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Morning Prayer.


A Thanksgiving for Victory, and a Prayer for the Blessings of Peace.

O LORD our strength, our hope and fortress, our castle and deliverer, our defender in whom we trust; bow the heavens, O Lord, come down and save us, send down thy hand from above, deliver us and take us from the great waters, from those miseries and afflictions which come upon us by reason of our sins, and from the condition of mortality, and from the hand of strange children, whose right hand is a right hand of wickedness. Give us, O Lord, victory and peace, and all the blessings of thy peace, with which thou usest to adorn and beautify the dwellings of the righteous, that we may be happy in the continual descent of thy favours; but above all, our happiness may consist in being thy people, and thou being our God, that we may be blessed for ever in so blessed a relation; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


A Meditation of the Glory and Majesty of God, and the Mightiness of his Kingdom.

O God our King, thou art marvellous, worthy to be praised, and there is no end of thy greatness: give us enlarged and sanctified hearts and lips, that we may sing of thy righteousness, and magnify thy glory, thy worship, and wondrous works. All thy works praise thee, O Lord, and thy saints give thanks unto thee.. Make us holy and righteous in thy sight; we are already the works of thine hands: and then we have a double title to praise thee: uphold us, O Lord, that we fall not, and lift us up when we are down. Give us meat in due season for our souls and for our bodies; that we, being filled with the plenteousness of thy mercies here, may have our best, and all our desires fulfilled and satisfied hereafter amongst such as fear thee, and give thanks unto thy holy name for ever. Grant this for Jesus Christ's sake; to whom with thee, O Father, and the Holy Spirit, be all honour and glory, now and for ever. Amen.


A Prayer that we may trust in God only, and not in an Arm of Flesh.

O Lord God, who reignest a King for evermore, give us grace that we may make thee our help, and fix our hopes in thee, for thou only art able to give deliverance. Feed our souls, O Lord, and satisfy us with thy salvation, when we hunger and thirst after righteousness; help us to right, when we suffer wrong; heal our backslidings; raise us when we are fallen; enlighten the eyes of our souls, that we walk not in darkness and the shadow of death; and do thou take care for us in all our ways and in all our necessities: that when our breath goeth forth, and we turn again to our earth, we may reign with thee in Sion, thy celestial habitation, for evermore; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Evening Prayer.


A Celebration of God's Wisdom and Providence in the Ministration of the Things of this World, and of his Goodness towards them that fear him.

O LORD GOD, whose power is great, and thy wisdom infinite, give us broken and contrite hearts, meek spirits, a fear of thy name, and a trust in thy mercy; that thou mayest arise upon us with healing in thy wings, giving us medicine to heal all our ghostly sicknesses, and thy delight may be in us, delighting to do us good, to feed us when we call upon thee, to set us above our enemies, to give us knowledge of thy laws, to build up Jerusalem, and to repair the breaches of thy church, that we may sing praises unto thee, O God, and be thankful to all eternity, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


An Invitation of all the Creatures in the World to praise God.

O Lord God, whose name only is excellent, and thy praise above heaven and earth; we adore and bless thy mercy and thy power for creating us after thine own image; thou spakest the word, and we were made; thou commandedst, and we were created. And as thou hast established thy

creation with a law for ever, that all should minister to thy praises in their several proportions; so give us grace that the laws of sanctity, of faith and obedience, which thou hast given to us, may never be broken; that we, serving thee not only in the order of thy creatures, but in the capacity of thy children, may sing thy praises amongst the angels and the numerous host of saints reigning in thy kingdom for ever and ever. Amen.


A Meditation on the Joys of Heaven prepared for the Saints. O Lord our King, in whose honour and salvation all thy saints rejoice, give unto thy holy Gospel a free passage in all the world, that kings and nobles may be bound with the chains of obedience, discipline, and subordination to all thy holy laws: and grant to us thy servants, that thy laws may be so fixed in our hearts, and thy praises in our mouths, and righteousness in all our actions, that we may be written among the righteous, and have our portion with the saints, who rejoice in their beds of eternal rest, and are joyful in the glories of thy kingdom; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


An Invitation to praise God with all our Faculties and Powers.

O eternal God, thy holiness and power and excellent greatness are far above all the praises of men and angels, and yet thou art pleased in the harmony and consent of a thankful heart and a thanksgiving tongue: touch our hearts with admirable apprehensions of thy divine perfections, that our songs of thy honour may be devout and illuminate to the height of ecstasies, and the devotions of a seraphim; for nothing is proportionable to thy glories, but what is infinitely beyond our infirmities. Make us to sing thee and thy name while we have breath; and when we are breathless, let our hearts fill up the harmony, and think thy praises so cordially, till our souls being separated from the harsh sound of our bodily organs, we may praise thee, when we are all spirit in the state of separation, and in the re-union when our bodies shall be made spiritual, singing to thee exalted praises for ever and ever. To thee, O blessed and glorious God, be praises and honour and glory ascribed, now and to all eternity. Amen, Amen.








A Prayer against wandering Thoughts, to be said at the Beginning of our Devotions.

ALMIGHTY GOD, who hast commanded us to pray unto thee without ceasing, and hast added many glorious promises for our encouragement, let thy Holy Spirit teach me how to pray : give me just apprehensions of my want, zeal of thy glory, great resentment of thy mercies, love of all spiritual employments that are pleasing unto thee; and do thou help mine infirmities, that the devil may not abuse my fancy with illusions, nor distract my mind with cares, nor alienate my thoughts with impertinencies; but give me a present mind, great devotion, a heart fixed upon thy divine beauties, and an actual intention and perseverance in my prayers, that I may glorify thy name, do unto thee true and laudable service, and obtain relief for all my necessities. Hear me, O King of heaven, when I call upon thee; for thou hast promised mercy to them, that pray in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.

Penitential Prayers, and a Form of Confession of Sins to God, to be said upon Days of public or private Humiliation.


O LORD GOD of mercy and pardon, give me a just remembrance and sad apprehensions of my sins; teach me to bewail them with as great indignation and bitterness, as I have committed them with complacency and delight. Let my prayers and my confession come into thy presence, and obtain a mercy for me and a pardon. Let not thy justice and severity so remember my sins, as to forget thine own mercy and though I have committed that for which I deserve to be condemned, yet thou canst not lose that glorious attribute, whence flows comfort to us and hopes of being saved. Spare me, therefore, O merciful God; for, to give pardon to a sinner that confesseth his sins, and begs remission, is not impossible to thy power, nor disproportionate to thy justice, nor unusual to thy mercy and sweetest clemency. Blessed Jesu, acknowledge in me whatsoever is thine; and cleanse me from whatsoever is amiss. Have pity on me now in the time of mercy, and condemn me not when thou comest to judgment: for what profit is there in my blood? Thou delightest not in the death of a sinner, but in his conversion there is joy in heaven; and when thou hast delivered me from my sins, and saved my soul, I shall praise and magnify thy name to all eternity. Mercy, sweet Jesu, mercy.

Lord, have mercy upon us.
Christ, have mercy upon us.
Lord, have mercy upon us.

Our Father which art in heaven, &c.

I am not worthy, O Lord, to look up to heaven, which is the throne of thy purity; for my sins are more in number than the hairs upon my head, and my heart hath failed me.

Lord, be merciful to me a sinner.

I have not lived according to thy will, but in the vanity of mine own thoughts, in idle, sinful, and impertinent language, in foolish actions, in blindness of heart, in contempt of thy holy word and commandments; I have not loved thee, my God, with all my heart, nor feared thee with all my soul, nor served thee with all my might, according to thy holy precept, nor loved my neighbour as myself.

Lord, be merciful to me a sinner.

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