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"Tis for their rapine, lusts, and thirst of blood,-
And all their unprotecting gods of wood,
The Lord is present on his facred hill,
Cease thy weak doubts, and let the world be ftill.

Here terror leaves me; with exalted head;
I breathe fine air, and find the vision fled;
The Seer withdrawn, inspir'd, and urg'd to writeg:
By the warm influence of the facred sight.

His writing finish’d, Prophet-like array'dge
He brings the burden on the region laid ;:
His hands a tablet and a volume bear,
The tablet threatenings, and the volume prayer ;
Both for the temple, whers, to fhun decay,
Enroll'd the works of inspiration lay.
And awful, oft he stops, or marches slow,
While the dull'd nation hears him preach their woe..

Arriv'd at length, with grave concern for all, He fix'd his table on the sacred wall. 'Twas large infcrib'd, that those who run might read: “ Habakkuk's burden, by the Lord decreed ; « For Judah's fins her empire is no more, • The fierce Chaldeans bathe her realm in gore.'

Next to the pries his volume he resign’d, 'Twas prayer, with praises mix’el, to raise the mind ;'Twas facts recounted, which their fathers knew, 'Twas power in wonders manifest to view ;. "I was comfort, rais'd on love already past, And hope, that former love returns at last.

The priests within the prophecy convey'd; The fingers' tunes to join his anthem made.


Hear, and attend the words : and, holy Thou
That help?d the Prophet, help the Poet now.

0, Lord, who rul'st the world, with mortal car I 've heard thy judgments, and I fake for fear. 0, Lord, by, whom their number'd years we find, Ev’n in the midst receive the drooping mind; Evin in the midst thou canst-then make it known, Thy love, thy will, thy power, to save thine own, Remember mercy, though thine anger burni, And toon to Salem bid thy flock return. 0, Lord, who gav'st it with an outstretch'd hand, We well remember how thou gav'st the land.

God came from Teman, southward (prung the flame; From Paron-mount the one that's Holy came;. A glittering glory made the desert blaze, High heaven was cover'd, earth was fillid with praiseo Dazzling, the brightness, not the fun so bright, 'Twas here the pure substantial Fount of Lighti, Shot from his hand and side in golden streams,, Càme forward effluent horny-pointed beams : Thus fhone his coming, as sublimely fair As bounded nature has been fram'd to bear ; But all his further marks of grandeur hid, Nor what he couleh was known, but what he did.. Dire plagues before him ran at his commami, To waste.the nations in the promis'd land. A scorching fame went forth where'er he trods And burning fevers were the coals of God. Fix'd on the mount he stood, his measuring reed Mark's the rich realms for Jacob's feed .decreed ::


He looks with anger; and the nations Aly
From the fierce fparklings of his dreadful eye;
He tuins, the mountain shakes its awful brow;
Awful he turns, and hills eternal bow.
How glory there, how terror here, displays
His great unknown, yet everlasting ways !

I see the fable tents along the strand
Where Cushan wander'd, desolately stand;
And Midian's high pavilions shake with dread,
While the tam'd seas thy rescued nation tread.
What burst the path? what made the Lord engage?
Could waters anger, feas incite thy rage,
That thus thine horses force the foaming tide,
And all the chariots of salvation ride?
Thy bow was bare for what thy mercy swore;
Those oaths, that promife, Ifrael lad before.

The rock that felt thee cleav'd, the rivers flow,
The wondering defert lends them beds below.
Thy might the mountain's heaving shocks confefs'd,
High hatter'd Horeb 'trembled o’er the rest.
Great Jordan pass’d its nether waters by,

waters rais'd the voice on high :
Safe in the deep we went, the liquid wall
Curling arose, and had 110 leave to fall.
The fun efulgent, and the moon serene,
Stopt hy thy will, their heavenly course refrain :
The voice was man's, yet both the voice obey,
Till wars completed close the lengthen'd day.
Thy glittering spears, thy rattling darts prevail,
Thy spears of lightning, and thy darts of hail,

q+T was thou that march'd against their heathen band,
Rage in thy visage, and thy flail in hand ;
Twas thou that went before to wound their head,
The captain follow.'d where the Saviour led :

Torn from their earth, they feel the desperate wound, And power unfounded fails for want of ground. t\With village-war thy tribes, where'er they go,

Distress the remnant of the scatter'd foe
Yet mad they rush'd, as whirling wind descends,
Anduceem'd for friendless those the Lord befriends.
Thy trampling horse from sea to sea subdue,
The bounding ocean left no more to do.

O, when I heard what thou vouchsaf'ft to win,
With works of wonder must be lost for fin;
I quak'd through fear, the voice-forsook my tongue
Or, at my lips, with quivering accent hung ;
Dry leanness entering to my marrow came,
And every loosening nerve unstrung my frame.
How shall I reft, in what protecting fade,
When the day. comes, and hostile troops invade?

Though neither blossoms on the fig appear,
Nor vines with clusters deck the purpling year;
Though all our labours olive-trees belie,
Though fields the substance of the bread deny.;
Though flocks are sever'd from the silent fold,
And the rais'd stalls no lowing cattle hold;
Yet shall my toul be glad, in God rejoice,
Yet to my Saviour will I lift

Yet to my Saviour still my temper fings,
IV hat David set to inftruments of strings


voice ;

The Lord 's my strength, like hinds he makes my feet,
Yon mount 's my refuge, I as safely fleet;
Or (if the song 's apply'd) he makes me still
Expect returning to Moriah's hill.

In all this hymn what daring grandeur shines,
What darting glory rays, among the lines :
What mountains, earthquakes, clouds, and smokes are

What ambient fires conceal the Lord within;
What working wonders give the promis'd place,
And load the conduct of a stubborn race!
In all the work a lively fancy flows,
O'er all the work sincere affection glows:
While truth's firm rein the course of fancy guides,
And o'er affection zeal divine presides.

Borne on the prophet's wings, methinks Ifly
Amongst eternal Attributes on high :
And here I touch at Love supremely fair,
And now at Power, anon at Mercy there;
So, like a warbling bird, my tunes I raise,
On those green boughs the Tree of Life displays ;
Whose twelve fair fruits, each month by turns receives,
And, for the nations' healing, ope their leaves.
Then be the nations heald, for this I fing,
Descending foftly from the prophet's wing.

Thou, world, attend the case of Israel ; fee
Twill thus at large refer to God and thee.
If Love be shewn thee, turn thine eyes above,

the duties relative to Love;
If Power be Mewn, and wonderfully so,
: Wonder and thank, adore, and bow below,

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