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soul, the enemy, who knows the time of darkness to be the most favourable for his work,

goeth about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.' And never till the sun ariseth again, will he lay him down in his den*.'


It happened of an evening, while my mind was reeking under all these united attacks, I that walked forth into the way. My path lay through a field, in which there were two men; who, from the congeniality of their sentiments, more than from the tie of consanguinity, I considered to be brothers. They were so engaged in conversation, as they walked before me, that I escaped their notice ; so that I had opportunity of hearing the whole of their discourse unperceived. . Can

you reconcile your mind to the doctrine of redemprion,' said the one to the other,

and place the least confidence in the merits of Christ? For my part,' continued he, I am quite a free thinker; I see no necessity upon which it is founded. The world, take it allogether, according to my opinion, is good enough; and cannot need an expiation. And indeed, when I consider what modern discoveries have been made respecting the immensity of creation, and that the globe which we inhabit is but as a speck in il, the idea lessens the doctrine of revelation altogether in my esteem.

* Psalm civ. 20-22.


You are perfectly right;'answered the other; 'I have long thought as you do, and have made up my mind to reject it altogether. All the doctrines of Christianity, excepting the moral part of it, (and that the world had before,) are, in my esteem, only calculated for weak and vulgar minds. And indeed their authority is precarious : depending upon writings that, for aught we know, may or may not be true,'

The reader will at once conclude, that these observations tended not to dissipate my former gloom. And although, low as my spirits then were, I thought a mere child in grace might casily have refuted their false reasonings; yet iny mind was too sore and tou sorrowful in the moment, to enter into controversy. Every application to a wound, if put on with roughness, acts like a caustic.

I had heard enough not to covet more; and therefore withdrew from the brothers as un


perceived as I came. The words of Job struck my mind with great force as I left them : Shall he that contendeth with the Almighty, instruct him ? He that reproveth God, let him answer it*

It was a considerable time before I was enabled to shake off the ill effects induced in my mind, by reason of the conversation which I had overheard between the brothers. Not that my faith, (I bless the Great Author and Giver of it,) was in any. danger of being overthrown thereby. For a faith like mine, founded in grace, will ultimately triumph over all the powers of nature. He that is born of an incort'u, ible seed, liveth an abideth for ever; and therefore nothing corruptible can destroy it. It may apparently be choked with weeds, and may at times languish, and seem ready to die; but die it cannot, for the seed is incorruptible. And, by the way, I would desire my reader to set this down in the memoranda of his mind, as an everlasting maxim, that what originates in God cannot be lost by man. Divine teachings baffle all the malice of human reasonings.

But my distress, induced by the conversation which I had heard, sprung from another There is in every man's heart, even

* Job xl. 2.



when in a renewed state, a much stronger propensity to evil than good. Hence nothing is more easy than the introduction of a train of corrupt thoughts into the mind, which the greatest exertions, void of divine aid, canno! afterwards expel; while, on the contrary, the chaste and pure images of grace, tending as they do, in every instance, to mortify and subdue the corrupt desires of our nature ; nothing but an higher influence than what is humati, can gain admission for them at the first, or cause them to be cherished when received. And this explains why it is that false impressions, from being more congenial to our nature, are more easy of access, and more permanent in their duration, than the true.

I know not, reader, what your feelings on this point are ; but with me, I confess, this is quite the case. It is a work of much difficulty with me to keep alive in my mind the remembrance of some sweet portion of Scripture, or some delightful verse in a psalm or hymn, to help me on to the hour of meditation and pray

Whereas the idle, corrupt jingle, of some unmeaning song, which was lodged in the memory of my boyish days, too frequently rises to my recollection, in spite of all my endeayours to suppress it; and I fear that, if encou


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raged, I could repeat it with the greatest exactness.

-Pause, to observe with me what a decisive proof this is of the remains of indwelling corruption !

It was an ill effect of this kind, which the sceptical conversation of the brothers left upon my mind. By the ludicrous turn which they gave to some portions of Scripture, and the impious and bold reasonings which they made on others, they gave birth to a train of images within me, which, like a spectre, arose continually to my view. .

I stop the reader one moment again, to remark, (and what, I humbly conceive, if closely adopted, will not prove an unprofitable remark) how little they consult their own happiness, who mix indiscriminately with the world, and who are not sensible of the dreadful consequences of seeing and hearing the corruptions which are going on in life. What, from the lightness and indifference to divine things, with which some treat the truths of God and what, from the open contempt poured upon them by others, it is really like running into the midst of pestilence, to come within the circle of their society. Our eyes are purveyors of the evil, and our ears inlets of the corruption. And neyer was that aphorism of Solomon more neces

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