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their voyage.

this treaty, be deemed British present treaty, to a fixed and deand Ottoman vessels respec- finite tax of one (1) per cent., tively.

which shall be levied, as is to be XI. No charge whatsoever shall the case with respect to Turkish be made upon British goods produce exported, to defray the being the produce or manufac- expense of registration. ture of the British dominions or The Sublime Porte at the same possessions, whether in British time declares that it reserves to or other ships, nor upon any itself the right to establish, by a goods the produce or manufac- special enactment, the measures ture of any other foreign country to be adopted for the prevention carried in British ships, when of fraud. the same shall pass through the XIII. Her Britannic Majesty's Straits of the Dardanelles or of subjects, or their agents, trading the Bosphorus, whether such in goods the produce or manugoods shall pass through those facture of foreign countries, shall Straits in the ships that brought be subject to the same taxes, and them, or shall bave been trans- enjoy the same rights, privileges, shipped to other vessels ; or and immunities as foreign subwhether, after having been sold jects dealing in goods the profor exportation, they shall, for a duce or manufacture of their own certain limited time, be landed country. in order to be placed in other XIV. An exception to the stivessels for the continuance of pulations laid down in the 5th

Article shall be made in regard In the latter case the goods in to tobacco, in: any shape whatquestion shall be deposited at soever, and also in regard to salt, Constantinople in the magazines which two articles shall cease to of the Custom - house, called be included among those which Transit magazines; and in any the subjects of Her Britannic other places where there is no Majesty are permitted to import entrepôt they shall be placed into the Ottoman dominions. under the charge of the Adminis- British subjects, however, or tration of the Customs.

their agents, buying or selling XII. The Sublime Porte de- tobacco or salt for consumption siring to grant, by means of gra- in Turkey shall be subject to the dual concessions, all facilities in same regulations, and shall pay its power to transit by land, it is the same duties, as the most fastipulated and agreed that the voured Ottoman subjects trading duty of three (3) per cent. levied in the two articles aforesaid ; and up to this time on articles im- furthermore, as a compensation ported into Turkey, in their pas- for the prohibition of the two sage through Turkey to other articles above mentioned, no duty countries, shall be reduced to whatsoever shall in future be two (2) per cent. payable, as the levied on those articles when exduty of three per cent. has been ported from Turkey by the paid hitherto, on arriving in the subjects of Her Britannic Ma. Ottoman dominions; and at the jesty. end of eight years, to be reck- British subjects shall, neveroned from the day of the ex- theless, be bound to declare the change of the ratifications of the quantity of tobacco and salt thus

exported to the proper Custom- ties, to depôts or fitting places house authorities, who shall, as designated by the Government, heretofore, have the right to to which the parties interested watch over the export of these shall have access under due rearticles, without thereby being gulations. entitled to levy any tax thereon Fowling-pieces, pistols, and on any pretence whatsoever. ornamental or fancy weapons, as

XV. It is understood between also small quantities of gunthe two High Contracting Parties powder for sporting, reserved for that the Sublime Porte reserves private use, shall not be subject to itself the faculty and right of to the stipulations of the present issuing a general prohibition Article. against the importation into the XVI. The firmans required for Ottoman dominions of gunpow- British merchant-vessels, on passder, cannon, arms of war, or mi- ing through the Dardanelles and litary stores; but such prohibi- the Bosphorus, shall always be tion will not come into operation delivered in such manner as to until it shall have been officially occasion to such vessels the least notified, and will apply only to possible delay. the articles mentioned in the XVII. The captains of British decree enacting the prohibition. merchant-vessels, with goods on Any of these articles which have board destined for the Ottoman not been so specifically prohi- Empire, shall be obliged, immebited, shall, on being imported diately on their arrival at the into the Ottoman dominions, be port to which they are bound, to subject to the local regulations, deposit in the Custom-house of unless Her Britannic Majesty's the said port a true copy of their Embassy shall think fit to apply manifest. for a special licence, which li- XVIII. Contraband goods will cence will, in that case, be granted, be liable to confiscation by the provided no valid objection there. Ottoman Treasury; but a report to can be alleged.

or procès-verbal of the alleged act Gunpowder, in particular, of contraband must, as soon as when allowed to be imported, the said goods are seized by the will be liable to the following sti- authorities, be drawn up and pulations :

communicated to the Consular 1st. It shall not be sold by authority of the foreign subject subjects of Her Britannic Ma- to whom the goods said to be jesty in quantities exceeding the contraband shall belong; and no quantities prescribed by the local goods can be confiscated as conregulations.

traband, unless the fraud with 2ndly. When a cargo or a large regard to them shall be duly and quantity of gunpowder arrives in legally proved. an Ottoman port on board a XIX. All merchandize, the proBritish vessel, such vessel shall duce or manufacture of the Ottobe anchored at a particular spot man dominions and possessions, to be designated by the local imported into the dominions and authorities, and the gunpowder possessions of Her Britannic shall thence be conveyed, under Majesty, shall be treated in the the inspection of such authori- same manner as the like merchandize the produce or manu- mercial advantages contained in facture of the most favoured na- the stipulations of the present tion.

Treaty. All rights, privileges, or im- XXI. It is always understood munities which are now or may that Her Britannic Majesty does hereafter be granted to, or suf- not pretend, by any Article in fered to be enjoyed by, the sub- the present Treaty, to stipulate jects, ships, commerce, or navi- for more than the plain and fair gation of any foreign Power in construction of the terms emthe British dominions or posses- ployed, nor to preclude in any sions, shall be equally granted manner the Ottoman Governto, and exercised and enjoyed by, ment from the exercise of its the subjects, ships, commerce, rights of internal administration, and navigation of the Ottoman where the exercise of those rights Porte.

does not evidently infringe upon XX. The present Treaty, when the privileges accorded by ancient ratified, shall be substituted for Treaties, or by the present Treaty, the Convention concluded be- to British subjects or British mertween the two High Contracting chandize. Parties on the 16th of August, XXII. The High Contracting 1838, and shall remain in force Parties have agreed to appoint, for 28 years from the day of the jointly, Commissioners for the exchange of the ratifications; settlement of a Tariff of Customeach of the High Contracting house duties, to be levied in conParties being, however, at liberty formity with the stipulations of to give to the other, at the end the present Treaty, as well upon of 14 years (that time being merchandize of every description fixed, as the provisions of this being the produce or manufacTreaty will then have come into ture of the British dominions full force), notice for its revision, and possessions imported into or for its determination at the the Sultan's dominions and pos. expiration of a year from the sessions, as upon articles of every date of that notice, and so again description the produce or maat the end of 21 years.

nufacture of the dominions and The present Treaty shall re- possessions of the Sultan, which ceive its execution in all and British subjects or their agents every one of the provinces of the are free to purchase in any part Ottoman Empire, that is to say, of the Ottoman dominions and in all the possessions of His possessions, for exportation to Imperial Majesty the Sultan si- Great Britain or to any other tuated in Europe or in Asia, in country. Egypt and in the other parts of The new Tariff to be so conAfrica belonging to the Sublime cluded shall remain in force duPorte, in Servia, and in the ring seven years, dating from the United Principalities of Moldavia 1st of October, 1861. and Wallachia.

Each of the Contracting ParThe Sublime Porte declares ties shall have the right, a year that she is ready to grant to before the expiration of that other foreign Powers who may term, to demand the revision of seek to obtain them, the com- the Tariff. But if, during the

seventh year, neither the one ment of the obligations connor the other of the Contracting tracted towards their Majesties Parties shall avail itself of by the Republic of Mexico, have this right, the Tariff then ex- agreed to conclude a Convention, isting shall continue to have the with a view to combine their force of law for seven more years, common

tion, and, for this purdating from the day of the expira- pose, have named as their plenition of the seven preceding years; potentiaries, that is to say :and the same shall be the case Her Majesty the Queen of the with respect to every successive United Kingdom of Great Briperiod of seven years.

tain and Ireland, the Right XXIII. The present Treaty Honourable John, Earl Russell, shall be ratified, and the ratifica- &c.; tions shall be exchanged at Con- Her Majesty the Queen of stantinople in two calendar Spain, Don Xavier de Isturiz y months, or sooner, if possible, Montero, &c.; and shall be carried into execu- And His Majesty the Emperor tion from the 1st of October, of the French, His Excellency the 1861.

Count de Flahault de la BillarDone at Kanlidja on the derie, &c.; twenty-ninth day of April, one Who, after having reciprocally thousand eight hundred and communicated their respective sixty-one.

full powers, found in good and (L.S.) HENRY L. BULWER. due form, have agreed upon the (L.S.) AALI.

following Articles :

I. Her Majesty the Queen of Convention between Her Majesty Britain and Ireland, Her Ma

the United Kingdom of Great the Queen of Spain, and the Emperor of the French, relative jesty the Queen of Spain, and Emperor of the French, relative His Majesty the Emperor of the to Combined Operations against French, engage to make, imme

Siyned at London, October 31, 1861. [Ratifica diately after the signature of the tions exchanged at London, present Convention, the necesNovember 15, 1861.]

sary arrangements for dispatch

ing to the coasts of Mexico, (Translation.)

combined naval and military Her Majesty the Queen of the forces, the strength of which United Kingdom of Great Bri- shall be determined by a further tain and Ireland, Her Majesty interchange of communications the Queen of Spain, and His between their Governments, but Majesty the Emperor of the of which the total shall be suffiFrench, feeling themselves com- cient to seize and occupy the pelled by the arbitrary and vexa- several fortresses and military tious conduct of the authorities positions on the Mexican coast. of the Republic of Mexico to The commanders of the allied demand from those authorities forces shall be, moreover, aumore efficacious protection for thorized to execute the other the persons and properties of operations which may be consitheir subjects, as well as a fulfil- dered, on the spot, most suitable to effect the object specified in the Government of the United the preamble of the present States; that that Government Convention, and specifically to shall be invited to accede to it; ensure the security of foreign and that, in anticipation of that residents.

accession, their respective MinisAll the measures contemplated ters at Washington shall be at in this Article shall be taken in once furnished with full powers the name and on account of the for the purpose of concluding High Contracting Parties, with and signing, collectively or sepaout reference to the particular rately, with the Plenipotentiary nationality of the forces em- designated by the President of ployed to execute them.

the United States, a Convention II. The High Contracting Par- identic, save the suppression of ties engage not to seek for them the present Article, with that selves, in the enıployment of the which they sign this day. But coercive measures contemplated as, by delaying to put into exeby the present Convention, any cution Articles I. and II. of the acquisition of territory nor any present Convention, the High special advantage, and not to ex- Contracting Parties would incur ercise in the internal affairs of a risk of failing in the object Mexico any influence of a nature which they desire to attain, to prejudice the right of the they have agreed not to defer, Mexican nation to choose and to with the view of obtaining the constitute freely the form of its accession of the Government of Government.

the United States, the comIII. A Commission composed mencement of the above-menof three Commissioners, one to tioned operations beyond the be named by each of the Con- time at which their combined tracting Powers, shall be esta- forces can be assembled in the blished with full authority to de- neighbourhood of Vera Cruz. termine all questions that may V. The present Convention arise as to the application or dis- shall be ratified, and the ratificatribution of the sums of money tions thereof shall be exchanged which may be recovered from at London within fifteen days. Mexico, having regard to the re- In witness whereof the respective rights of the three Con- spective Plenipotentiaries have tracting Parties.

signed it, and have affixed thereto IV. The High Contracting the seal of their arms. Parties desiring, moreover, that Done in London, in triplicate. the measures which they intend the thirty-first day of the month to adopt should not bear an of October, in the year of our Lord exclusive character, and being one thousand eight hundred and aware that the Government of sixty-one. the United States on its part has, (L.S.) RUSSELL. like them, claims to enforce upon (L.S.) XAVIER DE ISTURIZ. the Mexican Republic, agree that, (L.S.) FLAHAULT. immediately after the signature of the present Convention, a copy thereof shall be communicated to

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