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in Divinity, ib. Their Opinion about Tythes well-grounded, as also their Opinion about the Clergy, 183. They follow the primitive Chriftians therein, 184. As likewise their Opinion against bearing Arms, įb. As also in their Principle of not iwearing at all, 185. Are all capable of Reading, ib. Are fond of the Bible, ib. Contend for private Judgment, 186. Their excellent Regulations as a Society, 187. They gain by a Comparison with High Church-men,

and are not the worse for Want of Clergy, ib, Quartilla, a Strumpet in Petronius, forgets that

ever he was a Virgin,



R. EASON, when and why Men are against it,

88 Reformation, in Religion, who they are that al

ways opposed it, 27: The Reformation in Engtand, the work of the Laity, but opposed by the Clergy, 92.`What gave Occasion to it, ib. The Arts of the Ecclefiaftics to defeat it, 93. The Spirit which it produced, 252. Not carried far enough,

253, 254 Religion, what the only Design of it, 9. The two

great Parts of it, 23. The Religion established, by what Arts to be altered, 91. When left to the Priests, always abused and sacrificed their Interest, 106. The Attempts of the High ClerLy to change ours, bui hindered by the Laisy, 91. Religion, how propagated, 207. The Ends of it not served by human Misery, 234. ChriStian Religion made a Metaphyfical Science, 56. The Adyantage of this to the Priests, įb. The true one, its Simplicity and Loveliness, 262. Disfigured by human Inventions, ib. and 263

Reproof of small Faults, of finall Service, Revelation, the Absurdity of one that wants to be revealed,

24 Rome, (the Church of) why owned by the High

Clergy to be a true Church, 49. Her different 'Treatment of the Englijh Clergy, now and formerly, 142. The Clergy of that Church, the two principal Arts by which they support themfelves, r45. Imitated by others therein, ibid.



ACRAMENTS, the Administration of them,

not confined by our Saviour to any Set of Men whatsoever,

59 Sacrilege, the Cry of it not regarded at the Refor

mation, Sanctified Names, how little they signify, 242 Sarum, (late Bishop of ) his Character of the Clergymen and Laymen,

133 Satan, what would do him too much Credit,

namely, making him a Match for a Million of consecrated Persons,

89 School Divinity, its Ufelesness and Absurdity, 26. Schoolmen, their Character,

243 Scripture, addressed to all Men alike, 25. Some

Parts of it, why obscure, 26. Not given to make
Work for Interpreters, 63. How abused by

Simony, the Clergy sworn not to practise it, 128.
In what Instances that Oath is often broken,

139 Slavery, grows desirable through Habit,

37 Society, every voluntary one has a Right to create

their own Pastors, and to judge them, 81 Sout's, not to be saved by Proxy,


195, 196


Soards, how Men are deluded by them, 200. In-
ftances of this,

200, 201
Speculations, the Combustions raised by the Priests

about such as fignify nothing, 94. Instances of

94 to 97
Subjeets, what worth a wife Man's Thoughts,
Succeffion, (uninterrupted) inquired into, 46. Not

once mentioned in Scripture, 47. The Clergy
at endless Odds about it, ib. Instances of this,
ib. It is a Contradi&tion to the Reformation, 48.
Cranmer disowns it, ib. It is derived from Anti-
christ, ib. The only one which has not been


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ESTIMONY, Rules to try the Truth of

Tillotson, (Archbishop) a fine Observation of his, 55
Trade, the Parsons, what would {poil it, 88
Truth receives Advantage from Examination, 32,

Not to be discovered by those who have an In-
terest against it, 33. Can never fin, 82. Needs
no Masquerades, ib. How many Enemies it has,
especially spiritual ones, 255. How it would
prosper, were it encouraged,


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NIVERSITIES, the miserable State of

Learning and Religion there, 35, 36, ard.
253. They too often initiate Youth into Per-




HIMSIES of private Doctors, what
Contempt they deserve,

W biston, (Mr.) his Charge upon the Clergy for not.
believing their own Articles,


Words, how they deceive the World, 6. The Ab-
use of them,

World, the Way to debauch it is to debauch the

Writers, the finest often: neglect important Sub-

Writings, (Controversial ) the Difference between
those of Gentlemen, and those of Divines,



OUTH, how easily. susceptible of Vice and



E AL, (true) a Definition of it, and Chará-

cter of it, 197. False Zeal, how much Mif-
chief it does, ib. It is brutish, implacabl , and
profane, 203. Its terrible Character, and vile
Pedigree, 199, 200. The Zeal of corrupt
Priests, its Causes, and Motives, 201, 202. How
little they concern the Laity, 202. Zeal is often
the Effect of Conftitution, 204. A remarkable
Instance of this, ib. How apt Men are to be
mistaken about it, ib. Christian Zeal, its Meek-
Tiefs, and excellent Effects, 203. Infeparable
from Charity, ib. Is an Enemy to all Severity,
ibid. Modern Zeal, its utter

with the Gospel, 205. Altogether unlike that
of the Apostles, ib. Zeal of High-Church
Priests, how wretchedly employed, 206. Not-
intended to promote Religion,


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A MentateGOD, not to be judged og

To the Second Volume.

LMIGHTY GOD, not to be judged of
as Men are,

Apoftles, how they executed their Commission to

preach the Gospel, 178, 179. They gave the

Holy Ghost to all that believed, 180, 181
Arminianism, condemned in King James the First's

Reign, but reckoned orthodox in King Charles
the First's Reign,

Atheism never can be introduced among the Peo-

ple, 98. Nor overthrow Religion, 99. The
wicked and gainful Reasons of the Outcry of
the Priests about it, 100. They promote pra-
Etical Atheism, under Colour of combating spe-
culative Atheism, 101. The Villainies commit-
ted by Priests as bad as those committed by
Atheists, 102, 103. The priestly Atheism of falle
Swearing, 105, 106. The profane Jests that
they make about the facred Ties of an Oath,
107. Their fly and execrable Manner of pro-
moting this sort of Atheism, 107, 108. Being
Atheists, they are yet gocd Churchmen, 108.
How much worse they are than all other Athe-
ifts, 109, 110. How much their Atheism is ag-
gravated by a lying Pretence to Religion, 110.
Atheism, which produces no ill Adion, is bet-
ter than a Religion that does, 111. The En-
mity to Toleration of Religion and Conscience,
proved to be Atheism, and the High-Church
Priests to be guilty of this Atheism, by many
Arguments and Instances, 112 to 121. High-
Church Priests guilty of Atheism, by subverting
all Morality : Proofs of this, and Instances, 124


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