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to be my priest, to offer upon / grieve thine heart: and all mine altar, to burn incense, the increase of thine house to wear an ephod before me? Thall die in the flower of and did I give unto the house their age. of thy father all the offerings 34 And this shall be a figo made by fire of the children unto thee that shall come of Israel?

upon thy two sons, 29 Wherefore kick ye at Hophni and Phinehas : in my sacrifice, and at mine of- one day they shall die both of fering, which I have com- them. manded in my habitation, and 35 And I will raise me up honourest thy fons above me, a faithful priest, that shall do to make yourselves fat with according to that which is the chiefest of all the offer- in mine heart and in my ings of Israel my people ? mind : and I will build him

30 Wherefore the Lord a fure house; and he shall God of Israel faith, I said in- walk before mine Anointed deed, that thy house and the for ever, house of thy father should 36 And it shall come to walk before me for ever : but pafs, that every one that is now the Lord faith, Be it far left in thine house shall come from me; for them that ho- and crouch to him for a piece nour me I will honour, and of filver, and a morsel of they that despise me shall be bread, and shall say, Put me, lightly esteemed.


pray thee, into one of the 3! Behold, the days come priefts' offices, that I

may eat that I will cut off thine arm, a piece of bread. and the arm of thy father's house, that there shall not be

CHAP. III. an old man in thine house.

ND the child Samuel 32 And thou shalt see an ministered unto the enemy in my habitation, in Lord before Eli. And the all the wealth which God shall word of the Lord was pregive Ifrael: and there shall cious in those days; therz not be an old man in thine was no open vision. house for ever.

2. And it came to pass at 33 And the man of thine, that time, when Eli was laid whom I shall not cut off from down in his place, and his mine altar, jhall be to con eres began to wax dim, that sume thine eyes, and to he could not fee;

3 And ere the lamp of and stood, and called as at God went out in the temple other times, Samuel, Samuof the Lord, where the ark of el. Then Samuel answered, God was, and Samuel was Speak; for thy servant hearlaid down to sleep.;

eth. 4 That the Lord called TI And the Lord said Samuel. And he answered, to Samuel, Behold, I will do Here am I.

a thing in Israel, at which 5 And he ran unto Eli, both the ears of every one and said, Here am I; for that heareth it shall tingle. thou calledít me. And he 12 In that day I will perLaid, I called not; lie down form against Eli all things again. And he went and lay which I have spoken condown.

cerning his house : when I 6 And the Lord called begin, I will also make an yet again, Samuel. And end. Samuel arose and went to 13 For I have told him, Eli, and said, Here am I; for that I will judge his house thou didst call me. And he for ever, for the iniquity anfwered, I called not, my which he knoweth : because fon; lie down again. his fons made themselves

7 Now Samuel did not yet vile, and he restrained them know the Lord, neither was not. the word of the Lord yet re 14. And therefore I have vealed unto him.

sworn unto the house of Eli, 8 And the Lord called that the iniquity of Eli's Samuel again the third time. house thall not be purged And he arose and went to with sacrifice nor offering for Eli, and said, Here am I; for ever. thou didit call me. And 15 And Samuel lay until Eli perceived that the Lord the morning, and opened the had called the child.

doors of the house of the 9 Therefore Eli said unto Lord. And Samuel feared Samuel, Go, lie down: and to fhew Eli the vision. it shall be, if he call thee, that 16 Then Eli called Sathou shalt fay, Speak Lord; muel, and said, Samuel, my for thy servant heareth. So son. And he answered, here Samuel went and lay down am I. in his place.

17 And he said, What is 10 And the Lord came the thing that the Lord hath

faid unto thee? I pray thee, 3 Behold, here I am: withide it not from me: God do ness against me before the fo to thee, and more also, if Lord, and before his anthou hide any thing from me nointed: whose ox have [ of all the things that he said taken? or whose ass have I unto thee.

taken? or whom have I de18 And Samuel told him frauded ? whom have I opevery whit, and hid nothing preffed? or of whose hand from him. And he faid, It have I received any bribe to is the Lord: let him do what blind mine eyes therewith? feemeth him good.

and I will restore it you. 199 And Samuel grew, and 4 And they said, Thou the Lord was with him, and hast not defrauded us, nor did let none of his words fall opprefled us, neither haft to the ground.

thou taken ought of any 20 And all Israel, from man's' hand. Dan even to Beer-sheba, 5 And he said unto them, knew that Samuel was estab- The Lord is witness against lished to be a prophet' of the you, and his ancinted is witLord.

ness this day, that ye have 21 And the Lord appear- not found ought in my hand. ed again in Shiloh ; for the And they answered, He is Lord revealed himself to Sa- witness. muel in Shiloh by the word of 6q And Samuel faid unto the Lord.

the people, It is the Lord

that advanced Moses and CHAP. XII.

Aaron, and that brought ND Samuel said unto your fathers up out of the

all Ifrael, Behold, I land of Egypt. have hearkened unto your

7 Now therefore stand voice in all that ye faid unto ftill, that I may reason with me, and have made a king you before the Lord, of all

the righteous acts of the 2 And now, behold, the Lord, which he did to you king walketh before you : and to your fathers. and I am old and gray-head 8 When Jacob was come ed; and behold my sons are into Egypt, and your fathers with you: and I have walked cried unto the Lord, then the before you from my child- Lord sent Moses and Aaron, hood unto this day.

which brought forth your




over you.

15 But if

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fathers out of Egypt, ands and serve him, and obey his made them dwell in this voice, and not rebel against place.

the commandment of the 9. And when they forgat Lord, then shall both ye, and the Lord their God, he fold also the king that reigneth them into the hand of Sisera over you, continue following captain of the host of Ha- the Lord your God: zor, and into the hand of


will not 0the Philistines, and into the bey the voice of the Lord, band of the king of Moab, but rebel against the comand they fought against mandment of the Lord, then them.

shall the hand of the Lord be 10 And they cried unto against you, as it was against the Lord, and said, We have your fathers. finned, because we have for 16 T. Now therefore stand faken the Lord, and have and see this great thing which served Baalim and Ashta- the Lord will do before your roth : but now deliver us eyes. out of the hand of our ene 17 Is it not wheat-harveft mies, and we will serve thee. to day? I will call unto the

11 And the Lord fent Lord, and he shall send thunJerubbaal, and Bedan, and der and rain: that ye may Jephthah, and Samuel, and perceive and see that your delivered

you out of the hand wickedness is great which ye of

your enemies on every have done in the fight of the fide, and ye dwelled safe. Lord, in asking you a king.



saw that 18 So Samuel called unto Nahash the king of the chil- the Lord, and the Lord sent dren of Ammon came a-thunder and rain that day: gainst you, ye faid unto and all the people greatly me, Nay, but a king shall feared the Lord and Samuel. reign over LIS ; when the 19 And all the people faid Lord your God. was your unto Samuel, Pray for thy king.

servants unto the Lord thy 13 Now therefore behold God, that we die not: for the king whom ye have cho- we have added unto all our fen, and whom ye have de- lins this evil, to aik us a fired: and behold the Lord king. hath fet a king over you.

20 q And Samuel faid 14 If ye will fear the Lord, unto the people, Fear not, ye


12 Ar

have done all this wickedness: his sons. yet turn not aside from fol 2 And Samuel said, How lowing the Lord, but ferve can I go? If Saul hear it, the Lord with all your heart: he will kill me. And the

21. And turn ye not afide : Lord faid, Take an heifer for then Mould ye go after vain with thee, and say, I am things, which cannot profit come to facrifice to the Lord. nor deliver; for they are 3 And call Jeffe to the vain.

sacrifice, and I will shew 22 For the Lord will not thee what thou shalt da : forfake his people, for his and thou shalt anoint unto great name's fake: because me him whom I name unto it hath pleased the Lord to thee. make you his people.

4 And Samuel did that 23 Moreover as for me, which the Lord spake, and God forbid that I should fin came to Beth-lehem. And against the Lord, in ceasing the elders of the town tremto pray for you: but I will bled at his coming, and said, teach


the good and the Comest thou peaceably? right way:

5 And he said, Peace24 Only fear the Lord, ably: I am come to facriand serve him in truth with fice unto the Lord : fanctify all your heart ; for confider yourselves, and come with how great things he hath me to the facrifice. And done for you.

he sanctified Jeffe and his 25 But if ye shall still do fons, and called them to the wickedlys ye shall be con- facrifice, fumed, both ye and your 6 9 And it came to pafs king.

when they were come, that

he looked on Eliab, and said, CHAP. XVI.

Surely the Lord's anointed ND the Lord said unto is before him.

SamuelHow long wilt 7 But the Lord said unto thou mourn for Saul, seeing Samuel, Look not on his I have rejected him from countenance, or on the height reigning over Israel? fill of his stature; because I have thine horn with oil, and go, refused him. For the Lord I will send thee to Jesse the feeth not as man seeth : for Beth-lehemite : for I have man looketh on the outward provided me a king among appearance, but the Lord


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