maud Mary with His Grand Prince Frederick William Lewis Ducal Highness the Prince Charles of Hesse, son of His Frederick William Lewis Charles Grand-Ducal Highness the of Hesse. Signed at London, Prince Charles William Lewis of August, 14, 1861. Ratifications Hesse, and nephew of His Royal exchanged at Darmstadt, Sep- Highness the Grand Duke of tember 10, 1861.

The two high betrothed In the Name of the Holy and parties, as also His Royal HighBlessed Trinity.

ness the Prince Consort, Prince

Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Be it known unto all men by Gotha, and His Grand-Ducal these presents, that whereas Her Highness the Prince Charles Majesty the Queen of the United William Lewis of Hesse, and Kingdom of Great Britain and His Grand-Ducal Highness' Ireland, on the one part, and His Consort, Her Royal Highness Royal Highness the Grand Duke the Princess Maria Elizabeth of Hesse and “ bei Rhein,” &c., Caroline Victoria of Hesse, a &c., on the other part, being Princess of Prussia, having dealready connected by ties of clared their consent to such alfriendship, have judged it proper liance; in order, therefore, to that an alliance should be con- attain so desirable an end, and tracted between the family of to treat upon, conclude, and conHer Majesty and that of His firm the Articles of the said MarRoyal Highness, by a Marriage riage, Her Britannic Majesty, on agreed to on both sides, between the one part, and His Royal Her Royal Highness the Princess Highness the Grand Duke of Alice Maud Mary, a Princess of Hesse, on the other, have nained the United Kingdom of Great as their Plenipotentiaries, that is Britain and Ireland, and Duchess to say :of Saxony, second daughter of Her Majesty the Queen of Her Majesty the Queen of the the United Kingdom of Great United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, the Most Britain and Ireland, and of His Reverend Father in God John

Bird, Archbishop of Canterbury, of Her Majesty's Principal SecrePrimate of all England, and Me- taries of State ; the Right tropolitan, a Member of Her Honourable Sir Charles Wood, Majesty's Most Honourable Privy Baronet, a Member of Her MaCouncil; the Right Honourable jesty's Most Honourable Privy Richard Lord Westbury, a Peer Council, Knight Grand Cross of of the United Kingdom, a Mem- the Most Honourable Order of ber of Her Majesty's Most the Bath, a Member of ParliaHonourable Privy Council

, Her ment, one other of Her Majesty's Chancellor of Great Britain ; the Principal Secretaries of State ; Right Honourable Granville the Right Honourable Sir George George Earl Granville, a Peer Grey, Baronet, a Member of Her of the United Kingdom, Knight Majesty's Most Honourable Privy of the Most Noble Order of the Council

, Knight Grand Cross of Garter, President of Her Ma- the Most Honourable Order of jesty's Most Honourable Privy the Bath, a Member of ParliaCouncil; the Right Honourable ment, the other of Her Majesty's Henry Pelham, Duke of New. Principal Secretaries of State; castle, Earl of Lincoln, a Peer of and the Right Honourable Wilthe United Kingdom, Knight of liam Ewart Gladstone, a Member the Most Noble Order of the of Her Majesty's Most HonourGarter, a Member of Her_Ma- able Privy Council, a Member of jesty's Most Honourable Privy Parliament, Chancellor and Council, one of Her Majesty's Under Treasurer of Her MaPrincipal Secretaries of State ; jesty's Exchequer ; the Right Honourable John And His Royal Highness the Earl Russell, Viscount Amberley Grand

of Hesse, His of Amberley and of Ardsalla, à Excellency the Count Charles Peer of the United Kingdom, a von Schlitz, called von Görtz, Member of Her Majesty's Most Highness' Major-General à la Honourable Privy Council, one suite, His Envoy Extraordinary other of Her Majesty's Principal and Minister Plenipotentiary to Secretaries of State; the Right the Royal Courts of Saxony and Honourable Henry John Vis. Hanover, a Peer of the Grand count Palmerston, a Peer of that Duchy of Hesse, Grand Cross part of the United Kingdom of His Royal Highness' Order called Ireland, Knight of the of Merit of Philip the MagnaMost Noble Order of the Garter, nimous, and of the Ducal Order and Knight Grand Cross of the of Henry the Lion of Brunswick, Most Honourable Order of the Knight of the Order of St. Bath, a Member of Her Ma- John of the Hospital of Jerujesty's Most Honourable Privy salem, His Royal Highness' EnCouncil, a Member of Parlia- voy Extraordinary and Minister ment, First Commissioner of Plenipotentiary on an ExtraordiHer Majesty's Treasury; the nary Mission to Her Britannic Right Honourable Sir George Majesty; Cornewall Lewis, Baronet, Who, after having communi. Member of Her Majesty's Most cated to each other their respecHonourable Privy Council, a tive full powers, found in good Member of Parliament, one other and due form, have agreed upon




and concluded the following aid towards defraying the exarticles :

penses of the joint establishI. It is concluded and agreed inent of their Royal and Grandthat the Marriage between Her Ducal Highnesses. Royal Highness the Princess IV. The whole of the said Alice Maud Mary, a Princess of marriage portion shall be placed the United Kingdom of Great in the English Funds in the Britain and Ireland, and Duchess names of Commissioners to be of Saxony, second daughter of jointly named and empowered Her Majesty the Queen of the for that purpose by Her Britannic United Kingdom Great Majesty and by His Royal HighBritain and Ireland, and of His ness the Grand Duke of Hesse, Royal Highness the Prince Con- with the power to lay out onesort, Prince Albert of Saxe- half of it in real securities in Coburg and Gotha, and His England or in Hesse, when such Grand - Ducal Highness the securities, approved by Her MaPrince Frederick William Lewis jesty and His Royal Highness, Charles of Hesse, son of His shall be found. Grand - Ducal Highness the The interest and produce Prince Charles William Lewis arising from the said Marof Hesse, and nephew of His riage portion of 30,0001. sterRoyal Highness the Grand ling shall be paid every six Duke of Hesse, shall be solem- months to the person or persons nized in person, in that part of duly authorized to receive the the United Kingdom of Great same on the part of their GrandBritain and Ireland called Great Ducal and Royal Highness Britain, according to the due the Prince and Princess during tenour of the laws of England, their joint lives. In the event and the rites and ceremonies of the decease of either, the of the Church of England, as survivor shall enjoy the interest soon as the same may conve- and produce for his or her life. niently be done.

After the decease of both, the II. The expenses of the joint capital and interest shall be disestablishment of their Royal and posed of according to the stipuGrand-Ducal Highnesses shall lations contained in Articles V. be defrayed out of the appanage and VI. of the present Treaty. of His Grand-Ducal Highness V. In case there shall be any the Prince Frederick William children from this Marriage, Lewis Charles of Hesse, which whether two or more, the maris fixed by His Royal Highness riage portion shall, after the the Grand Duke of Hesse at decease of both Prince and forty thousand florins, South Princess, be equally divided beGerman currency, a-year.

tween such of those children, III. Her Majesty the Queen without distinction of sex or age, of the United Kingdom of Great shall attain the age of Britain and Ireland will give to eighteen years, or, not having Her Royal Highness the Prin- attained that age, shall marry. cess Alice Maud Mary a If there be but one hild wh riage portion of 30,0001. ster- shall attain the age of eighteen ling, the interest and produce years,

years, or (being the only child) of which shall

an shall marry before attaining that VOL. CIII.






age, the whole portion shall go payable quarterly, the said to that child, whether son or Princess shall not have power, daughter.

either 'separately or conjointly In case, after the death of the with His Grand-Ducal HighPrince and Princess, there should ness the Prince, to alienate, be any princely issue existing of mortgage, or receive or direct to any deceased child or children of be paid by way of anticipation; this marriage, then such princely but the same shall, from time to issue shall receive equally among time, as the same shall become them such part of the portion as due, be paid and payable into would have fallen to their father the proper hands of the said or mother if these had survived Princess alone, upon her own the Prince and Princess.

sole receipt, or to such person or VI. In case there shall be no persons to whom she shall, by child of the marriage who shall writing signed by herself alone attain the age of eighteen years, from time to time, as the same or marry before attaining that shall become due, direct and age, then, if the Prince shall die order the same to be paid, or in the lifetime of the Princess, whom she shall otherwise authe capital shall be transferred thorize to receive the same on to Her Royal Highness. But if her sole behalf. the Princess shall die in the life- VIII. In consideration of this time of the Prince, the capital Marriage, His Royal Highness shall (subject to the life-interest the Grand Duke of Hesse enof the Prince) be disposed of as gages to secure to Her Royal Her Royal Highness may have Highness the Princess Alice appointed, notwithstanding her Maud Mary, in case she should married state ; or, if Her Royal have the misfortune to become Highness should have made no the widow of His Grand-Ducal disposition of it, then after the Highness the Prince Frederick death of the Prince it shall pass William Lewis Charles of Hesse, to the next of kin of the Princess, a jointure suitable to the circumaccording to the rules of the stances, until the decease of Her English law, as if Her Royal Royal Highness, so long as she Highness had died intestate and shall not enter upon a second unmarried.

Marriage. Such jointure, accordVII. Her Britannic Majestying as His Grand-Ducal Highpromises to secure to Her Royal ness the Prince may die during Highness the Princess Alice the lifetime of His Royal HighMaud Mary, from the time of her ness the Grand Duke, and also of marriage to Her Royal High- His Grand-Ducal Highness the ness's decease, the annual sum of Prince Charles William Lewis 60001. sterling, to be paid quar- of Hesse, or after he shall have terly to Commissioners named become immediate successor to for that purpose by Her Britan- the Grand Dukedom, shall, in nic Majesty, to be by them the former case consist of a received for the sole and yearly revenue of twenty thouseparate use of the said sand florins, South-German curPrincess, notwithstanding her rency, and, in the latter case, of a married state; and which annual yearly revenue of forty thousand sum of 60001. sterling, so forins, South-German currency.

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