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UNWIELDY pedant, let thy aukward Muse

With censures praise, with flatteries abuse.
To lash, and not be felt, in thee 's an art;
Thou ne'er mad'st any, but thy school-boys, smart.
Then be advis’d, and fcribble not again;
'Thou 'rt fashion'd for a fail, and not a pen.
If B-l's immortal wit thou would'st descry,
Pretend 'tis he that writ thy poetry.
Thy feeble satire ne'er can do him wrong;
Thy poems and thy patients live not long.

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UPON THE LOSS OF MISS DINGLE: In return to the Doctor's Consolatory Verses to him, upon the loss of his Rod *.

of THOU, who the pangs ту:

embitter'd rage Could'ft, with thy never-dying verse, afluage; Immortal verse, fecure to live as long As that curs’d prose that did condemn thy song: Thou, happy bard, whose double-gifted pen, Alike can cure an aking corn, or spleen; * See above, p. 109.


Whose lucky hand administers repose
As well to breaking heart, as broken nose;
Accept this tribute : think it all I had,
In recompence of thine, when I was sad.

What though it comes from an unpractis’d Musę,
Bad at the best, grown worse by long disuse;
In filence lost, since once I did complain
Of Wiv-l's cold negleet in humble strain ;
When, check'd by llavith conscience, she deny'd
To throw aside the niece, and act the bride :
Yet fure I may be thought among the throng
If not to fing, to whistle out a song :
Then take the kind remembrance of my verse,
While Dingle's loss with forrow I rehearse.

Dingle is lost, the hollow caves resound
Dingle is loft, and multiply the sound;
Till Echo, chaunting it by just degree,
Shortens to Ding, then softens it to D.

Dingle is lost; where is now the parent's care,
The boasted force of piety and prayer?
No more shall the within thy spacious hall 1
Lead up the dance, and animate the ball;
: Deserted thus, no more shalt thou

engage Under the roof to Whartonize the

Train’d by thy care, by thy example led,
Early the learnt to scorn the nuptial bed ;
In vain by thy advice enlarg'd her mind,
And vow'd, like thee, to multiply her kind :
For Dingle thou didst bless the nether skies;
In hopes a mingled race might once arise,
To sooth thy hoary age, and close thy dying eyes.



Learn, ye indulging parents, learn from hence :
Think not compliance e'er will influence.
The fifth command alone


did enjoin,
And frankly gave her up the other nine :
Yet the, though that, and that alone, was press’d,
Regardless of your will, the fifth transgress’d.

But oh! my friend, consider, though she 's gone,
She left no coffers empty but her own ;
Her mind, that did direct the

great machine,
Mov’d, like the universe, by springs unseen;
And, though from thy instructions she retreats,
Her globe of light grows larger as she sets :
For nought could brighter make her lustre shine,
Than to withdraw, and single it from thine.
Then think of this; and pardon, when you see,
Those virtues you so late admir'd in me.

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