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Verse 16.

What meant by Spices of the Garden. Ch. 4.

That the spices thereof may flow forth :] That the Gospell and Ordinances of Christ and the graces of his children, which were there restrained from their free manifestation by the perfecutions, might have free passage.

Let my beloved come into his garden, and eat of bris pleasant fruits.] Let Constantine cometo them, and partake of the benefits of the Churches serviceable graces to Gad and him.


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opened and explained.


CH A P. 5:

Am come into my garden, my sister, my fpoufe, I bave gathered my Myrrb with my spice, I bave eaten my boney-combe with my boney, I have drunk my wine with my milke : eate, O friends, drinke, yea drinke abundantly, O beloved

2. I fleep, but my heart waketh, it is tbe voyce of my beloved that knocketb, Yaying, Open to mee my Sifter, my love , my dove, my undefiled : for my bead is filled with dew, and my lockes. with tbe drops of the night.

3 I have put off my coat, how shall I put it on ? I bave washed my feet, bow fball I defile tbem?

4 My beloved put in bis hand by the hole of tbe doore, and my bowels were moved for him. 5 Irofe up to open to my beloved, and my hands



The Song of Songs. Ch.s. dropped with Myrrk, and my fingers with fweet Smelling Myrrh, xpon the bandles of the locke.

6 I opened to my beloved, but my beloved bad with-drawn bimselfe, and was gone : my foule failed when be spake : I fought hint, but I could not find bim ; I called him, but be gave me no answer.

7 The Watchmen that went about the city found me, they smote me, they wounded me, the keepers of the wals took away my vaile from me.

8 I charge you, O daughters of Jerusalem, if ye find my beloved, that yeë tell him, that I am fick of love.

9 What is thy beloved more then another beloved, Othon fairest among women > What is thy beloved more then another beloved, that thou dost So charge us?

10 My beloved is white and ruddy, the chiefest among ten thousand.

11 His bead is as the most fine gold,his lockes are bufby and black as a Raven.

12 His eyes are bas zbe eyes of doves by the rivers of water, washed with milka, and fitly set.

13 His cheekes are as a bed of spices, as Sweet flowers : bis lips like lillies, dropping feet frrelling Myrrb.

14. His hands are as gold rings: fet pitb the Beryl : his belly is as bright Ivory overlaid with Sapbirėsa"

15 His legs are dos pillars of marble, set. spor fockets of fine gold, bis countenance is as Lebanon, excellent as the Cedars. 3 16 His mouth is most sweet, yea, be is altoge



Ch.5. : Motives to thankefulnesse.
ber lovely. This is my beloved, and this is my friend,
) daughters of Jerusalem.

versc 1.

THE EXPLANATION. Cant.5.verse 1. I am come into my garlen, my fifter, my spouse, I have gathered my Myrrh with my piće, i have eaten my honey:ombe with my honey, I have drunke my wine pith my milke : eate, o friends, drinke , gen drinke abundantly, o beloved.]

Chap.s. Conftantine came into the Church, en

joyed the fellowship of it, did partake in all the parts of it, yea and richly endowed it, so that the Church and all her friends did eat and drinke, yea and did drink abundantly of wealth, preferments, &c. whence it was that she fell in- Ch.4.12. to a deep sleep

First, this serves to stirre. us up to use s. thankefulnesse and fruitfulnesse to God, who hath planced us not in the wildernesse of the world, but in the garden of his Church. If wee, now transgreffe as Adam did, eating of the forbidden fruits, *Gen.3.6, * God will take his garden from us, and -1,12,2 4. cast us out of it,


& 2.17.

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Prayers the Churches weapons. Ch.5. | Secondly, this lets us fee, all the goodly situations of the earth are but dunghils and deserts,in comparison of the Church; the Church is a garden and in it are fountaines of living waters for every thirsty foule.

Thirdly, though the Church be fometimes in open view of all, as a City set on a bill; yet it is sometimes also otherwise, inclosed, shut up, sealed.

Fourthly, when the Church is shut up in corners and conventicles, the members of ithatch not treasons, schismes, factions, but still remaineth as a garden, orchard, fountaine, yeelding fweet waters, favoury and wholofome fruits.

Fifthly, see the wonderfull'ufe of af. flictions and persecutions to the Church ; what favoury, and wholefome and precious graces are thereby exereised yea, hows mightily doth the Church then spread when it is most reftrained?

Sixthly, see then what the weapons of the Church were against their perfecutors', nor daggers, dags, powder, pistols, rebellions, treasons, &c. but prayers for more feasonable times. Seventhly, wee are to be stirred up to


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