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AWAKENING noise: clothes put on : children put
to prayer : family worship: departure : runridge:
rain corn rank, good, withered, weedy, ripe: old
soldier : young friend : post-boy: reapers hired :
reaping : gleaners : idle talk : dangerous toads :
unequal reaping: breakfast: scattered apples: bad
corn, 175,194. Guns discharged: mad-dog :
roup: exchange : faithful cur: swine: vermine : poul-
try: ripening fields: clergymen: carcase: apprentice:
wall : mafon : signs : run-away servant and child :
oven : laboratory and distillery: printing-house : en-


graver: college : copperer: tobacconist : play-houfe

194,-208. Flatterer : flies : imprisoned debtor :

shameless beggar: election of magistrates : hanged
criminal: garden : fruit; beans : cabbage: worm

eaten greens : golf: levelling: oaks : riding for sea

: passage of birds : spaw: race: glass-work : law-

yer: bridges : bee hive : wasp-neft: ant-hill: conies :

moles, 209,—223. Dead lamb : lying-cattle: heath:

hard reaping : reapers paid : crop brought home :

late corn: winnowing: warm valley : travelling mer-

chant, 224.--227. Kindled furze : worldly grandeur:

calk : rolling stone: fresh fish : proud man: mixture

of grain : loss of an eye: bankrupt : waggoner: gal-

lopping horse : pupet-show : bastard fon : neighbours

disagree : covetous man: miry path: dying friend :

run-field, 228,-239. Setting-sun : appearing stars :

lodging seen, and come to: leaven : family-worship:

going to bed chamber: shining lamp: loud noise :

secret devotion: undressing: candle put out: lying

down: noise : dream, 240,—245.


FRIGHTFUL dream; cock crows; new year ; severe

pains ; morning star ; secret prayer; bad break-

fast ; hard bed; staff; cold ; mist; wild-fire ; swollen

rivulet; almost drowned ; rescued ; havock by the

rain ; mist returns ; fun risen, but lowering ; birds

chirp ; fun clouded; many travelling ; labouring

men, 247,259. Freezing cold; no vermine;

cattle lcap; field of battle ; houses unlike ; fick family;

various churches ; judicatory ; cruel ; parent; abu-

five wife ; kind mother; new year's gift ; surgeon ;

ftamp-office. 261-270. Market; cloth ; orna-

ments ; vefsels ; fieves and riddles ; smith; founder ;

earthen ware ; sweet-meats ; shoes ; corn; toys;

deceitful buyer; distinct account; a thief caught ;


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prison ; judge ; drunkards, 271,---282. Hunger; inn; pictures; parrot; reckoning; nobleman's burial; farmer-feast ; storm ; flocks and thepherds ; way lost; old house; petty inn; machines ; a calm; white snow; fun fets ; ftars, 283,293. Furze; fall into a coal pit ; rescue ; wonted friend ; reft; moon; stars ; comets ; lightnings; iky; heavens ; clock ftrikes ; burying place ; bridge ; grows faint ; light, and servant ; to carry it ; enters his Father's house, and dies, 294,—303.

Of the SABBATH: JOURNAL AWAKENING : secret and family worship: dres: sing viewing in a glass ; barber ; fine house ; idle talk; riding; about civil business, &c; lait bell rings; collection; entrance to church; pfalms : prayer : fermon : baptism, 305,—-323. Lord's supper: debarring : invitation : approach: view of the facramental actions and words: partaking : prayer: blessing: interval :- refreshment: exercise : gospel-preaching: goes home: carnal recreation ; tea-visits : idle talk: fupper: family-worship: review of the day: contraft of Christ's work, 324,








POW I am half awakened ; but feel a firong

" inclination to sleep.” Alas ! my sluggith foul ; how long wilt thou sleep in thy sins ? How often hath God roufed my conscience by sharp trouble, stinging conviction, and alarming terrors of his law? How often hath he half-awakened my affections by the pleasant gales of his fpiritual influence ? but have not my sloth, my stupidity, stifled and checked those impressions ? Have not I, times without number, cried out, “ Lord have PATIENCE with me, and I will pay thee all : yet a little fleep, a little flumber, a little folding of the hands to sleep?" How long have I “staid in the place of the breaking forth of children? How often have I, like Za. rah, put forth my hand toward a spiritual birth, and then drawn it back? What numerous convictions have I fifled by childish pastimes, carnal business, presumptuous finning, or by legal prayers, vows, and attempts towards duty ? How often have passing concern for eternal salvation, inward ravishment in prayer, in reading or hearing Gods word t, and fearful returns to wallow in sinful practices, alternately prevailed with me!

+ Ifa. lviii. 2. Matth. xiii, 20.



“ AGAIN fallen alleep, I have dreamed the most “ unsubstantial and incoherent fancies.” Nay, alas! my life, my religion, my hopes of heaven, are but an empty dream! Quickly shall this world, which I make my portion, my ALL, be as a dream which pafleth away ; and these eternal things, which I have reckoned unsubstantial dreams, become fad earnest. 6. One calls me to arise.” Ah! how often! how loudly hath God called to my soul, “ What meaneit thou, O Neeper? arise and call upon thy God: it may be he will think upon thee, that thou perish not. It is high time for thee to awake out of sleep; for now is thy damnation or falvation nearer," much Dearer, than at thy birth.

“ Now is the accepted time ; now is the day of salvation. To-day if thou wilt hear his voice, harden not thy heart; boast not of tomorrow; for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth.”

My strength is not yet fully recovered : fince

my late fever, I find my body is never so fresh “ and vigorous, as once it was.

" And feel I not the weakness of my soul, that she is no way recovered from the sinful, the dangerous fever, which I contracted in my mother's belly? More than twelve years have I lien in the fever of outrageous lust, and faming enmity against the Most High: even now, that quintessence of hell reigns and rageth within

Lord, was not I in baptism carly,—deeply, {worn to be wholly and only thine ? Halt thou not, all my life, loaded me with thy benefits! And do I thus foolishly, thus wickedly requite thee, with treachery and hatred for thy love? Of thy mercy, my late dangerous fickness was not unto death : and if it had, where had my foul now dwelt ? Certainly “ with devouring fire,—with everlasting burnings. But what am I better of either trouble or delive.



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