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Ch.8. Faith gives communion with Christ. 251 cursed Canaanite shall not be excluded from partaking in this blessing *. How *Ezek. 16.

55,60,61. much more may we hope then that these Churches of Christendome, which have suffered so much with Christ, and for him, under the Dragon, the Beast, and the Turk, fhall partake with the glory of these Churches of the Jewes when the time shall come.

Secondly, this doth teach us how to use 2: attaine fellowship and holy familiarity with Christ, even by faith, leaning upon him as our beloved ; infidelity and doubting hinder our sweet communion with Christ, labour wee therefore to abandon it from us. Thirdly, wee may

here see the duty of use 3. inferiour Magistrates what it is, even to see that the Church be raised

up under them, how much more to countenance and protect it with their shadow, and to comfort it with the fruit of their sweet and wholesom lawes and examples ?

Fourthly, this may ferve for tryalf of use 4. thegoodnefse of our affections to Christ; if we thirst after his deep affection to us, and continuall remembrance of us, if we labour to fubdue our selves and all ours



use 5.

How to try our affections to Christ. Ch.8. to him, if wee jealously warre against all that which might impaire our love to him, if we burn up all our impediments if no afflictions can discourage us from him, if no prosperity can shake our intire defires after him, we are then well affected to him as this Church is: If we desire to have such deep place in Chrifts heart, it is a plain signe Christ hath a deep place in our hearts.

Fifthly,this may shew us a meanes how to consume all base and kitchin-loves and lufts in us, set upon these sensuall worldly things; grow up in this spirituall love to Christ, and it will swallow


and consume these lesser fires ; the greater light will extinguish the lesser, as the Sun will put out the kitchin fire ; so this strong fire of Christs love in us will burn up and eat out all luft in us.

Sixthly, this may comfort the true Church and children of God, in assurance of their perseverance: if our love to him be so unchangeable, that many waters of afflictions cannot quench it, nor Aloods of temptations drown it; if it be so strong as death, that it will devour all before it, how much more is his love to


use 6.

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Ch.8. Magistrates to be as walls, why. .253 Seventhly, this lets us see that the

use Churches that are well established themselves, must not contemne their weake neighbour-Churches, but take care, and use all good meanes for their establishment and growth : How farre should greater Churches be from cutting off the breasts, or breaking downe the walls of their small neighbour Churches

Eighthly, this may teach Magiftrates use 8. to be as walls to keep out all disorder, stand up as a wall if there come in diforders,stand so high that they cannot come over; if any would goe a begging, keepe them in y restraine beggery, idleneffe, drunkennesse, whordome, and profanenesse all evill courses, be as a wall,whereon to reare a filver Palace for ever ; je whereon to lay the frame of a good motion, course, or order, to be taken for the publick good, any good motion made, or to be made, is as a wall to divide equally to all men their right.

Ninthly, this may teach: Ministers to use si bei as doores to open a wide entrance for the people to come to Chrift; not as those Scribes and Pharisees,


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The duty of Magistrates and Ministers. Ch.8.

which Christ complaines of *, which * Luk.12.

neither enter in themfelves, nor would fuffer others : such are rather Port-cullifes, yea, gates of Hell.

10. Tenthly, this


let us see the duty of Magistrates; if Ministers be doores, it thould be their care to hemme them in with boards of Cedar, to provide for their security: it is the duty of every Magistrate and member to hemme them that no enemy may be able to opposé

them, but that they may be without feare * 1 Cor. among them, as it is *, see that Timothy be

without feare among you.

Eleventhly,this may let us seega Church enjoying a faithfull Ministery, and a Christian Magiftracy, enjoyeth a speciall favour ftom Chrift.

Twelfthly, this lets us see what great care Christ will one day have of his Church; though Lyons, Dragons, and Beares have broken in upon the Church to devoüre it ; and besides many Foxes have fought to fubvert it, and to cur the finewestof it afunder, yet when Christ shall take the government of it into his hands, there fhall be no enemy to offer violence to it: When the great Levia




use 11.

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Ifa. 27. 1,

Ch.8. Chrifts coming desired by his Spouse. 255 than fhall be punished, even Leviathan that crooked Serpent, and the Dragon that is in the sea shall be slaine ; In that day fong ye unto her, a vineyard of new wine : 3. yea, the Lord will keep it, he will water it every moment, left any hurt it, he will keep it night and day, yea, Christ will one day free his Churchfrom all oppres; fion, and give free passage to all his ordi nances.

Finally,this ferves to teach us all what use 13. affection we should have to the coming of Christ to Judgement, to desire him to be as the Roe or a young Hart upon the mountains of spices ; to take us up into the highest heavens, where are all manner of sweet and fragrant and pleafant things, evěn fulneku jos for overmore

The faithfult Spoistese of Christ doe Pfa.16. 11. earnestly delike hig coming to Judge- 2 Tim.4.8. ment, but Harlots would put off his coming : A chaste wife and a loyall Spouse desires her husband to send no more letters, but to hasten his returne,

and come home; but qharlor would have her husbands coming Heferred . fo they whose hearts are a whoring after the world, neither desire Christs coming, nor love his


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