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ism and Hobbism, and implies, that neither AUGUSTUS, in whose Reign our Blessed Saviour CHRIST was born, nor any other Pagan Prince, ought to permit Christianity, which is the most pure and peaceable Religion, to become the Established Religion of their Country; yet Dr. Dawson has lately had the Confidence to lay it before the present Archbishop of Canterbury *; whose Conduct and Writings, before he was promoted to that See, gave not the Doctor the least Ground to suspect, that this worthy Prelate would approve such Atheism, Irreligion, and Antichrie ftianism; and no Man dares say, that they have done so since.

2. SECONDLY, The Practices following from the Principles of High-Church Priests, are the same with those following from the Principles of Atheism. For, do not many Christian Civil Magistrates exercise the Right asserted by High-Church Prielts to belong to them, and fine, burn, imprison, inflict corpo. ral Punishments, take away Mens natural Righes, merely because Men follow their CopeSciences in what they are persuaded is the Law of God? And what more can be done ins virtue of any Atheistical Principles? Nor do the Notions of a Bible, a Law of God, and a Conscience, (however inconsistent such Notions are with making penal Laws in Matters of Religion) render High-Churchmen less Persecutors, than if thy were acted by any A:heiitical Principles; as is manifest from what is done in molt Countries, where, in proper:ion to the Power and Influence of High-Church Priests, Degrees of Violence upon Mens Consciences prevail. Nor do the Precepts of Christ, who requires all Men to search the Scriptures, and to believe and live according to the Rules there laid down, and who never sends Men to the Magistrate, or the eftablished Priests, for the understanding of the Bible, abate in the least their persecuting Zeal. Nor lastly, does the most perfect Morality taught by CHRIST, who every-where inculcates Love of Mankind, Forbearance, (with Forgiveness even of many Immoralities) and universal Charity, and who has said, By this Mall all Men know, that ye are my Disciples, if ye love one another ; I say, even this heavenly Doctrine of his, does not restrain the High-Church Priest from stirring up in Mens Minds the urmoft Hatred, Malice, and Fury of Men against one another; who seem to learn little elle from their Priest as matter of Religion, but the Doctrine of Malice

The late Dr.. WILLIAM WAKE


against against those whom he dislikes; which Doctrine they practise with such Warmth and Zeal, as if it was the principal or only Article of Religion: And therein do more Mischief, than Men acted by Atheistical Principles can be supposed to do; for Atheism is as incapable of making Men uncharitable to one another, on account of Religion, as it is inconsistent with true Religion to be uncharitable.

How these Atheistical Practices have prevailed in England, even since the Reformation, (for I will not mention the Times before, wherein this priestly Atheism was rampant) is apparent from our History, which gives an Account of the burning, hanging, fining, imprisoning, starving in Gaols, banishing, inflicting corporal Punishments, and harassing 'Thousands of good and religious People, on the score of Religion ; upon which I crave leave to make these Observations:

1. FIRST, That as the High-Church Priests have been always most forward in makeing and defending penal Laws; so they have been the most barbarous and malicious in putting them in Execution, where they were intrusted with it, as is manifest from the Proceedings in the Star-chamber ; where, under the Influence of Archbishop L AUD, and such

High High Priests, exorbitant Fines, Slitting Nofes, Cucting off Ears, Branding the face with hot Irons, severe Whipping, the Pillory, and Imprisonment for Life in Dungeons, or in Places either unwholsome, or remote from Friends, were common Punishments ; and sometimes all inflicted upon one Man. Upon pronounceing one of these Sentences against L EIGHTON, LAUD pulled off his Cap, and gave Thanks to God. But the Lay Part of the Court were merely priest-driven and outwitted by L AUD in fuch Sentences: For when a Knight moved one of the Lords about the Dreadfulness of the Sentence, intimating, that it opened a Gap to the Prelates to inflict such disgraceful Punishments and Tortures upon Men of Quality; that Lord replied, 'Twas but in terrorem, and that he would not have any one think, that the Sentence should ever be executed. But that Lord (either judging of other Men by himself, or perhaps joining in the Sentence, upon a Promise from L AUD, that it should not be executed) found himself mistaken in L AUD, who, having long divested himself of all Lay Pity, caused the Sentence to be rigorously pur in Execution,

2. SECONDLY, The Ecclesiastical Commillioners in the High-Commission Court put


the Oath, Ex Officio, upon those brought before them on the score of Religion ; an Oath unjust in itself, as it obliges the Parties to an[wer all Interrogatories, and thereby made all honest Men, if guilty of any thing esteemed a Fault, their own Accusers; and an Oath, neither founded on Act of Parliament, nor on Common Law, in that Cafe. After what manner chis usurped Power of administring that Oath was exercised, you cannot have better expressed, than in the Words of the Lord Treasurer BURLEIGH Archbishop WHITGIFT: Your Articles are fo curiously penned, so full of Brancbes and Cir. cumstances, that the Inquisitors of Spain use not so many questions to comprebend and entrap


their Preys.

3. THIRDLY, I observe, that whenever the Parliament has been disposed to introduce the Practice of our Saviour's Doctrine of Love And Charity, by repealing any penal and fanguinary Laws, the High-Church Bishops always opposed such Repeal. In Proof whereof, I will give the Reader but one Instance, referring him to his own Observation for more Proofs in the Case. In 1677. when the Nation and Parliament were under great Apprehensions from Popery, and a Popish Successor,


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