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32 And at even, 32. And at Sun-fet, as soon as the when the sun did set, Sabbath was past, that the People they brought unto thought it lawful to begin any Work, eased, and them that they brought to Jefus many diseased were poffessed with and posesid Persons. devils.

33. And such a vast Multitude of Peo33 And all the ci- ple gathered together about the House, ty was gathered to to see what was done; that almost the gether at the door.

whole City seemed to be there. 34 And he healed

34. And Jesus healed all that were many, that were fick brought to him, so that at that one Time of divers diseases, he cured many kinds of Diseases, and and cast out many devils, and suffered cast out many Devils, and suffered not ņot the devils to the evil Spirits to declare that they knew speak, because they him ; for he needed not their Teftimoknew him.

ny, but prov'd his Divine Commission by the more satisfactory Evidence of the Goodness of his Doctrine, and the

Greatness of his Works. 35 And in the

35. The next Morning very early, morning, rifing up a before Day, Jesus arose and retired into great while before

a desart Place to pray privately. day, he went out, and departed into a solitary place, and there prayed.

36 And Simon,and 36. But Peter and the rest of his they that were with Disciples milling him, went out after him, followed after him to seek him. him.

when 37. And when they had found him, they had found him, they told him, that all the People in they said unto him, the Town waited for him, and fought All men seek for

after him. thee.

38 And he said un 38. But Jesus said, Nay, I must not to them, Let us go return to Capernaum: I am not sent into the next towns,

to preach to one City only, but mult that I may preach go about to others also. there also: for therefore came I forth. 39. And he travelled through all the

39 And he preach- Towns of Galilee, preaching in their ed in their fyna: Synagogues, and wonderfully confirmgogues throughout all ing his Doctrine by Miracles of healGalilee, and cast out ing Diseases, and cafting out Devils. devils. Vol, ha

40. S

37 And

40 And

your Disease.

40. About this time there came

there to Yesus a Man that had the Leprofie, came a leper to him, and kneeled down before him, and said;

beseeching him, and Lord, I have heard of your wondrous kneeling down to Works, and do believe that, if you to him, If thou wilt,

him, and saying unplease, you are able to cure me imme- thou canst make me diately of this offensive Disease.

clean. 41. Yesus, moved with Pity at the 41 And Jesus moMan’s Complaint and humble Entreaty, ved with compassion, and pleased at his Faith, touched him put forth his hand, with his Hand, and said: I am willing and faith unto him,

and touched him, to do what you desire; Be cleansed from I will, be thou clean.

42 And as soon as 42. Which Words were no sooner he had spoken, imspoken, but the Leprofie in an instant mediately the leproutterly disappeared, and the Man was fie departed from perfectly clean.

him, and he was 43,44. Then Jefus, that the Peo- cleansed. ple might not at the Report of this

43 And he straightMiracle come about him too tumultu- forthwith sent him

ly charged him, and ously, like raising a Sedition; and also

away; to prevent any Occasion of Calumny

44 And faith unto from the Priests: sent away the Man him, See thou say with a strict Charge, saying ; Do not nothing to any man: report this Thing abroad publickly; but but go thy way, go and shew your self to the Priest, that shew thy self to the he may try you and pronounce you thy cleansing those

priest, and offer for clean; and then offer according to Cu- things which Moses Atom what the Law appoints upon this commanded for a teOccasion; that the Jews may be con- ftimony unto them. vinced, and have no Handle to reproach


45. But the Man overjoyed at the 45 But he went Greatness and Suddennefs of his Cure, out, and began to could not farbear reporting every where publish it much, and

to blaze abroad the what Jesus had done for him ; infomuch, that the Admiration of the that Jesus could no

matter, in somuch People was so raised, and they flocked

more openly enter in fuch Multitudes after Jesus, that into the city, but be could not for a while appear openly was without in dein a Town, but retired into solitary sert places : and they


came to him from tary Places, and People followed him every quarter.

from all Parts.


Jesus cures a Palsie, and proves his Power of forgiving Sins,

ver. 1. Calls Matthew, and vindicates himself from the Charge of keeping ill Company, ver. 13. Excuses his Disciples for not Fafting, ver. 18. And for plucking Ears of Corn on the Sabbath-day, ver. 23.

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' AND again he FTER some time Jesus returned

again to Capernaum; and though
Capernaum, after he entred privately, and went to Pe..
some days, and it ter's House, yet the People foon heard
was noised that he
was in the house.

of his being there. 2 And straightway 2. And there resorted to him a great many were gathered Multitude, more than the House and together, insomuch that there was no

Yard could hold; and he preached to room to receive them,

no not so much as
about the door: and
he preached the word
unto them.


3 And they came 3. And while he was preaching, unto him, bringing there came a company bringing a Man one fick of the palfie, that had the Palsie, who was lame and which was born of four.

disabled to such a Degree, that he was 4 And when they forced to be carried in his Bed upon could not come nigh Mens Shoulders. unto him for press, 4. And when they could not get they uncovered the

near enough to bring him to Jesus roof where he was : by reason of the Croud ; they uncoand when they had broken it up, they

vered the Top of the House, and let let down the bed, down the fick Man in his Bed through wherein the fick of the Roof, and set him before Jefus. the palfie lay.


5. When


5. Jefus, pleased with the Greatness 5 When Jesus saw of the sick Man's and his Friends their faith, he said Faith, said to him ; Son, your Sins

unto the sick of the

palfie, Son, thy sins forgiven you.

be forgiven thee. 6 & 7. Now there were present

6 But there were certain Pharisees and Jewish Doctors certain of the scribes in the Room, who hearing Jefus fitting there, and reasay these Words, thought presently soning in their hearts, within themselves; what a great Blai 7 Why doth this phemy is this, that this Man fhould man thus speak blafpretend to assume to himself the Pow- phemies? who can er of God! For, surely, none but God forgive fins but God

only? can forgive Sins, and he has never com 8 And immediate municated this Power absolutely to any ly, when Jesus perMan.

ceived in spirit, that 8. But Jesus knowing their fe- they fo reasoned cret Thoughts and Mutterings, pre

within themselves, vented them, saying ; Why are ye he said unto them, thus offended without Cause, and

Why reason ye these

things in reason fo maliciously within your- hearts ?

your selves?

9 Whether is it 9. For is it not as easie a Thing easier to say unto the to forgive a Man's Sins, which are fick of the palfie, the Cause of Diseases; as to heal his 'Thy sins be forgiven Disease by a Word in an instant? And thee: or to say, A. cannot the same Power, which does the rise, and take up thy

bed and walk ? one, do the other allo ?

10But that ye may 10 & 11. That ye may see there- know that the fon fore and be convinced by this vi- of man hath power fible Effect, that I have really Pow- on earth to forgive er to forgive Sins even here upon fins, (he faith to Earth, ye shall see the Man thus in- the sick of the palfie) ftantly healed: Then turning himself 11 I fay unto thee, to the fick Man, he faid; Rife, take Arife, and take up up your Bed, and carry it Home with thy bed, and go thy


into thine house. you.

12 And immediAnd with these Words the ately he arose, took Man's Strength returned perfectly to up his bed, and went him, so that he rose and took up forth before them his Bed, and carried it away with all, infomuch that him through the Croud. And the Peo. they were all ama.

zed, and glorified 3 God, saying, We ne


I 2.

ver saw it on this ple were astonished, saying, that

they never saw any thing like this
before; and they praised God, for

fending among them so great a Prophet. 13 And he went 13. I After this, Jesus retired forth again by the again out of the City to the Lake's fea-fide, and all the fide: And a great many People folmultitude resorted lowed him, and he preached to them unto him, and he

there. taught them.

14 And he passed 14. And as he was going, he parby, and faw Levi the fed by the Booth where the Collecfon of Alpheus fit-tors of the Tax fate, among whom ting at the receit of was Matthew the Son of Alphaus. custom, and said un- Him Jesus called as he went by ; to him, Follow me, and he rose up without Delay, and And he arose and left his Employment, and followed followed him.

Jesus. 15 And it came to 15. And he invited Jesus and pass that as Jesus fat his Disciples home with him to Dinat meat in his house,

ner; whither were likewise invited many publicans and finners fat also toge many of Matthew's former Acquainther with Jesus and tance, Collectors of the Taxes, and his disciples : for Men of ill Fame: And they all fat there were many, down together. and they followed 16. Which when some of the Jewhim.

ish Doctors and Pharisees observed ; 16 And when the Scribes and Pharisees they upbraided the Disciples, faying: faw him cat with If your Mafter pretends to be a holy publicans and finners, and pious Person, why doth he not they said unto his dif- observe, what all strict and religious ciples, How is it that Jews carefully do, to abstain from he eateth and drink- the impure Company of Publicans, eth with publicans loose Persons, and Men of bad Repuand sinners ?

tation ? 17. When Jesus heard it, he faith un

17. But Jesus replięd : + The prin- + See Pato them, They that cipal Design of my Coming into raphr. on are whole, have no

the World, was to convert such Perneed of the physici- sons as these, from a Life of Sin, an, but they that are to Righteousness and Holiness. As fick: I came not to therefore ye blame not a Physician call the righteous, for conversing with fick Men, but but sinners to repen.


look tance.

upon it as Q 3


Luke v.31.

on the

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