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PROMOTIONS. Rev. W. H. Hewitt to be a Minor

NOVEMBER. Canon and Precentor in Carlisle Cathedral.

Rev. C. J. Camidge, Vicar of WakeRev. Joseph Simpson, P. C. of Holme

field, Yorkshire, to be an Honorary Canon Cultram, Cumberland, to be an Honorary

in the Cathedral Church of Ripon. Canon in the Cathedral Church of Car

Rev. Anthony Denny, Rector of Tralee, lisle.

county Kerry, Ireland, to be Archdeacon

of Ardfert. AUGUST.

Rev. Philip Freeman, Vicar of Thor

verton, Devon, to be a Prebendary in the
Rev. J. Atlay, D.D., late Fellow and Cathedral Church of Exeter.
Tutor of St. John's College, Cambridge, Rev. C. Kirk by Robinson to be a Canon
Vicar of Leeds, to be a Residentiary in the Cathedral Church of Norwich.
Canon in the Cathedral Church of
Rev. W. E. Evans, Vicar of Madley,

Herefordshire, to be a Canon in Hereford
Rev. J. S. Hodgson, Rector of Aikton,

Right Rev. P. C. Claughton, D.D., Cumberland, to be an Honorary Canon

Bishop of Helena, to be Bishop of in Carlisle Cathedral.

Colombo, Ceylon. Rev. C. E. Kennaway, to be an Hono

Ven. T. E. Welby, Archdeacon of rary Canon in the Cathedral Church of George Town, in the diocese of Cape Town, Gloucester.

to be Bishop of St. Helena. Right Rev. Walter John Frower, D.D.,

Rev. H. Kitton, Rector of Trinity Sub-Dean, to be a Prebendary in the Church, King William's Town, to be Cathedral Church of Exeter.

Archdeacon of British Caffraria, in the diocese of Graham's Town.

Rev. E. Durham Tapsfield to be a

Minor Canon in the Collegiate Church of SEPTEMBER

St. George, Windsor, Berks.

Rev. R. Kilgour Thorn to be Dean of Right Rev. Charles Baring, Lord Brechin, Scotland. Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol, to be

Ven. Charles Caulfeild, DD., to be the Lord Bishop of Durham.

First Bishop of the New See of Nassau. Rev. William Thomson, D.D., Provost

Rev. William Thomson to be Bishop of of Queen's College, Oxford, to be Lord

the See of Gloucester and Bristol. Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol.

Rev. Nicholas W. Gibson, Rector of St. Thomas, Ardwick, to be a Canon of the Cathedral Church of Manchester.

Rev. J. 41. Thompson to be Senior Canon of Christ Church Cathedral, Mon- COLLEGIATE AND SCHOtreal, Canada.



Rev. F. C. Cook to be Prebendary of
Carlton-with-Thurlby, in Lincoln Cathe-

Rev. Edward Morton Acock to be dral,

Vice-Principal of the South Wales Train. Rev. F. Custance, Rector of Colwall, ing College, Carmarthen. Herefordshire, and Rural Dean, to be Rev. Pellew Arthur to be one of the Prebendary of Putson Minor, in Hereford Masters of Guildford Grammar School, Cathedral.

Rev. W. Drake, Vicar of Holy Trinity, Rev. Francis J. Eld to be Head Coventry, Warwickshire, to be an Hono- Master of Worcester Grammar School. rary Canon in the Cathedral Church of Rev. C. Bradford Wardale to be Head Worcester.

Master of the Middle School, Trow. bridge, Wilts.




Edmund's Hall, Oxford, and to the Rec

tory of Great Gatcombe, Isle of Wight. Rev, T. J. Brereton to be Master of the

Rev. A. S. Farrar, Fellow of Queen's Free School of Framlingbam, Suffolk.

College, Oxford, to be Bampton Lecturer Rev. J. Chambers to be a Master in in that University for 1862. Beaumaris Grammar School, Anglesea.

Rev. C. Naylor, of King William's Rev. E. P. Edrup to be Principal of College, Isle of Man, to be Second Master the Diocesan Theological College, Salis

of St. Mary-de-Cript Grammar School, bury.

Gloucester. Rev. W. Edensor Littlewood to be

Rev. T. B. Rowe, Fellow of St. John's Head Master of the Grammar School,

College, Cambridge, to be AssistantHipperholme, Yorkshire.

Master in the Grammar School, Upping-
Rev. Mark Pattison to be Rector of ham, Rutland.
Lincoln College, Oxford.
Rev. J. Wilkinson Steward, Rector of

Caistor, Norfolk, to be Inspector of
Schools in the diocese of Norwich.
Rev. J. T. Wilford, Fellow of King's

Rev. E. Bartrum to be Head Master of

Hereford Grammar School.
College, Cambridge, to be Master of
Eton College, Bucks.

Rev. Frank Garrett to be Head Master

of Carmarthen Endowed Schools. Rev. James Wallace, late Head Master of Peterborough Cathedral School, to be

Rev. E. C. Hawkins, of Exeter College, Head Master of the Grammar School,

Oxford, and one of the Masters of Brigh. Loughborough, Leicestershire.

ton College, to be Head Master of the “St. John's Foundation School for the Free Education and Maintenance of the

Sons of Poor Ciergy,” Clapton, MiddleMARCH.

Rev. W. Edenson Littlewood to be Rev. Godfrey Balles Lee to be Warden Head Master of the Grammar School, Ripof Winchester College.

penholm, near Halifax, Yorkshire.
Rev. T. Jackson Nunns to be Head
Master of Helston Grammar School,

Rev. W. Price to be Master of the
Cathedral Grammar School, Oxford.

Rev. W. Banks to be Head Master of
Henry James Lynch, esq., to be one of
Her Majesty's Inspectors of Schools.

Coleshill Grammar School, Warwickshire. William Sharpey, esq., M.D., to be a

Rev. E. J. Davis to be Head Master Member of the General Council of Medi

of the Grammar School, Sudbury, Sufcal Education and Registration of the

folk. United Kingdom.

Rev. T. C. Durham, late Lay Fellow of Jesus College, Cambridge, Head Master of Berwick School, Northumberland, to

be Head Master of the Cathedral GramAPRIL.

mar School, Carlisle.

Rev. J. Graves to be a Classical Master Rev. P. J. F. Gantillon, of St. John's

in Cheltenham College. College, Cambridge, to be a Classical Rev. G. Phillips to be Master of Chard Master in Cheltenham College.

Grammar School, Somerset.
Rev. Cockburn Peel Marriott to be
Second Master of Chelmsford Grammar

School, Essex.

Rev. E. Ellis Rogers to be Second Master of the Grammar School, Kings- St. John's School, Clapham, Surrey.

Rev. J. Espin to be Second Master of bridge, Devon.

Rev. H. Manning Ingram, Assistant C. May.

of St. Michael's, Highgate, Middlesex, to be Under Master of Westminister

School. Rev, J. Branthwaite, Fellow of Queen's

Rev. W. C. Salter, Fellow of Balliol College, Oxford, to be Principal of St. College, and late Vice-Principal of St.

Alban Hall, to be Principal of St. Alban of the New Diocesan Theological College
Hall, Oxford.

at Exeter.
Rev. W. Watkins to be Warden of the
Welsh Collegiate Institution, Llandovery,



Rev. Theodore W. James to be ViceSEPTEMBER

Principal of the Bristol Proprietary CulRev. A. Thomson Bonner to be one of Her Majesty's Assistant Inspectors of


Rev. C. H. Collyns, of Christ Church,
Oxford, to be Second Master of King Master of Eton College, Bucks.

Rev. T. Dalton to be a Mathematical
Edward's School, Bath.
Rev. T. Cox to be Head Master of

Rev. C. Kirkley Robinson to be Master Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School, Heath,

of St. Catherine's College, Cambridge. Halifax, Yorkshire.

Rev. F. R. Dawson to be a Master in
King Edward's School, Bath.

Rev. J. W. Dover to be Mathematical
Master at St. Mary's College, Harlow,

Rev. H. G. Day, Fellow of St. John's
Rev. W. Mirrielees to be Head Master College, Cambridge, to be Master of Led-
of the Grammar School, Berwick-on- bergh Grammar School, Yorkshire.
Tweed, Northumberland.

Rev. R. E. Sanderson to be Head Rev. R. Cobbett Pascoes, Fellow of Exe- Master of St. Nicholas' College, Lancing, ter College, Oxford, to be Vice-Principal Sussex,



A CASE has occurred under " the slave she was. The case presents Ashburton Treaty,” between this incidentally a remarkable instance country and the United States, of the evils that attend and spring which raises many questions of the from the institution of slavery. greatest interest, and which, but In 1853 Burton sold Anderson for the internal troubles which to one M‘Donald, whose estate arose within the States, might was 32 miles distant from have caused a war, in which the Burtou's, and consequently the Monarchy would have appeared as husband and wife were now severed the assertor of human freedom by a space of from 30 to 34 miles, and the Republic the champion of instead of two. In September, slavery. The questions of inter- 1853, Anderson had been seen by national law, of law as between a several persons in the neighbourcolony and a foreign country, and hood of Brown's (where it will be as between the parent State and remembered his wife lived), and the colony, were singular and therefore, and because it was on a complicated.

different side of the river, it was It will be remembered (and it suspected and rumoured that is one of the many noteworthy Anderson had run away from his circumstances of the case), that owner.

The fact was, that the States which compose the M•Donald was about to sell his American Republic are divisible black chattel ; and the poor fellow, into two classes—those in which perhaps fearing that he might be slavery is recognised as an essential sent to some distant place, desired part of their polity, and those in to effect a change of owners which which slavery is not permitted, would keep him in his old neighalthough recognised as a legal bourhood : possibly he had an idea status in the other portions of the in his mind that he would rather Union. The State of Missouri is run away than be sold away. At

“Slave State." In Howard any rate he did not return to county, Missouri, a negro, born in M'Donald. He had been lurking the States, named John Anderson, about for three weeks, and had or “Jack," was the slave of one been several times pursued, when Moses Burton. Anderson had a one day he accosted a planter wife, a negress, who lived not with named Seneca T. P. Diggs, and her husband or his owner, but asked him to tell him where one with one Samuel Brown, whose Charles Givens lived; and on estate was about two miles distant being asked why, he answered from that of Burton, and whose that he wished to get Givens to


buy him. He belonged, he said, circle, which, gradually narrowing, to a man named M Donald, and at length brought Anderson near that he did not want to live on the Diggs. On seeing this Diggs other side of the river, because his crossed a hedge, and approached the wife was living at Brown's, about fugitive. As he got nigh, Anderson six miles from Givens'.

threatened him with the knife; This tale, which to an English. Diggs struck at him with a stick, man appears the true working of which caught in a bush and broke; human nature, and would excuse aud then Anderson stabbed him in many faults, bore an entirely diffe- the breast. Diggs turned to run rent aspect to the American slave. from him, his foot caught in a bine, owner. Diggs charged Anderson and he fell. Anderson went up to with being a runaway, and refused him, stabbed him in the back, and to let him

go. The law of Missouri then fled. The negroes made a declares that any slave found more short chase after Anderson, who, than 20 miles from his home shall however, escaped. There exists in be deemed a runaway; that any the Northern States of the Union person may apprehend any negro a party vehemently zealous for the being or suspected of being a abolition of slavery. They have a runaway, and provides a reward for secret organization for promoting so doing. Diggs does not seem to their views, and in especial for have acted with peculiar harshness, aiding the escape of fugitive slaves. for he told Anderson to come with This organization is so complete him and get his dinner, and then that the runaway is passed from he would go with him to Givens, hand to hand

to hand through many and see about the matter. Ander- hundreds, perhaps thousands of son at first walked quietly with miles of territory, and only rehim ; but whether he thought that appears in Canada, where he is this treatment was deceptive, and popularly said to have arrived " by that he was to be secured and the under-ground railway." Perdelivered up to his owner, orhaps by the aid of this Society, whether he feared his owner's Anderson succeeded in reaching cruelty, or had from the beginning Canada. Diggs lingered for some resolved to make his escape; what time, but finally died of his wounds. ever the cause, he suddenly took Merely as a fugitive slave Anderto his heels. Diggs called to four son would have been safe under negroes who were with him to give the protection of Great Britain. chase, telling them that if they But in 1842 a treaty, known as caught him they should have the “ the Ashburton Treaty," was reward. It is, therefore, probable concluded between this country that Anderson had more faith in and the United States, which con. Diggs' cupidity than his good tained, among others, provisions for nature. Diggs himself, having a the mutual extradition of persons child with him, did not long keep charged with certain classes of up the pursuit; but the negroes offences - amongst them that of chased their fellow-man and slave. “ murder : and the colonial Anderson drew out a knife and statute which gave effect to this declared that if they came near treaty as between the States and him he would kill them. The the Province, provided that, on a negroes, therefore, kept off, but specified application, the justice of hunted the poor fellow within a the


should issue his warrant

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