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how can it be otherwife? Can a man be ingrafted in the true vine, and not partake of the fap and juice of the stock, that is, the Spirit and grace of Chrift? No, fure: If any man have not the spirit of Chrift, he is none of his, Rom. viii. 9. Or, can the Spirit and grace of Chrift be in any, and yet no change made on their nature, but it still remain unrenewed? No, indeed: If Chrift be in you, the body is dead, becaufe of n; but the fpirit is life, because of righteoufnefs, verfe 10. Confider this, ye who pretend to rely on the righteousness of Chrift, but are very easy in this point, whether ye are born again or not; whether there is a holy nature derived from Christ to you or not. Believe it, Sirs, if it be not fo, ye have no faving intereft, part, nor lot in Chrift's righteousness. Ye may on as good grounds pretend, that howbeit the guilt of Adam's fin was imputed to you, yet there was no corrupt nature derived from him to you: as pretend, that Chrift's righteousness is imputed to you, while yet ye are not born again, your nature is not changed, by the communication of fanctifying grace from Chrift, unto you. Deceive not yourselves; ye must be regenerate, elfe ye will perifh; for except a man be born again, he cannot fee the kingdom of God, John iii. 3.

Char. 2. They are all righteous and holy in their lives: Ifa, lx. 12. Thy people alfo fhall be all righteous. Chap. lxii. 12. And they hall call them the holy people. How did ungodlinefs, unrighteoufnefs, and profanity, enter into the world, the which are now overflowing all its banks? Was it not by one man, by Adam's fin, which is imputed to all mankind! Rom. V. 12. Then be fure, if the fecond Adam's righteoufnefs be imputed to you, holiness of life will come along with it 1 Cor, vi. 11. But ye are washed, but ye are fanctified, but ye are justified. Does fanctification then go before justification? No: but it hath a neceffary dependance on juftification, and evidenceth


it to the world, and to one's own confcience. Unjuftified, unfanctified; and unsanctified, unjustified. Did our blessed Saviour come into the world, and in our nature lead a holy righteous life, that men might live as they lift? Nay, quite the contrary; even that we being delivered out of the hands of our enemies, might serve him without fear, in holiness and righteoufnefs before him, all the days of our life, Luke i. 74, 75. If then Chrift lived for you, affuredly ye shall live for him. Confider this, ye who are far from righteousness of life, living in the neglect of the duties either of the first or fecond table, or both. Your ungodly and unrighteous life declares you to be in your fins, under the curfe, and far from righteousness imputed. There is indeed a righteousness of Chrift; but alas! it is not upon you ye are naked for all it, and stand exposed to revenging wrath.

Char. 3. The old man is crucified in them all: Gal. v. 24. They that are Chrift's, have crucified the flesh, with the affections and lufts. Therefore I fay to you in the words of the apostle, Rom. viii. 13. If ye live after the flesh, ye shall die; but if ye thro' the Spirit do mortify the deeds of the body, ye shall live. When our Saviour hung on the crofs, he hung there as a reprefentative of all that are his, with all their fins on him by imputation, that the body of fin might be deftroyed in his fufferings for it, Rom. vi. 6. He hung there as the efficient meritorious cause of their mortification, that by his death he might destroy the power of death in them: which appears not in any thing more, than in living lufts preying on their fouls; Hof. xiii. 14. I will redeem them from death: O death, 1 will be thy plagues. See Tit. ii. 14. Rom. vi. 6, 7. Eph. v. 25, 26. And he hung there as the examplary cause of their mortification; fo that all who are his, and have finned after the fimilitude of Adam's tranfgreffion, are likewife

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wife crucified and die to fin, after the fimilitude of his crucifixion and death; being crucified with him, Gal. ii, 20.; planted together (with him) in the likenefs of his death, Rom. vi. 5. ; the fellowship of his fufferings making them conformable unto his death, Philip. iii. 16. Will ye then live after the flesh, not wrestling againft, but fulfilling the lufts thereof; living in fin and to fin, instead of being mortified to it; and yet pretend that the fatisfaction of Chrift is imputed to you for righteoufnefs? Truly you may on as good grounds fay, that the blood of Chrift fhed for you hath proven ineffectual; and that he hath fo far miffed of his aim and defign in fuffering for you: or that he died for you, that you might live in your fin without danger. Thefe would make a blafphemous profeffion. Accordingly, your prefumptuous finful life and practice, is a course of practical blafphemy against the Son of God, making him the minifter of fin; and evidenceth your pretenfions to the imputation of his fatisfaction to be altogether vain. Nay, of a truth, if ye have any faving intereft in the death of Chrift, your old man is crucified with him, Rom. vi. 6.; and ye are dead with him, ver. 8.; dead with him to fin, to the world, and to the law.

(1.) If ye have a faving intereft in Chrift's death, ye are dead with him to fin: Rom. vi. 10. In that he died, he died unto fin once. Ver. 11. Likewife reckon ye alfo yourfelves to be dead indeed unto fin. While our Lord Jefus lived in the world, the fins of all the elect, as to the guilt of them, hung about him, and made him a man of forrows all along; when he was upon the cross they wrought upon him moft furioufly, ftinging him to the very foul, till they killed him, and got him laid in the grave. Then they had done their utmost against him, they could do no more. So dying for fin, he died unto it, he was delivered from it and in his refurrection he fhook them all off, as Paul fhook the viper off his hand into the fire,


and felt no harm; rifing out of the grave, even as he will appear the fecond time, without fin. Wherefore, if ye do indeed know the fellowship of his fufferings, if you really have fellowship with him in them, death will have made its way from Chrift, the head. unto you as his members; his death unto fin cannot mifs to work your death unto it alfo. If you are dead indeed with Chrift, as ingrafted into him, fin hath got its death's wounds in you; the bond that knit your hearts and your lufts together, is loofed; and ye fhall be thaking off the viperous brood of them into the fire, in the daily practice of mortification. But if ye are not dead, but ftill living unto fin, it is an infallible evidence ye are none of the members of Chrift: Rom. vi. 2. How shall we that are dead to fit, live any longer therein? Ver. 3. Know ye not, that fo many of us as were baptized into Jefus Chrift, were baptized into his death?

(2.) If ye have a faving intereft in Chrift's death, ye are dead with him to the world: Col. iii. 1. If ye then be rifen with Chrift, feek thofe things which are above. Ver. 3. For ye are dead, and your life is hid with Chrift in God. The world hated him, and ufed him very unkindly while he was in it; and when he died, he parted with it for good and all. John xvii. 11. Now I am no more in the world.-I come to thee. The quieteft lodging that ever the world allowed him in it, was a grave and coming out from thence, he never flept another night in it. He tarried indeed forty days in it after that as many days as the Ifraelites years in the wilderness; the former an exemplar, the letter a type of the chriftian life, from converfion till the removal into the other world; nevertheless he was dead to the world ftill, he converfed row and then with his own, but no more with the world. Now, if ye are his, ye are dead with him unto the world too, in virtue of his death being crucified unto it, Gal. vi. 14. Union with


Christ by faith lays finners down in death, in Chrift's grave; and fo feparates between them and the world for ever and withal, it raifeth them up again with Chrift unto a quiet new manner of life: no morė that manner of life which they lived before their union with him, than that which Chrift lived after his refurrection, was the manner of life he lived before his death: Rom. vi. 4. We are buried with him by baptifm unto death; that like as Chrift was raifed up from the dead by the glory of the Father, even fo we alfo fbould walk in newness of life. If your title to heaven is indeed fettled, by your receiving the atonement, now is your forty days before your afcenfion into it; now are ye no more of the world, although ye be in it; your treasure and heart are no more there. Ye are no more indwellers in it, as natives; but travelling through it, as ftrangers, coming up from the wilderness leaning on the beloved, Gant. viii. 5.

(3.) Laftly, If ye have a faving interest in Christ's death, ye are dead with him to the law alfo: Gal. ii. 16. 1 through the law am dead to the law. Ver. 20. I am crucified with Chrift. Our Lord Jefus took on our nature to fatisfy the law therein; the whole course of his life was a courfe of obedience to it, for life and falvation to us; and he suffered to fatisfy it in what of that kind it had to demand, for that effect: in a word, he was born to the law, he lived to the law, and he 'died to the law: namely, for to clear accounts with it, to fatisfy it fully, and get life and falvation for us with its good leave. He was made under the law, to redeem them that were under the law, Gal. iv. 4. 5. And when once it fell upon him, it never left exacting of him, till it had got the utmoft, farthing, and he was quite free with it, as dead to it, Rom. vii. 4. In token whereof he got up the bond, blotted it out, yea rent it in pieces, nailed it to his cross, Col. ii. 14. Now, Chrift be


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