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Primus, first. Root form prim.

primer, primitive, prime, primate, primeval. Rego, rectum, to rub. Root forms: reg, rect.

regent, direct, correction, directress.

Seco, sectum, to cut. Root forms: sec, sect. bisect, segment, insect, sectional.

Sequor, secutus, to follow.

Root forms: sequ, secut.

prosecute, consecutive, subsequent, sequel.

Spiro, spiratum, to breathe. Root forms: spir, spirat. expire, aspiration, dispiriting, conspirator.

Sto, statum, to stand. Root forms: sta, stat, sist, stant. station, obstacle, stable, constant, resist. Traho, tractum, to draw. Root form: tract. attract, subtraction, distract, contractor. Tribuo, tributum, to give. Root form tribut. tributary, retribution, contribute, tribute. Terra, the earth.

terrestrial, Mediterranean, territory, terrier. Verto, versum, to turn.

Root forms: vert, vers.

adversity, versatile, reverse, aversion, divert. Voco, vocatum, to call. Root forms: voc, vocat. vocation, revoke, equivocal, convocation. Root form: ver.

Verus, true.

aver, verify, veracity, veracious.

Grapho, to write. Root form: graph.

monograph, geography, telegraph, graphite.

Philos, a lover. Root form phil.

Philadelphia, philosopher, philanthropist, philology. Phone, the voice.

telephone, euphony, phonetic, phonograph. Polis, a city.

police, metropolis, cosmopolitan, politics.

To the Teacher.-Have pupils note the part of the derived word found in the root word; also add other words to the lists of derivatives and give their meanings. The infinitive gives the general meaning of the verbal root.

Additional Prefixes

AMBI, amb, about;
ANA, back; again;

A, ab, abs, from; away. A, an, without; not. AD, ac, af, ag, al, ap, ar, as, at, to; toward. around. AMPHI, on both sides; around. through. ANTE, before. ANTI, ant, against, opposite. APO, from; off. BE, to make; about; emphatic. BIS, bi, two; twice. CATA, cat, down. CIRCUM, around; about. cON, co, cog, col, com, cor, with; together. CONTRA, contro, counter, against. DE, down; from. DIA, through. DIS, dif, di, from; away; apart; not. DUO, du, two. EPI, ep, EU, well; good; easy. EX, e, out of; from. HEMI, half. IN, ig, il, im, in, ir, on, on ; not; into; upon; within. INTER, between; among. INTRO, within. OB, oc, of, op, in the way; against; out. PER, through; thoroughly. PERI, around; about. POST, after. PRE, before. PRO, pur, for; forward; before. RETRO, back; backward. SE, aside; apart. SEMI, half. SINE, without. SUB, suc, suf, sug, sup, sur, sus, under; after. SUPER, sur, above; over; upon. TRANS, tra, over; across; through. TRI, three. ULTRA, beyond. VICE, in the place of. WITH, from; against.

upon; among. EXTRA, beyond.

Additional Suffixes

ACY, being;

ACEOUS, acious, consisting of; of; like. office of. AGE, collection or act of; an allowance for. AL, relating to; act of. AN, relating to; one who. ANCE, ancy, state of being; act of. ANT, ent, one who. AR, er, relating to; like; having; one who. ARD, one who. ARY, one who; relating to; place where. ATE, having; to make; to give; one who. CLE, cule, little. DOM, jurisdiction; condition. EE, one to whom. EER, ier, one who. ENCE, ency, state of being. ENT, one who; that which. ERY, ry, place where; art of; collection of. ESCENT, growing; becoming.

ETTE, little. FY, to make. IC, ical, made of; like; one who. ICE, that which. Ic, ics, like; made of; the science or art ILE, belonging to; easily; fit to be. INE, ION, the act of; state of being. ISE, ize, ISM, denoting tenets, or doctrines.


of. ID, being. of; pertaining to. to make; to give. ite, one who; one who is. ITY, ty, state or quality of being. IVE, one who, having the power. KIN, little. LET, little. LING, little. MENT, that which ; act; state of being. MONY, state of being. OR, one who; that which. ORY, place where; that which; belonging to; of. OSE, ous, full of. SHIP, the office of; state of. SOME, somewhat; full of. STER, one who. TUDE, state of being. ULE, little. URE, act or state of; that which. WARD, in the direction of.

To the Teacher.-Give the pupils frequent practice, both oral and written, in word-analysis and word-building. In this way make use of all the roots, prefixes, and suffixes given in the preceding lists. Designate a root, and let the pupils, with the aid of a dictionary and the lists of prefixes and suffixes, make as many words derived from that root as they can. The following is a good form for written exercises:

[blocks in formation]


to cut into two parts.

to say or tell beforehand; to foretell.

to send through; to send from one to another.

to place after; to put off.

to turn back; to change to the opposite.
can be read.

the act of joining; the state of being joined.

one who cries out to another; one who makes a demand.

full to overflowing; more than is needed.

state of being turned against; that which is against; calamity.

the act of speaking roundabout; using more
words than necessary.

full of not believing; disposed to not believe.
the state of not sticking together; want of con-

[blocks in formation]

Ex officio. By virtue of his of- Quid pro quo.


Ex parte. On one side only.
Ex post facto. After the deed.
Fac-simile. A close imitation.

Gloria in excelsis. Glory to God

in the highest.

Habeas corpus. Take the body.
In memoriam. In memory.
In transitu.
On the passage.
Ipse dixit. He himself said it.
Labor omnia vincit. Labor con-

quers every thing. Lapsus linguæ.


An equivalent.

Sine die. Without day.

Sine qua non.


An indispensable

[blocks in formation]

A slip of the

Vice versa. changed.

Magna Charta. The Great Char


The terms being ex

Vi et armis. By force and arms. Viva voce. By the living voice.

[blocks in formation]

Au revoir. Farewell till we meet Hors de combat. Not in a condi


tion to fight.

Beau monde. The fashionable Jeu d'esprit. A witticism.

[blocks in formation]

Comme il faut. As it should be.
Coup d'état. A stroke of policy.
Cuisine. A kitchen; cookery.
Début. First appearance.
Douceur. A bribe.
Eau de Cologne. Cologne water.
Éclat. Splendor; brilliancy.
Élite. A select body of persons.
Encore. Again.

En masse. In a body.
Ennui. Weariness.

En route. On the way.
Entrée. Entry; a side dish.
Entre nous. Between ourselves.
Esprit de corps. The animating
spirit of a collective body.
Exposé. An exposure.
Façade. A front view.

Laissez faire. Let alone.

Menu. A bill of fare.

Naïveté. Native simplicity.
Née. Born.

Négligé. Undress.

Noblesse oblige. Rank imposes obligation.

Nom de plume. An assumed title.
On dit. They say.

Par excellence. Pre-eminently.
Parvenu. An upstart.

Pot-pourri. A medley.

Protégé. One protected by another.

Qui vive. Who goes there? On the alert.

Raison d'être. Reason for being.
Résumé. A summing up.
Robe de chambre. A dressing
Sans souci.

Without care.

A man of science.
Savoir faire. Tact; skill.
Séance. A sitting.

Tête-à-tête. Face to face; in close

Tout ensemble. The whole taken together.

Fait accompli. A thing already Trousseau. A wedding outfit.

[blocks in formation]

Valet de chambre. An attendant. Vis à vis, Facing.

Vive le roi. Long live the king.

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