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voice, saying, Eli, Eli, lama, which followed Jesus from fabachthani ? that is to say, Galilee, ministering unto My God, my God, why haft him : thou forsaken me?

56 Among which was Ma47 Some of them that ry Magdalene, and Mary the stood there, when they heard mother of James and Joses, that, faid, This man calleth and the mother of Zebedee's for Elias.

children. 48 And straightway one 57 When the even was of them ran, and took a come, there came a rich man spunge, and filled it with vi- of Arimathea, named Joseph, negar, and put it on a reed, who also himself was Jesus' and gave

him to drink. disciple : 49 The rest said,, 58 He went to Pilate, and let us see, whether Elias will begged the body of Jesus. come to fave him.

Then Pilate commanded the 50 Jesus when he had body to be delivered. cried again with a loud voice, 59 And when Joseph had yielded up the ghoft. taken the body, he wrapped

51 And, behold, the vail it in a clean linen cloth, of the temple was rent in

60 And laid it in his own twain, from the top to the new tomb, which he had bottom; and the earth did hewn out in the rock: and quake, and the rocks rent; he rolled a great stone to the

52 And the graves were door of the fepulchre, and opened ; and many bodies of departed. the saints which slept arose,

61 And there was Mary 53 And came out of the Magdalene, and the other graves after his resurrection, Mary, sitting over against and went into the holy city, the fepulchre. and appeared unto many.

62 Now the next day, 54 Now when the centu- that followed the day of the rion, and they that were with preparation, the chief priests him, watching Jesus, saw the and Pharisees came together earthquake, and those things unto Pilate, that were done, they feared 63 Saying, Sir, we regreatly, saying, Truly this member that that deceiver was the Son of God. faid while he was yet alive,

55 And many women were After three days I will rife there beholding afar off,' again. 6

64 Command

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64 Command therefore 6 He is not here: for he that the fepulchre be made is risen, as he said, Come, sure until the third day, left see the place where the Lord his disciples, come by night lay, and steal him away, and say 7 And go quickly, and unto the people, He is rifen tell his disciples that he is from the dead. So the last risen from the dead; and, error shall be worse than the behold, he goeth before

you firft.

into Galilee : there shall 65 Pilate said unto them, ye see, him, lo, I have told Ye have a watch: go your you. way, make it as sure as ye can. 8 And they departed

66 So they went and made quickly from the fepulchre the sepulchre sure, sealing the with fear and great joy ; and stone, and setting a watch. did run to bring his disciples CHAP. XXVIII..

9. And as they went to N the end of the fabbath, tell his disciples, behold, Je

as it began to dawn to- fus met them, saying, All ward the first day of the hail

. And they came, and week, came Mary Magda- held him by the feet, and lene, and the other Mary, to worshipped him. see the fepulchre.

10 Then said Jesus unto 2 And, behold, there was them, Be not afraid :


tell a great earthquake: for the my brethren that they go into angel of the Lord descended Galilee, and there shall they from heaven, and came and see me. rolled back the stone from 11 Now when they were the door, and sat upon it. going, behold, some of the

3 His countenance was watch came into the city, like lightning, and his rai- and shewed unto the chief ment white as snow: priests all the things that were

4 And for fear of him the done. keepers did shake, and be- 12 And when they were came as dead men.

assembled with the elders, 5 And the angel answered and had taken counsel, they and said unto the women, gave large money unto the Fear not ye : for I know soldiers, that ye seek Jefus, which was 13 Saying, Say ye, his crucified.

disciples came by night, and


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stole him away, while we , but some doubted. flept.

18 And Jesus came, and 14 And if this come to spake unto them, saying, All the governor's ears, we will power is given unto me in persuade him, and secure you. heaven and in earth.

15 So they took the mo- 19 9 Go ye therefore and ney, and did as they were teach all nations, baptizing taught : and this saying is them in the name of the Facommonly reported among ther, and of the Son, and of the Jews until this day. the Holy Ghost :

16 9 Then the eleven 20 Teaching them to obdisciples went away into Ga- serve all things whatsoever I lilee, into a mountain where have commanded you: and, Jesus had appointed them. lo, I am with you alway, even

17 And when they saw unto the end of the world. him, they worshipped him : Amen. From the Gospel according to St. MARK.

their fins. CHAP. I.

6 And John was clothed Gospel of Jesus Christ, girdle of a skin about his the Son of God;

loins ; and he did eat locufts .2 As it is written in the and wild honey; prophets, Behold, I send my 7 And preached, saying, messenger before thy face,There cometh one mightier which Tall prepare thy way than I after me, the latchet before thee.

of whose shoes I am not 3 The voice of one cry-worthy to stoop down and ing in the wilderness, Pre- unloose. pare ye the way of the Lord, 8 I indeed have baptized maké his paths straight. you with water: but he shall

4. John did baptize in the baptize you with the Holy wilderness, and preach the Ghost. baptism of repentance for the 99 And it came to pass remiffion of fins.

in those days, that Jesus 5 And there went out unto came from Nazareth of Gahim all the land of fudea, and lilee, and was baptized of they of Jerusalem, and were John in Jordan. all baptized of him in the ri- 10 And straightway comver of Jordan, confefling) ing up out of the water, he saw



upon him :



the heavens opened, and the and John his brother, who Spirit like a dove descending also were in the ship mend

ing their nets. II And there

20 And straightway he voice from heaven, saying, called them : and they left Thou art my beloved Son, their father Zebedee in the in whom I am well pleased. fhip with the hired servants,

12 And immediately the and went after him. fpirit driveth him into the 21 And they went into wilderness.

Capernaum: and straight13 And he was there in way on the fabbath day he the wilderness forty days entered into the synagogue, tempted of Satan; and was and taught. with the wild beasts; and 22 And they were astothe angels ministered unto nished at his doctrine : for he him.

taught them as one that had 14 9 Now after that John authority, and not as the was put in prison, Jesus came fcribes. into Galilee preaching the 23 And there was in their gospel of the kingdom of synagogue a man with an unGod.

clean spirit; and he cried 15 And saying, The time out, is fulfilled, and the kingdom 24 Saying, Let us alone; of God is at hand : repent what have we to do with ye, and believe the gospel. thee, thou Jesus of Naza

16 9 Now as he walked reth ? art thou come to deby the sea of Galilee, he saw stroy us? I know thee who Simon, and Andrew his bro- thou art, the Holy One of ther, casting a net into the God. fea : for they were fishers. 25 And Jesus rebuked

17 And Jesus said unto him, saying, Hold thy peace, them, Come


and come out of him. and I will make you to be.

26 And when the uncome fishers of men.

clean spirit had torn him, 18 And straightway they and cried with a loud voice, forsook their nets, and fol- he came out of him. lowed him.

27 And they were all a 19 And when he had gone mazed, infomuch that they a little farther thence, he saw questioned among

them James the son of Zebedee, felves, saying, What thing is




this ? what new doctrine is led into a solitary place, and this? for with authority there prayed. commandeth he even the un- 36 And Simon, and they clean spirits, and they do that were with him, followed obey him.

after him. 28 And immediately his 37 And when they had fame spread abroad through- found him, they said unto out all the region round him, All men seek for thee. about Galilee.

38 And he said unto them, 29 And forthwith when Let us go into the next they were come out of the towns, that I may preach fynagogue, they entered into there also: for therefore came the house of Simon and An- I forth. drew, with James and John. 39 And he preached in

30 But Simon's wife's their fynagogues throughout mother lay sick of a fever ; all Galilee, and cast out deand anon they tell him of vils. her.

40 And there came a le31 And he came and took per to him, beseeching him, her by the hand, and lifted and kneeling down to him, her and immediately the and saying unto him, If thou fever left her, and she minif- wilt, thou canst make me tered unto them.

clean. 32 And at even, when 41 And Jesus, moved with the sun did set, they brought compassion, put forth his unto him all that were dif- hand and touched him, and eased, and them that were faith unto him, I will; be poflefled with devils.

thou clean. 33 And all the city was 42 And as soon as he had gathered together at the spoken, immediately the ledoor.

prosy departed from him, and . 34 And he healed


he was cleanfed. that were sick of divers dif- 43 And he straitly chargeafes, and cast out many deed him, and forthwith fent vils; and suffered not the de- him away ; vils to speak, because they 44 And faith unto him, knew him.

See thou say nothing to any 35 And in the morning, man: but go thy way, shew rising up a great while before thyself to the priest, and offer day, he went out, and depart for thy cleansing those things


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