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straw for its being said that I am in love with one of Henry St. Jonn, Viscount, (p. 216 ;) Johnson, SAMUEL, thern,-people shull choose which : it is as much with LL.D., (p. 950;; Musarave, WILLIAM. both as either, and I am infinitely too old to regard the “The prudence, steadiness, and vigilance of that man, joined qu'en dit-on."

to the greatest possibile lenity in his character and his politics, "And why should be," writes Mary Berry to a friend, preserved the crown to this royal family, and with it their laws

and liberties to this country. -EDMUND BURKE: Appeal from “when, without the trouble or the ridicule of a marriage, the New to the ow Whiye, 1701, 8vo. be enjoys almost as much of my society, and every com- " Few men ever reached and maintained for so many years fort froin it, that he could in the nearest connexion ? As the highest station which the citizen of a free state can hold, the willing offering of a grateful and affectionate heart,

who have enjoyed more power than Sir Robert Walpole, and

who have left behind thein less just cause of blame, or more the time and attentions I bestow upon him have hitherto

monuments of the wisdom and virtue for which his country given me pleasure. Were they to become a duty, and a has to thank him."-LORD BROUGHAM: Elin. Rer., lxxi. 179. duty to which the world would attribute interested mo. "He retired, after more than twenty years of supreme power, tives, they would becoine irksome." Doubtless she would with a temper not soured, with a heart not hardened, with siinhave refused any proffer of the kind : her heart belonged ple tastes, with frank manners, and with a capacity for friend.

ship. No stain of treachery, of ingratitude, or of cruelty rests to General O‘llara. To our references we add Pegge's on his memory." -Lord MACAULAY! Elin. Rev., Iviii. 212. Anec. of the Eng. Lang., ed. by Rev. H. Christmas, Ap- “The fact of a man with an estate of about 2001. a year at pendix iii.: Notes from a MS. of Horace Walpole, Earl first, and which never rose to much above 40001., living lived of Orford, on the Names of Localities in London, 1814, extravagantly, and amassed above 200,000!., is not at all exo 8vo; Lon. Quar. Rev., No. clxxxiv., April, 1853, art. iii., and accumulation of fortune that the suspicions which hang

plained by Mr. Coxe; and it is mainly on this expensive living (The Old Countess of Desmond :) Blackw. Mag., Mar.

over his memory rest."-LORD BROUGHAM: Skutes. Time of Gco. 1865, (Etoniana :) Historical Gleanings: a Series of III., ed. 1855, i. 312, 11. Sketches by J. E. T. Rogers, 1869, cr. Svo; Notes and But hear something on the other side: Queries, 1519-70; SELWYN, GEORGE; WILLIAMS, Sır "Jis enemies pay him the compliment of saying, “They do CHARLES HANBURY, No. 3.

believe now that he did not plunder the public, as he was acNor must I omit to notice: Lettres de la Marquise du

cused (as they accused him) of doing, he having died in such

circumstances.' It is certain he is dead very poor: his Deffand à Horace Walpole, écrites dans les Années 1766 à

debts, with his legacies, which are trifling, amount to fifty 1780, auxquelles sont jointes des Lettres de Madaine du

thousand pounds."- Horuce Walpole to Sir H. Munn, April 15 Deffand à Voltaire, écrites dans les Années 1759 à 1775, 1745: Letters, ed. 1861, i. 319. publiées d'après les originaux déposés à Strawberry-Hill:

"lle was born to 25001, a year, left a nominal estate of 80001. Nouvelle E lition, augmentée des Extraits des Lettres

and died 50,0001, in debt." - To Rev. W. Muson, April 18, 1777 :

Lellere, ut supra, vi. 130. d'Horace Walpole, (revue et complétée sur l'édition "My father's whole collection, [of pictures,] of which alone ho originale de Londres, 1810,) et précédées d'une Notice had preserved the prices, cost birt 10,0001., and after his death sur Madame du Deffand par M. A. Thiers, Paris, Firmin there were three sales of pictures, amons which were all the Didot, 1861, 2 vols.

lung-lengths of Vandyke but three."- To Rer. W. Cole, July 12,

1779: Letters, ut supru, vii, 227. “The bibliographical history of the letters addressed to Ilorace Walpole is worth a passing notice. He left them, when he died,

The remainder of the collection was, in 1779, sold to to his friend Miss Mary Berry, by whom they were published the Emperor of Russia for £40,555. So there was a in London in 1810, (vols. 8vo.) The following year they were great profit on the pictures. Horace describes his late also published in Paris; and since then there have been, we father—or, to be perfectly safe, I will say the late premier believe, three editions, the last in 1827. It was to that of 1824 that M. Thiers, who was then winning his literary spurs, wrote

-in terms which provoke a smile: the liographical notice reprinted as a preface to the two volumes

“ To conform myself to the views of the excellent man, the we have befure us,"-Lon. Reader, 1861, ii. 320.

glory of human nature, who made 118 all what we are, has been The first French edition is dated 1812, 4 vols. 8vo; the My father is ever before my eyes, -not to attempt to imitate

constantly one of the principal objects of my whole life. ... 2d ed., 1824, (with a new title page, 1827,) 4 vols. 8vo. him, for I have none of his matchless wisduin, or unsullied The London edition was reviewed in Elin. Rev., Feb. virtire, or heroic firmness; but sixty-two years have taught me 1811, 290-311, and in Lon. Quar. Rev., May, 1811, 498–

to gaze on him with ten thousand times the reverence that I 528, (by J. W. Croker.) This beautiful, brilliant, frivo. speak it with deep shame-I felt for him at twenty-two, when

he stood before ine."-- To the Earl of Orford, Oct. 5, 1778. anil to lous, and unprincipled old woman died in 1780, aged 83. Sir H. Mann, Ang. 19, 1779: Letters, ut supra, vii. 132, 243. See, Mav her “ tribe" decrease!

also, 183, viii, 531, ix. 186. Walpole, Horatio, Lord Walpole, brother of

" After mich unst abuse heaped upon him, there serme now Sir Robert Walpole, and also a distinguished statesman,

to be a great disposition to bestow upon hin unqualified praise.

He was probably the most dexterous party-leader we have ever was b. 1678, and d. 1757. He was the author of Answer had.-equally skilled to win royal favour, to govern the House to the Latter Part of Bolingbroke's Letters on the Study of Cominons, and to intuence, or be intinenced loy, public of History, Lon., 1762, sın. 4to, privately printed, 2d opinion."-LORD CAMPBELL: Lives of the Lord Chancellors : Lord ed., 1763, 8vo, and of some anonymous political pamph- Hardwicke, ch. cxxxiv., 11., (9. r.) lets pub. 1730 et seq. His Letter on Proposed Alterations produced by popular interference with the foreign policy of the

" But certainly the most remarkable example of the evils of the Thirty-Nine Articles, written in 1751, was pub. State is afforded by the Spanish armament at the close, and King's Lynn, 1863, 8vo. See Park's Walpole's R. and N. which occasioned the close, of Sir Robert Walpole's glorious, Authors, iv. 225 ; Smollett's Eng., Reign Geo. II. : Coxe, becanse peaceful, administration; and this, als alrevly remarked, Willian, No. 16: some l. p., and three copies on largest produced by party. The public voice was raised by the incen:

is also the most glaring instance upon record of the mischiefs paper: 2d ed., 1808, 2 vols. 8vo; 3d ed., 1820, 2 vols. 8vo.

tives of faction to clamour for war, or at least to complain of Horace calls his uncle's style "the worst in the world." alleged maltreatment experienced by sunglers in the Spanish

Walpole, Michael. Theological treatises, q. v. in Settlements, miraning innder the English Hay. Walpole was Bohn's Lowndes, 2823.

driven from power and succeeded by his aulversaries, who after. Walpole, Sir Robert, first Earl of Orford, only motive for raising the outery anainst kreping the peace

wards declared privately, as Mr. Burke has recordeel, that their brother of the preceding, and an eminent statesinan, was

was the hopelessness of being enabled by any other means to b. 1676, and d. 1745. He was the author of twelve or overthrowliis long-continned ministry.".

."-LORD BROUGHAM: Hist. more pamphlets. (q. v. in Park's Walpole's R. and N. and Polit. Dissert., ed. 1857, 95. Authors, iv. 196,) and aided in or revised others. See

“Je cared for letters no more than his muster did: he jndgård

human nature no meanly that one is ashamed to have to owu Crit. Hist. of his Administration, 1743, 8vo ; Le Tes

that he was right, and that men could be corrupted by means tament politique du Chev. Walpole, Amst., 1767, 33 vols., so base. But with his hireling Ilonse of Commons he defended (by J. H. Gouret or Maubert:) Smollett's Hist. of Eng.; liberty for us; with his incredulity he kept Church-craft down. H. Walpole's Reminiscences: Walpoliana, 1783, 4to, pri. There were parsons at Oxford as doulile-dealing and dangerous vately printed by Lord Hardwicke, (see Cens. Lit., iv.

as any priests out of Rome; and he routed them both. Ne

gave Englishmen no conquests, but he gave them pence, and 149: Restituta, iv. 370;) Burke's Appeal from the New to

ease, and freerlom; the three per cents nearly at par, and wheat the Old Whigs, (and Burke's Works, ed. 1852. iv. 437, v. at fire and six and twenty shillings a quarter.”—THACKERAY: 287 ;) Smyth's Lects. on Mod. Hist., Lect. XXVI.; Hal- George the Second. lam's Constit. Hist. of Eng.; May's Constit. Hist. of Sec, also, Lord Mahon's Hist. of Eng., i. 1836, 62, Eng., 1861-63, 2 vols. 8vo; Edin. Rev., lxxi. 179, (re-(and Lon. Quar. Rev., lvii. 339.) and Miscellanies by pub. in Lord Brougham's Contrih. to Edin. Rev., 1856, Earl Stanhope, 1863, p. 8vo; Historical Gleanings: a 1. 133, and in his states. Geo. III., ed. 1856, ii. 411;) Series of Sketches-Montagu-Walpole-Adam SmithElin. Rev., lviii. 241, lxxiii. 561, 1xxviii. 222, (all repub. Cobbett, by J. E. T. Rogers, 1869, cr. 8vo; Historical in Lord Maeaulay's Essays;) Blackw. Mag., Index, vols. Sketches of the Reign of George II., by Mrs. Oliphant, i.-1.; COXE, WILLIAM, No. 12, where add : 2d ed., omit- Edin. and Lon., 1869, 2 vols.: Walpole, or, Every Man ting the State Papers, 1800, 3 vols. 8vo; 3d ed., with a has his Price : a Comedy in Rhyme, by Lord Lytton, Selection from the State Papers, and some Additional | 1870, or 8vo; Hervey, Jour; PuLTENEY, Williax. Letters, 1816, 4 vols. 8vo, some fine paper; BolisgeroKe, Earl or Data.

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Let us leare him with a good word:

cises, 1863, 18mo. Also the following, under the name "He was far from governing by corruption. Ite governed by of Stonehenge: 6. The Greyhound, 1853, '61. sq. cr. Svo. party attachments. The charge of systematic corruption is less

See Lon. Reader, 1964, ii. 699. Superseded Blaine's applicable to him, perhaps, than to any minister who ever served the crown for su great length of time." - EDMUND BURKE :

Rural Sports. 7. Manual of British Rural Sports, Appral from the New to the Old Whigs.

1856, 57, 12mo; X. York, 1856, 12mo: 8th ed., Lon., Walpole, Rev. Robert, of Trinity College, Cam- 1868, sq. cr. Svo. 8. The Dog in lealth and Disease, bridge. 1. Isabel, from the Spanish of Garcilaso de la Lon., 1859, 8vo. 9. The Shot-Gun and Sporting-Ritie, Vegil, with other Poems, and Translations from the 1860), '62, cr. 8vo. 10. With LUPTON, I. J., The Horse Greek, Italien, &c., Lon., 1805.

in Stable and Field, 1861, '62, '65, 8v0with Notes and " We may venture to assert that not a line in this pnblication Additions by R. McClure, M.D., V.S., and with an Essay is faithfully translated from the Spanish,"- Esin. Rer., vi. 291. on the American Trotting Horse, by Ellwood Harvey,

2. Comicorum Græcorum Fragmenta quædam, Lon., M.D., Phila., 1869, 12mo. 11. Riding and Driving, 1905, Svo. Reviewed in Lon. Mon. Rev., 1806, i. 225.

Lòn., 1863, 810. 12. With Woon, J. G., Archery, Fen3. Specimens of Scarce Translations of the Poets of the cing, and Broailsword, 1863, 18mo. Seventeenth Century, from the Latin Poets; to which

Walsh, Rev. J. Johnston, sole surviving member
are added Miscellaneous Translations from the Greek, of the Furtehgurh Mission (Hindostan) of the Board of
Spanish, Italian, &c., 1805, 12mo, pp. 176. See Lon. Foreign Missions of the (American) Presbyterian Church.
Mon. Rev., 1906, iii. 408, 4. With DRUMMOND, SIR WIL-

A Memorial of the Futteligurb Mission and her Martyred
LIAN, Herculanensia ; or, Archæological and Philological Missionaries, Phila., 1859, cr. 8vo.
Dissertations: containing a Manuscript found ainong Walsh, J. P. Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained,
the Ruins of Herculaneum, 1810, tto, pp. 214.


Lon., 1812, 12mo. viewed in Lon. Quar. Rev., iii. 1; Edin. Rev., xvi. 368.

Walsh, John, a distinguished Fellow of the Royal 5. Memoirs relating to European and Asiatic Turkey: Society. í. On the Electric Property of the Torpedo ; Edited from Manuscript Journals, 1817, (some 1818,) 4to, Phil. Trans., 1773, Abr., xii. 469. 2. Or Torpedoes found pp. xxii., 607. Reviewed in Lon. Quar. Rev., xix. 233;

on the Coast of England : ib., 1774. Lon. Mon. Rev., 1819, ii. 256, 372. See No. 6. 6. Travels

* The first person who made acenrate experiments on the in Various Countries in the East: being a Continuation torrado was Mr. Walsh."-- Encyc. Brit., 8th ed., viii. (1855) 572. of Memoirs relating to European and Asiatio Turkey; See also: 573, 575, and in 708. Edited, 1820, 4to. Reviewed in Lon. Mon. Rev., xcvii.

Walsh, Sir Johi, M.P. 1. Poor-Laws in Ireland, 262. See, also, Jour. des Savants, 1819, 1820, 1821; Lon., 1830, 8vo. Stevenson's Cat. of Voy. and Trav., Nos. 277, 278.

"Incomparably the best pamphlet in opposition to the project Among the authors of the MSS. pub. in Nos. 5 and 6

for introducing poor-laws into Ireland."— McCulloch's Lit. of

Polit. Econ., 1815, 300. are Mr. Morritt, Dr. Sibthorpe, Professor Carlyle, Mr. 2. On the Present Balance of Parties in the State, Davison, (':pt. Light, Dr. Hume, Lord Aberdeen, Mr.

1832, Svo. llaygarth, Mr. Wilkins, Mr. Browne, Col. Leake, Col. “Sir John's admirable treatise."- Blackro. Mag., xxxi. 427. Squire, Dr. E. D. Clarke, and Mr. Fazakerly.

See, also, xxvii. 761, xxix. 662, xxx. 394. Walpole, Rt. Hon. Spencer Horatio, M.P., 3. Chapters of Contemporary Iistory, 3d ed., 1836, 8vo. great grandson of Sir Robert Walpole, first Earl of Or- Reviewed in Edin. Rev., lxii. 239: Westm. Rev., XXV. ford, and late Secretary of State for the Home Depart. 281. 4. Practical Results of the Reforın Act of 1832, ment, &c., b. 1806. and educated at Trinity College, Cam- 8vo, 1860. He considers the results “evil.” See Lon. bridge, has published Exclusion no Intolerance, (highly Athen., 1860, i. 573. commended in Lon. Gent. Mag., 1860, ii. 125,) and other Walsh, M. McN. The Lawyer in the School Room : addresses. He is an excellent classical scholar.

Comprising the Laws of all the States on Important EduWalpole, Hon. Thomas. Letter to the Governor cational Subjects. N.Y., 1867, 121no. of the Bank, Strawberry Hill, 1781, 4to.

Walsh, Michael, a native of Ireland, d. at Ames. Walpole, W. W. Who Did It? a Novel, Lon., bury, Mass., 1810, aged 77. 1. New System of Mercantile 1865, 3 vois. p. 8vo.

Arithinetic, Newburyport, 1801. 8vo: from 3d NewburyWalpoole, George Augustus. New British Tra- port ed., Northampton. Me., 1807, 12mo; Bost., 1826, 8vo. veller, Lon., 1784, fol.

2. New System of Book- Keeping, 1826, 12mo. Walrond, Henry, Arithmetical Tables, Lon., 1663, Walsh, Michael. Speeches, Poems, and other 8vo.

Writings. N. York, 1813, 8vo.
Walrond, John. Texts relating to the Deity of the Walsh, Peter, a learned Roman Catholic, a native
Son and Holy Ghost, Lon., 1720, 8vo. Anon.

of Moortown, co. of Kildare, Ireland, was a friar of the Walsall, John. Serm. at Paule's Crosse, Lon., 1578. Franciscan order, and professor of divinity at Louvain. Walsall, Samuel. Serm. on Esay liii. 4, 1615, 4to. He was loyal to the English crown, and disclaimed the

Walsh, Mrs. The Officer's Daughter; or, A Visit Pope's supremacy in temporals. He d. in London, 1687. to Ireland; a Novel, 4 vols. 12ino.

1. Letter to the Catholicks of England, &c.; secretly Walsh, E. 1. With DALY, J., Reliques of Irish printed, 1674, 8vo. 2. History and Vindication of the Jacobite Poetry, Lon., 8vo: Parts 1, 2, 1851. 2. Irish Loyal Formulary or Irish Remonstrance, 1674, fol.: Popular Songs, with English Metrical Translation, 1851, Lilly's Cat., 1859. p. 21, £12 128.; Abp. Tenison's sale, 12mo.

in 1861, £8 88., (Lilly.) 3. A Prospect of the State of Walsh, Edward, M.D., R.A., a native of Water. Ireland from the Year of the World 1756 to the Year ford, Ireland. d. 1832. 1. Bagatelles; or, Poetical of Christ 1652, Lon., 1682, 12mo. Coines down only to Sketches, Dubl., 1793, 8vo. 2. Narrative of the Ex- 1172. 4. Four Letters on several Subjects to Persons pedition to Holland, 1799, Lon., 1800, 4to.

of Quality, 1686, 12mo. Other works. See Harris's Walsh, F. W., and Drury, W. B. Reports H. Ware; Brokesby's Life of Dodwell; Bohn's Lowndes ; Ct. of Chancery temp. L. C. Plunkett, Dubl., 1839-42, 2 Wilsox, ROBERT. vols. 8vo.

"His principles were honest and loyal, and he laboured with Walsh, Hy., of Christ Church, Warminster, Eng. all his might to persuade the Irish Roman Catholics to submit

to the king."-SIR JAMES WARE. land. 1. One Catholic and Apostolic Church, Lon., 1838,

"The honestest and learnedest man I ever knew among them." 8vo. 3. Practical Commentary on the Four Gospels : in

-Bishop BURNET: Hist. of his Own Times, ed. 1833, i, 355, (q. v.)
Lectures, 10ti,, 8vo. Privately printed.
Walsh, J. Collectiva of the Choicest Songs and Practical Observations on the Puerperal Fever, Lon.,

Walsh, Philip Pitt, M.D., of London, d. 1788.
Dialogues, Lon., 8. a., fol.

1787, 8vo. Walsh, Rt. Hon. John Edward, LL.D., b. in

Walsh, Sir Robert. His Narrative and Manifest Ireland, 1816, and educated at Trinity College, Dublin, relating to the Plots in 1678, Lon., 1679, fol. was adınitted to the Bar, 1839 ; Q.C., 1857; Attorney

Walsh, Robert, LL.D., b. in Baltimore, 1784, and General for Ireland, 1866, and from Oct. 1866 until his

educated at the Roman Catholic College at Baltimore death, Oct. 20, 1869, Master of the Rolls in Ireland. " He has written Justice of the Peace for Ireland,' published

and the Jesuit College at Georgetown, (where, when in 1811, (see Nun, R..] · Reports in Chancery, Irish,' in 1815-9,

about twelve years of age, be delivered a poetical address and Ireland Sixty Years Ago,' in 1847."-- Men of the Time, 1868, before General Washington,) after a residence of several 806.

years in Great Britain, France, and other parts of Europe, Walsh, John Henry. 1. Manual of Domestic in his 25th year settled in Philadelphia, and was adEconomy, Lon., 1856, 57, '58, fp. 8vo. 2. Economical mitted to the Bar, which he soon deserted for the more Housekeeper, 1857, '60, fp. 8vo. 3. Manual of Domestic congenial pursuit of letters. In 1837 he removed to Paris, Medicine and Surgery, 1857, 265, '69, fp. 8vo. 4. Eng. (where for many years he was United States Consul,) lish Cookery Book, 1858, '59, fp. 8vo. *5. Manly Exer- and resided there until his decease, Feb. 7, 1859.

1. A Letter on the Genius and Disposition of the to The Turkish Empire, Illustrated (Fisher's Constanti. French Government, including a View of the Taxation nople, &c.) from drawings by Thomas Allom, 4to: reof the French Empire; by an American recently returned viewed in Dubl. Univ. Mag., xiii. 137. See, also, WARfrom Europe, Phila., (Dec. 1809.) 1810, 8vo; Balt., 1810, BURTON, Joan. 8ro: Lon., 1810, 8vo; 6th ed., Phila. and Lev., 1810, 8vo; Walsh, Robert M. 1. Life of the Cardinal de 12th Lun. ed., (six weeks after first Lon. ed..) 1810, 8vo. Cheverus, Archbishop of Bordeaux, by the Rev. J. Huen

“We must all learn to love the Americans if they send us Dubourg : Trans. from the French, Phila., 1839, 12ino; many such pamphlets as the present. ... The scope of the work

1841, 12ino. 2. Sketches of Conspicuous Living Chais to persuasie the people of America that their true interest lies in cultivating a cordial alliance with England, and in avoid

racters of France; Trans., 1SAT, 12ino. ing all close relations with her enemy."-- LORD JEFFREY: Edin. Walsh, T. Registry Cases in England, Dubl., 1839, Rer., xvi. 1. See, also, xxxii, 123, (by Lord Jeffrey.)

8vo. * The anthor (we believe, Mr. Walslı) has displayed ... an Walsh, Thomas, Nine Sermons, 1764, acute and comprehensive mind improved by much previous

Walsh, Thomas, Captain 534 Regt. of Foot. stiny."- Lon. Quar. Rev., iii. 320. 2. Correspondence respecting Russia between Robert Journal of the Late Campaign in Egypt, &c., Lon., 1901,

4to ; 2d ed., 1803, 4to. in French, with Notes and InGoodloe lurper and Robert Walsh, Jr., Phila., 1813, 8vo. 3. Essay on the Future State of Europe, 1813, 8vo.

trod., Paris, 1823, 8vo. Walsh's book disputes the asser

A notice of An Appeal from the Judgments of Great Britain respect- tions of Denon and other French writers. ing the United States of America : Part First : Contain

it will be found in Edin. Rev., ii. 54, (by Rev. Sydney ing an Historical Outline of their Merits and Wrongs

Smith.) as Colonies, and Strictures on the Calumnies of British

Walsh, Thomas, a Wesleyan. Sermons, with PreWriters, Phila. and Lon., 1819, 8vo, pp. 512; 2d ed.,

face by J. Morgan, Lon., 1810, 12mo. See MORGAN, Phila., 1819, 8vo; 2d Lon. ed., 1820, 8vo. Reviewed in

REV. JAMES, No. 1: add, N. York, 18mo. N. Amer. Rev., X. 334, (by Edward Everett ;) Edin. Rev.,

Walsh, Rev. Thomas. History of the Irish Hierxxxiii. 395, (by Lord Jeffrey, and repub. in bis Contrib! archy, with the Monasteries of each County, &c., Lon., to Edin. Rev., 1853, 799 ;) Lon. Mon. Rev., xciii. 297.

1853, r. 8vo; N. York, 1854, r. 8vo. See, also, Analec. Mag., xiv. 472, xv. 67, xvi. 302, 355 ;

Walsh, William, M.P., b. 1663, and educated at Blackw. Mag., xvi. 634, xvii. 203, (by John Neal;) MAR

Wadhana College, Oxford; Gentleman of the Horse to SUALL, JOHN, LL.D., (p. 1227.) For this work he received Queen Anne; d. March 15, 1707-8. 1. Dialogue concernthe thanks of the Legislature of Pennsylvania, by which ing Women; being a Defeuce of the Sex, Lon., 1691,

8vo. copies were purchased for the use of the members. 5.

The Preface is by Dryden. 2. Letters and Poems, Didactics, Social, Literary, and Political, Phila., 1836, 2

Amorous and Gallant, 1692, 8vo. The above, with other vols. sin. Svo.

performances of hix,-epitaphs, elegies, odes, songs, &c., "Full of bright and solid sayings on a large variety of im

-- were included in The Works of the Minor Poets, portant and varions things.... In not a few instances a greater

1749. simplicity of style would have pleased us better.'

r.''-J. G. PAL- " He has more elegance than vigour, and seldom rises higher TREY: N. Amer. Rrr., xliii. 260, 261.

than to be pretty."-DR. JOHNSON: Lires of the Eng. Purts: Wulsh: Highly commended by E. A. Poe in his Literati : Cunninghan's ed., 1854, ii. 37: see ludex. Robert Walsh. See, also, South. Lit. Mess., ii. 399.

He was the friend of Dryden, and encouraged the Mr. Walsh was editor of The American Review of youthful muse of Pope; and both of these great poets History and Politics, of which eight quarterly numbers

have sung bis praises : (repub. in London) were pub. Phila., 1811-12; of The " William Walsh, of Abberley, Esq., who has so long honoured American Register, of which two vols. were pub. 1817–

me with his friendship, and who, without tattery, is the best

critic of our nation."--DRYDEN: Postscript to Virgil. 18: of The [Philadelphia] National Gazette, 1821–337:

** About tifteen I got acquainted with Mr. Walsh. He used of The Museum of Foreign Literature and Science, 1822; to encourage me much," &c.-Pope : Spence's Anec., (q. v.) and of The American Quarterly Review, 1827–37, 22 "Such late was Walsh, the muse's judge and friend, vols. He was a contributor to The Port-Folio, to Dela

Who justly knew to blame or to commend." plaine's Repository, and to the Encyclopædia Americana,

Pope: Essay on Criticism, 11. 729-30. (in both of which he pub, biographical sketches of emi- See Bowles's Pope; Walsh's Essay on Pope; Bliss's Dent Americans,) and was for many years Paris corre- Wood's Athen. Oxon., iv. 741; Cibber's Lives; Malune's spondent of the National Intelligencer and The Journal Dryden : Bell's Dryden ; Moore's Byron. of Commerce. He also edited, with Biographical Sketches, Walsh, Rev. William. 1. Eucharistica; or, A American editions of Select Speeches of George Canning, Series of Poems on the Eucharist, N. York, 1835, 18mo. Phila., 1835, 8vo, and Select Speeches of William Wind- 2. Lenten Manual, &c., 1855, 24mo. ham and William Huskisson, 1811, 8vo. See, also, SAN- Walsh, William Pakenham, Chaplain of SandFORD, EZEKIEL.

ford. 1. Remains of the Venerable Henry Irwin; with Notices of Mr. Walsh will be found in Griswold's Prose an Introductory Notice, Lon., 1858, 12mo. 2. Six DisWriters of America; Duyckinck's Cyc. of Amer. Lit.; courses on Christinn Missions; Donnellan Lects. for 1861, Blackw. Mag., xvii. 203, (by John Neal ;) N. Ainer. Rev., with Notes and Appendix, Dubl., 1862, 8vo. xliii. 258, (hy J. G. Palfrey.) and Hist. Mag., 1859, "A complete and very effective survey."-Lon. Alhen., 1863 (Obituary.) See, also, The Philadelphin Book, 1836, 72: ii. 48. Works of T. Jefferson, 1854; Corresp. of Sir J. Sinclair,

" It is wise and thoughtful.”Lon. Chris. Observ. ii. 55 ; Memoir of the Rev. Sydney Smith, 1855, 2 vols. Walshe, A. Catechism and Hand-Book on Regi. 8vo: Proceed. Mass. Hist. Soc., 1858-60, 1860, 8vo, 231. mental Standing Orders, Lun., 1851, 8vo; 2d ed., 1855,

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rence, &c.

2. The Foster-Brothers of Doom, Lon. 3. ably reviewed in Lon. Lit. Gaz., 1828, 423, 439, 470. 3. Golden Hills. 4. The Manuscript Man; or, The Bible in Narrative of a Journey from Constantinople to England, Ireland; with a Memoir of the Author, 1870, cr. 8vo. 1828, Svo; Phila., 1828, 12no; 4th ed., Lon., 1839, ** The tales and sketches written by the late Miss Walshe have 12mo.

In French, by MM. Vilmain et Rives, Paris, been amongst the most popular of the books published by this 1828, 8vo. Commended by Lon. Mon. Rev., 1828, ii.

society."- Lon. Rel. Tract Soc. Mag., Nov. 1869. 381, and Lon. Lit. Gaz., 1828, 321, 341. Also reviewed Walshe, Edward. The Office and Duety in fightin South. Rev., iii. 325. 4. Notices of Brazil in 1828- | ing for our Countrey, Lon., 1515, 12mo. 29, Lon., 1830, 2 vols. 8vo; Bost., 1831, 2 vols. 12mno. Walshe, John Edward. See Nun, R.

“A complete picture of the actual state of Brazil."- Lon. Walshe, R. H. Elementary Treatise on Metallio Mon. Rev., 1830, ii. 102.

Currency, Lon., 1853, 8vo. Also commcoded by Lon. Lit. Gaz., 1830, 186, 202, Walshe, Walter Hayle, M.D., b. in Dublin, 1816, 222. Also reviewed in Chris. Exam., xi. 150, (hy S. and educated at Paris and Edinburgh, was from 1849 to Sewall.) 5. Residence at Constantinople, Lon., 1836, 2 1862 Professor of the Principles and Practice of Medivols. Svo; 2d ed., 1838, 2 vols. 8vo. Favourably reviewed cine, &c. in University College, London, &c. 1. Physical in Lon. Athen., 1836, 396, 414, and Lon. Lit. Gaz., 1836, Diagnosis of Diseases of the Lungs, Lon., 1843, fp. 8vo. 307, 3+1; less favourably in Edin. Rev., Ixiv. 125, and “Of extraordinary merit."-Brit. and For. Med. Rev. Lon. Mon. Rev., 1836, ii. 506. Also reviewed in Dubl. 2. Nature and Treatment of Cancer, 1846, 8vo; with Univ Mag., viii. 196, South. Rev., iii. 225, and Museum, Additions by J. M. Warren, M.D., Bost., 1844, 12mo; new xxxi. 74. He contributed the letter-press descriptions 1 ed., 1855, 12.0. Commended by Med.-Chir. Rev.

pp. 158.

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3. Practical Trentise on Diseases of the Lungs and ham, may vie with the best of other countries."— MilMax: Fist.
Heart, including the Principles of Physical Diagnosis, of Lut. Chris., vol. viii. b. iv.
Lou., 1851, p. 8vo; 2d ed., 1854, p. 8vo; 3d ed., Revised Walsly, Captain John. The Ship's Husband; a
and Enlarged, and divided, viz. : I. Lungs, 1860, p. 8vo; | Narrative addressed to the E.I. Co., Lon., 1791, 8vo.
l'hila., 1860, 8vo; II. Heart and Great Vessels, Lon., Walstab, George Arthur. Looking Back; or,
1862, p. 8vo; Phila., 1862, 8vo. Highly commended by Pique, Repique, and Capot, Calcutta, 1864, 8vo.
medical journals. Also, Researches on Phthisis, by P. Walter. Relations and Observations, Historical and
C. A. Louis, M.D., 2d ed., Trans. from the French, Lon., | Politick, upon the Parliament begun 1640, 4to.
1844, 8vo, (Syd. Soc.)

Walter of Evesham. See ODINGTON, WALTER.
Walshman, Thomas, M.D. A Species of Erysipe-

Walter of Hemingburgh or Hemingford. las ; Memoirs Med., V., 1799, 182.

Walteri de Hemingburgh Chronicon de Gestis Reguin Walsingham. History of the Life of Mary Queen Angliæ, ad fidem Codd. MSS. recensuit H. C. Hamilton, of Scots, 1681, fol.

Lon., (Eng. Hist. Soc.,) 1848–49, 2 vols. demy 8vo: 250
Walsingham, Edward, a Roman Catholic, Under- copies : 1. p., r. 8vo: 200 copies.
Secretary to George, Lord Digby, Secretary of State to Walter, Albert G., M.D. Conservative Surgery
Charles I. Britannicæ Virtutis Imago; or, The Effigies in its General and Successful Adaptation in Cases of
of trve Fortitvde expressed to the life in the famous Severe Traumatic Injuries of the Limbs; with a Report
Actions of that incomparable Knight, Major Generall of Cases, Pittsburg, Pa., 1867, cr. 8vo.
Smith, who is here represented, June, 1644. See Smith, Walter, Cornelia W. See SMiLLIE, JAMES, Nos.
SMYTH, or SMYTHE, Sir Jonn. 2. Alter Britannicæ 2, 3.
Heros; or, The Life of Sir Henry Gage, 1645, 4to.

Walter, Emile. What Is Free Trade ? An Adap-
Walsingham, or Walsyngham, Sir Francis, tation of Frederick Bastiat's "Sophismes Economiques,"
one of the chief pillars of the throne of Elizabeth and Designed for the American Reader, N. York, 1867, 24mo,
of the Protestant cause, was b. at Chiselhurst, Kent, in
or about 1536, and d. 1590. A paper by him, entitled Walter, Rev. E. Help to the Profitable Reading
Sir Francis Walsingham's Anatomising of Honesty, of the Psalıns, Lon., 1854, 12mo.
Ambition, and Fortitude, will be found in Cottoni Post- Walter, F. A., one of the Librarians of the British
huma, (see Cotton, Sir Robert BRUCE;) and there is Museum. The Roman History by G. B. Niebubr; Trans.
ascribed to him, on doubtful authority, Arcana Aulica, from the German, Lon., 1827, 2 vols. 8vo.
or Walsingham's Manual of Prudential Maxims for the

“ Highly creditable to Mr. Walter."-Lon. Mon. Rev., 1827, i. Statesman and Courtier, 1655. 8vo; (with Sir R. Naun- 381. ton's Fragmenta Regalia,) 1694, 8vo; other edits., 1722, See Schmitz, LEONHARD. 12ino, 1728, 12mo. This has also been supposed to be a Walter, Fred. Aug., M.D. Annotationes Acadetranslation from the Spanish. Respecting this eminent micæ, Berol., 1786, 4to. statesman, see Sir Dudley Digges's Compleat Ambassa- Walter, George. History of Kansas, N. York, dor, 1655, fol., 1665, fol., (gives an account of Walsing- | 1854, 12no. bam's French embassy, 1570-73 :) Lloyd's Worthies; Walter, Henry, Rector of Hasilbury Bryan, late Birch's Lives: Melvil's Memoirs; Wood's Annais ; Peek's Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge, and Professor Desiderata; Biog. Brit.; Lysons's Environs; Lodge's of Natural Philosophy in the E. I. College, Hertford. 1, Illustrations; Hume's England: Hallam's Constit. Hist. Lectures on the Evidences in Favour of Christianity and of England; Motley's United Netherlands, 1861; Lon. the Doctrines of the Church of England, Camb., 1816, Gent. Mag., 1851, ii. 353; HAKLUYT, RicharD; Watson, 12100 2. Primer; or, Book of Private Prayer, Lon., THOMAS, No. 4.

12mo. 3. Letter to the Rt. Rev. Herbert, (Marsh,] Lord " The dexterous Walsingham."-LORD MACAULAY: Edin. Rev., Bishop of Peterborough, on the Independence of the April, 1832, 295: Nares's Memoirs of Lord Burghley. Walsingham, Francis, of the Society of Jesus.

Authorized Version of the Bible, 1823, 8vo. 4. Second

Letter to the same, 1828, 8vo. Search made into Matters of Religion, hy Francis Wal

Ile shows that Tyndale's singham, Deacon of the Protestant Church, before his

translation was not copied from, though it may have Change to the Catholike, . l., 1609, 4to; 2d ed., St. protited by, Luther's version. See Horne's Introduc.;

Lowndes's Brit. Bibl., 106. 5. History of England from Omers, 1615, 4to; Lon., 1843, p. 8vo. “It is written with taste and spirit, and was particularly consider Men and Events on Christian Principles, 1840,

the Earliest Period to 1832; in which it is intended to recommended by Alban Butler to those Protestants who were inclined to embrace the Roman Catholic religion."-CHARLES (again, 1818,) 7 vols., 528.; red. in 1852 to 188.; BUTLER.

1. p., r. 12mo, 638. ; red. in 1852 to 218. Walsingham, or Walsinghamus, Thomas, a "Scripture gives us an account of the world, in this one view monk of the Benedictine abhey of St. Alban's, (" and -as God's world."-Bishop BUTLER. very probably regius professor of history in that mon- “I have been reading with considerable pleasure, and I need astery about the year 1440 :" Bishop Nicolson,) was the

not hesitate to say, with much protit, Walter's History of Eng.

land on Christian Principles.'"-DR. OLINTHUS GREGORY.
author of two valuable historical works: 1. Historia
Brevis, ab Edwardo Primo ad Henricum Quintum, Lon.,

1571, fol. 2. Y podigma Neustriæ vel Normanniże, ab Walter, J. Spirit of the Metropolitan Conservative
Irruptione Normannorum usque ad Annum sextum Regni | Press, Lon., 1840, 2 vols. p. 8vo.
Henrici Quinti, 1574, fol. These (Nos. 1 and 2) are two

Walter, J. A., Surgeon R.N. Voyage to the West
of the three portions, (the third is Ælfredi Regis Res Indies, Lon., 1820, 8vo.
Gesta,) each paged separately, of a volume edited and

Walter, J. Conway, Curate of Trinity Church, pub. by Archbishop Parker. See Dibdin's Typ. Antiq., Brighton. The Genuineness of the Book of Daniel Asand his Lib. Comp. Both are also contained in Cam

serted on Evidence External and Internal, Lon., 1863,

Svo. den's Anglica, Normannica, Hibernica, Cambrica, à Veteribus Scripta, Francf., 1603, fol.

Walter, John, translated Specimens of Welsh " Ilis short history begins at the conclusion of Henry III.'s Poetry, in English Verse, Lon., 1782, 8vo. reign, where Matthew Paris ended his; and he might well seem Walter, John, 1773 ?-1812, founder of the London to be Paris's continuator, were his language answerable to his Times, (Jan. 1, 1788,) obtained a patent for "logogramatter. The account he gives in well enough, and we are indebted phy, or the art of using entire words, their radices and to him for many things not takeu notice of by any other writer terminations, instead of single letters, in arranging and of those times. Inledd, his reign of King Edward II. is wholly borrowed from Sir Thonas de la More. His Hypodigma Neus composing for printing.” °On Logographic Printing, triæ, as he calls it, has a more particular regard to the affairs

Lon., 1789, 8vo. . This plan, though often experimented of Nornundy."- BP. Nicolson: Eng. Hist. Lib., ed. 1776, 56. on, has not yet been adopted. See, also, 68; Henry's Hist. of Great Britain; Burke's Walter, Rev. N. C. Notes on Baptisin, Lon., 1838,

12mo. Appeal from the New to the Old Whigs, n. See Histoire tragique et mémorable de Pierre de Gaveston, &c., tirée Walter, Nehemiah, minister of Roxbury, Mass., des Chroniques de Thomas de Walsingham, 1588, sm.

b. in Ireland, 1663, d. 1750. He published several ser8vo: noticed in Brunet's Manuel, 5th ed., iii. (1862) 211. mons, essaye, &c., 1707–54, and a vol, of his sermons There has recently appeared : Chronica Monasterii S. was published in 1755. See Sprague's Annals, i., Trin. Albani Thomæ Walsingham, quondam Monachi S. Albani, Congreg., 217. Historia Anglicana; Edited by H. T. Riley, M.A., &c., Walter, Richard, Chaplain of the Centurion in Longmans, 1863–64, 2 vols. r. 8vo, (Rolls Pub.) See Anson's Expedition. Voyage round the World in the Lon. Reader, 1863, i. 286.

Years MDCCXL. I. II. III. IV., by George Anson, &c.; “Our own chroniclers, Westminster, Knighton, and Walsing. | Compiled from Papers and other Materials of the R. H.

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George Lord Anson, &c., (see Axson, George, LORD.) Walter, William H., Mus. Doc. 1. Selection of Lon., 1748, 4to; I. p., r. 4to: 350 copies; 1718, 8vo, 4 Psalms, together with the Canticles, Occasional Anthems, edits. in 1748; 5th ed., 1749, 4to; 7th ed., 1753, 8vo; 1 &c., N. York, 1857. 2. Manual of Church Music, 1860, new ed., 1776, 4to. Also in Callander's, Harris's, and

sm. 4to.

3. The Coinmon Prayer; with Ritual Song, other collections of Voyages. It was pub. in French, Edited. N. York and Bost., 1869, fp. 8vo. Amster., 1749 or 1751, 4to; Paris, 1750), 4to; 1750, 4 Walters, Daniel D., M.D., 1773-1824, contributed vols. 12ino : 1754, 4 vols. 12mo ; with Voyage à la Mer a Diary of the first month of the Yellow Fever in New du Sud, traduit de l'Anglais, (also pub. Lyon, 1756, 4to,) | York in 1822 to the N. York Med. and Phys. Jour., vol. i. 1764, 5 vols. 12 mo. It was also pub. in German, French, See Williams's Ainer. Med. Biog., 607. and Dutch in 1749, and in Italian in 1756. This was Walters, J. E. Delays in Chancery traced to the really written by Benjamin Robins, the mathematician, Confused State of the Laws of Equity, &c., Lon., 1826, Walter's MS. (chiefly taken from the journals) serving 8vo. only as materials for a part of the book. See Nichols's Walters, Rev. John. 1. Dissertation on the Welsh Lit. Anec., ii. 205; Davis's Olio, 1-4; Rich's Bibl. Language, with Remarks on its Poetry, Camb., 1771, 8vo. Amer. Nova, i. 90.

2. English-Welsh Dictionary, Lon., 1794, 4to; improved Walter, Thomas, of Jesus College, Oxford. See ed., Denbigh, 2 sols. r. 8vo, £3 38. BEDLOE, CAPT. Wm.; Bliss's Wood's Fasti Oxon., ii. 373; “The excellent English-Welsh Dictionary of the Rev. John Langhaine's Dram. Poets, 15.

Walters."-THOMAS WATT: Sketch of the Hist. of the Welsh Lang. Walter, Thomas, son, and colleague in the ministry

and Lil., in Knight's Eng. Cyc. at Roxbury, of Nehemiah Walter, (oupra,) was b. 1696;

Pughe's (R. J. Pryse's ed.) and Walters's books united d. 1728. 1. Choice Dialogne between John Faustus, a

make the best Welsh Dictionary. See, also, D. S. Evans's Conjurer, and Jack Tory, his Friend, Bost., 1720, 16ino. English-and-Welsh Dictionary, 2 vols. 8vo; Aschau,

ROGER. This is an answer to J. Checkley. 2. Grounds and Rules of Musiek Explained, 1721: 3d ed., Bost., 1740, 24mo; the Frame Timbers of Ships; Phil. Mag.. xlv. 280, 1815.

Walters, John. Explanation of Improvements in -1746, 4to: 1760), 8vo. 3. The Sweet Psalmist of Israel; a Serm., 1722, 1610. 4. Serm. on the Scriptures, 1723,

Walters, Thomas. Tables of Insurance on Ships 16 mno. 5. Essay upon Infallibility, 1724. See Sprague's and Merchandise, Lon., 1779, Annals, i., Trin. Congreg., 219.

Walters, Rev. W. Sacred Garland, Halifax, 32mo, Walter, Thomas, a native of England, settled on

1st and 2d (1857) Series. a plantation on the banks of the Santee, near Charles

Walther, Professor C. F. W., of St. Louis, Miston, s.c.. and there remained until his death. Flora Louis. 3. Die Stimine unserer Kirche in der Frage von

souri. 1. Der Lutheraner. 2. Lehre und Wehre, St. Caroliniana, secundum Systema Vegetabilium perillus: Kirche und Amt, St. Louis. tris Linnæi digesta, Lon., 1788, 8vo, pp. viii., 263, with a plate.

Walther, David. 1. Vindiciæ Biblicæ, Lon., 1832, Walter, Thomas U., LL.D., Architect, of Phila- 8vo. Anon. 2. Some Reply to “ Phases of Faith," by delphia. See Smith, Johs JAY.

Francis Newman, 1851, p. 8vo. Walter, W.J. The Martyrs; or, The Triumphs of

Walthew, Richard. Moral and Political Essay on the Christian Religion ; froin the French of Château

the Poor-Laws. Lon., 1811, 8vo. briand, 1812, 2 vols. 8vo.

Walton, Alfred A. History of the Landed TenWalter, W. Joseph, of St. Edmund's College,

ures of Great Britain and Ireland, from the Norinan Baltimore. 1. Account of a MS. of Ancient English Conquest to the Present Tiine, Lon., 1865, 12mo. Poetry, entitled Clavis Scientiæ; or, Bretayne's Skyll of Yorkehire, 1600, was educated at Magdalene College

Walton, Brian, D.D., b. at Cleveland, North Riding Kay of knawing; by John de Wagehy, Lon., 1816, 8vo: 50 copies. 2. Sir Thomas More: his Life and Times, and Peter. House, Cambridge, and subsequently taught Phila., 1839, 12mv. 3. Sir Thomas More: a Selection school and served as a curate in Suffolk and London ; from his Works; forming a Sequel to Sir Thomas More, became successively Rector of St. Martins Orgar, London, &c., Balt., 12mo. 4. Mary. Queen of Scots; a Journal of Sandon, Essex, and St. Giles-in-the-Fields, London. of her Twenty Years' Captivity, Trial, and Execution,

He was also chaplain to Charles I. Having espoused Phila., 1840, 2 vols. See, also, SOUTH WELL,

the side of the clergy in the London tithe dispute, (see Robert.

BREWSTER, SAMUEL, and Abstract of Dr. Walton's TreatWalter, Rev. Weever. 1. Letters from the Con- ise on the Pavment of Tithes and Oblations in London, tinent, Edin., 1828, 8vo. 2. XIX. Lectures on St. Paul, Lon., 1641, 1662, 4to,) he becaine obnoxious to the PuriLon., 1856, 12mo.

tans, who sequestered his livings and forced him to fly Walter, William, Servaunt unto Syr Henry Mar

to Oxford,-a fortunate event, as he thus gained leisure daye, knyght, Chauncellour of the Duchye of Lancastre.

for the preparation of the great work with which bis 1. The Spectacle of Louers, Lov., 8. a., 4to : Roxburghe,

name will ever be honourably connected. Soon after the 3276, £13 : Heber, Pt. 4, 2856, £15. See No. 4. Notices

Restoration he was appointed Chaplain to Charles II., . of No. I will be found in Dibdin's Typ. Antiq., ii. 331, and, Dec. 2, 1660, consecrated Bishop of Chester. He Ritson's Bibl. Poet., 108, and Collier's Bibl. Acct. of

was installed Sept. 11, 1661, and d. in London, Nov. 29 of

the same year. Early Eng. Lit., 1865, vol. ii. 2. The Ainorous History

Ilis publications which follow must ac

1. Introductio ad Lectionem Linof Guystarile and Sygysmonde, and of thyr dolorous company each other. Deth by her father, newly translated out of Laten, (of

guaruin Orientalium Hebraicæ, Chaldaicæ, Samaritanæ, Leon. Aretin,) 1532, 4to : Roxburghe, 3277, £54.

Re: Syriacæ, Arabicæ, Persicæ, Ethiopicæ, Armenæ, Coptæ, printed in Certaine worthye Manuscript Poems of Great Lon., 1654, 12mo or 18mo: 1655,; Editio secunda Antiquitie, 1597, 12mo. See Warton's Hist. of Eng. priori emendatior, 1655, 12mo; 1815, fol. : 100 copies, Poet., ed. 1810, ii. 418. See No. 4. 3. The Hystory of

of which 97 were destroyed by fire, March, 1822. This Tytus and Gesyphus translated out of Latin into Eng

was the harbinger of No. 2. See No. 3. lyshe, 8. a., 4to: Roxburghe, 3275, £36 ; 1560, 8vo:

“ This little tract is really well written, and must have been

very useful at the time it was published."—DR. ADAM CLARKE: Bindley, £24 13x. 6d. See No. 4. 4. A lytell contrauers

Bibl. Dict., ii. 11. Dyalogue byt wene Louc and Councell, &c., 8. a., 4to. All See, also, Bibl. Sussex., vol. i., Part 2, 74. 2. Biblia of these were printed hy Wynkyn de Worde. See Dib- Sacra Polyglotta, complectentia Textus Originales. Hedin's Typ. Antiq. ii. 338. &c.

braicum cum Pentateucho Samaritano, Chaldaicum, Walter, William Bicker, a descendant of Nehe. Græcum. Versionumque antiquarum Samaritanæ, Græcæ miah Walter, (supra,) was b. in Boston, 1798 ; graduated LXXII Interpretum Chaldaicæ. Syriacæ, Arabicæ, Ethi: at Bowdoin College, 1818; studied for the Unitarian opicæ, Persicæ, Vulgatæ Latinæ. quicquid comparari ministry at Harvard, and sometimes preached, but did

poterat ; Cum Textum et Versionum Orientalium 'Transpot obtain a license; d. at Charleston, S.C., 1822. 1.

lationibus Latinis, &c.; Cum Apparatu, Appendicibus, Sukey; a Poein, Bost., 1821 ; 2d ed., 1921; 3d ed., Balt., Tabulis, variis Lectionibus, Annotationibus Indicibus, 1821. See No. 2. 2. Poems, (Romance, The Death

&c.; Edidit Brianus Walton, S.T.D., Londini, imprimeChamber, &c.,) Bost., 1821.

bat Thomas Roycroft, 1657, 6 vols. fol.; 12 copies (all * They (Nos. 1 and 2) are a compound of strange, beautiful with the royal preface) on I. p., r. fol. poetry, anılacious plagiarism, and absolute vulgar nonsense." " In many of the copies the lities of the preface which men. Jony NEAL: Blackw. Maj., xvii. 202.

tion the Protector are cancelleri, and Charles II. is introduced Walter, William Clayton. 1. Brief Analytical in his place; hence the original are called Republican copies,

the latier Royal copies. In some copies are found a delication View of the Rule in Shelley's Case, &c., Lon., 1826, 8vo.

to Charles II., (reprinted 1811, fol.,) and an Allvertisenient to 2. Essay on the Power of Rectors and Vicars to Grant

the Subscribere, &c. In most copies, over the fourth and fifth Leases, &c., 1828, 8vo.

answers in Explicatio Idiotismorum, in the Apparatus Criticus,

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