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knowledge, and to the attention But the most important knowpaid to it.

ledge, of which we are capable, The soul's capacity appears to is the knowledge of God-of expand and enlarge with the in his character and will, and of our crease of knowledge, and for duty and the way to enjoy him ought we know, may continue for ever ; and, if rightly disposto do so for ever. The more a ed, of beholding his ineffable gicman knows, the more, generally ry and beauty. speaking, doth he desire to I proceed to observe, that our know; the greater and more ar- souls are capable, not only, of dent is his thirst for an increase a great degree of knowledge ; of knowledge, and the more but also, of moral disposition, enlarged his view or conviction affections and exercises, strong of the vast variety, extent, and and vigorous, producing, or acmagnitude of the objects of hu. companied and followed with. man knowledge.

much good or evil to ourselves Though we may not be able and others, and with an incalcuto attain to a perfect know-lable degree of pleasure or pain, ledge and full comprehen- joy or sorrow, happiness or mision of any thing; yet we are sery, never ceasing, never endcapable of being taught and un- ing, but, probably, always inderstanding much, about an in- creasing. numerable variety of objects, By the powers and faculties visible and invisible, material of our souls we are proper suband spiritual, past, present, and jects of moral obligation-of future, temporal and eterna). moral government ; and ac

The activity and powers of countable to him, who made and our souls are great and wonder- upholds us, and reveals the rule ful. In an instant, we can look and measure of our duty. We back, through all periods of time, are capable subjects of the knowto the day of creation ; and ledge, love, service and enjoythink of the incomprehensible, ment of God. We are also eternal existence of God. With capable of kind, benevolent afequal ease, we can cast our fections and, of beneficent and thoughts forward to the end of useful actions, towards our neighthe world, to the end of time, bours and fellow-creatures.and contemplate or think of the And we are under great and scenes of a succeeding eternity. infinite obligation, to love God In a very short space, we can, with all our heart, and to serve in our minds or thoughts, love and obey him with all our might, round the world, or penetrate to and to love our neighbors as its centre, or mount above the ourselves, and to do as we would sky, and traverse the regions of be done by—10 do good as we the stars, or ascend to heaven, have opportunity to be just, where God is enthroned in glo- kind and beneficent, in our feelry, surrounded and adored by ings and conduct, towards all ; myriads of spotless spirits ; or and in a word, to do justly, to descend to hell, where the wick- leve mercy, and to walk humbly ed groan and wail in torment with God. and despair.

By the faculties of our souls,

in connection with those of our towards our fellow creatures, all bodies, to which they are uni- discordant, jarring, and grating ted, and of which they have the affections, lusts and passions direction, control and govern- would be utterly excluded ; and ment, we are capable of acting all the inward peace, pleasure upon choice and design, and as and joy, involved in, and natudependent agents or voluntary rally springing from such a teminstruments in the hand of God, per and conduct, would be conof conceiving and executing, or stantly experienced, together contributing to the accomplish with the comfortable feelings of ment of great designs, for our an approving conscience, and a own and others' benefit, and for consciousness of the approbathe honor and glory of God. tion and favor of God, and of

We are, moreover, capable all wise and holy beings. of knowing and inwardly feeling We should, likewise in this our obligations to the duties in- way, participate and share in, cumbent on us, towards God, and enjoy, so far as we are capaourselves, and our fellow-crea- ble subjects of such enjoyment, tures, and to abstain from eve all the happiness and glory of ry thing of a contrary nature God, and of the happy subjects and tendency.

of his eternal kingdom. For The right and just, the kind, by love to others we appropriate benevolent, friendly and bene- to ourselves all their happiness, ficent affections and actions, in proportion to our knowledge which we ought to exercise and and sense of it, and to the perform, are naturally produc- strength and intenseness of our tive of, or accompanied and love to them. followed with, inward pleasure The parent who loves his chiland peace, joy and happiness. dren as himself, thereby makes

Benevolent, kind, tender and their happiness his own, and exfriendly dispositions, affections, periences as real and as great and exercises, are calm and satisfaction and joy in their prose peaceful—in their very nature, perity and happiness, as in his pleasurable and happilying. He own personal prosperity. So who, in the exercise of a bene likewise, if we in fact loved our volent, friendly spirit, loves and neighborsas ourselves, we should does good to his neighbours, have as real pleasure and delight and contributes to their support, in their welfare as in our own, comfort and happiness, experi- and thus appropriate their hapences much pleasure and satis- piness to ourselves, and make it faction, and feels happy, in so our own.

And if we really doing. And did we, in fact, loved God with all our heart, and love God and our fellow crea- soul, and mind, his glory and tures, as we ought to, and con- happiness would be above all stantly act out and exhibit this things grateful and dear to our love, in worshipping and serving hearis ; and in proportion to the God and doing his will with all extent and degree of our knowl. our might, and in all the genuine edge, view, and sense thereof, expressions of justice and right. we should be pleased and deçousness, beneficenceand mercy, lighted, and rejoice therein, with


as real and great satisfaction and , dation and basis, the source and joy, as if it were our own per- fountain of their support and sonal glory and happiness. happiness for ever. Of course, Thus, were we, and had we their complete everlasting hapalways been, perfect in love, we piness will be as effectually pro. should constantly share in and vided for and secured, as stable enjoy all the happiness of the and certain, as the all-sufficient moral system, comprising God God can render it. He knows and his creatures, so far as it he is able to and will form and comes within our view, and we fit them, in soul and body, for are capable subjects of enjoying the most pure, sublime, and it. And our own joy and hap- completely satisfying knowlexige, piness thence resulting, would exercises and affections, employincrease, as our knowledge and ments and enjoyments, and ut. views, apprehensions and sense terly abolish every appetite, inof the happiness and glory of clination or desire, which is not God and his kingdom were ex. consistent with such a state of tended and enlarged.

soul and body. Thus, if sin had never enter He is, likewise, able and will ed, all human souls would have satisfy and fill every desire of been constantly enjoying a hap- their whole persons, thus fitted piness, pure and sublime, with for complete, everlasting happiout alloy, and commensurate with their knowledge and capa At the day of judgment and city for enjoyment, and con- thenceforward, they will, in the tinually increasing, as these in- fullest sense, inherit the kingdom creased.

prepared for them. Perfectly puAnd to all this, will all those rified from all selfish, carnal, and of mankind be finally brought, worldly appetites and desires, who believe on the Lord Jesus affections and lusts, and formed Christ, to the saving of the soul. with tempers and tastes, perfectThey who are saved by Christ, ly suited to the objects, compathough but imperfectly sanctified ny, discoveries, exercises, emin this life, will finally be re- ployments, and enjoyments of deemed from all iniquity, and the heavenly world and state, rendered to the extent of their they will be ever there with the capacity, holy as he is holy, and Lord, as children and heirs of pure as he is pure.

God, and joint-heirs with Christ, When Christ shall appear, participating with him in his inthey will be like him, and appear effable glory and happiness, in with him in glory. He willthen the inheritance of all things. present to himself all the re

How great, then, how ineffable, deemed and sanctified, “ a glori- how far surpassing all our preous church, not having spot, or sent conceptions, must be the wrinkle, or any such thing ; but joy and happiness of every soul holy and without blemish.” which is saved! God will be their God, and their Every such soul will be entireportion for ever. They will, ly freed from every irregular, therefore, have all his adorable discordant, corroding, and disperfections united, as the foun- quieting passion, desire, and in

him as

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clination. Every such soul will sensible enjoyment of God's be of a perfectly benevolent and favor and love, and rejoice friendly disposition, perfectly in

their God, and conformed to God, and glow Father, and portion for ever. with supreme and perfect love to There each individual will join him; and with the most pure and bear a part, withi the my. and disinterested benevolence to- riadscomposing that glorious sowards and complacency in every ciety, in the worship and honors fellow-subject of the kingdom paid, and in the songs of praise of God.

and triumph addressed, to the Every such soul, united to its thrice Holy One. And each risen and glorious body, will find individual, by the most pure and itself a fixed an eternal inhab. , perfect love to God and to every itant of heaven, in company with subject of his holy and happy Christ and all the saved and all kingdom, will

partake and the holy angels. There the most share, to the extent of his ca. grand and glorious objects, per- pacity, in the glory and happifectly suited to its holy taste, ness of the whole. So far as will be constantly presented to he is capable of contemplating its view. There it will behold and having an idea and sense of the clear exhibition of the ineffa- the glory and happiness of God, bly glorious character and per- and of the myriads of his holy sections of God, made in the and happy subjects, he will ex. whole series of his works and perience the same unutterable dispensations; and, probably, in satisfaction, joy and delight in ways, and by means, and to a de- the whole, as if it were all his gree, at present, inconceivable own. For by the perfect union by us. The saved will see, with of hearts, between the head and ineffable joy and delight, the full all the members of the heavenly accomplishment of the divine society, produced by perfect love, declaration and promise, that the they have one common interest, seed of the woman shall bruise of which every individual parthe serpent's head the works of takes, and which he enjoys, to the devil destroyed-everyenemy the full extent of his capacity. of God and his kingdom van How full and complete, then, quished and subdued—the Sav- and how inconceivably great in iour gloriously triumphant-the degree, will be the joy and hapwhole redeemed church in actu-piness of every soul which is al glory and perfect happiness- saved ? And to what an infinite all the great designs of God, in sum of real, substantial good will regard to the glory of his own it amount by being continued for great name, and to the best ever, and probably, with a pro good and greatest happiness of gressive increase, by a gradual the system, accomplished, ex. increase of knowledge, and a actly to his mind, according to proportionable expansion and his original intention, and his enlargement of the capacity for throne and kingdom established enjoyment ?-In comparison in eternal peace.

with this, how inconsiderable, There they will continually how small and trifling a good to experience the conscious and a man,-yea, how worthless and

despicable, would be the acquisi- covenant of salt for ever;" as in tion and sole possession of the Numb. xviii. 19. and 2 Chron. whole world, during the period xiii. 5. of his existence on the earth? The offerings presented by

This infinite good doth every the children of Israel, were orone lose ; of all this doth every dered to be seasoned with salt, one fall short, who loses his own probably, “as an emblem of soul.

their purification from corrupPRESBYTES. tion, and of their savor and ac[To be continued.]

ceptableness to God.” In allusion to this, Christ said, “ Every sacrifice shall be salted with

salt ;" intimating, as I conceive, Remarks on Mark ix. 49.

that every one who sincerely deAn attempt to explain what is votes himself to God, as a liv.

intended by salting with fire, ing sacrifice, shall be seasoned and salting with salt.

with grace, or knowledge and

holiness, whereby his heart and Christ, in a discourse addres- life will be purified from moral ked to his disciples, said, “ For corruption, and he, of course, every one shall be salted with preserved from everlasting defire, and every sacrifice shall be struction. salted with salt." Mark ix. 49. As salt cleanses and preserves

meat from putrefaction and renTO ascertain the meaning of ders it savory and wholesome ;

these words, it may be so the Christian, who gives him. proper to observe, that it was self up to God and his service expressly injoined upon the through Jesus Christ, has his children of Israel to season eve- heart and life purified by divine ry obligation of their meat. grace, and is rendered savory in offering

with salt, and with all his principles, dispositions and their offerings to offer salt ; affections, conversation and pracwhich is termed the salt of the tice, and preserved from the covenant of their God. Lev. everlasting destruction, in which ü. 13.

corrupt principles and affections, One end for which salt is com- words and actions, indulged monly used, is to season meats and persevered in, would finaland other kinds of food, in or- ly involve him. der to give them a good relish, In this sense every sacrifice and render them more agreeable shall be salted with salt. Every to the taste. Another is to person, who presents himself to cleanse meat from those parts, God, as a living sacrifice, shall, which would otherwise cause through the knowledge of gospel it to corrupt, and thus to pre- truth, and the influence of diserve it from putrefaction, and vine grace by the operation of to keep it good and savory the holy spirit, have his heart Hence, salt is made use of as an purged from corrupt disposi. emblem of incorruption and tions and principles, and his life perpetuity. A perpetual cove- from corrupt morals and become enant is, therefore, termed "a savory in bis affections, conver

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