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The Church has a Garden. Ch.4 130

1. The Petitions, which are three,

First, for the arising of the winde,and coming into the South, verse 16.

Secondly, for favourable blasts of it, and that for this end, the flowing forth of her spices.

Thirdly, that Christ would come in to his garden, and eat his pleasant fruits, verse 16.

2. Christs answer thereunto :
First, hecommeth into his garden.

Secondly, he gathereth and enjoyeth the fruits of it.

Thirdly, he fils his Churches friends

with a large measure of plenty,Chap.5.1. Ver. 12. A garden :] The Church is here fo

called, as ver se 13. an orchard ; or as it is in the originall, a Paradise, as if this were the garden of Eden. All the world is as a wildernesse, or at least a wilde field; oncly, the Church is Gods garden or orchard, in these three respects,

First, as the garden of Paradise was the habitation of Adam in the estate of innocency, so is the Church of all those who are renewed into innocency.

Secondly, as in that garden were all manner of pleasant and wholesome




* Zach:

Ps. 87.7.

Ch.4. The Church how sealed up.

131 hearbs and trees growing, so in the Church are all manner of usefull and favoury spiráts.

pices 1. Thirdly, as a man walketh in his gar

den to refresh himselfe; so doth Christ walke in his Church, yea and calleth his friends thither to walke with him.

A spring , a fountaine : ] Not because the Church is the fountaine of

grace; but because, Christ being in it, it is the spring or fountaine of the waters of life unto all*.

A garden , spring , fountaine , inclosed, pz, shut up, sealed ; Not by a pale or wall of defence by Christian Magistrates, but rather shut up by restraint ; for the word fignifies to inclose or shut up, as with lockes and fetters.

Againe, the Church prayeth for the inlargement of the flowing of her spices, verse 16. and therefore her present shutting up was uncomfortable to her.

The Church was then said to be shut up,

First, because under the persecutions it was shut up in prisons, and other places

of punishment, as under lockes and fetters. K 2



up from

Ver. 132

The Church how sealed up. Ch.4 Secondly, because the Church then assembled in private close places, woods, dens , &c. and not in the open places of townes or cities.

Thirdly, because it was shut free accesse of forrainers, men without neither were the Emperours willing their Subjects should repaire to them, nor the Church willing to admit all promiscuously.

Thy plants : ] That is, thy children or members, as an orchard of Pomegranates, Camphire, verse 14. Spikenard, Safron,calamus , Cynamon. The children of the Church are compared to these wholesome and sweet fruits, trees, hearbs,in a double respect.

First, because the vertues of these fruits and spices are especially seen when they are cut and powred out, or beaten, or burned, or bruised: So it is with the graces of Gods children; they are chiefly exercised by the hard dealing of persecutors.

Secondly, there was in the faithfull then persecuted a resemblance of the vertues of these fruits and spices.

Pomegranates represle and restraine



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Ch.4. Christians how compared to Spices. 133
the heat of Choler, the malignity of fe-

the loosenesse of the belly, they alfo comfort the stomacke and bowels and prevent faintings and swoonings.

Camphire with his sweetnesse of smell Camphire delightech and strengthneth the Spirits, cheereth up the minde, helpes the stone, restraines ulcers.

Spikenard stayeth distillations from Spikenard the head, strengthneth the stomacke, digefteth cold humours , helpeth concep

Safron thinneth Aegme , helpes le- Safron. thargies, coughs, and plurisies, furthereth digestion,

comforteth the heart, re. dresses the rottennesle of the other parts, which also are strengthned.

Calamus helpes the passages of the Calamus. urine, and the faults of the reines,helpeth also the wombeand conception.

Cynamon strengthneth and cheereth Cynamon the spirits and minde , dryeth up roteen matter, helpeth against poyson, warmeth and strengthneth the stomacke to digestion.

Frankincense restraineth and helpeth Frankinulcers, gouts, Auxes of bloud, cleanseth ceníe. and glueth up wounds and ulcers.



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A jes ciara cu fegme and CETIĆ cc!i humours, spasmettere Sacrerving, open

corators, frenta the stomacke 36,57. Cirongly. 5.40). 11

Sutable to the vertuss of these fruits 13514515

and spices, pereccion bred and stirred up in the fathfull grxes oflike efficacy, co restraine hears of emulation,contention, ambition, to repreffe ulcers of malignity and dis-affection one to another,to heale the coldnefle, hypocrisie, and rottennesse of their spirits ; to stay distillations of cold raw matters, dropping from the head Bishops of Rome; as also to strengnthen appetite to the word , comfort the faint hearted, to knit the members together.

A fountaine of gardens, &c.] For the Church, pouring out her confeffions and martyrdomes for the truth, propagated ind watered many. Churches; for,fanguis martyrum was femen Ecclefiæ , a well of


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