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Convention between Her Majesty of the Custom duties at all the

and the Emperor of Morocco, ports of the Empire of Morocco. relative to a Loan to be raised in Her Britannic Majesty, on her London by the Emperor. Signed, part, engages that six weeks bein the English and Arabic Lan- fore the period at which the halfguages, at Tangier, October 24, yearly charges on the loan of 1861. [Ratifications exchanged 426,0001. sterling, which the Emat Tangier, December 20, 1861.] peror of Morocco is about to

raise, shall become due, she will His Majesty the Emperor of transfer to the agent or agents of Morocco being desirous of raising the Contractors for that loan, the a loan of 420,0001. sterling in sums so to be received by the London, to enable him to meet Commissioner of Her Majesty, his engagements with Her Catho- or so much thereof as may be lic Majesty, and having requested sufficient to pay the interest and the good offices of Her Majesty sinking fund on the said loan, the Queen of the United Kingdom the amount of such sums not exof Great Britain and Ireland, ceeding, in the aggregate, 15 per with a view to facilitate that ob- cent. on the above-mentioned ject; and Her Britannic Majesty sum of 426,0001. sterling. But having agreed to the request of Her Britannic Majesty shall not His Imperial Majesty, their Ma- be liable for the payment of more jesties have resolved to conclude than she receives. a Convention on the subject, and In case the sums received have named as their Plenipoten- should be more than sufficient tiaries, that is to say:

for such half-yearly payments, Her Majesty the Queen of the surplus shall be repaid by the United Kingdom of Great the British Commissioner to the Britain and Ireland, John Hay officers of the Emperor of MoDrummond Hay, Esquire, Com- rocco duly authorized to receive panion of the Most Honourable the same. Order of the Bath, Her Minister II. When, by means of the Resident at the Court of His payments provided for in the Majesty, the Sultan of Morocco; preceding Article, the whole of

And His Majesty the Sultan the loan of 426,0001. sterling of Morocco, his Officer, the shall have been repaid, together learned Fakee Seed Hadj Abder. with the interest due thereon, rahman el Ajee;

the Commissioner of Her BritanWho, after having communi- nic Majesty shall cease to recated to each other their respec- ceive the 50 per cent. of the tive full powers, have agreed Custom duties at the ports above upon and concluded the following mentioned, and shall repay to Articles :

the said officers of the Emperor I. His Majesty the Empe- of Morocco any balance that ror of Morocco engages that may be remaining in his hands. from and after the ratifica- III. The present Convention tion of the present Conven- shall be ratified by Her Majesty tion there shall be paid over to the Queen of Great Britain and a Commissioner, named by her Ireland, and by His Majesty Britannic Majesty, 50 per cent. the Emperor of Morocco, and the ratifications shall be ex- one thousand eight hundred and changed at Tangier as soon as sixty-one, corresponding to the possible within 40 days from the Moorish date of the eighteenth date hereof.

day of the month of Rabbea, the In witness whereof the respec- second in the year one thousand tive Plenipotentiaries have signed two hundred and seventy-eight. the present Convention, and (L.S.) J. H. DRUMMOND HAY. have affixed thereto their respec

(Arabic signature of) tive seals.

(L.S.) HadJ ABDERRAHMAN EL Done at Tangier, the twenty

AJEE. fourth day of October, in the year



India-Office, June 25. The Queen, being desirous of And to ordain, direct, and apaffording to the princes, chiefs, point that the said Order shall and people of the Indian Empire consist of the Sovereign, a Grand a public and signal testimony of Master, and 25 Knights, together her regard by the institution with such extra and honorary of an Order of Knighthood, Knights as Her Majesty, her whereby her resolution to take heirs and successors, shall from upon herself the Government of time to time appoint; the territories in India may be And to ordain, direct, and apcommemorated, and by which point that Her Majesty, her heirs Her Majesty may be enabled to and successors, Kings and Queens reward conspicuous merit and Regnant of the said United Kingloyalty, has been graciously dom, shall be Sovereigns of the pleased, by Letters Patent under said Most Exalted Order; the Great Seal of the United And that the Viceroy and GoKingdom of Great Britain and vernor-General of India for the Ireland, to institute, erect, consti- time being shall be Grand Master tute, and create an Order of of the said Order, and that he Knighthood, to be known by, shall, in virtue thereof, be the and have for ever hereafter, the first and principal Knight of the name, style, and designation of Order; “ The Most Exalted Order of the And that the said Most Exalted Star of India ;"

Order shall be governed by statutes and ordinances, to be from lately Commander-in-Chief of time to time made and ordained Her Majesty's forces in the East by Her Majesty, her heirs and Indies; successors, Sovereigns of the His Highness Runbeer Singh, said Order;

Maharaja of Cashmere; And to ordain and direct that Sir George Russell Clerk, it shall be competent for the So- K.C.B., Governor of the Presivereign of the said Order to con- dency of Bombay ; fer the dignity of a Knight of the His Highness Tookoojee Rao Order upon such native princes Holkar, Maharaja of Indore ; and chiefs of India as shall His Highness Maharaja Khunhave entitled themselves to Her de Rao, Guicowar of Baroda ; Majesty's favour, and upon such The Right Hon. Sir John of Her Majesty's British subjects Laird Mair Lawrence, Bart., as have, by important and loyal G.C.B., lately Lieutenant-Goservices rendered by them to the vernor of the Punjab; Indian Empire, merited Her Ma- His Highness Nurendur Singh, jesty's favour.

Maharaja of Putiala ; The Queen has been further Lieutenant-General Sir James pleased to ordain, constitute, and Outram, Bart., G.C.B., lately appoint the Right Hon. Charles Member of the Council of the John, Earl Canning, Knight Governor-General of India; Grand Cross of the Most Hon. Her Highness Nuwab Sekunder Order of the Bath, and Her Begum, of Bhopal ; Majesty's Viceroy and Governor- General Sir Hugh Henry Rose, General of India, to be the first G.C.B., Commander-in-Chief of Grand Master of the said Most Her Majesty's forces in the East Exalted Order of the Star of Indies ; and India;

His Highness Yoosuf Ali Khan, And to nominate and ap- Nuwab of Rampore ; point

To be Knights of the Most His Highness Nizam ool - Exalted Order of the Star of Moolk, Nuwab Tuyinat Ali Khan, India. Nizam of Hydrabad;

The Queen, in order to mark General the Viscount Gough, the high sense and esteem in K.P., G.C.B., some time Com- which Her Majesty holds the said mander-in-Chief of Her Majesty's Order, and to give an additional forces in the East Indies;

proof of her affectionate regard His Highness Jyajee Rao Sin- for his Royal Highness the dhia, Maharaja of Gwalior; Prince Consort and his Royal

The Lord Harris, some time Highness Albert Edward, Prince Governor of the Presidency of of Wales, has been pleased to Madras;

nominate and appoint their Royal His Highness Maharaja Duleep Highnesses to be Extra Knights Singh;

of the said Most Exalted Order General the Lord Clyde, G.C.B., of the Star of India.


THE CASE OF THE “ TRENT.” Extracts from the Correspondence American colours. Our engines

respecting the Seizure of Messrs. were immediately slowed, and we Mason, Slidell

, Mc Farland, and were still approaching her, when Eustis, from on board the Royal she discharged a shell from her Mail-Packet Trent, by the Com- pivot-gun immediately across our mander of the United States' bows, exploding half a cable's Ship of War San Jacinto. length ahead of us. We then

stopped, when an officer with an Commander Williams to Captain armed guard of marines boarded Patey.

us and demanded a list of pasTrent, at Sea, November 9, 1861. sengers, which demand being reSir,—There devolves on me fused, the officer said that he had the painful duty of reporting to orders to arrest Messrs. Mason, you a wanton act of aggression Slidell, Mc Farland, and Eustis, on this ship by the United States and that he had sure information war screw-steamer San Jacinto, of their being passengers in the carrying a broadside of seven guns, Trent. Declining to satisfy him and a shell pivot-gun of heavy whether such persons were on calibre on the forecastle, which board or not, Mr. Slidell stepped took place on the 8th instant, in forward, and announced that the the Bahama Channel, abreast of four persons he had named were the Paredon lighthouse.

then standing before him, under The Trent left Havana at 8 A.M. British protection, and that if on the 7th instant, with Her Ma- they were taken on board the jesty's mails for England, having San Jacinto, they must be taken on board a large freight of specie, vi et armis, the commander of as well as numerous passengers, the Trent and myself at the same amongst whom were Messrs. time protesting against this illeMason and Slidell, the former gal act, this act of piracy, carried accredited with a special mission out by brute force, as we had no from the Confederate States to means of resisting the aggression, the Government of Great Britain, the San Jacinto being at the time and the latter to the French Go- on our port beam, about 200 vernment, with their respective yards off, her ship's company at secretaries, Messrs. Mc Farland quarters, ports open, and tomand Eustis.

pions out. Shortly after noon, on the 8th, Sufficient time being given for a steamer, having the appearance such necessaries as they might of a man-of-war, but not showing require being sent to them, these colours, was observed ahead, gentlemen were forcibly taken hove-to; we immediately hoisted out of the ship, and then a our ensign at the peak, but it was further demand was made that not responded to until, on near- the commander of the Trent ing her, at 1.15 P.M., she fired a should go on board the San round shot from her pivot-gun Jacinto, but as he expressed his across our bows, and showed determination not to go, unless forcibly compelled likewise, this scream on her being separated latter demand was not carried from her father, that is, on his into execution.

breaking the window of his cabin, At 3.40 we parted company, and thrusting his body through and proceeded on our way to St. to escape from the distressing Thomas, on our arrival at which scene of forcible separation from place I shall deliver to the Consul his family, they rushed into the duplicates of this letter to Lord passage at the charge. There Lyons, Sir Alexander Milne, were upwards of 60 armed men Commodore Dunlop, and the in all, and the aforesaid gentleConsul-General at Havana. men were then taken out of the

I have, &c., ship, an armed guard on either (Signed) RICHARD WILLIAMS, side of each seizing them by the Commander, R.N. collar of the coat. Every induce

ment was held out, so far as im

portunate persuasion would go, No. 7.— Memorandum made by to prevail on Mrs. Slidell and

Commander Williams at the Aů- Mrs. Eustis, with the son and miralty, on the 27th of Novem- three daughters of the former, to ber, 1861, relative to the forcible accompany their husbands, but seizure of Messrs. Mason and

as they did not wish their wives Slidell, and their Secretaries,

to be subjected to imprisonment from on board the Trent. (Lieutenant Fairfax having re

plied to Mrs. Slidell's inquiry as On Mr. Slidell's announcing to their disposal if they did acthat the four persons inquired for company them, that they would were then standing before Lieu- be sent to Washington), they tenant Fairfax under British pro- remained on board the Trent, tection, and that if taken and came on to England in La board the San Jacinto they must Plata. be taken vi et armis, I addressed The ships getting somewhat that officer in the following further apart than when this terms:

affair commenced, a boat came “In this ship I am the Repre

from the San Jacinto to request sentative of Her Britannic Ma- us to approach nearer; to which jesty's Government, and, in the I replied that they had the same name of that Government, I pro- power as ourselves, and if they test against this illegal act—this wished to be nearer to us, they violation of international law- had their own remedy. this act of piracy, which you would not dare to attempt on a No. 2.-Earl Russell to Lord ship capable of resisting such

Lyons. aggression."

It was then that Lieutenant Foreign Office, November 30, 1861. Fairfax waved his hand towards My Lord,- Intelligence of a the San Jacinto, and additional very grave nature has reached force was sent. The marines Her Majesty's Government. were drawn up at the entry-port This intelligence was conveyed -- bayonets fixed; and on Miss officially to the knowledge of the Slidell's uttering, an hysterical Admiralty by Commander : WilVol. CIII.



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