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where discern the wise over-rul sus ;" but this much I can say; ing hand of my heavenly Fa. “ I bear the monuments of his ther. Three or four times he divine compassion and long-sufwonderfully preserved me in fering upon this my breast.” most imminent danger; and Mr. Lavater continued to when I direct my thoughts only preach about two months longer; to the last event, which so long but was then obliged entirely to detained me from this sacred desist. His active spirit, how place, I cannot but regard my ever could not be unemployed ; self as a monument of the spar- but in the midst of the greatest ing mercy of God. O! thou bodily pains, he continued to adorable Preserver of my life, write and prepare works for the bow near hast thou brought me press ; for instance, the Histoto the very brink of the grave ! ry of his Deportation, in two ocBut one step further, and I could tavo volumes ; a most excellent no longer have praised thee Prayer Book ; and a small volamong my fellow-mortals.-ume of letters, supposed to have Thou art my hope. It is no vain been written by the Apostle St. boast, but a profitable truth, Paul before and after his converwhich may be usefully applied, sion. At the same time he that though naturally I am one wrote several thousand Fareof the most timid beings, yet well Lines,” to be distributed my God has, by his parental among his friends after his guidance, filled me with unsha-death. He also took the most ken confidence. He has so con- active part in establishing a befirmed this by innumerable in- nevolent society for the relief of stances of his admirable conde- his numerous countrymen who scension to my most particular had lost their all by the calamiwants and my boldest petitions, ties of war. especially during the present ve- No words can express how ry remarkable year, that I can- greatly Mr. Lavater suffered not but repeat these words, Thou during the last six months of art my hope. My reason must his life. Not only his wounds fail me, if my confidence should. left a very painful sensation, but -My heart and my spirit must a most violent cough, swimentirely be changed, and I be ming in his head, and a soreness come another being, before 1 of his body, occasioned by "long could renounce my hope in God. confinement to his bed, proved I never suffered so much as in so many additional afflictions. the course of this year ; but my Here religion alone supported confidence in God was never so him ; and here it was that his strongly confirmed. O thou Christian patience, resignation, most worthy of confidence, fortitude, and hope of a blessed whose very marks of kindness I immortality shone forth in the bear upon my breast, could I brightest lustre. Even in the but encourage all who are weak, darkest moments he was not seen and fill their drooping spirits with desponding, nor casting away Dew confidence! I cannot say, his confidence ; but his secret in the sense of St. Paul, “ I bear sighs ascended to a throne of about the dying of the Lord Je-l grace ; his Bible was the sweet companion of his restless nights then suffered himself to be rewhen he often broke out in loud moved, addressing his sister hallelujahs, and by his cheerful- thus :-“ May Jesus Christ, ness revived the drooping spirits whose consolations are inexhauof his distressed family. He stible, be with thee and with was very thankful for the least thy spirit to redeem it !” On comfort administered to him, Christmas eve he said to his and never ceased most fervently wife and daughter, My dears, to pray for his murderer. He do you know what burdens me once said to a friend,"I do most at present ? My inability not wish to know him who woun- to meditate upon the greatest ot ded me with the fatal ball ; but all the wonders of grace, the this I wish to let him know, that incarnation of Christ,”-Yet

forgive him with all my heart; even whilst slumbering, this for, believe me, I owe very great mystery of godliness so much to these wounds, and to enraptured his soul, that he my present severe pains.” He composed a verse in this state, tenderly sympathized with all with which he awoke-but fellow-sufferers upon a bed of could only recollect a part of sickness ;-and hearing of a pi- it ous woman, who, for sixteen years, continued under the af- “ Jesus from Heav'n descends, and flicting hand of God, he addres- brings ed some lines of consolation to

“ Complete redemption on his

wings; her.-Only a week before his

“Unmingled grace his right hand dissolution, when informed that bears; his sister-in-law was at the point “Life, at his glance, eternal of death, his love was so fervent, springs, that nothing could restrain him

“ And ev'ry trace of mis’ry disfrom seeing her. Being brought

appears." in a chair to her. house, he sat Only two days before his death down at her bed-side, and thus he dictatedathanksgiving-hymn, addressed her :-" Here we sit to be read to his congregation. together,--both dying ; but love It became now exceedingly diffinever dies, nor the gratitude cult for him to speak ; but his which I owe to you, my dear last expressions were prayers sister. May God reward you and blessings pronounced upon for all the kindness you have his family, and after a most seshewn me !” After

After fainting vere struggle, in which he nevaway for some moments, he ertheless remained sensible, and continued, O! what joy stedfastly looking up to the must there be in Heaven, when Lord, he was delivered from the they see another weary tra body of sin, and triumphantly enveller approaching the shore ! tered the realms of endless bliss! Rejoicing, they exclaim, “ Ano. His mortal remains were comther is coming, who has safely es- mitted to the grave amidst a caped the storms of yonder mor- vast concourse of people of all tal life he is just here—He ex- ranks and descriptions, and claims, The land ! the land!"- amidst the tears and lamentaExhausted, and in agony, he . tions not only of his family and

fellow-citizens, but even of time, or 1260 years; in other words, French officers and soldiers ; till the cominencement of the reign and some of his very enemies of the saints, or the millennium ; could not but bear testimony when the beast will be slain for sancat his grave, “ Truly a great and tioning 'the great words spoken by good man is buried here.!” his little horn, and, together with it,

will be given to the burning flame But the other three beasts, the Ba

bylonian, the Medo-Persian, and Abstract of Faber on the Profthe- the Macedonian, though their docies.

minion will be taken away, with

respect to the church, yet will have NO. II.

their lives, or idolatrous principles (Continued from p. 91.)

prolonged for a season and a time;

or during the reign of the saints, THE dream of Nebuchadnezzar and at the close of the thousand

and Daniel's vision of the four years, for their open attack on the beasts alike predict, that from the beloved city, and daring impiety, era of the Babylonian Monarchy to will be consumed by the fire of the the commencement of the Millen- Lord. It seems generally agreed nium there should be four empires, that Daniel's fourth beast is the universal, so far as the church is Roman empire ; and his ten horns, concerned. Accordingly foar, and ten independent kingdoms within only four, have existed; the Baby the limits of that empire. There is lonian empire, the Medo-Persian some diversity of opinion, of late empire, the Macedonian empire, especially, respecting either the and the Roman empire. The Au- character of the little horn, or the thor confines himself to the history three kings whom it was to subdue. of the fourth empire, symbolized The opinion of Mr. Kett that the by the feet of the image, and by little horn symbolizes the whole the ten-lorned beast. The follow- history of antichrist, who, according will exhibit the main features of ing to him, is a triple monster comluis scheme. The fourth empire is pounded of Popery, Mahommedanrepresented as being strong as iron, ism, and Infidelity ; and that in all as breaking in pieces the three pre- its three forms it will depress three ceding empires, as divided into ten kingdoms : and also, that of Mr. kingdoms, answering to the ten toes Galloway, that the little horn is of the image, as incapable of co-revolutionary France, that the three hering together though perpetually years and an half are literal years, contracting alliances with each and that the three kings subdued other, and as being succeeded by a by it were France, Holland and spiritual emfire which should stand Switzerland, the author here states for ever. The second prophecy of and confutes at considerable length, the ten-horned beast, under the and then proceeds to state his own symbol of å filtle horn, exhibits an opinion on that point, as follows: eleventh power, as springing up The same symbol, as before stated, among or behind the ten horns or represents both temporal and spiritkings, which should subdue three of ual objects. Thus a star symbathem, should make war with the lizes either a prince or a minister of saints and prevail against them, for religion : the one being in the state, a time, times and the dividing of what the other is in the church. So Vol. I. NO, 4.


a beast means an empire either from the year 727, that is, his reignsecularor ecclesiastical; and a moun- commenced 28 years before he betain denotes a kingdom either tem- gan to exist. On these grounds the poral or spiritual. So a horn sig- author concludes, that the little horu nifies a temporal or ecclesiastical symbolizes not the temporal, but kingdom. Sir Isaac Newton, Mr. the spiritual kingdom of the Pope; Mede and Bp. Newton suppose the and conceives that the little horn little horn of the Roman beast to and the two-horned beast of the mcan the temporal kingdom of the Apocalypse symbolize the same Papacy, which bears the name of power. The one describes its rise St. Peter's patrimony ; and that and growth, till its look was more it became a horn by the subversion stout than his fellows; and the of the three horns which were des- other describes it when grown up tined to fall before it. From this into an empire having had the saints opinion the author disserts. delivered into his hand. The little

Ist. Because the actions ascribed horn was already in existence when to the little horn were never per- the saints were delivered into his formed

the Pope as the Sovereign hand ; before that time indeed he cf St. Peter's patrimony ; but as was harmless, he was not then on ecclesiastical power.

apostate. The spiritual kingdom

. 2d. Because the little horn must of the Pope sprung up after the emhave arisen before the eradication of prire had become Christian, and the three horne, as he is said to sub-during the time that it ceased to due them ; but the scheme in ques exist as a beast, or was not, it was tion supposes the papacy became a therefore harmless, but when the horn by such eradication ; and that beast as such revived, as it did in it eristed and acted previous to the the year 606, when it set up a spririlsupposed date of its existence. ual tyrant by creating Boniface the 3d. The little horn was to reign the saints delivered into the hands

third Universal Bishop, then were 1260 years ; Mr. Mede seems of the little horn, then did the 1260 to suppose this reign commenced as early as the year 365, or 410, or 455, years of the universal spiritual emand yet he supposes that the first of nire of the Pope commence, and

then did the little hornassume a look the three horns was plucked up in

more stout than his fellows. We 'the year 727, when the pope caused

are to date the commencement of the Italians to revolt from the em

this period from the time the Pope peror Lco; and consequently, must, had the power of persecution, and according to him, then begin to ex- not froni the time that he began ‘ist ; that is, he began to exist near actually to persecute. Now this three centuries after he began to power was not conferred by the reign. Bp. Newton rejects these down fall of the western emfaire, dates because they are confuted by by the revolt of the Pope from the the event ; still lie falls into the Greek Emperor, or by his acquisisame inconsistency: for he supposestion of the Exarchate. We disthe first of the three horns was cover nothing in these events like plucked up in the year 755, when delivering the saints into his hand, the Pope became master of the but we plainly discover it, in the Exarchate of Ravenna : when of grant of Phocas, usurper of the course, according to him, the little throne of Constantinople, in the year horn must begin to exist; and yet 606, constituting Boniface the he is inclined to date the 1260 years third Universal Bishop and $


preme head of the church; this made this even after it had acquired ą. the ecclesiastical kingdom a great temporal principality, otherwise it empire. But if the saints were then appears, in no respect different delivered into the hand of the little from others. horn, the spiritual kingdom of the 2d. The little horn had eyes like papacy must be symbolized by it, the eyes of a man. This symbolizes and not his temporal kingdom, which a spiritual not a temporal kingdom. did not exist till long after. It is By its eyes, according to Sir Isaac manifest the little horn must have Newton it was a seer, ETICKOT05, arisen prior to the apostacy, and or Bishop in the literal sense of the Daniel teaches us it must arise word, and this church claims the among the ten first horns, into Universal Bishopric ; and by its which the empire should be divided, mouth spcaking great things, and by the inroads of the Northern na- changing times and laws, it was a tions. Now the first of these, prophet. that of the Huns, arose about the

3d. The little horn had a look more year 356, and the last of them, that stout than his fellows. The Popes of the Lombards

, about the year have assumed an unlimited superi526, in Hungary. Within these two ority over other bishops, their equals

, limits we are to look for the rise of

and have affected greater authority, the little horn. The temporal king

in temporal matters, than even dom of the Pope, as Bp. Newton sovereign princes, and have prehimself allows, did not come up whole earth belonged to thein,

tended that the dominion of the among the ten first horns; and so, he constructs à catalogue of ten assigning all new discovered Counkingdoms adapted to the eighth cen

tries, to Spain, the western, and to tury, very diverse from the true Portugal, the Eastern Hemisphere.

4th, The little horn spake great The temporal kingdom of the Pope, then, cannot be intended by the little words, by the side of the Most horn; but the spiritual kingdom of High, affecting an equality with the Pope arose in fact, at this period. ity an incommunicable attribute

God. So the Popes claim infallibilAnd the voice of history proclaims of God, and are not offended at this truth that the power of the church of Rome augmented, as

being styled, Our Lord God the fast as that of the Roman empire lords. Nor do they refuse, on the

Pope, king of kings and lord of dechned. The little horn, indeed,

day of their election, to receive the was to acquire temporal dominion

adoration of their Cardinals, on the by the successive eradication of the three horns ; still, it must have ex

5th. The little horn thought to isted as a horn before this, and so could not symbolize the frapacy Popes have perpetually changed

change times and laws. So the considered as a secular principality. the calendar, by the canonization of This will appear still more evident

new saints; have introduced an inby adverting to the particular traits finite number of superstitious laws, of the character of the little horn.

instituting new modes of worship, 1st. The little horn was, at its and imposing new articles of faith, first rise, not only to be a small daring to strike the secondi comkingdom, but different from all the mandment out of the decalogue, other horns, or kingdoms. This is and reversing, at pleasure, the laws true, if we suppose the first to be both of God and man. a sfrritual sovereignty, and the 6th. The little horn was to wear others temporal sovereignties, and out the saints of the Most High

very altar.

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