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Ignorance, the Difference between natural and ac

quired, Imposture dreads a fair Inquiry, and why, 32.

Dreads Examination, 83. How supported, 141,



Independency of a Protestant Church, its Absurdity, Nonsense, and Impoflibility,

115, to 122 Independent, how this paper is fo,

8 Independent Whig, his Reverence for the good Cler

gy, 9. He rejoices that there are many such, 10. And in their Usefulness to Mankind, ib. Shews how they are to be distinguished from the Bad, ib. Lifts himself under the Banner of the good Clergy, ib. Serves Chriftianity by exposing Priestcraft, ib. Why he descends to write about Chaplains,

169 Infallibility, its Absurdity,

151 Infidels, often reckoned good Church-men, 230 Judgment (our) ought to be at no Man's Service,

29 Jurisdiction (Ecclefiaftic) owned by the Clergy to

proceed intirely from the Crown, and accepted by them in humble Terms from the Royal Lounty and Indulgence,


K .

K. INGS, the Head of the Church in the am, pleft Manner,



L. ABOURER, (Spiritual) every one to chuse his own,

72 Lais, a great Strumpet, but, in an Ecclesiastical Sense, a true Virgin,

49 Laity, not the Authors of the Contempt of the Clergy, 87, Not answerable for the Degene


cy of the World, ib. How much they exceed
the Clergy in Religion,

Laud, (Archbishop) his Zeal for the religious Trum-

pery and Ceremonies of Rome, 280. His mad
Manner of consecrating St. Catharine's Church,

ib. His illegal and impious Innovations, 281
Law, the great Duties of it want no Explication,

25. The Impiety of asserting the contrary, ib.
fewish, its great Clearness, 65. It appoints the
Civil Magistrace to teach the People, ib. Who
they are that swear to Laws, and rail at them,

Laws, Human and Divine, why and how they

Layman, a virtuous one, a more secure and proper

Guide than a profane Priest, 75: Laymen, the
only proper Authors of Church-Reformation, 99.
Qualified by the Law, may exercise Ecclefiaftical

Learning, how abused by the Priests, 196
Levi, that Tribe, the Twelfth Part of the Jewilla

Liberty, preserved by the Laity, in Opposition to

Lion, that Beast never uses Cunning,

Low-Church Men, the best and only Friends of the

Church, 125. High-Church Men its bittereft


104, &c.

ACHIAVEL, his Advice how to change
the Constitution of a State,

Mahumet, his Arts,

Man, his first Thoughts naturally honest, 135
Markind, how milled in religious Matters,
Men, their Decisions in Religion how little to be

240, 241



Metaphysical Distinctions, of no Use to Religion, but of great Service to Priests,

94 Milton, his Sentiments of Chaplains,

174 Misleaders of the World, who, Mob, (the) its Constancy to the Church, 129 Mofes, the Lay Sovereign, prays for the People,when

( seduced by their High-Priest ) they provoked God,

107 Multitude, (the) what Fooleries they take for Religion, 198. A memorable Inftance,


ECESSARY, every thing necessary in
Scripture is plain

71 Nonfense, who in Possession of sanctifying it, 121 Numa Pompilius, his Arts,




0. ATH of Supremacy, what it is, 105. Col

be kept,

136 Opinions, the monstrous ones of High-Church, 114. The Gain of them,

115 Orders of Clergymen, taken by Meņ who never

exercised the Function of Clergymen, 77 Ordination, what it requires, 73. It conveys No

thing, and never mends the Heart, nor improves the Understanding, 74. An of the Law,

109 Owl, the gravest of all Birds,



ARLIAMENTS, at the Reformation, are

warm with the Memory of sacerdotal Oppresfion, 106. How they dealt with the Clergy, ibid. Parties in Religion, all pretend to be in the Right,

149 Palover,

Pallover, ( a Jeruifts Sacrament) not celebrated by the Priests,

66 People, abused by their Leaders,

92, 93 Perjury, how popular it renders High-Church

Priests, who abuse all that do not practise it, 140 Persecution, why first begun, and by whom, 208.

They that suffer it, generally in the right, 209. The End of Persecution, 210. It is exprefly forbid by our Saviour, and never practised by his Apostles, ibid. The dreadful Spirit and Effects of it, 212, 213. It is opposite to the Genius of the Protestant Religion, and of Christianity, ibid. Is a War against Conscience,

214 Perfecutors, Satan's Executioners, Pope, every Party has one, and is deceived by him, 8. His Policy,

142 Power, ( worldly ) disavowed by our Saviour, 50.

And by St. Paul, 51. And by St. Peter, ib. The Claim of it inconsistent with the Propagation of the Gospel, 52, &c. Power Ecclesiastical, how it ought to be proved, 58. Power, of no fort what. soever, the only Power which the Clergy can claim ; having disclaimed all other Power upon Oath, 112. Power, and the Exercise of Porver, that Distinction a Blunder of the High-Church,


I 20

Prayer, not sooner heard in one Place than another,

218 Prejudice, why seldom resigned,

7 Priests, High ones alarmed at this paper, 16. Im

patient of Contradiction, 36. A modern Defcription of them by our blessed Saviour, 68. (Heathen) their Characters, 70. They create Deities after their own Likeness, ibid. How they expofe themselves, 78. How it comes to pass, that they are for any Religion, 8o. The Ground of their


Quarrel with Conscience, ib. All of them equally contend for Power, but differ about sharing it, 93. The Stress they lay upon Trifles; 193. How apt they are to be hot in Dispute, 229. Their Cruelty to the Laity, 232, 233. Their Arts to promote Ignorance, 250, 251. How they abuse the Laity, 252. The Figure they make, 260. Their Temper and Breeding, 261. Their Aukwardness, ib. Compared to the Grotesque Figures in old Buildings,

262 Priestcraft, its poisonous Nature, 188. It corrupts

every thing, 189. Instances of this, ib. to 197. Heathen and Popith, how much alike, 438 to

444 Priesthood never poffefses the Power of Persecution, without using it,

214 Priestly Insolence, a remarkable Instance of it,

101. Priestly Fopperies will not now pafs for Wisdom,

128 Private Judgment, the Neceflity of it in Religion, Professions, how tried, Profligates, generally orthodox, and why, 43 Prolocutors, not necessary to the Almighty, Prophecy, why ceased,

ibid. Propofitions, how to be examined,

41 Public Virtue, its Decay, 248. And the Cause of it,

249, 250 Punishment, for Opinions of whatever Kind, barbarous and unreasonable,

208, 209

246 226


UAKERS, fome Account of them, 182.

They are religious, but have no hired Clergy, ib. Allowed by Mr. Norris to be a moft considerable Sect, ib. Their knowledge


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