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skirmishers to the right of No. 7 Redoubt,

and close to the Huirangi Bush, facing Col. James Travers, late 2nd the left of the positions occupied by the Bengal Native Infantry,

natives. At about 4 o'clock, P.M., a very

heavy and well-directed fire was suddenly For a daring act of bravery, in July, opened upon them from the bush and the 1857, when the Indore Presidency was high ground on the left. Three men being suddenly attacked by Holkar's troops, wounded simultaneously, two of them in having charged the guns with only five mortally, assistance was called for in men to support him, and driven the gun- order to have them carried to the rear ; a ners from the guns, thereby creating a file was immediately sent, but had scarcely favourable diversion, which saved the arrived, when one of them fell, and lives of many persons, fugitives to the Lieutenant Rees was wounded at the same Residency. It is stated that officers who time. Colour-Sergeant Lucas, under a were present considered that the effect of very heavy fire from the rebels, who were the charge was to enable many Europeans not more than 30 yards distant, immeto escape from actual slaughter, and time diately ran up to the assistance of this was gained, which enabled the faithful officer, and sent one man with him to the Bhopal Artillery to man their guns. Col.

He then took charge of the arms Travers's horse was shot in three places, belonging to the killed and wounded men, and his accoutrements were shot through and maintained his position until the arin various parts. He commanded the rival of supports under Lieutenants Gibson Bhopal Levy.

and Whelan. Lieut.-Colonel Samuel James

Browne, C.B., late 46th Bengal
Native Infantry,

Lieutenant (now Captain) Robt. For having, at Seerporah, in an engage

Montresor Rogers, 44th Regiment ment with the rebel forces under Khan (now of the 90th Regiment); PriAllie Khan, on the 31st of August, 1858, vate John M.Dougall (No. 220), whilst advancing upon the enemy's posi- 44th Regiment, and Lieutenant tion, at daybreak, pushed on with one

Edmund Henry Lenon, 67th Regiorderly Sowar upon a nine-pounder gun that was commanding one of the ap

ment, proaches to the enemy's position, and attacked the gunners, thereby preventing For distinguished gallantry in swimthem from reloading, and firing upon the ming the ditches and entering the North infantry, who were advancing to the Taku Fort, on the 21st August, 1860, by an attack. In doing this, a personal conflict embrasure during the assault. They were ensued, in which Capt. (now Lieut-Col.) the first of the English established on the Samuel James Browne, Commandant of walls of the fort, which they entered in the 2nd Punjaub Cavalry, received a the order in which their names are here severe sword-cut wound on the left knee, recorded, each one being assisted by the and shortly afterwards another sword-cut others to mount the embrasure. wound, which severed the left arm at the shoulder--not, however, before Lieut.- Lieutenant (now Captain) Na. Col. Browne had succeeded in cutting thaniel Burslem, 67th Regiment down one of his assailants. The gun was

(now of the 60th Regiment), and prevented from being reloaded, and was eventually captured by the infantry, and Private Thomas Lane (No. 612), the gunner slain.

67th Regiment, JULY 17.

For distinguished gallantry in swim

ming the ditches of the North Taku Fort, Colour-Sergeant John Lucas, and persevering in attempting during the 40th Regiment.

assault, and before the entrance of the

fort had been effected by any one, to en. On the 18th of March, 1861, Colour- large an opening in the wall, through Sergeant Lucas acted as sergeant of a which they eventually entered, and, in party of the 40th Regiment, employed as doing so, were both severely wounded.

HONOURS. Ensign (now Lieutenant) John gibbon, Indian Medical EstablishWorthy Chaplin, 67th Regiment ment, (now of the 100th Regiment), For having behaved with great coolness

and courage at the capture of the North

Taku Fort on the 21st of August, 1860. For distinguished gallantry at the North On the morning of that day he accomTaku Fort. This officer was carrying panied a wing of the 67th Regiment, the Queen's colour of the regiment, and when it took up a position within 500 first planted the colours on the breach yards of the fort. Having quitted cover, made by the storming party, assisted by he proceeded, under a very heavy fire, to Private Lane, of the 67th Regiment, and attend to a dhoolie-bearer, whose wound subsequently on the cavalier of the fort, he had been directed to bind up; and, which he was the first to mount. In

while the regiment was advancing under doing this he was severely wounded. the enemy's fire, he ran across the open

to attend to another wounded man, in

doing which he was himself severely Hospital Apprentice Arthur Fitz- wounded.





Oxford Circuit, to be Chief Justice of

Mr. Samuel Birch, Mr. W. S. W. Vaux, The Rev. Sir Henry Moncrieff to be

and Mr. Newton to be Keepers of the secretary to the Bible Board Scotland. Major J. K. Spence to be Judicial Com

Department of Antiquities, British Mumissioner, Nagpore. Mr. Arthur Henry Paget to be a Page

Mr. C. Boulnois to be First Judge of of Honour to Her Majesty.

the Small Cause Court, Calcutta. Mr. Oliphant to be Secretary of Legation at Japan.

FEBRUARY. Major-General Sir Robert Napier, K.C.B., Bengal Engineers, to be an Or- Mr. George Bouchier Ward to be Consul dinary Member of the Council of the at Galatz. Governor-General of India.

Mr. Frederick Bernal to be Consul at Mr. Frederick Cleave, C.B., Paymaster Baltimore. R.N., to be Steward of Greenwich Hos- Mr. Bentinck Welbore Doyle to be Conpital.

sul at Carthagena. Dr. William Stokes to be Her Majesty's Mr. Stacy to be Vice-Consul at Santa Physician in Ireland.

Marta. Mr. Andrews Nicol to be a Member of Messrs. Enslie and M. Flowers to be the Legislative Council of the Island of Interpreters in Japan, and Mr. A. D'EttCeylon.

linger to be Consular Assistant. Mr. Samuel Creelman to be a Member Mr. Deasy to be a Baron of the Court of the Legislative Council of the Province of Exchequer (Sular). of Nova Scotia.

Mr. Thomas O'Hagan to be AttorneyLieut. H. T. Duncan, 46th Madras General for Ireland. N.I., to be Inspector-General of Police in Mr. Serjeant Lawson to be Solicitorthe Province of Pegu.

General for Ireland. Mr. T. G. Baring to be Under-Secre- Mr. Donald Mackenzie, Advocate, to be tary for War.

Sheriff of the Shire of Fife. Mr. Sergeant Tozer, of the Norfolk Mr. Macnamara Dix to be Treasurer Circuit, to be Recorder of Bury St. Ed. for the Island of St. Lucia. mund's.

Mr. John Palmer to be Treasurer for Mr. Colley Harman Scotland, of the the Island of Dominica,

PROMOTIONS. Mr. Felix Beddingfield to be Colonial Mr. William Pollard Urquhart, M.P., Secretary for the Island of Mauritius. to be a Member of the Loan Fund Board

Mr. Joseph Severn to be Consul at of Ireland. Rome.

Lieut.-Col. Harry St. George Ord, R.E., Mr. Edward Thomas Rogers to be Con- to be Governor and Commander-in-Chief sul at Damascus.

in and over the Bermudas or Somers Dr. John Young, Mr. Alexander Henry Islands, in America. Green, and Mr. Thomas McKenny Hughes Mr. William Chas. Gibson to be Coto be Assistant Geologists in the Geologi- lonial Secretary for the Island of Ceylon. cal Survey.

Mr. James Murray Robertson to be a Rear-Admiral Robert Spencer Robinson Member of the Legislative Council of the to be Surveyor of the Navy.

Island of Ceylon. Mr. John Pitt Kennedy to be Crown Mr. Dougald Yeates to be a Member of Prosecutor for the county Tyrone, Ire- the Privy Council of the Island of land.

Tobago. Dr. Joseph Clark, of Mountmelick, to Mr. James Clement Choppin to be a be Medical Inspector of Lunatics under Member of the Executive Council of the the Court of Chancery for Mountmelick Island of St. Vincent. District.

Mr. Hill Dasent to be a Member of Mr. C. B. Saunders to be Judicial the Legislative Council of the Island of Commissioner, Mysore.

Nevis. Mr. Adams to be Chief Justice at Mr. Francis Spencer Wigley to be one Hong Kong.

of Her Majesty's Council for the Virgin Mr. Smale to be Attorney-Gen., Hong Islands. Kong.

Thomas Wheeler, LL.D., of the Middle Deputy Purveyor-in-Chief David Fitz- Temple, to be a Serjeant-at-Law, gerald to be a Principal Purveyor to the William Dugmore, William Anthony Forces.

Collins, Anthony Cleasby, Henry WarPurveyors Matthew Wreford, William wick Cole, John Fraser Macqueen, Henry Clapp, William Macdonnell, Wil- Thomas Chambers, Edwin Plumer Price, liam John Arnold Tucker, Kentish Jen- Josiah William Smith, Richard Bagally, ner, Thomas 0. Hagger, Edward Morris, Henry Mills, Hon. Adolphus Frederick Charles Barrett Knapp, and Gregson Octavius Liddell, William Baliol Brett, Bridgett to be Principal Purveyors to John Burgess Karslake, William Digby the Forces.

Seymour, John Duke Coleridge, esqrs., Lord Edward George Fitzalan Howard Hon. George Denman, and George Melto be Deputy Earl Marshal of England lish, esq., to be Queen's Counsel. during the minority of the Duke of Nor- George Hayes, Serjeant-at-law, next folk.

after Archibald John Stephens, esq., The Marquess of Huntley to be Lord. Q.C., to have patent of precedency. Lieutenant and Sheriff Principal of the The Lord Mayor of London ; Majorcounty of Aberdeen.

General Sir Joshua Jebb, K.C.B. ; Mr. Mr. Thos. Norton to be Queen's Coro. John Thwaites, Chairman of the Metroner and Attorney, Crown Office, Court of politan Board of Works ; Capt. Douglas Queen's Bench.

Gatton, of the Royal Engineers ; Mr. Mr. J. G. Malcolm to be Master, Edward Burstal, Commander R.N., Crown Office, Court of Queen's Bench. Secretary of the River Thames Conser

Mr. Alexander Stewart Meban to be vancy Board ; Mr. Henry Arthur Hunt, Recorder of the City of Londonderry, Surveyor of H.M.'s Works and Public Ireland.

Buildings ; and Mr. John Robinson Mr. Serjeant Sullivan to be Law Ad. M'Clean, to be Her Majesty's Commisviser, Ireland.

sioners to examine into plans for embankMr. Kemble to he Judge, Jamaica. ing the river Thames within the metro

Dr. William Jenner, M.D., to be polis.
Physician Extraordinary to Her Ma-

Deputy Commissary - General Philip
Turner to be Commissary-General.

The Duke of Argyll, Lord Kingsdown, Capt. D. Curry to be Superintendent of Sir George Grey, bart., Mr. Robert the Royal William Vietnalling Yard and Wigram Crawford, Mr. Pearce William Plymouth Hospital.

Rogers, Mr. William George Anderson, PROMOTIONS. Mr. William Strickland Cookson, and be expedient to take for maintaining and Mr. Edwin Wilkins Field to be Royal improving the health of all ranks of Commissioners to inquire into the consti- H.M.'s army serving in India. tution of the Accountant-General's Department of the Court of Chancery, and the provisions for the custody and ma

APRIL. nagement of the funds of the Court.

Mr. John Forster to be one of the Commissioners in Lunacy.

The Earl of Cawdor to be Lord-Lieri. Mr. Benjamin Lee Guinness to be an tenant of Carmarthen. Ecclesiastical Commissioner for Ireland. Mr. C. A. Winchester to be Consul at

Mr. Edmund Humphrey Woolrych to Hakodadi, Japan. be a Magistrate of the Thames Police Capt. E. G. Fanshawe to be SuperinCourt.

tendent of Chatham Dockyard. Mr. Bryan Waller Procter to be an Lieut. -Col. Maclean to be Lieut. -Gov. Honorary and Unpaid Commissioner in of British Caffraria. Lunacy.

Colonel the Lord James Charles Plan. The Hon. William C. Spring Rice, tagenet Murray to be an Extra Groom in Barrister-at-Law, to be Secretary to the Waiting to Her Majesty. Commissioners in Lunacy.

The Lady Augusta Frederica Elizabeth Sir A. J. De H. Larpent, bart., to be Bruce to be Resident Woman of the & Member of, and Secretary to, the In- Bedchamber to Her Majesty. come-tax Coinmissioners for the Presi- Mr. Croker Barrington to be one of the dency town of Calcutta.

three Crown Solicitors for Munster, Ire. Mr. John Hill Beresford to be Colonial land. Secretary for the Island of Tobago.

Mr. Frederick Augustus Percy Wood to Mr. William Walter Raleigh Kerr to be be Receiver-General of Revenue for Her Colonial Treasurer.

Majesty's Forts and Settlements on the Mr. Edward Everard Rushworth to be Gold Coast. Auditor-General for the Island of Mau- Mr. Alexander Bower St. Clair to be ritius.

First Paid Attaché to the Mission in
The Rt. Hon. Sir John Young, bart., China.
K.C.B., G.C.M.G., to be Captain-General Mr. George Hugh Wyndham to be
and Governor-in-Chief of the colony of Second Paid Attaché to the Mission in
New South Wales.

Dr. William Campbell Maclean, of the
Madras Medical Establishment, to be
Professor of Clinical and Military Medi.
cine in the Army Medical School,

The following arrangements have been Mr. Rolleston, Q.C., to be Chairman of

made in the new ports of China opened the County of Mayo, Ireland.

to trade by the Treaty of Tien-tsin :Mr. James Watson Sheriff to be Po

Mr. Thomas Taylor Meadows to be lice Magistrate for the Island of Antigua. Consul at New-Chang. Mr. Moody to be Master Shipwright at

Mr. F. E. B. Hervey to be Consul at Portsmouth Dockyard.

Ningpo. The Earl of Dunraven, Chief Justice

Mr. Patrick J. Hughes to be Interpreter Monaban, Chief Baron Pigot, Mr. James

at Ningpo. A. Lawson, the Rev. John Hall, Mr.

Mr. George Whittingham Cairne to be Laurence Waldron, M.P., Mr. John Len

Consul at Swatow. taigne, and Mr. John O'Hagan to be ad

Mr. Challoner Alabaster to be Interditional Commissioners of Education, preter at Swatow. Ireland. Mr. William Allen to be Divisional Consul at Tung-Chow.

Mr. Walter Henry Medhurst to be Police Magistrate, Dublin.

Viscount Palmerston to be Constable of Dover Castle and Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports.

APRIL The Right Hon. E. Henry Stanley, commonly called Lord Stanley, to be one of Mr. M. I. P. Brickdale, of the Middle H.M.'s Commissioners to inquire into and Temple, to be one of the Conveyancing report upon the measures which it may Counsel to the Court of Chancery.

PROMOTIONS, Mr. John Lentaine, a Director of Con- Mr. Francis. Ellis, of the Home Circuit, vict Prisons, Ireland, to be an Inspector- to be Judge of the County Court Circuit, General of Prisons.

No. 34 (Ely, Lynn, Peterborough, NorthMr. Gilman to be Crown Solicitor for ampton, Stamford, &c.). the County and City of Cork.

Mr. G. C. Barnes, C.B., to be Secretary Mr. Murphy to be Crown Solicitor for to the Government of India in the Foreign the County and City of Limerick.

Department. Mr. A. R. Young to be a Member of Mír. Henry Dias to be a Member of the Board of Examiners, Calcutta. the Legislative Council of the Island of

Capt. E. St. George to be a Member Ceylon, and Secretary of the Board of Examiners, Mr. Wm. Branch Pollard to be Auditorand Persian Translator to the Govern- General for the Colony of British Guiana. ment of India,

Mr. Henry Alexander Pitt to be RegisMr. George Hunter Cary to be Attorney- trar-General for the Island of Trinidad. General for the Island of Vancouver. The Rev. J. B. Lightfoot, M.A., of

The Duchess of Wellington to be Mis- Trinity College, Cambridge, to be Chaptress of the Robes.

lain in Ordinary to His Royal Highness Capt. Richard F. Burton to be Consul the Prince Consort. at Fernando Po.

Mr. George Fagan to be Her Majesty's Lord Kensington to be Lord-Lieut. of Chargé d'Affaires and Consul-General to Pembrokeshire.

the Republic of the Equator, The Duke of Sutherland to be Lord. Mr. Ernest Haythorne Reed, of the Lieut. of Sutherlandshire.

Western Circuit, to be Recorder of Bridge, Mr. John Locke, Q.C., to be Recorder water. of Brighton.

Mr. William Roche to be Crown SoliMr. J. B. Maule to be Recorder of citor for Limerick. Leeds.

Mr. A. Morphy to be Crown Solicitor for Kerry, with Clare.

Mr. Frederick Warner to be a Legisla

tive Councillor at Trinidad. May.

Mr. Charles Hussard to be a Legislative Councillor in Prince Edward's Island.

Messrs. Donald Fraser, David Cameron, Mr. Henry Wyndham West to be At. and Alfred John Langley to be Councillors torney-General of the Duchy Court of in Vancouver's Island. Lancaster.

The Right Hon. Robert Montgomery, Mr. Richard Theodore Pennefather to be Lord Bellaven, to be Her Majesty's High Auditor-General for the Island of Ceylon. Commissioner to the General Assembly of

Messrs. Freeman Tupper, Charles Dic- the Church of Scotland. key, and Charles Whitman to be Members of the Legislative Council of the Province of Nova Scotia. Mr. Nathaniel Butterfield to he a

JUNE. Member of the Council of the Bermudas, or Somers Islands.

Mr. Sholto Pemberton to be Chief Jus. Mr. G. L. Bennon Hunt to be Consul tice of the Island of Dominica.

at Pernambuco. Mr. Brownlow Gray to be Attorney- Mr. H. A. Cowper to be Consul at General of Bermuda.

Puerto Rico. Mr. Edward Wallace Goodlake to be Earl Cowper to be Lord-Lieutenant of Stipendiary Magistrate for Her Majesty's Bedfordshire. Settlements in the Falkland Islands.

Major-General Sir E. Lugard, K.C.B., Messrs. Alexander Perceval and Angus to be Permanent Under-Secretary to the Fletcher to be Members of the Legislative War Department for the Military Divi. Council of the Colony of Hong Kong, sion of the War Office.

Messrs. Robert Hutchinson and George Sir George Grey, K.C.B. (now GoverBlankson to be Members of the Legislative nor of the colony of the Cape of Good Council of Her Majesty's Forts and Settle. Hope), to be Administrator of the colony ments on the Gold Coast,

of New Zealand. Mr. Charles Frere to be Taxing Master Mr. John S. M'Cleod to be a Stipen. of the House of Commons.

diary Magistrate, Ireland.

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