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Diores, in vain his valour, and illuftrious line, Pope il. 1: 147

Dire, daughters of night,

Dire is the omen, when the valiant fear,

Dry. 7:88

Rowe L. 304

Dirce's fountain blufh'd with Grecian blood,

Directors build caftles in the feas,

promifes but wind,

Pope 1: 276

Swift 1: 206

Swift 1: 208

[blocks in formation]

incurable confumption of our peace, Young 2 : 164

[blocks in formation]

dire fifter of the Slaughtering Power, Pope il. 1: 143 small at her birth, but rifing every hour, ib. 1: 143 red with blood,

dire parent of tremendous woes,

waits upon divided power,

luft of, fires thy foul,

in patriot form, debauches us,

periwigg'd with snakes,

harmony not underfood,

Difcords make the fweetest airs,


Broome 107

Broome 109

Pope 1:

: 284

Pope 1: 295

Dry. 1:297 Swift 2: 350

Pope 2: 39 Batlo :305 S Cow. I: : 261 Lanf. 166 Discovery,

[blocks in formation]

thou wert ne'er a friend to Love, Swift 1: 131

[blocks in formation]

Difguife, 'tis great, 'tis manly, to disdain,

Young 2: 225

Butl. I : Io8

Dish, to lay in,

Dishes few encrease the appetite,

Disheveled locks graceful are to fome,

Dishonour, worse than death,

Difintereftness described,

Difobedience, reward of,

Adam cautioned against,
effects of,

King 217 Cong.in8 Pope od. 4:74

Shen. 28

Milt. 1: 203

Milt. 1: 203, 208

Milt. 2: 3


[blocks in formation]

Difputes, in wrangling spend the day,

Difpute about religion feldom accompanies practice, Young 2:127

Den. 92


Diffenfions, like small streams, first begin,

Cow. I: 299 Garth 44

Distaff, fpinning-wheel, and loom, far are caft, Thom. 1:222


Cow. 1: 287

immenfe! between the gods and man, Popeil. 1: 169

Diftinction nice, to split a cafe,

Buth. 1: 201

[blocks in formation]

Sav. 6r

Diftreffes indufry inspire,

Diftruftful sense with modeft caution fpeaks,

Dittany defcribed,

Ditties to troll,


Diverfions profeft, prefent us with a shroud,

Pope 1: 117

Dry. 7:67

Butl. I: 21r

Gay 1:62

Young 3:3

talk of death, like garlands o'er a grave, Young 3:4

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Divines, who change with the changing scene, Swift 1:90

[blocks in formation]

Divifion ceafe, and nations join in leagues of peace, Pope 1:118

Divorce, the public brand of fhameful life,

Doctor, incomparable foporific,

fweet, fleeky, dear, pacific foul,

Parn. IZ

Thom. 2: 183

[blocks in formation]

around you the confenting audience fleeps, Thom. 2: 183

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Pope il 1:307

fwift of foot, and matchlefs in the race, Pope il. 1 : 307

tells the fituation of the Trojans,


Pope il. 1: 311

Pope il. 1:312
Aken. 290

Domitilla, verfes on,.

Donavert taken,

Donne, fatires of,


peace, that port, to which the wife are bound, West 283

Domingo, mifcarriage at,

Dominion's limits fixed by its end,

Cow. 2:247

Aken. 340

Swift 2:143
Add. 58

Pope 2: 260

[blocks in formation]

Dorchester, border'd by meads and wash'd by brooks, Gay 1: 168

[blocks in formation]
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