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· none come till he draws them, it is certain he will not drive any away who come to him in his Son; who have the spirit, and are joined to him in a perpetual covenant; and they cleave to and follow hard after God, and his truths, &c. Let them beware of casting away their confidence, or being indifferent to the concerns of God's glory.

«i Neither will he help the evil doers. Some read, he will not put forth his hand to evil doers; that is, he will have no fellowship nor familiarity with them. He will not receive a gift or offering from them.

God is not a patron or aider of evil doers. As man's duty ought not to stop in negatives, neither doth the mercy of God. He bestows positive blessings.

« Verse 21. Till he fill thy mouth with laughing, and thy lips with rejoicing.'

« But is it not said, Wo to them that laugh? It is true that laughter that arises from world ly riches, hònours, and carnal pleasures, as such hath a wo annexed to it. But to express ourselves joyfully when God works any deliverance, or bestows any favours upon us, is not only comely but holy.

- In the second Psalm God is said to laugh at the proud opposers of his truth and people. And though they may not insult any in misery, yet his people laugh at the disppointments of those who have derided God's truths, and scorned his people, when they see the vengeance of God poured out on them.

“ This s no ordinary joy ; it is a triumphant joy, which is the peculiar portion of a godly man. My servants shall rejoice, and ye shall be ashamed.

“ Verse 22. • They that hate thee shall be clothed with shame.'*

“ Natural men are such haters of holiness, that they not only hate God and the saints, but even hypocrites ; for they cannot endure a man so far as he appears religious.

“ Shame is the fruit of sin. To be clothed with it is a great punishment, and most proper for such as are proud of their clothing. Shame is opposite to laughing.

And the dwelling place of the wicked shall come to nought. Dwelling place is tabernacle in Hebrew, and means his whole estate shall be brought to nought. Some say tabernacle notes their religious duties. Wicked men will serve God outwardly; they have their tabernacles as well as the saints; they pray and hear, &c.; but whether it is a civil or religious tabernacle down it must come ; both their riches and religion shall come to nought.

- Thus Bildad advises Job to think aright of the justice and judgment of God; to hume ble himself and seek unto God; and to forbear

* It is true that the enemies of the saints will be clothed with shame when they see them crowned with honour; but it doth not therefore follow, that if Job were not perfectly restored to his former prosperity, he would forfeit the character of a perfect man.Henry.

complaining of his troubles, or desiring the end of them by death.

“ In answer to his reproof or advice, Job replies in chap. ix. and x.


“ Verses 1, 2. · Then Job answered and said, I know it is so of a truth: but how should man be just with God?'.

“ Bildad had said, Doth God pervert judgment? No, saith Job. He hath not a word to say against the truth of God. We should cheerfully acquiesce in any truth even when spoken by those whose errors are such that we must zealously oppose them, and this is very becoming in a champion for truth.

“ God is just not only when he punishes the guilty, but even when he afflicts the innocent. It is no way inconsistent to admit the justice of God, and maintain our own innocency, when we smart under his rod.

“ The argument of Job's friends is, God is righteous ; for he deals with men according to their deserts. But Job asserts that however he deals with men he is righteous.

“ All must acknowledge that there is no sin at all in God, and that we have no goodness at all in us. Though the saints are said to be partakers of the divine nature, yet they cannot bear a comparison with the perfections of God. “ Verse 3. “ If he will contend with him, he cannot answer him one of a thousand.'

“ In this Job asserts that no man can be just before God by inherent righteousness.

« No man can be justified by his works. He that mixeth but one sin with a thousand good actions cannot be justified by his works. How then shall he be justified by works who hath not one perfectly good action amongst a thousand sins?

“ Should man contend with his own heart, that will condemn him ; man cannot stand be. fore the tribunal of conscience. How much less can he answer God. Yet man is naturally prone to contend with God, not only in quarrelling with the dispensations of his providence, but at his sovereignty in his method of saving sinners, and in the rule of their obedience.

“ Verse 4. · He is wise in heart, and mighty in strength: who hath hardened himself against him, and hath prospered ? ,

“ Having asserted the wisdom and power of God, he challengeth all the world, as if he had said, Do ye think I have any thoughts to contend with God? No; I know not one who hath accepted this challenge, or hardened himself against God and prospered. He both knows how to do right, and has power to do it; and, therefore, needs not pervert judgment for fear of man; and there is no turning him out of the paths of justice.

“ A hard heart is the worst of all judgments, and it brings all judgments upon us. Prov. xxix. 1. · He that hardeneth his neck shall suddenly be destroyed. It is certain ruin to contend with God.

“ Observe, That God is infinitely wise and powerful. The power of God being as large as his will; he doth whatsoever pleaseth him in heaven and earth.

“ If the power of men were equal to their wills, what work would they quickly make in this world?

- Verse 5. Which removeth the mountains, and they know not; and overthroweth them in his anger.'

This is one proof of Job's assertion, and shows that the greatest things are done by God's almighty power, whether it is taken literally or figuratively; and he does them with the greatest speed and secrecy. How often are the rich and mighty cast down before they see any hand touching them.

« Let us beware of security and stupidity. If the moving and shaking of our mountains do not awaken us, it forbodes destruction; for he overturneth them in his anger. God is not angry as man, but is said to be angry when he doth like man in his anger. He lets out the effect of his anger, but without any of the feelings of anger.

“ Hence observe, That the troubles and confusions among creatures are tokens and effects of the anger of God. It is no wonder if kingdoms shake when the Lord comes to testify against and root out superstition, idolatry, and profaneness. Yea, he shakes kingdoms

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