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The Conductors of this periodical have much pleasure in presenting another

Volume to the great Sunday School community. And may the condescending

grace of God render it reseful in advancing the intelligence and piety of all

its readers.

The Volumes of this Magazine, highly pictorial, and neatly bound, suitable for Rewards, Libraries, Presentations, Families, &c. are reduced to One Shilling and Sixpence each.

Sold by Partridge and Co. and all Booksellers.


A praying boy in peril, 69 A Neck- Chelsea, 41 Edinburgh, 40 Harrold,

lace, 72 Answer to Enigma in March, 103 Kidderminster, 244 Liverpool, 42

219° A Child's Conversion, 142 A Rosy London, 245 Luton, 42 Manchester, 42

Child, 144 A Little Girl's Prayer, 167 Morton, 103 Rochdale, 42 Stockport, 175

A Swarm of Bees, 234 A Child in- Warminster, 43 Wheathampstead, 245

vited to Jesus, 234 A Word in Season, Wigan, 245 York, 43.

281 Carriage Full, 283 Confession,


283 Chinese Children, 70 Deacon Another opened, 64 A London Court,

Todd, 166 Deaf and Dumb Boy, 167 184 An Unruly Spirit 184 A visit to

Enigma, 72 Earth and Heaven, 192 Westminster, 254 A visit to Scotch
Faith in God, 72 Facts about Alfred, Ragged schools, 259 Birmingham, 84

165 Filial Love, 191 Fifteen minutes Brief notices of some of the London

to pray, 234 Good Manners, 72 Good- Ragged schools, 207 Chelsea, 111 Facts
ness like the dew, 240 Grandmama, I and evidences, 184 Forged tickets, 184

want to Die, 235 Holy Child Jesus, 92, I takes the tenor,' 184 London, 273

140, 234, 275 He used to take the ladder Origin, Necessity, Objects, &c 37 Rag.

up after him, 234 Heaven, 239 Illus- ged school Facts, 258 Ragged schools

trations for Children, 70 If I were a and Robert Raikes, 272 Ragged school

Child, 70 'I only said it in fun,' 239 I Union, 158 Something done. 184 The
don't want to be good, 262 Invitation Ragged school Teacher, 260 Their

to Liberty, 120 John Williams Mis- Founder, Origin, &c. 229 The awful

sionary Ship, 238 Little Jane, 48 Lit- Crisis, 184 The Ragged Clothed, 184

tle sins, 96 Little Emma, 166 Life's York Ragged school 260.

First Morn, 167 Lawrence Green, 238 RELIGIOUS EDUCATIONAL MEETINGS.
Leading Children to God, 282 Me- Home and Colonial Infant and Juve-
moirs of a Little Boy, 46 Memoirs nile Society, 137 Sunday school Union,
a Girl, 68 Memoir of Č. Pickering, 115 136 The Church of England Sunday

Memoir of Jane Southern, 213 Memoir school Institute, 137 T'he Editor's

of Mary Ann Clay, 278 Praying Chil- Tower and Trumpet, 89.

dren, 262 Robert and his Mother, 24


Running away from Temptation, 283 Anecdotes of the Church of Rome,

Sunday Anecdotes, 23, 47, 71, 95, 118, 182 Abbott's Way to do Good, 210 A

143, 168, 191, 215, 239, 264, 283' Sacred Catechism on Theology, 233 A word

Songs, 120 Story for Girls, 263 Two to Sunday school Teachers, 233 Am I

Eyes, 24 The Dream of the future, 48 a Christian ? 274 Books on the

The way, truth, and life, _96 The Editor's table, 83, 39, 182, 274 Barnes

Teacher's Pulpit, 117, 211 The Blind Notes, 39 Bible Circulation, 182, 210

Girl's Lament, 119 The Rights of Bible not of Man, 233 Book of Bible

Freedom, 120 The Two Springs, 143 Characters, 253 Christ our Example,

Touching Story, 191 Two Lines, 191 233 Christian Discrimination, 253

The Brave Boy, 216 The Sewing So- Cobbin's Bible Remembrancer, 182

ciety, 216 To a Child, 216_Things Cobbin's Barnes, 182 Christian Privi.

about Children, 234, 261 The Farthing leges, 135 Comprehensive Tune Book,

Foundation, 237 The Sunday school, 110 Confirmation, 233 Collins' Series,

240, 263 They were melted into tears, 83 Christian Almanack, 274 Caves of

262 The Invitation, 264 Uncle Har- the Earth, 274 Catholic Theology, 274

ry's Letters, 20, 44, 66, 90, 113, 188 Child's Scripture Text Book, 274

Uncle Harry's Sayings, 279 Wheat, 71 Daily Companion & Daily Monitor, 274

Washing Days, 239 What I live for, 263 Dunn's Biography and Geography, 110


Emily Grey, 274 Foster's Memoirs,

Alfred, 165 Ancient Britons, 275 274 French Revolution, 274 Govern-
Asia Minor, 33 Æneas carrying his ment scheme of Education, 233 His-
Father, 261 Belshazzar's Feast, 25 tory of Independency, 253 Henry's
Chameleon, 65 Christ's Entry, 90 Shorter Catechism, 253 Introduction
Croesus burnt, 113 Demoniac healed, to Ancient Geography, 39 Important
249 Eddystone Lighthouse, 44 Egyp: Truths, in simple verse, 253 Juvenile
tian Armour, 241 First Martyr of Speaker, 110 Life of Williams, 39 Les-
Madagascar, 73 Form and Furniture sons of Life, 110 Life of Cyrus, 110
of the Tabernacle, 153 Grecian Races, Life of Sarah Martin, 253 Louthian's
145 Haman impeached, 1 Jerusalem, Visit, 135 Mental Discipline, 83 Mar.
224 Jewish washings, 193 Orphan tin's Discourses, 83 Memoirs of Mc.
working school, 97 Proclamation of Kean, 182 Manchester Children's
Ahasuerus, 121 Phænicians trading, Tracts, 274 Nursery Guide, 83 Pam-
139 Penn's Treaty, 169 Scripture phlets, 233 Philip on Sacramental Ex.
Horns, 13 St. Paul's Cross, 105 The perience, 253 Portrait of Dr. Chal-
Striped Hyena, 19. The Ethiopian Eu- mers, 253 Pinnock's Scripture History,
puch,57 Tomb of Doddridge, 49 The 223 Pinnock's Geography made easy,
Scape Goat, 85 Tiberias, 202 The 83 Pinnock's History of Englandmade
Leather Bottle, 211 Tabernacle in the easy, 135 Pulpit Studies, 83 Philoso-
Wilderness, 217 Tower of London, 234 phy of Salvation, 39 Parting Precepts,
Windsor Castle, 187 Withered Hand, 270 182 Picture Room, 182 Pocket Com-

ers, 271


mentary, 182 Paragraph Bible, 274 ment, 130 Power of the Press, 130 Pa-
Reward Books, 110 Rough Rhymes, pist Relic, 195 Puseyism, 195 Popular
135 Robinson's Harmony of Gospels, Education, 221 Popery, 222 Punctu.
274 Sermons on Self, 83 Scripture ality in a Horse, 245 Poety for Teach-
Selections, 83 Sanctification of the

Questions on the Old and New
Sabbath, 233 Scripture Pocket Book, Testament, 126, 150, 171, 242. Sunday
274 Sabbath Tracts for the Times, 274 school Brotherhood, 4 Sunday schools
Sunday school Illustrated Almanack, and Anarchy, 6 Sunday schools and
274 The Kingdom Cursed at Cold- Atheism, 6 Sunday schools and Infi-
stream, 18 The Youth's Poetical In- delity, 6 Spare Minutes, 30 Special No-
structor, 83 Theodore, 83 Teachers' tice, 271 Sketch of a Class of Boys, 269
Offering, 39 The Stars and the Earth, Sunday school Sermons, 50 Sunday
39 The Teachers' Diary, 39 The schools in Palaces, 50 Spring, 81 Sun-
Union Magazine, 39 The Karen Apos- day school Conferences, 101 Sunday
tle, 39 The Arab Life of Christ, 39 school Festivals, 102 Sunday school
The Young Botanist, 135 Simpson's Churches, 104 Sunday school Influ-
Ecclesiastical History, 135 The Oath ences, 104 Sunday school Visitors, 129
of God, 182 The Footsteps of the Mes- Sunday school Weddings, 129 Sunday
siah, 182 The Family Memorial, 182 school Brotherhood at Stockport, 175
The Pilgrimage, 210 The English Sunday school Teachers' Temperance
Child's Introduction to Geography, 233 Demonstration, 152 Something more
The Christian Eucharist, 233 The Ma- wonderful than the magnetic telegraph,
cauly Election, 233 The Province of

220 Sunday school Doings,-Kidder-
Government in reference to Education, minster, London, Wheathampstead,
233 The Candidate for Heaven, 274 Wigan, 244 Sunday school processions,
The Sunday school, 274 Union Tune 8 Teachers and scholars, 2 The Soul,
Book, 182 Works of Puritan Divines, 10 The Old Lady and her Friends, 31

The Spirit's home, 32 Tremendous

Fact, 50 The love of God, 130 TO-
And what next? 12 Be Active, 12 morrow, 130_The Pastor and Sunday
Bad Habits, 88 Cap of berty, 200 school, 194 The Teacher's Prayer, 271
Character for the Young, 227 Dangers Temperance and Sunday schools, 198
of Young Men, 227 Evenings, 248 Geo. The Street Boys, 199 The mad intoxi-
Wilson, 205 1.ondon Gin Shops, 112 cation of Dancing, 200 The Pastor, 201
Napoleon's value of Time, 12 Noble The Superintendent, in his school, 218
Sentiments, 206 Only five minutes to The Bible the word of God, 222 Time
live, 206 Perils of Young Men 112 Per- Lost, 223 The Celestial Sabbath, 223
severance, 248 Solemn Warning, 11 The Effects of Union, 270 Virtue and
Sunday school Infidel, 36 Self-made Vice, 245 What Faith is, 216
men, 88 Temptations of Young Men,
247 The Sunny Hours of Youth, 248 A Teacher Lost! 15 A prayer once
Vice Progressive, 11

offered by a Teacher, 62 Å Hint, 204

A Trifle, 226 'Better wear out than
A word on new Year's day, 1847, 2 rust out,' 107 Cheap Ornaments, 109
A hundred years ago, 10 Another man, Care for the Young, 134 Consecration
9 A Fragment, 32 A kind word, 81 of the Cross, 177 Eastern Meals, 131
Ancient American Law, 149 An Angel Form good habits, 252 Gt. Britain and
of the Church, 152 A great Truth, 195 America, 134 How to shake off trouble,
A Prayer, 223 Beautiful Incident, 5 62 Heathen Language, 134 In due sea-
Brief Memoir of Mr. Hall, 54, 77 Be- son, 57 Increase of the reading Public,
ware of Fiction, 195 Brief Memoir of 134 Influence Deathless, 202 Know-
Mr. T. Holmes, 196

Conversations on ledge, its influencies and tendencies, 58
British Church History, No XI, The Kind words for ever, 109 Memoir of
Establishment of Protestantism, 26 XII Martha Newport, 105 Never Despond,
Translation of the Scriptures, 51 XIII, 62 None liveth to himself, 134 Not
State of Britain before the Revival of love Jesus, 121 Power of Illustration,
last century, 74 XIV, Revival of Re- 35 Praying always, 85 Practical Truth,
ligion in the last century, 98 XV, Con- 134 Precept and example, 226 Sabbath
cluding conversation, 146 Coughing Days, 61 Sunday school Institutes, 154
in school, 10 Children praising God, Sunday school errors, 177 Sabbath
149 Cheer up, 152 Curious Fact, 195 school Teachers like Jesus, 226 Seven
Dying Peasant Girl, 6, 28 Deaf and Cautions for Sunday school teachers, 251
Dumb schools, 80 Flowers, 130 Fears Seven Qualifications, 251 The Sunday
of Unbelievers, 195 Grand Stand, 6 school Portrait Painter, 13 Twelve
God save mankind, 10 Gentle words, Maxims for Sunday school Teachers, 33
32 General arrangements of a school, The moral dignity of Sabbath school
122 Happy Life, 56 Happy Land, 130 tuition, 86 Twelve Temptations of
Holy Land, 223 Internal Evidence, 32 Teachers, 131 The People, 134 There's
Iron School Rooms, 223 'It benefits me beauty everywhere, 181 The Missionary
ten dollars a year,'199 Lessons for those Spirit, 204 The Soul, a Diamond, 204
who like them, 222 Maria Stephenson, Teacher in the Country, 225 The value
267 Moral Influence, 32 Mother, of your Class, 249 Varieties of Teach-
you lie,' 82 National Anthem, 81 Na- ers, 16 Wants, 16 Worth knowing, 109.
ture and Science, 201 Novel Advertise-



JANUARY, 1847.



No part of history is more beautiful and instructive than that of Esther. Though only a Jewess orphan, she became, by awonderfulprovidence,the favorite of an eastern monarch, by whom her kindred were held in fearful subjection. Haman was that monarch'schief minister of state, and he required a homage, bordering on divine worship to be paid him by all the king's subjects. But Mordecai refused to do it, doubtless, because it violated his conscience-Ex, xx. 5, and because Haman was an Agagite, against whom

the Lord had ordered his people to maintain righteous opposition. Ex. xvii. 14 ; 1 Sam. xv. 1, 2.

To remove him, Haman plotted the massacre of
all the Jews, but Esther divulging it to the king,
the wickedness of Haman rebounded on his own head, and he was
hanged on the very gallows he had erected for Mordecai. Our en-
graving represents Esther, on the eve of a royal banquet, impeaching
Haman of the bloody intention to exterminate myriads of Israelites.
The trial was very great to Esther. For thirty days the King had
seemed alienated from her, and her going to him was at the risk of
her life. But her duty was obvious. The command of her God was
supreme, and the law of Persia must be disregarded. She went to
the king doubtless armed by prayer, and that God who always honors
those who honor him, gave her success, and, through the king,
caused the disgrace and overthrow of the wicked Haman.

He treads the oppressor in the dust,
With power he vindicates the just,
His justice shall avenge the poor,
And pride and rage prevail no more.


offence, according to the laws of School Room.

the camp, is deserving of death. If you are found cold, drowsy,

and insensible, when children are A WORD ON NEW YEAR'S DAY,

1847, TO TEACHERS & scho? dying, and youth are passing by LARS. BY THE AUTHOR OF 'THB thousands, into the world beyond SUNDAY SCHOOL Gem.'

the grave, what do you not merit? Come, let us anew, Our journey pursue,

Brace yourselves then, teachers ! Roll round with the year,

Gird up the loins of the mind. And never stand still

Buckle on the armour. Have 'the Till the Master appear.'

shield of faith' on the arm. See TEACHERS! valued and honoured that “the breast-plate of righteteachers ! Here is New Year's Day ousness' is covering the heart. come again. Life is advancing! Put on the helmet of salvation.' eternity, with all its tremendous Have 'the feet shodden with the and overpowering revelations is at preparation of the gospel of peace.' hand; multitudes are perishing; Let the sword of the Spirit be thousands, and even hundreds of drawn from its scabbard, and thousands of children, demand vigorously wielded; then, go forth your instant attention, your ten- against the votaries of the world, der sympathies, your fervid and the adherents of error, the powers unceasing prayers: up, then, and of darkness, the emissaries of hell. be labouring for God l Shake off Go forth even against Satan himyour lethargy! Be full of zeal and self, and endeavour, in reliance on animation! Let every holy energy the omnipotence of your great be awakened, and concentrated, Captain, to rescue many dear for the honour of Christ-for the children from the snares of the diffusion of the knowledge of the seducer, from the cruelty of the truth-for the extension of the destroyer. Redeemer's empire !

You never had, teachers, finer There never was a period, when opportunities of labouring for the development of holy energy Christ, and of doing good, than in connexion with the Sunday at the present period. Every school cause, was more requisite facility seems to be presented. than at the present hour. The Every door seems to he opening. vast increase of the population ; Ministers invite you. Members the spirit of inquiry which is of churches make their appeals awakened; the efforts now made to you. Parents earnestly intreat to educate the people; the moral you. The growing intelligence of dangers to which the young are the age fervently addresses you : exposed, and the increasing neces- while crowds on crowds of dear sity that they should be educated children say to you, most dison purely Christian principles, and tinctly and impressively, 'Show be trained effectually for eternity to us, teachers, the way of salva-combine in showing how desir- tion, that we perish not!

Can able-how important-how re- you, then, decline the request ? quisite is the full development of Can you close your ears against the intelligent and holy activities the appeal? Can you be insensible of a Christian teacher's mind and to the claims urged ? Impossible heart in these eventful and spirit. Impossible! You will, you must stirring times.

come forward! The intelligence Teachers, all are awake now, of the mind, the energy of the and you must not be slumbering. body, the opportunities of the If the sentinel be found asleep at life, the tenderest emotions o his post in the time of war, his your nature, the most intense

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