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they that mourn : for they | dren of God. Blessed are shall be comforted. Blessed they which are persecuted for are the meek: for they shall righteousness' sake: for their's inherit the earth. Blessed is the kingdom of heaven. are they which do hunger Blessed are ye, when men and thirst after righteous- shall revile you,

and persecute ness: for they shall be filled. you, and shall say all manner Blessed are the merciful: for of evil against you falsely for they shall obtain mercy. Bless- my sake. Rejoice, and be ed are the pure in heart: for exceeding glad; for great is they shall see God. Blessed your reward in heaven: for are the peace-makers: for so persecuted they the prothey shall be called the chil- 1 phets which were before you.





& So many as intend to be partaker's of the holy Communion shall signify their names to the

Curate, ut least some time the day before. 9 And if any of those be an open and notorious evil liver, or have done uny wrong to his neigh.

bours by icord or deed, so that the Congregation be thereby offended; the l'urate, haring knowledge thereof, shall cull him and advertise him, that in my wise he presume not to come to the Lord's Table, until he hath openly declared himself to kure truly repented and amended his former naughty life, that the Congregation may thereby be satisfied, which before were uffended ; and that he hath recompensed the parties, to whom he hath done wrong ; or at least declare himself to be in full purpose so to do, as soon as he conveniently may. The same order shall the Curate use soith those betwixt whom he perceireth malice and hatred to reign; not suffering them to be purtakes of the Lord's Table, until he know them to be reconciled. And if one of the parties so at rariance be content to forgive from the bottom of his heurt all that the other hath trespassed against him, and to make amends for that he himself hath offended ; and the other party will not be persuaded to a godly unity, but remain still in his frowardness and mulice: the Minister in that case ought to admit the penitont person to the holy Communion, and not him that is obstinate. Prorided that every Minister so repelling any, as is specifird in this, or the next precedent Paragraph of this Rubrick, shall be obliged to give un'account of the same to the Ordiruny within fourteen days after at the furthest. And the Ordinary shall proceed against the offending person

according to the Canon. & The Table, at the Communion-time having a fair white linen cloth upon it, shall stand in the

Body of the Church, or in the Chancel, where Morning and Evening Prayer are appointed to
be said. And the Priest standing at the North-side of the Table shall suy the Lord's
Prayer, with the Collect following, the people kneeling.
UR Father, which art in | And forgive us our trespasses,

heaven, Hallowed be As we forgive them that thy Name. Thy kingdom trespass against us.

And come. Thy will be done in lead us not into temptation ; earth, As it is in heaven. Give But deliver us from evil. us this day our daily bread. | Amen.





The Collect.

People. Lord, have mercy LMIGHTY God, unto upon us, and incline our hearts

whom all hearts be open, to keep this law. all desires known, and from Minister. Thou shalt not whom no secrets are hid; take the Name of the Lord Cleanse the thoughts of our thy God in vain: for the Lord hearts by the inspiration of will not hold him guiltless, thy Holy Spirit, that we may that taketh his Name in perfectly love thee, and wor- vain. thily magnify thy holy Name; People. Lord, have mercy through Christ our

our Lord. upon us, and incline our hearts Amen.

to keep this law. Then shall the Priest, turning to the peo

Minister. Remember that ple, reheurse distinctly all the TEM COM thou keep holy the Sabbathkneeling shall, after every Commandment, day. Six days shalt thou laof for the time past, and grace to keep the bour, and do all that thou samne for the time to come, as followeth.

hast to do; but the seventh Minister.

day is the Sabbath of the OD

In it thou and said; I am the Lord shalt do no manner of work, thy God : Thou shalt have thou, and thy son, and thy none other gods but me. daughter, thy man-servant,

People. Lord, have mercy and thy maid-servant, thy upon us, and incline our hearts cattle, and the stranger that to keep this law.

is within thy gates. For in Minister. Thou shalt not six days the Lord made heamake to thyself any graven ven and earth, the sea, and image, nor the likeness of any all that in them is, and rested thing that is in heaven above, the seventh day : wherefore or in the earth beneath, or in the Lord blessed the seventh the water under the earth. day, and hallowed it. Thou shalt not bow down to People. Lord, have mercy them, nor worship them: for upon us, and incline our hearts I the Lord thy God am a to keep this law. jealous God, and visit the Minister. Honour thy fasins of the fathers upon the ther and thy mother ; that children, unto the third and thy days may be long in the fourth generation of them land, which the Lord thy that hate me, and shew mercy God giveth thee. ünto thousands in them that People. Lord, have mercy love me, and keep my com- upon us, and incline our hearts mandments.

to keep this law.

People. Lord, have mercy ALMIGHTY and ever

Minister. Thou shalt do no Governour, that he (knowing murder.

whose minister he is) may People. Lord, have mercy above all things seek thy houpon us, and incline our hearts nour and glory: and that we, to keep this law.

and all his subjects (duly Minister. Thou shalt not considering whose authority commit adultery.

he hath) may faithfully serve, People. Lord, have mercy honour, and humbly obey upon us, and incline our hearts him, in thee, and for thee, to keep this law.

according to thy blessed Word Minister. Thou shalt not and ordinance; through Jesteal.

sus Christ our Lord, who People. Lord, have mercy with thee and the Holy Ghost upon us, and incline our hearts liveth and reigneth, ever one to keep this law.

God, world without end. Minister. Thou shalt not Amen. bear false witness against thy

Or, neighbour.

LMIGHTY and ever

lasting God, we are upon us, and incline our hearts taught by thy holy Word, to keep this law.

that the hearts of Kings are Minister. Thou shalt not in thy rule and governance, covet thy neighbour's house, and that thou dost dispose thou shalt not covet thy and turn them as it seemeth neighbour's wife, nor his ser- best to thy godly wisdom : vant, nor his maid, nor his We humbly beseech thee so ox, nor his ass, nor any thing to dispose and govern the that is his.

heart of GEORGE thy SerPeople. Lord, have mercy | vant, our King and Goverupon us, and write all these nour, that, in all his thoughts, thy laws in our hearts, we be- words, and works, he may seech thee.

ever seek thy honour and for the King, the Priest standing as before, glory, and study to preserve und saying,

thy people committed to his Let us pray chargein

and godliness : ' kingdom is everlasting, merciful Father, for thy dear and power infinite; Have

Son's sake, Jesus Christ our mercy upon

the whole

Lord. Amen. Church; and so rule the

Then shall be said the Collect of the Day, heart of thy chosen Servant

Priest shall read the Epistle, suying, The GEORGE, our King and

Epistle [or, The portion of Scripture ap

And immediately after the Collect the


pointed for the Epistle) is written in the glorified, Who spake by the And the Epistle ended, he shall say, Here Prophets. And I believe one the Gospel the people all standing p2Catholick and Apostolick saying, The holy Gospel is written in the Church. I acknowledge one And the Gospel ended, shall be sung or said Baptism for the remission of the Creed following, the people still standing, us before.

sins, And I look for the ReBelieve in one God the surrection of the dead, And

Father Almighty, Maker the life of the world to come. of heaven and earth, And of Amen. all things visible and invisible: Then the Curate shall declare unto the peoAnd in one Lord Jesus

ple what Holy-days, or Fasting-days, are in

the week following to be obserred. And Christ, the only-begotten Son then also (if occasion be') shall notice be

giren of the Communion ; and Briefs, Cita. of God, Begotten of bis Fa- tions, and Ercommunications read. And ther before all worlds, God of

nothing shall be proclaimed or published in

the Church, during the time of Divine Ser. God, Light of Light, Very

rice, but by the Minister: nor by him any

thing, but ichat is prescribed in the Rules of God of very God, Begotten, this Book, or enjoined by the King, or by

the Ordinary of the place..

Then shall follow the Sermon, or one of the stance with the Father, By

Homilies already set forth, or hereafter to

be set forth, by authority. whom all things were made: Then shall the Priest return to the Lord's Who for us men, and for our

Table, and begin the Offertory, saying one

or more of these Sentences following, as he salvation came down from thinketh most convenient in his discretion. heaven, And was incarnate ET your light so by the Holy Ghost of the before men, that they Virgin Mary, And was made may see your good works, man, And was crucified also and glorify your father which for us under Pontius Pilate. is in heaven. St. Matth. v. He suffered and was buried, Lay not up for yourselves And the third day he rose treasure upon the earth ; again according to the Scrip- where the rust and moth tures, And ascended into hea- doth corrupt, and where ven, And sitteth on the right thieves break through and hand of the Father. And he steal: but lay up for yourshall come again with glory selves treasures in heaven; to judge both the quick and where neither rust nor moth the dead : Whose kingdom doth corrupt,

corrupt, and where shall have no end.

thieves do not break through And I believe in the Holy and steal. St. Matth. vi. Ghost, The Lord and Giver Whatsoever ye would that of life, Who proceedeth from men should do unto you, even the Father and the Son, Who so do unto them; for this is with the Father and the Son the Law and the Prophets. together is hipped and St. Matth. vii.

Not every one that saith Let him that is taught in unto me, Lord, Lord, shall the Word minister unto him enter into the Kingdom of that teacheth, in all good heaven; but he that doeth things. Be not deceived, God the will of my Father which is not mocked: for whatsois in heaven. St. Matth. vii. ever a man soweth that shall

Zacchæus stood forth, and he reap. Gal. vi. said unto the Lord, Behold, While we have time, let us Lord, the half of my goods do good unto all men; and I give to the poor; and if I specially unto them that are have done any wrong to any of the houshold of faith. man, I restore four-fold. St.Gal. vi. Luke xix.

Godliness is great riches, if Who goeth a warfare at a man be content with that any time of his own cost? he hath : for we brought noWho planteth a vineyard, and thing into the world, neither eateth not of the fruit there may we carry any thing out. of? Or who feedeth a flock, 1 Tim. vi. and eateth not of the milk Charge them who are rich of the flock? 1 Cor. ix. in this world, that they be

If we have sown unto you ready to give, and glad to spiritual things, is it a great distribute; laying up in store matter if we shall reap your for themselves a good founworldly things ? i Cor. ix. dation against the time to

Do ye not know, that come, that they may attain they who minister about holy eternal life. i sim. vi. things live of the sacrifice; God is not unrighteous, and they who wait at the that he will forget your altar are partakers with the works, and labour that proaltar? Even so hath the Lord ceedeth of love; which love also ordained, that they who ye have shewed for his Name's preach the Gospel should live sake, who have ministered of the Gospel. * 1 Cor. ix. unto the saints, and yet do

He that soweth little shall minister. Heb. vi. reap little; and he that sow- To do good, and to distrieth plenteously shall reap bute, forget not; for with plenteously. Let every man such sacrifices God is well do according as he is dispos- pleased. Heb. xiii. ed in his heart, not grudg- Whoso hath this world's ingly, or of necessity; for good, and seeth his brother God loveth a cheerful giver. have need, and shutteth up 2 Cor. ix.

his compassion from him, how

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