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PROMOTIONS. Mr. William Strickland Cookson, and be expedient to take for maintaining an! Mr. Edwin Wilkins Field to be Royal improving the health of all ranks of Commissioners to inquire into the consti- H.M.'s army serving in India. tution of the Accountant-General's Department of the Court of Chancery, and the provisions for the custody and ma

APRIL nagement of the funds of the Court.

Mr. John Forster to be one of the Commissioners in Lunacy.

The Earl of Cawdor to be Lord-Lieu. Mr. Benjamin Lee Guinness to be an tenant of Carmarthen. Ecclesiastical Commissioner for Ireland. Mr. C. A. Winchester to be Consul at

Mr. Edmund Humphrey Woolrych to Hakodadi, Japan. be a Magistrate of the Thames Police Capt. E. G. Fanshawe to be SuperinCourt.

tendent of Chatham Dockyard. Mr. Bryan Waller Procter to be an Lieut. -Col. Maclean to be Lieut. -Gov. Honorary and Unpaid Commissioner in of British Caffraria. Lunacy.

Colonel the Lord James Charles PlanThe Hon. William C. Spring Rice, tagenet Murray to be an Extra Groom in Barrister-at-Law, to be Secretary to the Waiting to Her Majesty. Commissioners in Lunacy.

The Lady Augusta Frederica Elizabeth Sir A. J. De H. Larpent, bart., to be Bruce to be Resident Woman of the a Member of, and Secretary to, the In- Bedchamber to Her Majesty. come-tax Commissioners for the Presi- Mr. Croker Barrington to be one of the dency town of Calcutta.

three Crown Solicitors for Munster, Ire. Mr. John Hill Beresford to be Colonial land. Secretary for the Island of Tobago.

Mr. Frederick Augustus Percy Wood to Mr. William Walter Raleigh Kerr to be be Receiver-General of Revenue for Her Colonial Treasurer.

Majesty's Forts and Settlements on the Mr. Edward Everard Rushworth to be Gold Coast. Auditor-General for the Island of Mau. Mr. Alexander Bower St. Clair to be ritius.

First Paid Attaché to the Mission in
The Rt. Hon. Sir John Young, bart., China.
K.C.B., G.C.M.G., to be Captain-General Mr. George Hugh Wyndham to be
and Governor-in-Chief of the colony of Second Paid Attaché to the Mission in
New South Wales.

Dr. William Campbell Maclean, of the
Madras Medical Establishment, to be
Professor of Clinical and Military Medi-
cine in the Army Medical School.

The following arrangements have been Mr. Rolleston, Q.C., to be Chairman of made in the new ports of China opened the County of Mayo, Ireland.

to trade by the Treaty of Tien-tsin :Mr. James Watson Sheriff to be Police Magistrate for the Island of Antigua. Consul at New-Chang.

Mr. Thomas Taylor Meadows to be Mr. Moody to be Master Shipwright at

Mr. F. E. B. Hervey to be Consul at Portsmouth Dockyard. The Earl of Dunraven, Chief Justice


Mr. Patrick J. Hughes to be Interpreter Monahan, Chief Baron Pigot, Mr. James

at Ningpo. A. Lawson, the Rev. John Hall, Mr. Laurence Waldron, M.P., Mr. John Len- Consul at Swatow.

Mr. George Whittingham Cairne to be taigne, and Mr. John O'Hagan to be ad. ditional Commissioners of Education, preter at Swatow.

Mr. Challoner Alabaster to be InterIreland. Mr. William Allen to be Divisional Consul at Tung-Chow.

Mr. Walter Henry Medhurst to be Police Magistrate, Dublin.

Viscount Palmerston to he Constable of Dover Castle and Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports.

APRIL The Right Hon. E. Henry Stanley, com. monly called Lord Stanley, to be one of Mr. M. I. F. Brickdale, of the Middle H.M.'s Commissioners to inquire into and 'Temple, to be one of the Conveyancing report upon the measures which it may Counsel to the Court of Chancery.

PROMOTIONS, Mr. John Lentaine, a Director of Con- Mr. Francis. Ellis, of the Home Circuit, vict Prisons, Ireland, to be an Inspector- to be Judge of the County Court Circuit, General of Prisons.

No. 34 (Ely, Lynn, Peterborough, NorthMr. Gilman to be Crown Solicitor for ampton, Stamford, &c.). the County and City of Cork.

Mr. G. C. Barnes, C.B., to be Secretary Mr. Murphy to be Crown Solicitor for to the Government of India in the Foreign the County and City of Limerick.

Department. Mr. A. R. Young to be a Member of Mír. Henry Dias to be a Member of the Board of Examiners, Calcutta. the Legislative Council of the Island of

Capt. E. St. George to be a Member Ceylon, and Secretary of the Board of Examiners, Mr. Wm. Branch Pollard to be Auditorand Persian Translator to the Govern- General for the Colony of British Guiana. ment of India,

Mr. Henry Alexander Pitt to be RegisMr. George Hunter Cary to be Attorney- trar-General for the Island of Trinidad. General for the Island of Vancouver. The Rev. J. B. Lightfoot, M.A., of

The Duchess of Wellington to be Mis- Trinity College, Cambridge, to be Chaptress of the Robes.

lain in Ordinary to His Royal Highness Capt. Richard F. Burton to be Consul the Prince Consort. at Fernando Po.

Mr. George Fagan to be Her Majesty's Lord Kensington to be Lord-Lieut. of Chargé d'Affaires and Consul-General to Pembrokeshire.

the Republic of the Equator, The Duke of Sutherland to be Lord. Mr. Ernest Haythorne Reed, of the Lieut. of Sutherlandshire.

Western Circuit, to be Recorder of Bridge, Mr. John Locke, Q.C., to be Recorder water. of Brighton.

Mr. William Roche to be Crown SoliMr. J. B. Maule to be Recorder of citor for Limerick. Leeds.

Mr. A. Morphy to be Crown Solicitor for Kerry, with Clare.

Mr. Frederick Warner to be a Legisla

tive Councillor at Trinidad. May.

Mr. Charles Hussard to be a Legislative Councillor in Prince Edward's Island.

Messrs. Donald Fraser, David Cameron, Mr. Henry Wyndham West to be At. and Alfred John Langley to be Councillors torney-General of the Duchy Court of in Vancouver's Island. Lancaster.

The Right Hon. Robert Montgomery, Mr. Richard Theodore Pennefather to be Lord Bellaven, to be Her Majesty's High Auditor-General for the Island of Ceylon. Commissioner to the General Assembly of

Messrs. Freeman Tupper, Charles Dic- the Church of Scotland. key, and Charles Whitman to be Members of the Legislative Council of the Province of Nova Scotia. Mr. Nathaniel Butterfield to he a

JUNE. Member of the Council of the Bermudas, or Somers Islands.

Mr. Sholto Pemberton to be Chief Jus. Mr. G. L. Bennon Hunt to be Consul tice of the Island of Dominica.

at Pernambuco. Mr. Brownlow Gray to be Attorney- Mr. H. A. Cowper to be Consul at General of Bermuda.

Puerto Rico. Mr. Edward Wallace Goodlake to be Earl Cowper to be Lord-Lieutenant of Stipendiary Magistrate for Her Majesty's Bedfordshire. Settlements in the Falkland Islands.

Major-General Sir E. Lugard, K.C.B., Messrs. Alexander Perceval and Angus to be Permanent Under-Secretary to the Fletcher to be Members of the Legislative War Department for the Military Divi. Council of the Colony of Hong Kong, sion of the War Office.

Messrs. Robert Hutchinson and George Sir George Grey, K.C.B. (now GoverBlankson to be Members of the Legislative nor of the colony of the Cape of Good Council of Her Majesty's Forts and Settle. Hope), to be Administrator of the colony ments on the Gold Coast,

of New Zealand. Mr. Charles Frere to be Taxing Master Mr. John S. M'Cleod to be a Stipen. of the House of Commons.

diary Magistrate, Ireland.

Mr. A. M. Monteath to be Under-
Secretary to the Government of India in

JULY. the Home and Financial Departments.

Miss Victoria Alexandrina Stuart Wort- Sir William Atherton to be Attorney. ley to be one of the Maids of Honour in General. Ordinary to Her Majesty.

Mr. Roundell Palmer to be Solicitor. Mr. Spencer St. John to be Consul. General. General to the Republic of Hayti.

Mr. Thos. Kennedy Lowry, Q.C., to Mr. George Benvenuto Mathew to be be Crown Prosecutor for the county of Chargé d'Affaires and Consul-General to Armagh. the Republics of Guatemala, Nicaragua, Mr. E. C. Bayley to be Secretary to Costa Rica, Honduras, and Salvador. the Government of India in the Foreign

Dr. G. Paton to be Director-General of Departinent. the Post Offices in India.

Mr. J. T. Woodroffe to be First Judge Mr. C. K. Dove to be Postmaster- of the Court of Small Causes in Cal. General of the North-Western Provinces. cutta.

Capt. G. M. Battye to be Postmaster- Captain Morrison, R E., to be SurveyorGeneral of Bengal.

General of Mauritius. Mr. R. F. Saunders to be Postmaster- Mr. John Scott Bushe to be Colonial General of the Punjaub.

Secretary for the Island of Trinidad. Mr. H. B. Thompson, Queen's Advo- Colonel Tulloh, R. A., to be Director of cate, to be a Puisne Justice of the Ordnance. Supreme Court, Ceylon.

Mr. Simeon Jacobs to be AttorneyMr. Richard Francis Morgan to be

General for the Territories of British Queen's Advocate, Ceylon.

Caffraria. Mr. Thomas J. Callaghan to admi. Mr. T. J. Hutchinson to be Consul at nister the Government of Labuan ; also to Rosario, Buenos Ayres. act as Consul-General.

Mr. J. Fitzpatrick to be Judge in BriMajor Robert Stuart to be Consul at tish Caffraria. Prevesa, Albania.

Lieut.-Colonel Clerk, R.A., to be SuperMr. J. R. Bulwer, of the Norfolk intendent of the Royal Carriage DepartCircuit, to be Recorder of Ipswich. ment, Woolwich Arsenal.

Rear-Admiral Sir F. Grey, K.C.B., to Capt. G. M. Battye to be Postmasterbe a Lord of the Admiralty.

General of the North-West Provinces. The Hon. J. R. Drummond to be a Mr. C. K. Dove to be PostmasterLord Commissioner of the Admiralty.

General of Bengal. Mr. Thomas C. Taylor to be Vice-Con- Mr. C. B. Trevor to be President at sul at Abbeokuta.

the Board of Examiners, Bengal. Mr. William Swan Field to be Collector Lord H. U. Browne to be a Member of, of Customs, Principal Controller of Her and Secretary to, the Board of Examiners. Majesty's Customs and Navigation Laws, Mr. Mutu Coomarasainy to be a Memand Registrar of Shipping for the Colony ber of the Legislative Council of the of the Cape of Good Hope.

Island of Ceylon. Captain Sir Frederick E. W. Nicholson, Messrs. Charles Perley and Peter Mit. bart., C.B., to be Commodore Superin- chell to be Members of the Legislative tendent of Woolwich Dockyard.

Council of the Province of New BrunsMr. F. Saunders to be Treasurer Com- wick. missioner of Stamps, and Member of the Mr. Robert Chapman to be a Member Executive Council, Ceylon.

of the Executive Council of the Island of Mr. G. Vane to be Principal Collector St. Vincent. of Customs for the Island of Ceylon, and Mr. Thomas Brown to be a Member of Member of the Legislative Council. the Executive and Legislative Councils of

Sir Richard Bethell (Baron Westbury), Her Majesty's Settlements on the River to be Lord Chancellor of Great Britain. Gambier.

Mr. W. S. Seton Karr to be Member of Sir W. G. Hayter, bart., M.P., Sir W. the Legislative Council for Bengal. G. Hylton Jolliffe, bart., M.P., Sir James

Mr. Denis Leaky to be a Surveyor Clark, bart., Major-Gen. Sir Joshua Jebb, General of Trinidad.

K.C.B., and Dr. Hood have been apLieut. Hutchinson to be Inspector of pointed a Council of Supervision for the Police at the Mauritius.

new Criminal Lunatic Asylum at Broadmoor,

in the county of Hants.

PROMOTIONS. Colonel William Erskine Baker, Bengal Colony of New Zealand,) to be Governor Engineers, to be a Member of the Council and Commander-in-Chief in and over the of India.

Colony of New Zealand and its DepenColonel Thomas Townsend Pears, C.B. dencies. to be Secretary for Military Correspon- Mr. Henry Johnson to be a Member of dence on the Establishment of the Secre- the Legislative Council of the Island of tary of State for India.

Trinidad. Mr. Charles H. J. Cuyler to be Receiver- Mr. Philip Edmond Wodehouse, C.B., General of Trinidad.

to be Governor of the Cape of Good The Earl of Clarendon, K.G., the Earl Hope. Devon, Lord Lyttelton, the Hon. Edward Mr. Francis Hinks to be Governor of Turner Boyd Twisleton, Sir Stafford British Guiana. Henry Northcote, bart., the Rev. William Mr. James Walker, C.B., to be GoHepworth Thompson, M.A., and Henry vernor of Barbadoes. Halford Vaughan, esq., M.A., to be The Hon. Arthur Gordon to be Lieut, . H.M.'s Cominissioners for inquiring into Governor of New Brunswick. the revenues and management of the Colonel Gore Browne, C.B., to be colleges and schools of Eton, Winchester, Governor of Tasmania (Van Dieman's Westminster, Charterhouse, St. Paul's, Land). Merchant Tailors', Harrow, Rugby, and Sir Dominic Daly to be Governor of Shrewsbury.

South Australia.

Mr. J. S. Hampton to be Governor of

Western Australia,

Mr. Thomas Price to be Lieutenant

Governor of Dominica. The Right Hon. Sir George Cornewall Mr. Charles Nesbit to be LieutenantLewis, bart., to be Secretary of State Governor of St. Vincent. for War.

Mr. James R. Longden to be President The Right Hon. Sir George Grey, bart., of the Virgin Islands. to be Secretary of State for Home Affairs. Mr. R. T. Pennefather to be Auditor

The Right Hon. Edward Cardwell to and Accountant-General and Comptroller be Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, of Revenue for the Island of Ceylon.

Lord De Grey and Ripon to be Under- George Benvenuto Mathew, esq., (now Secretary of State for the War Department. Her Majesty's Chargé d'Affaires and

Mr. T. G. Baring to be Under-Secretary Consul-General to the Republics of Guateof State for India.

mala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Honduras, Mr. H. Layard to be Under-Secretary and Salvador,) to be Her Majesty's Minisof State for Foreign Affairs.

ter Plenipotentiary to those Republics. The Right Hon. Sir Robert Peel, bart., The Right Hon. Lord Stanley, M.P., to be Chief Secretary for Ireland. to be a Trustee of the National Portrait

Mr. Richard Rogers to be Consul at Gallery. Bussorah.

Mr. J. Stephen, LL.D., to be Revising Mr. Juland Danvers to be Government Barrister for West Somerset. Director of the Indian Railway Com- Messrs. T. H. Terrel, A. Hanson, and panies.

H. S. Maine to Revise the Lists of Voters Mr. Henry Pering Pellew Crease to for the Metropolitan Boroughs, the City be Attorney-General of British Columbia. of London, and the County of Middlesex.

Mr. James Heard Pulman to be Libra- Capt. Rennie, C. B., to be Controller rian to the House of Lords.

of Marine Affairs, and ex-officio Secretary Mr. John David Hay Hill to be Consul to the Government of India in the Marine in the Island of Réunion.

Henry Stanhope Freeman, esq., (now Mr. W. Hackett to be Her Majesty's
British Vice-Cousul at Janina,) to be Her Advocate for her Forts and Settlements
Majesty's Consul at Lagos.

on the Gold Coast.
Messrs. Richard O'Dwyer, Kenneth
McLea, James Shannon Clift, Edward
White, and Peter Tessier to be Members

of the Legislative Council of the Island
of Newfoundland.

Lieutenant-Colonel H. Clerk to be Su. Sir George Gray, K.C.B., (now Al. perintendent of the Royal Carriage Deministrator of the Government of the partment, Woolwich. Vol. CIII.


PROMOTIONS. Major Shaw to be Assistant-Superin- of Salmon in England. Mr. J. Wynne to tendent of the Royal Carriage Depart- be Secretary to the Board. ment, Woolwich.

The Hon. W. G. C. Eliot to be SecreMr. Redington to be Stipendiary Magis- tary of Legation at Rio de Janeiro. trate for Donegal County.

The Hon. W. Stuart to be Secretary of Lieut.-Colonel W. F. Marriott to be Legation at Athens. Acting Secretary to the Bombay Govern. Viscount Monck to be Captain-General ment in the Military, Marine, and Eccle- and Governor-in-Chief of the Provinces siastical Department.

of Canada, New Brunswick, and Nova Mr. C. E. Bernard to be Under-Secre- Scotia, and of the Island of Prince Edtary to the Government of India in the ward, and Governor-General of the ProFinancial Department.

vinces on the continent of North America Mr. Evan Montagu Baillie to be Secre- and of the Island of Prince Edward. tary to the Legation at Stuttgardt.

The Hon. Macnamara Dix to be ColoMr. James Considine to be Consul at nial Secretary and Registrar of the Colony Mahon.

of St. Lucia. Mr. Edward Herries to be Secretary Mr. Joseph Goodsir to be Treasurer of of Her Majesty's Mission at Lisbon. the Colony of St. Lucia.

Mr. H. P. T. Barron to be Secretary of Mr. Frederick Henry Crowe to be Legation at Brussels.

Consul at Cairo, Egypt.

Mr. Bagshawe, Q.C., to be County
Court Judge of Circuit No. 31 (Cardigan,

Carmarthen, Pembroke, &c.)

Mr. E. C. Bayley to be Extra Judicial
Commissioner of Oude.

Messrs. Robert Wilson and Charles Mr. David Hector, Advocate, to be George Pantin to be Members of the LeSheriff of Wigton and Kirkcudbright. gislative Council of the Island of Trini

The Earl of Clarendon, K.G. and dad. G.C.B., to be Her Majesty's Ambassador Dr. Charles Caulfield to be Bishop of Extraordinary to the King of Prussia, on

Nassau. the occasion of His Majesty's coronation.

Mr. John Small to be a Member of the Mr. Ignatius Kelly to be Crown Solici- Legislative Council of the Colony of Hong tor for the county of Mayo, Ireland. Kong.

Capt. G. B. Malleson, to be Secretary Mr. William Charles Whitman to be a in the Military Finance Department, Go- Member of the Legislative Council of the vernment of India.

Province of Nova Scotia. Mr. Attorney-General Van Buren,

Dr. Robert Adams to be Surgeon-inMessrs. William M'Ewen, Henry Berkeley, Ordinary to Her Majesty in Ireland. and Andrew Munrow to be Provisional Mr. Joseph W. Bateman to be Secretary Members of Her Majesty's Council. to the Council of the Duchy of Corn

The Duke of Somerset to be Lord. wall. Lieutenant of Devonshire.

Mr. Edward Poste, Fellow of Oriel Dr. Charles A. Anderson, M.D., to be College, Oxford, to be an Examiner of Inspector-General of Malta Hospital. the Committee of Council on Education.

Capt. J. Black to be Political Agent in Mr. Thomas D. O'Barrell to be Crown Cutch.

Prosecutor for the county of Galway.

David Mason, esq., to be a Member

of the Legislative Council of the Island NOVEMBER.

of Jamaica.

Sir James Hope, K.C.B., Rear Admiral

of the White Squadron of H.M.'s Fleet, Lord Hanover to be Lord-Lieutenant of Commander-in-Chief of H.M.'s ships and Monmouthshire.

vessels on the East India and China staMr. Robert Rawlinson, C.E., to be tion, permitted to accept and wear the Chief Inspector, Local Government Act insignia of the Imperial Order of the Office,

Legion of Honour of the Second Class, Mr. William Joshua Ffennell, and Mr. conferred on him in approbation of his Frederick Elen to be Inspectors of distinguished services before the enemy Fisheries for three years, under the Act during the recent combined operations of to amend the Laws relating to Fisheries British and French forces against China.

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