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with him : and that if he refuged himself,
for more security, in any one of the cities
of Israel, they would have numbers enough:
to pull it down, stone by stone, about his
ears. The expression in the original is very
remarkable : Then shall all Israel bring ropes
to that city, and we will draw it into the
river. The meaning of which threat I ap-
prehend to be this : That they would come
before that city with those cranest, or hooks,
which the antients were wont to throw upon
the battlements of walls ; and with which,
by the help of ropes fastened to them, they
were wont to pull them down piece-meal into
the rivers' or trenches (filled with water)
which encompassed them. As Achitophel
proposed all imaginable advantage to the evil

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where he shall be found, and we will light upon him as the
dew falleth on the ground : and of him, and of all the men
that are with him, there shall not be left so much as one.,
The dew in Palestine (as in several other climates) falls ,
fast and sudden ; and is therefore no unapt emblem of
an active expeditious soldiery: and it was perhaps for
this reason, that the Romans called their light-armed
forces rovarii. The dew falls upon every spot of the
earth ; not a blade of grass escapes it. A numerous
army resembles it in this respect ; it is able to search

+ See Rollin's History, Vol. xii. Plate the 25th ex-

L 2


cause he was engaged in, from expedition, upon that principle mentioned by Tacitus, That nothing determines civil discords so happily as dispatch ; Husai, on the contrary, wholly laid himself out to protract, and to delay. For delay would not only ward off David's present danger; but would also, as the fame Tacitus observes, give ill men time to repent, and the good to unite. And it is certain, that in all contests of this kind, that remark of Livy will always hold good,

That when men have time to think, there will never be wanting who will be glad to gain the favour of the right side, by adhereing to the public good. These were the principles of Hushai's advice; and his advice, as much better suited to Absalom's cruelty, as well as his vanity, and seemingly to the interest of his ambition, as well as the safety of his followers, (who cared to put nothing to the hazard of a small party) easily prevailed: for so it seemed good to Almighty God, to infatuate the counsels of David's enemies, and defeat their devices.

C H A P.

| C H A P. XI. Hushai sends David Intelligence of all

that passed in Absalom’s Council, earnestly intreating him to pass over Jordan that very Night; which was dane accordingly. Achitophel's sudden and sad End. Mr. Bayle's important Decision upon Hushai's Deception of Absalom considered, with

all the Deference due to it. A BSALOM's council had no sooner A broken up, than Husbai hasted to Zadok and Abiathar, to inform them of 'what passed ; and to advise them to send

David immediate intelligence of it; adding this particular caution and advice from himself, to the king, That he should by no means think of resting all night in the wilderness; but make all possible dispatch to pass the Jordan with his houshold, and all his forces : Left the king, says he, be fwallowed up, and all the people that are with

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Now Jonathan and Abimaaz, who were to carry the intelligence, had not yet returned into the city ; but found some pretence for tarrying without the walls, at a place called En-rogel, or The Fuller's Fountain ; and, probably, upon some pretence of washing and cleansing themselves from some legal pollution. And their fathers had no way of communicating Hushai's advice to them, but by the means of a girl, whom, doubtless, they knew to be intelligent and faithful; and such a person, being a safe mefsenger, must, in all probability, have been a very proper one, because least liable to be suspected; for what could be lefs so, than a girl going to a well, where such persons have calls at all times ? However, notwithstanding all their caution, they were observed by a lad, (who informed Absalom) and immediately pursued. Jonathan and Abimaaz made the best of their way, with all possible dispatch, towards David: but, finding themselves hotly pursued, they fled to a friend's house in Baburim ; who having a well in his court-yard, which probably was then dry, or, at least, not very deep, they went down into it; where a woman, cover

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ing the well, and spreading some ground
corn over it, as it were to be funned and
dried, effectually concealed them, Absalom's
meffengers were close at their heels ; and
inquiring of the woman where Jonathan and
Abimaaz were, (which sufficiently implies,
that they had seen them turn into the house),
she told them, as Josephus and the Vulgate
understand the text, That they just drank a
little water, and hasted forward. Upon
which they continued their pursuit; but not
being able to find them, after all the search
and inquiry they could make, they returned
to Jerusalem. And as soon as they were re-
turned, Jonathan and Abimaaz came up from
their concealment, and made the best of their
way to David ; whom they informed of
all that had passed in Abfalom's council, and
added Husai's earnest advice and intreaty, -
that he would immediately pass over the
river, and place himself and his people in
safety, from surprize, in case things should
take another turn, and Achitophel's counsel
prevail over Hushai's. David instantly
obeyed the friendly monition given him,
with such diligence and dispatch, that be-
fore the next morning, he and all his people
: L4


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