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: kingdom of God is within you.·


OH, take this heart that I would give
Forever to be all Thine own;

I to myself no more would live,

Come, Lord, be Thou my King alone.



EREIN is the work assigned to the individual soul, to have life in itself, to make our re, whatever it is, sufficient for a reign of within ourselves, for a true and full reign of Father's abounding spirit, thankful, unut. ly thankful, if with the place and the comonship assigned to us we are permitted to 1 an earthly tabernacle of grace and goodand holy love, a home like a temple; but, ld this be denied us, resolved for our own s that God shall reign there, for ourselves at that we will not, by sin or disobedience or ous distrust, break with our own wills our connection with our Father, — that whether l or sorrowing, struggling with the perplexity foulness of circumstance, or in an atmose of peace, whether in dear fellowship or e, our desire and prayer shall be that God have in us a realm where His will is law, and re obedience and submission spring, not from ulating prudence or ungodly fear, but from munion of spirit, ever humble aspiration, ever loving trust.


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The Lord preserveth the simple. - Ps. cxvi. 6.

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HIS deliverance of the soul from all useless and selfish and unquiet cares, brings to it an unspeakable peace and freedom; this is true simplicity. This state of entire resignation and perpetual acquiescence produces true liberty; and this liberty brings perfect simplicity. The soul which knows no self-seeking, no interested ends, is thoroughly candid; it goes straight forward without hindrance; its path opens daily more and more to "perfect day," in proportion as its self-renunciation and its self-forgetfulness increase; and its peace, amid whatever troubles beset it, will be as boundless as the depths of the


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as he that putteth it off.

n the whole armor of God.


I not girded for the battle-field?

EPH. vi. II.

I not helm of pride and glittering sword? old the fragments of my broken shield, lend to me Thy heavenly armor, Lord!


be at least able to say in that day, Lord, I am no hero. I have been careOwardly, sometimes all but mutinous. ment I have deserved, I deny it not. raitor I have never been; a deserter I ver been. I have tried to fight on Thy Thy battle against evil. I have tried to duty which lay nearest me; and to leave er Thou didst commit to my charge a etter than I found it. I have not been but I have at least tried to be good. he will for the deed, good Lord. Strike - unworthy name off the roll-call of the and victorious army, which is the blessed my of all faithful people; and let me, too, nd written in the Book of Life; even though I the lowest and last upon its list. Amen.


And the work of righteousness shall be peace; and the effect of righteousness, quietness and assur- ISA. xxxii. 17.

ance forever.

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THE heart that ministers for Thee

In Thy own work will rest;


And the subject spirit of a child
Can serve Thy children best.

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IT matters not where or what we are, so we be His servants. They are happy who have a wide field and great strength to fulfil His missions of compassion; and they, too, are blessed who, in sheltered homes and narrow ways of duty, wait upon Him in lowly services of love. Wise or simple, gifted or slender in knowledge, in the world's gaze or in hidden paths, high or low, encompassed by affections and joys of home, or lonely and content in God alone, what matters, so that they bear the seal of the living God? Blessed company, unknown to each other, unknowing even themselves!


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morning, then ye shall see the glory of the Ex. xvi. 7.

ng the Lord; rejoicing in hope. — ROM.


VERY day is a fresh beginning,

Every morn is the world made new. ou who are weary of sorrow and sinning, Here is a beautiful hope for you;

A hope for me and a hope for you.


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patient with every one, but above all with ourself. I mean, do not be disturbed beof your imperfections, and always rise up from a fall. I am glad that you make a new beginning; there is no better means gress in the spiritual life than to be continbeginning afresh, and never to think that ve done enough.


CAUSE perseverance is so difficult, even supported by the grace of God, thence is alue of new beginnings. For new beginare the life of perseverance.


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