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On bend-ed knee; This is my earn-est plea-
Give what is best : This all my prayer shall be, More love, O Christ to Thee;
Sweet their re - frain, When they can sivg with me,
My heart shall raise, This still its prayer shall be,


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"Agape." 8s. & 7s. SIR JOHN BOWRING, (1792–1872) 1825.

John Henry Cornell, (1828–1894) 1865.

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1. God is love: His mer - cy brightens All the path

in which we rove; 2. Chance and change are bus - y er ;

Man de- cays, and ges move; 3. E'en the hour that dark-est seem-eth, Will His changeless good-ness prove : 4. He with earth-ly cares en-twin-eth Hope and com fort from a - bove:


Bliss He wakes, and woe He lightens; God is wisdom, God is love.
But His mer - cy wa-neth nev-er; God is wisdom, God is love.
From the gloom His brightness strcameth'; God is wisdom, God is love.

Ev-erywhere His glo - ry shi-neth ; God is wisdom, God is love.

A - men.

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My heart ful - fill its vow, Some offering bring Thee now, Something for Thee.
Thy wondrous love de-clare, Some song to raise, or prayer, Something for Thee.
Some deed of kind-ness done, Some wanderer sought and won, Something for Thee.
My ransomed soul shall be, Through all e-ter - ni - ty, Something for Thee.

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"Canonbury." BERNARD OF CLAIRVAUX, (1091–1153) TR. by Rev. JOHN MASON' NEALE, (1818—1866) 1866. abr.

Robert Schumann, (1810-1856)

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1. Je-sus! the ver y thought is sweet! In that dear Name all heart-joys meet; 2. No word is sung more sweet than this, No Name is heard more full of bliss, 3. No tongue of mor- tal can

ex-press, No

let - ters write the bless -ed - ness, 4. Remain with us, O Lord to-day, In ev

- ery heart Thy grace dis-play,

But oh! than hon - ey sweet - er far, The glimpses of His pres-ence are. No thought brings sweeter com-fort nigh, 'Than Je-sus, Son of God Most High.

A - lone, who hath Thee in his heart Knows, love of Je - sus, what Thou art. That now, the shades of night are fled, On Thee our spir - its may be fed.

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Heaven's light is not more cheering, Heaven's dews are not more free.
As we think how-walking humbly This low earth for wear - y years,

If He loves us, what can grieve us ? If He keeps us, what can harm?
Heaven's light is not more cheering, Heaven's dews are not more free.

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As a child, in pain or ter - ror, Hides him in His moth -er's breast,
With-out rich-es, with-out dwelling, Wound-ed sore by foe and friend,
Still He lays His hand in bless-ing On each up-turned seek - ing face,

D. C.

As a sail - or seeks the ha-ven,-We would come to Him for rest.
In the Gar - den, and in dy - ing—Ję - sus loved us to the end.
And in heaven His children's angels Near the throne have al - ways place.

Used by permission of The Century Co.

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1. Bless - ed are the pure in heart, They have loved the bet - ter part; 2. When the sun be - gins to rise, Spreading brightness through the skies, 3. When the leaves in au- tumn die, Fall - ing fast and si - lent -ly,

When life's jour-ney they have trod, They shall go to see their God.

They will love to praise and bless Christ, the Son of Righteousness. “These,” they think,“that now seem dead, Shall in spring lift up their head.”

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Till in glo ry they ap-pear, They shall oft - en see Him here;
In the watches of the night, When the stars are clear and bright,
God in ev - ery thing they see; First in all their thoughts is He;

And His grace shall learn to know In His glorious works be - low. “Thus the just shall shine" they say, “In the Resur-rec - tion - day.” They have loved the better part;-Bless-ed are the pure in heart!


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