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God, thy praise we fing,
To thee our thanks we bring.
Both leav'n and earth doth worship thee,
'Thou Father of eternity.
To thee all angels loudly cry,
The heav'ns and all the pow'rs on high ;
Cherubs and seraphim proclaim,
And cry thrice holy to thy name :

Holy is our Lord God,
Holy is our Lord God,
Holy is our Lord God,
The Lord of Sabaoth !

With fplendor of thy glory spread,
Is heav'n and earth replenished.
T'h' Apostles' glorious company,
The Prophets fellowihip, praile thee.
The noble and victorious host
Of Martyrs doth thy praises boast.
The holy Church, in ev'ry place
Throughout the earth exalts thy praise.
Thee, Father, God on heaven's throne,
Thine only and beloved Son,
The Holy Ghost, who Christ displays,
'The Church doth worship, thank and praise.


O CHRIST, thou glorious King, we own
Thee to be God's eternal Son.
Thou, undertaking in our room,
Did'st not abhor the Virgin's womb.
The pains of death, o'ercome by thee,
Made heav'n to all believers free.
At God's right hand thou hast thy feat,
And in thy Father's glory great;
And we believe, the day's decreed,
When thou shalt judge the quick and dead.


PROMOTE, we pray, thy servants good,
Redeem'd with thy molt precious blood :
Among thy faints make us afcend
To glory, that shall never end.
Thy people with salvation crown,
Bless those, O Lord, that are thine own:
Govern thy Church, and, Lord, advance,
For ever thine inheritance.

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FROM day to day, O Lord, do we
Highly exalt and honor thee;
Thy name we worship and adore,
World without end, for evermore.
Vouchsafe, O Lord, we humbly pray,
To keep us safe from sin this day.
O Lord, have mercy on us all;

mercy on us, when we call.
Thy mercy, Lord, to us dispense,
According to our confidence.
Lord, we have put our trust in thee,
Confounded let us never be. Amen!

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6. T.4.

L. 1. CHURCH, humbly bow down

'Fore th' holy Three-One, Ch. Which thro' Christ alone,

To life everlasting, to thee is made known.
L. 2. 'Fore th’ Father, as dust,
C. Which yet with full trust,

Thro' faith can recite
To Jehovah incarnate a chaste spousal right.

(2. Cor. 11. 2.)
L. 3. 'Fore Christ, as the bride,
C. Betroth'd when he died ;

Redeem'd by his blood,

And minister'd to by the Angels of God.
L. 4. 'Fore th' Spirit, as child,
C. With heart soft and mild,

And glad him to hear,
When he the Lamb's wounds to our hearts will


L. 5. The Church, with the Son

Now one flesh and bone,
Ch. Loves Him, and each breath

Thanks Him for his bleft incarnation and death.

L. 6. What's Christ to his bride?
C. Her husband and guide, (Ifa. 54. 5.)

Her joy and her pain,
Her life, her fole comfort, her treasure, her gain.

Ch. 7. Thankfgiving and praise

Employ all her days,

To serve Chrift, her friend,

Soul, spirit, and body the giadly will spend.
L. 8. Lord Christ, we believe

Thy flock thou'lt ne'er leave ;

Upon thee we call,

Abide thou for ever our portion, our all,
C. Thou holy blessed 'Trinity,

For the Lamb flain, all praise to thee,

Amen, Hallelujah!


Amen, Hallelujah!


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Most holy, blessed Trinity!
God, prais'd to all eternity!
Lord over all, whose pow'r did frame

The world, and still upholds the same :
All things were reconcisd by and to thee;
With awe we now adore thy Majesty!

T. 208. 2d. Po
Holy God, Lord Sabaoth,
Deign to look in mercy on us,
: As dear children own us !


Father of Jesus, Lord of all,
Whom we our God and Father call,
Since Jesus made us by his blood,
Children, and blessed heirs of God,

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Eternal praise and thanks are due to thee,

From Christ's redeemed blood-bought property. L. & Ch. Draw yet many souls to him,

Who with us may find falvation

In his death and passion.
C. O Lamb of God! for finners slain,

Who did'st the human race regain ;
They all with us belong to thee;

Worthy art thou eternally!
For all we are and have, is thine alone,

Ah! take and keep us evermore thine own.
L. & Ch. Thou shalt be our highest good;

Soul and body we deliver
Unto thee for ever.

C. O Holy Ghost! to thee we raise

With joyful hearts our thanks and praise,
For leading us to Christ by faith,

And glorifying Jesus' death :
O grant us all the grace, in him tabide,

That he may glory in a faithful bride.
L. & Ch. For on thy almighty aid,

Rests our hope, our consolation,

Peace, joy, and salvation.
A. We all say, Amen! deeply bow'd,

In presence of the Triune God;
By whom, in Christ, we're 'fore-ordain'd

To happiness, that knows no end,
With grateful hearts, we thank and praise the

His saving name for ever be ador'd !

8. T.

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