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a paper, containing other fourth or fifth answers, is pasted. Dr. Sym or 18ino ; 1659, 8vo, 12mo, or 18mo; also in Owen's
Walion received more or less assistance from Archbishop l'sher,
Drs. Edmund Castell, Thomas Ilvde. Elward Pocork and light: Considerator Considered, or a Brief View of Certain Con-

Collective Works. This elicited from Walton-4. The
foot, and Messrs. Alexander Juinh, Samuel Clarke, Louis de
Diell, Jolin 8iden, Thomas Greaves, Abr. Whelock, Herbert siderations upon the Biblia Polyglotta, the Prolegomena
Thorndike, Bruno Ryves, Dudley Loftus, Thomas Pierce, &c. and Appendix thereof, Lon., 1659, 8vo,, or 18mo;
The work is not so liandsome as either of the three preceding 1660, sin. 80; repub. in Todd's Memoirs of Walton.
Polyglotis, the Complutensian, the Antwerp, the Parisian,) but
is more seful that these. Nine languages are used in it, though

Walton's vindication was complete. See Bliss's Wood's no one book of the Bible in printed in so many. In the New

Athen. Oxon., iv. 106, and Fasti, ii. 85; Thomson's Life Testament the four Gunpels are in wix languages; the other of Owen ; Chalmers's Institutes of Theology, i. 287: On books, in five; those of Judith and the Maccabees, in three. Scripture Criticism. We have already indicated some * All the preceding Polyglots were eclipsed in use and excel

proper companions for the Polyglott and the other works lence, if not in splendor and size, by that which is called the English and London Polyglot."-CARPZOVIUS.

above pamed: see BEVERINGE, WILLIAM; CASTELL, ED" Walton's Polyglott is the most complete biblical apparatus

MUND: Pool, or PoolE, MATTHEW, after No.7. And, also, in any language."— Williams's Chris. Preacher, 5th ed., 1813, Paraphrasis Chaldaica in Librum Priorem et Posteriorem 208.

Chronicorum; Auctore Rabbi Josepho, Rectore Acade"This Polyglot is of the utmost importance to a critic, not only on account of the extracts which it contains from a variety

miæ in Syria: cum Versione Latinæ Davide Wilkins, of important MS., but particularly on account of the Oriental Cantab., 1715, 4to; Amst., 1725, 4to. The MS, from versions, from which he must collect various readings to the which this was printed was written in 1477. The TarNew Testament."--Bishop Murtin's trans. of Introduc. to the New gum is correctly printed, and the Latin version is said Test, by Michaelis.

to be good. Proposals for new editions of Polyglott See, also, Marsh's Divinity Lects., Pt. 1, 2d ed., 1810, Bibles were issued by Rev. Josiah Pratt, Oxf., 1797, tto, Lect. VII. 6; Bliss's Wood's Fasti, ii. 82: Le Long's (4to Bible,) and Lon., 1799, 8vo, (8vo Bible.) and by Rev. Bibl. Sacra; Simon's Hist. crit. du Vieux. Test., 541; Dr. Adam Clarke, 1810, fol., (see Class. Jour., iv. 493– Butler's Horæ Biblica, i. 138-149; Dr. A. Clarke's 497, Bibl. Sussex., 66-68 ;) but these projects came to Bibl. Dict., i. 248-270, ii. 1-12; Dibdin's Classics, 4th naught. Dr. E. Williams also contemplated a Britannic ed., 1827, 20-35, and his Lib. Comp., 7; Orme's Bibl. | Polyglott Bible: see Williams's Christian Preacher, 5th Bib., 355; Pott's and Ruperti's Sylloge Comment. ed., 1813, 270. New editions of Walton's Polyglott and Theolog., i. 100-137; Horne's Bibl. Bib., 15, 37; | Castell's Lexicon, (now sold together for £30 to £10,) Lowndes's Brit. Lib., 7, 112, and Bobo's Lowndes, i. brought up to the present stage of Biblical learning, are (1857) 170; Class. Jour., iv. 355–361 ; Darling's Cyc. much needed. Bibl., i. 283, ii. 42 ; Brunet's Manuel, 5th ed., i. (1860) The Memoirs of Walton have been already referred 852; and references at end of this article.

to: see TODD, HENRY JOHN, No. 13. See, also, Biog. 3. Dissertatio, in quâ de Linguis Orientalibus, He. Brit. ; Lloyd's Memoirs; Bliss's Wood's Athen. Oxon., braica, Chaldaica, Samaritana, Syriaca, Arabica, Per- iii. 535, 812, 810, iv. 107, 239, 280, 302, 429, 525, and sica, Armena, et Copta, et de Textuum et Versionum quæ his Fasti, ii. 81; Walker's Sufferings of the Clergy; in Complutensibus, Regiis, Parisiensibus, et Anglicanis Twells's Life of Pocock ; Nichols's Lit. Anec., vii. (Index) Polyglottis Bibliis, habentur, antiquitate, authoritate 414, 705. et usu, breviter disseritur; accessit Johanni Wouveri " Here awaiteth the sound of the last trump Brian Walton, Syntagma de Græca et Latina Bibliorum Interpreta- Lord Bishop of Chester. Reader, look for no farther epitipli on tione, Daventriæ, 1658, 12mo. See Bibl. Sussex., vol. i.

him whose very name was epitaph enough. Nevertheless, if thou Pt. 2, 74. This should be used as a preface to No. 1.

lookest for a larger and londer one, consult the vocal oracles of

his fame, and not of this dumb marble... So that the Owl and It was republished as follows: I. Briani Waltoni Bibli

Novo Testament may well be his monum nt, which he erected cus Apparatus Chronologico-Topographica-Philologicus; with no small expense of his own. Therefore be little needs the adjiciuntur Johannis Drusii de Proverbiis Sacris duæ, pageantry of pompous titles emblazoned, or displayed in heralus' Tiguri, 1673, fol. With a preface by J. H. Heidegger. inscription on lis monument in st. Prul's Cathedrul, English

books, whose name is written in the book of lite."-- Prom the
II. Briani Waltoni in Biblia Polyglotta Prolegomena, translation in Blisn's Wood's Fasti, ii. 84, 85.
Praefatus est J. A. Dathe, Lipsive, 1777, 8vo. III.
Briani Waltopi, S.T.P., in Biblia Polyglotta Prolego-

Walton, Rev. Daniel, The Witness of the Spirit; mena Specialin recognovit Dathianisque et Variorum York.

a Treatise on the Evidence of the Spirit's Adoption, N. Notis suns inmiscuit Franciscus Wrangham, A.M., S.R.S., Clevelandiæ Archidiaconus, Cantab., Typis ac

Walton, Elijah. 1. The Camel: its Anatomy, ProSumptibus Academicis, 1828, tom. i. et ii., pp. 520, 621, portion, and Paces with Plates, Lon., 1865, fol., £1 48.

" This work will indeed be most useful to the anatomist, natu810 ; 1. p. r. 8vo.

ralist, and artist."Lon. Reader, 1865, i. 93. " These Prolegomena contain an inestimable treasure of Orien

2. Peaks and Valleys of the Alps, 21 chromo-lithotal literature."- BISHOP MARSH.

" A never-failing theological and critical treasury, which I graphs, with Descriptive Letter-Press by Rev. T. G. earnestly recommend to the attention of every biblical and Bonney, Dec. 1866, fol., £8 88. 3. Clouds : their Forms Oriental student. The preface by Dathe is of the highest criti- and Combinations, 1868, 4to, £3 38.; 2d ed., 1869, 4to. cal importance."-II. J. Topd.

4. Flowers from the Upper Alps, 12 chromos, with De“Prolegomena Waltoniana pretiosum continent eruditionis scriptive Letter-Press by Rev. T. G. Bonney, 1869. fol. sacræ thesaurum."-KENNICOTT. “Habebunt sane tirones in hoc libro compendium utilitissi

Walton, George A., b. in South Reading, Mass., muin, ex quo omninm eorum quæ ad Criticam Sacram utriusque

1822. With (OLBURN, DANA P., The First steps in Testamenti pertinent notitiam sibi acquirere possint, quam Numbers, Bost. Largely circulated. Mr. Walton has deinde adjuncta recentiorum scriptorum lectione eo felicibus

contributed to periodicals. angebunt. Quod nt a multis fint, in rei Christianæ ntilitatem

Walton, H, Haynes, Surgeon to the Central Lon. etiam atque etiam opto."-DATHE. Notices of Wrangham's excellent edition will be found

don Ophthalmic Hospital and to St. Mary's Hospital. in Horne's Bibl. Bib., 169, Brit. Critic, vi. 346-362, and

1. Treatise on Operative Ophthalmic Surgery, Lon., Lon. Mon. Rev., 1823, ii. 501-506. Add to it, Disserta- 1853, &vo; Edited by Squire Littell, M.D., Phila., 1853,

8vo; 2d ed., Lod., 1861, 8vo. tions sur les Prolegomènes de Walton, très-utiles à tous ceux qui veulent entendre la Sainte-Ecriture, Liege, ophthalmic surgeon." -Lon. Med. Times.

“It stamps his character at once as a sound and experienced (Lyon,) 1699, 8vo. Attributed to P. Einery de l'Oratoire.

Also commended by Brit. and For. Med.-Chir. Rev., &c. See the Dict. des Anonymes, No. 4443.

Walton, Izaak, the “Father of Angling," b. at * On n'aurait pas du entituler ce livre Dissertations sur les Prolegomenos de Walton, mais plutôt les Prolegomenes tra: Stafford, August 9, 1593, after acquiring moderate comduits en Français et trongnós. Il y a pourtant certaines choses petency as a London sempster or linendraper, retired from d'ajoutées qui sont assez curieuses."— MS. note in a copy. business in 1613, and, after enjoying for forty years after

The excellent John Owen (p. 1472, supra) was not one wards the society of his books, bis angle, bis friends,of those who considered Walton's Polyglott a valuable some of them among the most famous Englishmen of addition to Christian literature: he thought that the their time,-d. at Winchester, at the house of his son-inlatter had greatly exaggerated the number of various law, Dr. William Hawkins, Prebendary of Winchester readings, and feared that his admissions and critical Cathedral, Dec. 15, 1683, in his 91st year. He was twice principles would lead to popery or infidelity. These married: first, in 1626, to Rachel Floud, a descendant views he was rash enough to give to the world in A Vin- of Archbishop Cranmer, who d. 1640; secondly, about dication of the Purity and Integrity of the Hebrew and 1617, to Anne Ken, balf sister of Bishop Ken, who d. Greek Texts of the Old and New Testaments, in some 1662. Walton acquired merited honours as the historiConsiderations on the Prolegomena and Appendix to theographer and eulogist of angling and as a biographer; Late Biblia Polyglotta : published in bis treatise of the and it is safe to predict for bis name in both capacities Divine Original, &c. of the Scripture, &c., Oxf., 1658, I a literary immortality.

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Editions Of The COMPLETE ANGLER; OR, THE Contex- IV. Little, Brown & Co.'s Cat., Sept. 1, 1864, with duPLATIVE Man's RECREATION.

plicate impressions of the plates, in green morocco by The figures do not indicate the numbers of the editions, Hayday, $200. V. W. F. Fowle, Dec. 1864, 754, with unless the latter be stated.

the additional set of plates, artists' proofs, India paper, I. 1st ed., Lon., 1653, 16 mo, pub. at 18. 6d. Utterson, in green levant by Hayday, $180. VI. J. Penington in 1852. £ll 158.; Pickering, £ll 118.; G. Daniel, in £ Son's Cat., Jan. 1865, $100. VII. T. H. Morrell, 1 864, with MS. nutes by Wm. White, of Crickhowel, £27 Jan. 1869, 551, green levant by Riviere, $340. 108. A copy now in the library of R. S. Holford, of • UNIQUE Copy, illustrated and extended into 4 thick volumes, Park Lane, was priced by a bookseller £31 108.; see royal octavo, by the addition of 210 extra plates, consisting of Lun. Reader, 1861, ii. 196. Fac-simile reprint of Ist

Portraits, Views, Fish, and Fishing Subjects, mostly fine proofs,

and all early impressions. Many of the Portraits, &c. are rare, ed., 1810, sq. 12ino.

including some by Ibollar, etc. This copy has been illustrated II. 2d ed., 1055, 16mo. Utterson, in 1852, £6 128. 6d.; con amore with the greatest care, and in the most complete Pickering, £7 108.

There are four extra titles, (one to each volume,) III. 3d ed., 1661, 16mo. Utterson, in 1852, £3 13. beautifully executed by hand in pen-and-ink. The binding and

condition of the book is superli, euch leaf having a separate 6d.; Pickering, £t. Again, (really 4th ed., but called guard.”—Part of Note in Morrell's Cut. 3d ed. on title,) 1664, 16io. Haworth, 897, £1.

Reissued with same sheets and plates, reprinted under IV. 4th ed., 1663, 16mo. Pickering, £4; J. Lilly's

same date, by Nattali & Bond; and by same, 1860, 2 Cat., Sept.-Oct. 1858, p. 45, £6 168. 6d.

vols. imp. Svo, £3 38.; or with the plates on India V. 5th ed., including the 1st ed. of Charles Cotton's (q. o.) Instructious How to Angle for a Trout or Gray

paper, £ 1 48. ling in a Clear Stream, (also pub. separately: 1676, Lewis, 1839, p. 8vo, l. p., 8vo; again, Washbourne, 1842,

XXIII. Major's 3d ed., 1835, fp. Svo; again, L. A. 16mo,) 1676, 16mo, Towneley, 805, £t 88.; Sotheby's, Jan. 11, 1864, cut down, and stained, £1 78. Another

fp. 8vo. 12s. See No. XXVII.

XXIV. Pickering, 1835, 32mo. issue of the 5th ed., containing, besides Parts 1 and 2,

XXV. By Rev. J. Rennie, 1836, 12mo; 1839, 12mo; the Experienced Angler, or Angling Iinproved, by Col.

184–, 12mo; Manches., 1851, 12mo. See Blackw. Mag., Robert Venables, (g.",) 4th ed., the whole entitled The

xliv. 187. Universal Angler, 1676, A series of these first

XXVI. Grooinbridge, 1837, 2 vols. 24mo. five edits., -all that appeared in Walton's lifetime,-in

XXVII. Major's 4th ed., with new plates, drawn by 6 vols., bound in inorocco by F. Bedford, in Harward's sale, 1858, £12: resold, R. Cutlar Ferguson, 1860, £14.

J. Absolon and engraved by Willmore, Bogue, 1841, fp. Another set, in 5 vols., (all called 12mo, instead of 4 in

8vo, 188.; red. to 128., 1847; 1. p., cr. 8vo, £1 168. Of the 16100 and 1 in 12mo,) bound in olive morocco, tooled on

12 copper-plates by Absolon and Willmore, and also the the sides with gold, gilt edges, in the old style, J. Lilly's 12 sets were taken off, 1847, r. 8vo.

62 wood-cuts illustrating Major's 3d ed., (XXIII., enpra,)

See No. XXXII. Cat., Sept.-Oct. 1859, p. 46, £31 108. As each of these five editions varies from the others, the collector must Original, A Bibliographical Preface, &c., by the Ameri

XXVIII. With Copious Notes, for the most part have all. VI. By Moses Browne, 1750, 12mo.

can Editor, (see BETHUNE, GEORGE W., D.D.,) &c., N. VII. By Moses Browne, 1759, 12mo.

York, 1847, (also 1848, 1852,) 12mo or p. 8vo, $1.00; VIII. By John (afterwards Sir John) Hawkins, with illust., $1.75: antiquarian. 1. p., r. 8vo, 50 copies, $10?

Andrew Wight, June, 1864, 3932, illustrated and explates by Wale and Ryland, 1760, 8vo. Strawberry Hill copy, G. Daniel, 1864, £24 108. With new title, 1764;

tended to 2 vols. New ed., 1865, 12mo.

" The annotations to this work are by far the most complete with new title, 1766, 8vo.

that have yet appeared, and exhibit a great amount of research. IX. By Moses Browne, 1772, 12mo.

Jesse alludes to it in terms of commendation. Unfortunately, X. By Sir J. Hawkins, 1775, 8vo.

the introduction of some English plates by the publisher proXI. By Sir J. Hawkins, 4th ed., 1784, 8vo.

hibited its sale in England, and it is, consequently, not so well XII. By John Sidney Hawkins, 1792, 12mo.

known there as in the United States."- Wynne's Private Libru.

ries of New York, 1860, 103, n. XIII. 1797, 12mo: 50 copies on fine paper. Without the large plates.

XXIX. Causton, 1851, 12mo; 1853, 12mo. XIV. By Sir J. Hawkins, 1808, demy 8vo; 1. p., 1. 8vo;

XXX. By Major, Bohn, 1853, 12mo; 1854, 12mo.

XXXI. By Ephemera, (Edward Fitzgibbon, Esq., largest p., 4to. XV. By Sir J. Hawkins, with Addit. Notes by Mr. 12mo; 1853, fp. 8vo,) 1853, p. 8vo; 1854, 12mo; 1859,

author of A land- Book of Angling, 1847, fp. 8vo; 1818, (afterwards Sir) Henry Ellis, 1815, demy 8vo; l. p., r. 8vo. XVI. By Sir J. Hawkins, edited by T. Gosden, 1822,



XXXII. With Variorum Notes, &c., ed. by Ed. Jesse, Svo: 1825, 8vo.

XVII. Major's 1st ed., 1823, fp. 8vo, 188.; l. p., cr. 8vo, Esq., and H. G. Bohn, Esq., Illust. with upwards of 200 £1 168. With 77 wood-cuts and 14 engravings by Cook (Bohn's Illust. Lib.) The plates and notes of Major's

wood engravings and 26 steel engravings, 1856, p. 8vo. and Pve. Reviewed in Blackw. Mag., xiv. 473. XVIII. Major's 2d ed., 1824, fp. 8vo, 188.; I. with

editions are incorporated in this edition. Price, 78. 6d., proofs, 8vo, £1 168. See Lon. Lit. Gaz., 1824, 404.

or without the steel engravings, 58. See, also, Bohn's Plates rebit.

Lowndes, 2829.

XXXIII. In German, Hamburg, 1860. XIX. Chiswick, 1824, 2 vols. 24mo; 1826, 2 vols.

XXXIV. Bell & Daldy, (Pocket Vols.,) 1863, 32mo. 24mo.

See Lon. Reader, 1863, ii. 60. XX. Pickering, 1825, 48mo; 1826, 48mo.

XXXV. Bell & Daldy, (Elzevir Series,) 1864, sm. fp. XXI. Pickering, 1826, (engraved title, 1827,) 32mo.

8vo. XXII. With original Notes and Memoirs by Sir N. Harris Nicolas, illustrated by (61) Engravings, from Major, with 12 engravings on steel, and 74 wood-cuts,

XXXVI. Little, Brown & Co., Boston, Edited by John Designs by T. Stothard and Inskipp, Pickering: 1832–36, 1867, 18mo, $4.50 ; 1. p., 100 copies, 8vo. imp. Svo, 12 Parts at 98. 6d. ea., (in 2 vols., £6 68.;) or India proofs, 166. ea. Part, (in 2 vols., £10 109.) The 1869, er. 8vo, 18.

XXXVII. A. Murray & Son's Reprints of edit. of 1653, illustrations separate, 4to, proofs before the letters, £10

I must give a few opinions on this charming pastoral : 10x. • The text has been printed from the Fifth Edition, and the

“Whether we consider the elegant simplicity of the style, material variations between it and the four previous impressions

the ease and unaffected humour of the dialogue, the lovely published in the author's lifetime, together with original and

scenes which it delineates, the enchanting pastoral poetry which selected Notes, are introduced at the foot of each page. The

it contains, or the fine morality it so sweetly inculcates, it has Memoirs of Walton and Cotton will contain numerous particu- ' hardly, its fellow among any of the modern languages."-SIA

JOHN HAWKINS. lars relating to them, and to many of their eminent contemporaries, which have never before been published.”—Pickering's and venerable Isaac Walton's Complete Angler; a work the

“Let me ta this opportunity of recommending the amiable Adrertisement. See, also, Lon. Atben., 1832, 398.

most singular of its kind, breathing the very spirit of content. I. R. Bernal, Feb. 1855, illustrated and extended to

ment, of quiet, and of unaffected philanthropy, and interspersed 3 vols., elephant size, morocco, £40. II. Utterson, in with some beautiful relics of poetry, old songs, and ballads." 1857, illustrated, morocco, £11. III. John Allan, May, -Rev. W. L. Bowles: Bowles's Pope, i. 135. 1861, 3137, with about 260 portraits and plates, and 48

“Indeed, the Complete Angler, whether considered as a treatise

on the art of angling, or a beautiful pastoral, abounding in ex• bead and tail pieces, many on India paper, extended to

quisite descriptions of rural scenery, in sentiments of the purest A vols., green morocco, $600.

morality, and in unaffected love of the Creator and his works, “Dr. Bethune, who had every thing on Angling, admitted that has long been ranked among the most popular compositions in he had nothing to equal this; and the writer, having catalogued our langnage."-SIR N. HARRIS NICOLAS. Dr. Bethune's books, can add his testimony tv the same effect."- "Among all your quaint readings, did you ever light npon Nole in Alan's Cut., by J. Subin.

Walton's Complete Angler'? I asked you the question once


before: it breathes the very spirit of innocence, parity, and

Editions of Walton's Lives. simplicity of beart: there are many choice old verses interspersed in it: it would Christianize every discordant angry pas

1. Life of John Donne, D.D., prefixed to his Eighty sion. Pray make yourself acquainted with it."-Charles Lamb Sermons, 1640, fol. ; 2d ed. of Life, 1658, 12m10. 2. Reto Coleridge, Oct. 28, 1796: Tulfourd's Works of Lamb, ed. 1867, liquiæ Wottonianæ, with Life of Sir Henry Wotton, 13.

1651, sm. 8vo; 2d ed., 1654, 12mo; 3d ed., 1672, 8vo; " Peter Garrick, the elder brother of David. I think he was

4th ed., 1685, 8vo. an attorney, but he seemed to lead an independent life, and

See Wotton, Sir HENRY, No. 7. 3. talked all about fishing. Dr. Johnson advised him to read Wal

Life of Richard Hooker, 1665, 12mo; 2d ed. in Hooker's ton's Angler, repeating some verses from it."- Piozzi Ms., in Works, 1666, fol., and frequently since: see Bohn's Croker's Boswell's Jolinsom, ed. 1848, 415, n.

Lowndes, 1107; HOOKER, RICHARD, (supra.) Prefixed to “ Izaak Walton's Complete Angler, which, from the bare title,

Keble's edit. of Hooker's Works, 4th ed., Oxf., Clar. might be thought only in sporting book, but will be recognized by every student of English literature'as one of the most pre Press, 1863, 3 vols. 8vo, or Keble's Notes, 2 vols. 8vo. cious gems in the language."—DR. G. W. BETHUNE: Adreri. to Of keble's Christian Year the sale had reached 250,000 the American Edition.

copies by June, 1866. See, also, A Memoir of the Rev. "Certainly it was not the least among the many excellencies John Keble, by the Rt. Hon. Sir J. T. Coleridge, 1869, cf Izaak Walton's charining book that he helped to render popular so many pure and beautiful lyrics."- M18 MitFORD:

2 vols. cr. 8vo, and in 1 vol. cr. 8vo. 4. Life of George Lit. Recollec., ch. xv.

Herbert, with his Letters, 1670, 12mo; again, with The " Walton's Complete Angler, published in 1653, seems hy the Temple, &c., 10th ed., 1674, 12mo; and frequently since title a strange choice out of all the books of bilf a century; pub. with Herbert's writings: see Bohn's Lowndes, yet its simplicity, its sweetness, its natural grace, and happy

1048; HERBERT, GEORGE, (supra.) The preceding Lires intermixture of graver strains with the precepts of angling, have rendered this book deservedly popular, and at model which

(Nos. 1, 2, 3, and 4) were pub, together in one vol., 1670, one of the most famous among our late philosophers, and a suco

sin. 8vo; 4th ed., 1675, sin. Svo; 5th ed., 1679, sm. 8vo. cessful disciple of l-anc Walton in his favourite art, (Sir Hum. 5. Life of Dr. Robert Sanderson, Bishop of Lincoln, with phry Davy,) has condescended in his Salmonin) to imitate."- some Short Tracts on Cases of Conscience, written HALI AM: Lit. Hist. of Europe, 4th ed., 1857, iii. 360.

by the said Bishop, 1678, 8vo; 1685, 12mno; and freSee, also. Blakey's Lit. of Angling, 1856, 120, 136, quently with his Sermons: see Sanderson, Robert, D.D., 191, 331: Walton and Cotton's Club Rules and Regula: No. 9,'et infra. Walton's Lives are all repub. in Wordstions, privately printed, 1821, 4t0,--published Pickering, worth's Ecclesiastical Biography. It is to be regretted 1840, 8vo: one copy on vellum, Pickering, Part 2, £2 that Walton did not carry into execution his design of 108.; Waltonian Chronicle, 1834, 12mo; A Journey to

writing the Lives of Sir Henry Savile and John Hales. Beresford Hall, in Derbyshire, the Seat of Charles Cottoo, Esq., &c., by W. Alexander, Esq., F.S.A., 1811, cr.

COLLECTIVE EDITIONS OF Walton's LIVES OF DONNE, Svo; Retrospec. Rev., vi. 356 ; Lon. Gent. Mag., 1832, i. Wotton, HOOKER, HERBERT, AND SANDERSON. 342, n., 416 ; Edin. Rev., xlii. 59; Blackw. Mag., xxiv. I. With Notes, and the Life of the Author, by Thomas 250, xlix. 304; Fraser's Mag., 1835; Knicker., xxx. Zouch, D.D., York, 1796, 4to; l. p., r. 4to: White Knight's, 351.

4603, £4 58. Isaac Walton, a Drama, (still in MS.,) priced by “Well and ally edited by Dr. Zouch."-Lon. Quar. Rev., iv, Pickering £2 128. 6d., by Charles Dance, was performed 95. See, also, Lon. Mon. Rev., xxiv. 136. at the Royal Olympic in London in 1839: see Specimens II. Oxford, Clar. Press, 1805, 2 vols. fp. 8vo. in Blakey's Lit. of Angling, 136. At the end of Blakey's III. Zouch's 2d ed., to which is now first added Love volume. pp. 293-335, will be found A Bibliographical and Truth, (pub. separately by Zouch, 1795, 8vo,) by Catalogue of Books on Angling, hy J. Russell Smith. Isaac Walton, York, 1807, 8vo. Love and Truth, in Two This is based on the Catalogue of Sir Henry Ellis, pub. Modest and Peaceable Letters, by R. W., Lon., 1680, 4to, lished in the British Bibliographer in 1811, Pickering's are ascribed to Walton by Archbishop Sancroft; but it Bibliotheca Piscatoria, 18:36, 12mo, and the Waltonian is doubtful if Walton was more than the editor. Library appended to Dr. Bethune's edition of the Com- IV. Zouch's 3d ed., York, 1817, 2 vols. Svo. plete Angler, 1847, pp. 151-196. I add the titles of V. London, 1823, 12no. some books published within the last few years :

VI. Oxford, Clar. Press, 1824, 8vo. I. The Chronicle of "The Compleat Angler" of Izaak VII. Major's ed., 1825, 12mo, 188.: 1. p., with India Walton and Charles Cotton : Being a Bibliographical proofs, cr. 8vo, £2 28.

See Lon. Lit. Gaz., 1825, 551, Record of its Various Pbases and Mutations, Editions, 566, 597. Of the 11 portraits and 52 wood-cuts, 6 sets Illustrations, &c. &c., by Thomas Westwood, 1864, em of proofs before letters were taken off, 1825, 4to. This 4to, 58. Commended by Lop. Reader, Aug. 13. 1864, ii. 196. ed. was intended as a companion to Major's edits. of

II. Tweed and Don ; or, Recollections and Reflections The Complete Angler. It was repub., with a new set of of an Angler for the Last Fifty Years, by James Locke, plates, Bogue, 1814, fp. 8vo, 188.; l. p., £1 168. Esq., 1860, cr. 8vo.

VIII. Pickering, 1827, 32mo and 48mo; some on "Written in a true Waltonian spirit. . A pleasing and instructive volume.”- Lon. Times, Oct. 17, 1861).

IX. Pickering, 1835, 32ino. An ed. of The Lives was III. The American Angler's Book, &c., by Thad. Nor- pub. by Rivington, 5x. 6d. ris, Phila., 1864, em. 4to. See No. VII., infra.

X. Washbourne, 1838, p. 8vo, 98.; 1848, p. 8vo, 98.; IV. Index to the Original and Inserted Illustrations 1. p., half mor., 158. Founded on Major's ed., 1825, but contained in “ The Complete Angler," (Walton and with some variations. An ed. of the Lives was pub. Cotton :) Pickering, Publisher. Five Volumes, with 1026

1840, 12ino. Illustrations, comprising Portraits, Views, Zoological XI. W. Smith, 1845, med. 8vo. Plates, Original Drawings, Oil Paintings, Pen-and-Ink XII. With Zouch's Life of Walton, N. York, 1846, Sketches, Coloured Engravings, &c. &c., N. York: Pri- 12mo. vately Printed, 1866, 4to: 50 copies.

XIII. With Zouch's Life of Walton, N. York, 1848, V. A Bibliographical Catalogue of the Waltonian

12mo or cr. 8vo. Library belonging to the Estate of Robert W. Coleman,

XIV. Causton, 1852, p. 8vo. deceased, late of Cornwall, Lebanon County, Pennsyl- XV. Cooke, (Univ. Lib.,) 1853, r. 8vo. vania, N. York; printed for private circulation, 1866, r. XVI. New York, 1854, 12ino. 8vo. pp. 119. Worth in 1870 about $3.

XVII. Washbourne, With an Original Memoir of Wal“ The collection of this Waltonian Library was the life-long ton, by Williain Dowling, new illustrated edition, 1857, labour of the late Rev. G. W. Bethune, deceased, from whose estate it was purchased by Mr. Colenian, who has added some

cr. 8vo, cl., 108. 6d.; balf-bd., 128.; calf antique, 158. what to it, and who had intended that it should become a com- XVIII. Groombridge: (Min. Class. Lib.,) 1858, 2 vols. plete Waltonian Library. This catalogue was prepared during 32mo. Mr. Colenian's lifetime, and seventy-five copies only have been XIX. With Zouch's Life of Walton and Illustrativo printed in fulfilment of his cherished intention."

Notes, Bost., 1860, 12mo; 1862, 12ino: see N. Amer. Rev., VI. A Book on Angling, with Plates, &c., Lon., Mar.

xci. 577. 1867, p. 8vo, 158.; 2d ed., Sept. 1867, p. 8vo. VII. American Fish Culture, by Thad. Norris, Phila., tended as a companion to Editions or Tue COMPLETE

XX. Bell & Daldy, (Pocket Vols.,) 1864, 32mo. In1868. See No. III., supra; Roosevelt, ROBERT B., Nos.

ANGLER, &c., supra, No. XXXIV. 1, 2; VENABLES, ROBERT. I conclude this division of my subject with a few

XXI. Bell & Daldy, (Elzevir Series,) 1864, sm. fp.

8vo. lines which I think will not displease my “Waltonian"

XXII. Society for the Propagation of Christian readers : “I have been a great follower of fishing myself, and in its

Knowledge, red. to 38., 1869, 12no. cheerful solitude have passed some of the happiest hours of a

Some opinions on Walton's Lives will probably be ex sufficiently happy life."--Puley's Natural Theology.


India paper.

" Isaac Walton, adorned with a guileless simplicity of man- Walton, William, British Resident at St. Domingo, pers, clims from every good man the tribute of applause. It

d. at Oxford, 1857, aged 73. 1. Present State of the was his ambition to commend to the reverenc# of posterity the merits of those excellent persons, whose comprehensive learn Spanish Colonies, Lon., 1810, 2 vols. 8vo. Reviewed, not ing and exalted piety will ever endear them in vur memories." | favourably, in Edin. Rev., xvii. 372, and Lon. Quar. Rev., DR. ZOUCH.

vii. 235. 2. Historical Account, &c. of Peruvian Sheep, These Lives, in the estimation of an eminent prelate, 1811, (some 1812,) 8vo. 3. Sketch of the United States “ not only do ampie justice to individual piety and learning, of America, 1800-1810, by Le C. F. de Beaujour; trans., but throw a mild and cheerful light upon the manners of an

1814, 8vo. Reviewed in N. Amer. Rev., ii. 68. 4. Exinterestmg age, as well as upon the venerable features of our mother-church. ... Dr. Zouch's ample potes unite rich in pose of the Dissentions of Spanish America, 1814, 8vo. struction and very agreeable entertainment."- BISHOP JEBB. 5. Inquisition Unmasked; by D. A. Puigblanch; trans.,

" To swell the lists of eulogists of these delightful pieces of 1816, 2 vols. 8vo. 6. Memoirs of the lonian Islands, by biographi y ... were an idle and perhaps unprofitable task. ... Dr. Zouch (as his Life of Sir Philip Sidney, 1808, in to, too pil: Philippine Islands ; by T. de Comyn; trans., 1821, 8vo.

Genl. G. de Vaudoncourt, 1816, 8vo. 7. State of the pably testifies) Wits not a fit editor of Walton."—DR. DIBDIN : Lih. Comp., ed. 1825, 526, n.

8. Report on Mines in Hayti, 1825, 8vo. 9. Meinoir on ** Ile i Dr. Johnson talked of " Isane Walton's Lives,' which was Slavery in Brazil, by J. B. d’A: e Silva ; trans., 1826, 8vo. one of his most favourite books. Dr. Donne's Life he said was 10. Spain; or, Who is the Lawful Successor to the Throne, the most perfect of thieni."-BoSWELL: Life of Jolinson, Crokers

1834, 8vo. 11. Revolutions of Spain, 1808–1836, &c., ed., 1818, 152. See, also, Index. "The Tragedy of Othello, Plato's records of the last four scenes

1837, (some 1838,) 2 vols. 8vo. of the career of Socrates, and Isaac Walton's Life of George Her- " Throws a flood of light on the real nature of the contest now bertare the most pathetic of human compositions,"-WM. WORDS-raging in the Peninsula," &c.-Blackw. Mag., xli. 576, (by Sir A. WORTH: Memoirs by C. Wordsworth.

Alison, and repub. in bis Essays, 1850, ii. 382.) * Biography, considered as an art, has been destroyed by the greatest of all biographers, James Boswell. His success must

12. The Alpaca : its Naturalization in the British Isles, be forgotten before Plutarch or Isaac Walton will find either &c., 1844, fp. Svo. He contributed to Reviews and Magarivals or imitators."-Sir J. STEPHES: Edin. Rev., lxvii. 180. zines. See Lon. Gent. Mag., 1857, ii. 96, (Obituary.) Mr. Hallam, (Lit. Hist. of Europe, 4th ed., 1854, ii.

Walton, William. Calculator's Sure Guide or 25, n.,) questioning some stories in the Life of Hooker, Reckoner, Lon., Svo. remarks that Walton “ seems to have been a man always Walton, William, of Trinity College, Cambridge. too credulous of anecdote." See, also, Blackw. Mag., 1. Problems in Theoretical Mechanics, Camb., 1812, 8vo; xlv, 309, 312, xlviii. 201; Amer. Mon. Rev., iii. 30. 2d ed., 8vo. 2. Treatise on the Differential Calculus, *. There are no colours in the fairest sky

1846, 8vo. 3. Collection of Problems in Hydrostatics So fair as these. The feather whence the pen

and Hydrodynamics, 1847, 8vo; 2d ed., 1855, 8vo. 4. Was shaped that traced the lives of these good men, Probleins in Plane Co-ordinate Geometry, 1851, 8vo. 5. Dropped from an angel's wing. With moistened eye With MACKENZIE, C. F., of Caius College, Problems and We read of faith anii purest charity

Riders, 1854, 8vo. 6. With CAMPION, W. M., of Queen's In statesman, priest, and humble citizen. 0! could we copy their mild virtues, then

College, Problems and Riders, 1857, 8vo. 7. Collection What joy to live, what blessedness to die!

of Problems in Elementary Mechanics, 1858, 8vo. 8. Methinks their very naines shine still and bright

Edited The Mathematical and other Writings of Robert Apart-like glow-worms in the woods of spring,

Leslie Ellis; with a Biog. Memoir by the Very Rev. Or lonely tapers shooting far a light That guides and cheers--ur seen, like stars on high,

Harvey Goodwir, D.D., Dean of Ely, 1864, 8vo. See, Satellites burning in a lucid ring

also, GREGORY, DUNCAN FARQUHARSOX. Around meek Walton's heavenly memory."

Walton, William C. See Life of, by J. W. Dan.

WORDSWORTI. forth, Hartford, 1837, 12mo; Chris. Quar. Spec., X. 193, Walton was also the author of several sets of verses (by E. G. Smith.) prefixed to volumes published by his contemporaries, Waltz, E. L., Lutheran pastor, Hamburg, Penna. and of some other minor literary performances: see the Erklärung des Calenders, nebst Unterricht über die Life of Izaak Walton, including Notices of his Con- | Himmelskörper, Reading, 1830, pp. 315. temporaries, by Thomas Zouch, D.D., 1823, (some 1824,) Walwin, William. 1. Wiles; or, The Manifes. fp. Bro, I. p., 4to, 1826, 12mno: and Works by, and tators Manifested, Lon., 1649, 4to. 2. Juries Justified ; ascribed to, Isaac Walton, in Bethune's ed. of The Com- or, An Answer to Henry Robinson's Seven Objections plete Angler, 1847, &c., 199–203. See, also, CHALKHILL, against Juries, 1651, 4to. See Robinson, HENRY, No. 6. John, (repub. by S. W. Singer, Chiswick, 1820,,)

Walworth, Rev. C., a Roman Catholic divine, a proved by Sir N. H. Nicolas to have been a relation of brother of the Order of Paulists, in the city of New Walton's second wife, (a copy of Thealına and Cle- York, is a son of Reuben Hyde Walworth, (infra.) The archus is priced in Bibl. Anglo-Poet., 120, £8 88.;) Gentle Skeptic; or, Essays and Conversations of a SKEFFINGTON, Sir Joux. We add to our references Country Justice on the Authenticity and Truthfulness Bowles's Life of Bishop Ken; Imp. Dict. of Univ. Biog., of the Old Testament Records; Edited, N. York, 1863, vi., 1866; Dubl. Univ. Mag., xx. 432, 537; U. S. Lit. 12mo, pp. 368; 2d ed., 1864, 12mo. This answer to Gaz., i. 233; Amer. Wbig Rev., i. 384.

Bishop Colenso was commended in N. Amer. Rev., xcvii. " Happy Old Man! whose worth all mankind knows 282, (by A. P. Peabody, D.D.)

Excape thyself,—who charitably shows
The ready way to virtue and to praise,

Walworth, Mansfield Tracy, of the New York The way to many long and happy days."

Bar, brother of the preceding, was b. in Albany, 1830, THOMAS FLATMAN, died 1672. and graduated at Union College, 1819. "Not many English anthors have possessed a more attractive 1. The Mission of Death ; a Novel, N. York, 1853, or more strictly idiomatic style, not inany have exhibited a wider 16mo; 12 edits. to April, 1863 ; Lon., 1854, 18mo. 2. variety of expression, than Izaak Walton; but Walton had no Lulu; a Tale of the National Hotel Poisoning, N. York, classical learning, and his orthography hogne for hant goût (Com. plete Angler, edition of 1653, p. 160) shows that he knew as little

1863, 12ino; 1864, 12mo. 3. Hotspur; a Novel, 1864, of French."-G. P. MARSH: Lects. on the Eng. Lang., 1860, Lect.

12mo. 4. Stormcliff: a Novel, 1866, 12mo. 5. WarIV.

wick ; or, The Lost Nationalities of America; a Novel, I am pleased to be able to conclude this article by 1869, 12mo. Contributor to Metropol. Mag., and author the announcement that Walton's townsmen of the present of lectures (some published) before literary associations generation (I write in 1870) propose to pay a long. He is, or was, engaged upon The Lives of the Chancel neglected debt of their predecessors, by erecting in Stafford | lors of New York. a memorial to one who did so much to commemorate the Walworth, Reuben Hyde, LL.D., b. in Bozrah, virtues and accomplishments of his own contemporaries. Conn., 1788, was appointed a Master in Chancery, and a

Walton, J., and Henry, J. New System of Teach- County Judge in 1911; served as an officer of Volunteers ing Arithmetic, (with or without Key,) Lon., 1848, 12mo. in the War of 1812, and in 1814, at the siege of PlattsWalton, J. H. Hereafter, Lon., 1860, 12mo. burg, was Acting Adjutant-General of United States

Walton, Jonathan, D.D., Rector of Birdbrook, forces; was M.C. during the 17th Congress, 1821-23; Essex, and Rural Dean, b. 1774, d. 1846. 1. Serm., a Circuit Judge in N. York, 1823-28, and Chancellor of 1810, 8vo. 2. Serm., 1813, 8vo. 3. LV. Serms., 1822, 2 the State of N. York, 1828-48; d. at Saratoga, New vols. 8vo. 4. Lects. on Repentance, the Prodigal Son, | York, Nov. 28, 1867. &c., 1833. 12mo. Commended by Lon. Chris. Rememb. 1. Rules and Orders of the Court of Chancery of the 5. The Glory of the Latter House; a Serm., 1842, 8vo. State of New York, as Revised and Established by See Lon. Gent. Mag., 1846, i. 615, (Obituary.)

Chancellor Walworth, &c., Albany, 1829, 8vo. Revised Walton, W. L. Amateur's Drawing-Book, Lon., edits. : 1834, 8vo; 1837, 8vo; 1839, 8vo; 1844, 8vo. 2. 1846, ob. fol. Coinmended by Lon. Lit. Gaz, and Lon. | Hyde Genealogy; or, The Descendants in the Female M. Post.

as well as in the Male Line from William Hyde of Nor.

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wich, 1864, 2 vols. Svo, pr. 1446, with 22 steel portraits, I became minister at Beeby, Leicestershire, subsequently
$12. lle contributed articles on the De Lamater Family Vicar of Trinity Church, Coventry, and d. 1680. 1. Vox
and the Mason Family to N. Eng. Hist, and Genealog. Dei; or, The Great Duty of Self-Reflection upon a Man's
Register, vols. xiv. and xv. His Decisions wbilet Cir. Own Ways, Lon., 1658. 2. The Wonders of the Little
cuit Judge will be found in Cowen's Sup. Court Reports, World; or, A General Ilistory of Man, 1678, fol. ; 1774,
N. York, 1824-30, 9 vols. 8vo; his Decisions as Chan | 4to; 1788, 410 ; 1798, 4to. With Additions, by William
cellor, ip Paige's Reports, 1930–48, 11 vols. 8vo, and Johnston, 1806, 2 vols. r. 8vo.
Barbour's Reports, 1847–49, 3 vols. 8vo; and most of “ A work to be classes with Clark's “Examples,' 2 vols. fol.,
his Opinions in the Court for the Correction of Errors, age of remarkable anecdotes, &c., nuany of which keep cre-

or Turner's Remarkable Providences,' contammg a vast assemin Wendell's Reports, 1829-42, 26 vols., Hill's Reports, dulity on the stretch."--Chalmers's Bing. Prict., xxxi. 94., 1842-47, 7 vols. 8vo, and Deuio's Reports, 1846-50, 5 33. The History of Man ; or, The Wonders of Human vols. 8vo.

Nature in Relation to the Virtues, Vices, and Defects of * No court was ever under the guidance of a judge porer in

both Sexes, 1704. 8vo. character or more gifted in talent than the last Chancellor of New York. . ... His matured decisions, embracing the whole

Wanostrocht, N. 1. French Grammar, Lon., 1780, circle of equity. Never, perhaps, were so many decisions niade

12mo; Bost., 1819, 12mo ; Pbila., 12mo; 23d ed., by J. where so few were inaccurate as to facts or erroneons in law." C. Tarver, Lon., 1855,; last ed., 1860, 12mo. 2. -WILLIAM KENT: editorial note in 1 Kent, Com., 548, 8th ed., Recueil Choisi, &c., 1785, 12mo; N. York, 1820, 12mo ; 1851.

Phila., 12mo: last ed., Lon., 1862, 12mo. 3. Petit Til“The late Justice Story declared him to be the greatest equity jurist now living; and the late Chancellor Kent also

bleau, 1806, 12mo. Other works: see Lon. Catalogues, bore the most ample testimony to the merits of his decisions." 1800-1855. Also, On the Use of a Cricket-Bat, &c., 1845, - Men of the Time, New York, 1848. 524.

4to. See Felix, N.,-pseudonyin. Walwyn. Abstract of Small Debts Act, Lon., 1846, Wansey, Henry, a Wiltshire clothier. 1. Journal 12mo.

of an Excursion to the United States of North Aryerica Walwyn, Robert. Particular View of the Funda- in the Summer of 1794, Salisbury, 1796, Svo: 2d ed., mentals of Christian Religion, Part 2, Lon., 1660, 8vo. with Additions, 1798, 12no. See Collec. of X. Jersey Walwyn, William. God Save the king: or, A Ser

Hist. Soc., v. (1858) 481. mon of Thanksgiving for his Majestie's Happy Return "For his deficiencies in correctness of style and method, in to bis Throne, Lon., 1660, 4to.

deed, he has made amends by his diligence, having in i very Walwyn, William. Physick for Families, Lon.,

short time collected much useful information." Lon. Mion. Kern

1796, i. +24. 1681, 8vo. Wampole, Jacob F., Lutheran pastor, Paxinos,

2. Strictures on Wool and the Woollen Manufactory,

8vo. Penna. Report on the Religious and General Condition

3. Thoughts on Poor-Houses, 1801, 8vo. 4. Visit

to Paris in 1814, 8vo. of American Colleges, 1955. Wandesforde, Christopher, Viscount Castle

Waple, Edward, Preb. of Bath and Wells, 1677; comer, an eminent statesman, b. at Bishop Burton,

Archdeacon of Taunton, 1682: Preb. of Winchester, Yorkshire, 1592, d. 1640. lle left in MS. a religious

1690; d. 1712. 1. Book of the Revelation Paraphrased, work entitled Instructions to his Son, which was pub

16933, 4to; 1715, 4to. 2. Seventy Sermons, 1711-18-20,

3 vols. 8vo; 2d ed., with Life, 1729, 3 vols, Svo. lished by his (the author's) great-great-grandson, Thomas Comber, LL.D., (p. 417, spra,) Camb., 1777, 12mo.

Wapshare, James. Harmony of the Word of God To this Comber added, Memoirs of the Life and Death

in Spirit and in Truth, containing the Epistles to the of the Rt. Hon. the Lord. Deputy Wandesforde, 1778,

Romans and to the Corinthians, with a Spiritual Inter12mo. He also left MS. Remarks on the Bible, and Col pretation. Lon., 8vo: vol. i., 1849. lections in Divinity, never published, and probably long

Wapul, George. The Tyde Taryeth no Man: A since lost.

most pleasant and merry Cominody, &c., Lon., 1576, 4to : " In him (Wandesfordel is lost the richest magazine of learn.

Bibl. lleber., Part 1, 6410, £52 108.; new ed., 1611, 4to. ing, wisdom, and piety that these times could boast."— EARL OF

Repub. by J. P. Collier as No. 16 of his Illustrations of STRAFFORD, on his death,

Early English Popular Literature, 1863, sm. 4to. “A man of great prudence, moderation, integrity, and vir. Waræus. Anglicé Ware. tue."-LODGE: Peerage of Ireland, iii. 198.

Warburton, Acton. Rollo and his Race; or, The See, also, Park's Walpole's R. & N. Authors, v. 183.

Footsteps of the Normans, Lon., 1848, 2 vols. p. 8vo; Wanless. Metre Psalm Tunes, 1702. 8vo.

2d ed., Nov. 1818, 2 vole. p. 8vo. This journal of a tour Wanley, Humphrey, a learned antiquary, son of in Normandy is reviewed unfavourably in Brit. Quar. the succeeding, h. at Coventry. Mar. 21, 1671-2, after Rev., viii. 103, and Lon. Athen., 1848. 237. leaving the University of Oxford, became Secretary to

Warburton, C. Sunshine and Shadow; a Novel, the P.C.K. Society, and subsequently librarian to the Lon., 1856, 3 vols, p. 8vo. Earls of Oxford, and d. whilst librarian to the second

Warburton, Eliot Bartholomew George, b. Earl, July 6, 1726. 1. Grounds and Principles of the near Tullamore, Ireland, 1810, and educated at Queen's Christian Religion ; out of French into English, (revised College and Trinity College, Cambridge: was called to by Dr. Stanhope,) Lon., 1704, 8ro. Often repuh. the Irish Bar, but soon abandoned the law for the over“A work highly deserving of notice."-Bishop Watson. Wbilst at Oxford, he assisted Mill (see Mill, John, foreigu travel, and literature. He was lost in the Amazon

sight of his Irish estates and the pleasures of society, D.D.) in his Greek Testament, 1705, fol. ; as under

Royal Mail steam-packet, destroyed by fire on the paskeeper of the Bodleian Library, aided in making the in

sage to the West Indies, Jan. 4, 1852. 1. The Crescent dexes to the catalogue of MSS., and wrote the Latin pre- and the Cross; or, Romance and Realities of Eastern face thereof; in London became assistant to Dr. Hickes, Travel, Lon., 1844, 2 vols. p. 8vo; N. Tork. 1845, 12mo; and in this capacity drew up a catalogue of Anglo- Providence, 1854, 12mo; 15th Lon. ed., 1859, p. 8vo; Saxon MSS., translated by the care of Edward Thwaites Phila., 1859, 12mo. Portions of this work were first into Latin,-Catalogus Libh. l'et. Septentrionalium.and pub. as vol. iii. of Hackes. George, D.D., No. 4. ite pub. in Dubl. Univ. Mag., ( Episodes of Eastern Travel:)

and it was by the advice of the editor, Charles Lever, first began to compile the catalogue of Lord Oxford's that the book was composed. MSS., and proceeded as far as No. 2407 of the present “Mr. Eliot Warburton, whose glowing descriptions of tho printed Catalogue; he also contributed a paper entitled East, rivalling those of Beckford hulself, are no indelilily on. How to Julge of the Age of MSS., the style of Learned graven on the national mind," &c.-Sir A. ALISON : Hist. of EuAuthors, Painters, Musicians, &c., to Phil. Trans., 1705,

rope, 1815-1852, ch. y. Abr., v. 227. See Nichols's Lit. Anec., vii. (Index)


" Eliot Warburton, seductive enchanter!”-SIR E. G. E. L. B. 445, 705 ; Nichols's Ilust. of Lit., viii. 114, (Index;)

Lyttox. Masters's Life of Baker, 27 ; Pref. to Cat. of the Har

Also commended by Lop. Quar. Rev., lxxv.532, lxxviii. leian MSS., 1808, 3 vols. fol.; Letters from Eun. Persons, 305, &c., Lon. Spec., Lon. Sun, Britannia, &c. See, also, 1813, 3 vols.; Original Letters by Sir H. Ellis, 1843, 410, reviews in Dubi. Univ. Mag., xxv. 116; South. Quar. (Camden Soc. Pub.)

Rev., ix. 285; Lon. Athen., 1844, 1041; Lon. Lit. Gaz., " But gue yonder the rongh rude features of tłumphrey 1844, 782, 802. Wanley peering above the crowil. All bail to thy honest physi. ognony--for thou wert a rare Book-weight in thy way! and as

2. Memoirs of Prince Rupert and the Cavaliere, inlong as the fame of thy patron Harley shall live, so long, honest cluding their Private ('orrespondence: now first PubHumphrey, dont thou stand a cure chance of living for a ye' in lisbed from the Original Manuscripts, Lon., 1849, 3 vols. the memory of all worthy bibliomaniacs."—DR. DIBDIN: Biblio

Svo. mania, ed. 1842, 346, (q. 2.)

" The story of the Cavaliers is told in these volumes with Wanley, Nathaniel, father of the preceding, h. at much spirit, we wish we could add, with impartiality."--Lon. Leicester. 1633, and educated at Trinity College, Oxford, 1 Athen., 1849, 481.

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