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18. Jesus, according to their Desire, 18 And when he returned into the Boat to cross over was come into the the Lake again. And the Man who ship, he that had had been possess’d, seeing his Deliverer

been possessed with departing, and perhaps fearing that he him that he might

the devil, prayed was not secure from a Return of his be with him. Calamity, desired to go along with Jefus.

19. But Jesus, to show that he could 19 Howbeit, Jeperferve him as well ablent as present, fus fuffered him not,

but faith unto him, and knowing that it would tend more to the Glory of God to leave him in friends, and tell them

Go home to thy that Country as a standing Proof of how great things the his Power and Authority; would not Lord hath done for take him with him, but bad him go thee, and hath had home to his Friends and Country-Men, compaffion on thee. and report what a great and miraculous Mercy God had vouchsafed unto him, 20. And accordingly the Man went

20 And he deparhome, and reported in all the Cities ted, and began to of Decapolis what a great Miracle Je- publish in Decapolis

, fus had worked for him: And all the how great things JePeople of that Country, well know- and all men did mar

sus had done for him: ing the Man's former Condition, and vel. seeing the Certainty of his present Cure, were convinced of the Power of Fesus with Aftonishment and Admiration.

21. S In the mean time Jefus re 21 And when Jeturned in the Boat over the Lake: And sus was passed over when he was landed on the the other again by ship unto fide, much People of those who had the other side, much seen him go over at the first and had people gathered un•

to him, and he was waited for his return, with many others nigh unto the sea. continually coming out of the neighbouring Towns, flocked together about him.

22. Among whom was a Person of 22 And behold, Note, one Žairus, a Ruler of the there cometh one Synagogue ; who, far from the usual of the rulers of the Pride of the Pharisees and principal fynagogue, Jairus by



twelve years,


name, and when he Jews, kneeled down before Jesus in faw him, he fell at the Posture of greatest Humility and his feet,

Veneration; 23 And besought 23. And entreated him, saying: him greatly, saying, Lord, I have heard of your many wonMy little daughter derful Works, and am fully convinced lieth at the point of

of death, I pray thee


Power and Goodness; I have come and lay thy a Daughter in my House now lying at hands on her, that the very Point of Death, I beseech you she may be healed, come and touch her, and I am confiand she shall live. dent she will recover.

24 And Jesus went with him, and much Faith and Humility, went along with

24. Jesus, pleased with the Man's people followed him, him to his House; and the Multitude, and thronged him.

25 And a certain eager to see the Event, pressed after woman which had

them in

great Crouds. issue of blood 25 & 26. Now as they were go

ing, there was in the Throng a Wo26 And had suf man who had been Twelve Years fered many things of troubled with incurable bloody many physicians, and Flux, and had used all the Remedies had spent all that she which Physicians could prescribe, with had, and was nothing bettered, but rather great Charge, and without any Sucgrew worse,

cess. 27 When she had 27. This Woman, hearing of the heard of Jesus, came Fame of Jesus, had thrust her self into in the press behind, the Croud which followed him ; hoping and touched his gar- to find relief, as others in like defpement,

rate Cases had done, from his miraculous Power. But being afraid and ashamed to confess her Disease publickly, the came behind him privately,

and touched his Cloaths : 28 For she said, If

28. Thinking within her self, that I may touch but his


he who had done so many and clothes, I shall be whole.


Miracles with only a Word speaking, could not but heal her Difease even with the least Touch of his

Cloaths. 29 And straight

29. And her Expectation did not way the fountain of

deceive her. For as soon as she touchher blood was dried

ed him, the found evidently such a I


Change within her self, and such a up : and she felt in sudden Restoration of Strength and Vi- her body that the

was healed of that gour of Body, as satisfied her that her

plague. Disease was entirely cured.

30. Thus the Woman thought she 30 And Jesus imhad secretly gained a Cure, without mediately knowing being taken Notice of. But Jesus in himself

, that verknowing by his Divine Power what tue had gone out of

him, turned him awas done, and that it would be more

bout in the press, for the Glory of God, and the com

and said, Who touchmendation of the Woman's Faith, ed my clothes ? to discover the Matter than to conceal it; turned himself about to his Disciples, and asked who touched his Cloaths,

31. The Disciples wondring what 31 And his discihe meant, to ask who touched him ples said unto him,

Thou seest the mulwhen the People pressed and crouded

titude him on every side, were furprized and thee, and sayest thou,

thronging knew not what to answer.

Who touched me? 32. But Jefus continued looking a 32 And he looked bout him, as it were to discover who round about to see had touch'd him, and as if he expect- her that had done ed that some Body should confefs what this thing. had been done. 33. Whereupon the Woman, con- fearing and tremb

33 But the woman fcious what she had done, and perceiv- ling, knowing what ing that she should be discovered, came was done in her, in great Fear and kneeled down before came and fell down Jejus, and openly confessed the whole before him, and told Truth of the Matter.

him all the truth. 34. Then Jesus spoke comfortably

34 And he said to her, saying ; Be not afraid ; your thy faith hath made

unto her, Daughter, great Faith has purchased you this thee whole: go in Cure; Go home in Peace, and your peace, and be whole Difcase thall return upon you no more. of thy plague.

35. While Jesus was thus talking 35 While he yet * Ver. 24. with the Woman in the * Way, there spake, there came Messengers from the House whi- from the ruler of the

house, ther Jesus was going, to tell Jairus fynagogues

certain which said, that his Daughter was dead, and that therefore he need not now give Jesus Why troubleft thou

Thydaughteris dead,



& 25:

God was

the Master any fur- the Trouble of going down to the ther?

House. 36 Afsoon as Jesus 36. Jefus, hearing this Account, and heard the word that seeing the young Woman's Father bewas spoken, he faith gin to despair, bad him not be terrified unto the ruler of the fynagogue, Be not

at this News, but believe earnestly that afraid, only believe.

even yet able to restore his Daughter, and he should quickly fee

the Reward of his Faith. 37 And he suffer

37. Then putting back all the Muled no man to follow titude, and even his Disciples themhim, save Peter, and selves, excepting only Peter, James James; and John the and John; he went attended by these brother of James.

Three into the House with Jairus.
38 And he com-
eth to the house of

38. Where, as soon as he entred,
the ruler of the fy. he found a great Rout of Relations
nagogue, and seeth and Mourners, weeping and making
the tumult, and them Lamentation for the untimely Death
that wept and wailed of the young Woman.
39 And when he

39. But Jesus, knowing that this come in, he her Death was permitted only that faith them, he might have Occasion of thewing Why make ye this

forth the Power of God, bad them ado, and weep? the damsel is not dead,

forbear their excessive and unreasobut sleepeth. nable Mourning: For the


Wo40And they laugh- man, faith he, is not dead, but aed him to scorn: sleep. but when he had

40. At this they all laughed, and put them all out, he derided him; being well assured that taketh the father she was really dead. But Jefus, having the damsel, and them ordered them to be all put out, went

WOthat were with him, into the Room where the young and entreth in where man lay, with only her Father and the damsel was ly. Mother and the Three fore-mentioned ing.

Disciples. 41 And he took

41. And he took hold of her Hand: the damsel by the and with a Voice of Power and Auhand, and faith unto her, Talitha cu- thority, bad her rise up. mi, which is, being interpreted, Damsel (I say unto thee)arife,

42. Upon




42. Upon this she immediately not 42 And straightonly returned to Life, but recover

way the damsel arose, ing also her Health and Strength, rose and walked, for the

was of the age of up and walked; for she was about

years ;

and twelve Years old.

And her Parents they were aftonished were amazed to the last Degree, at the with great astonishGreatness and Strangeness of the Mi- ment. racle.

43 And he charg43. Then Jesus ordered that some- ed them ftraitly, that what should be given her to eat ; and

no man fhould know

it : : and commanded bad her Parents not report abroad what

thatiomething should he had done.

be given her to eat.

C H A P. VI. Jesus despised by his Countrymen for the Meanness of his

Parentage, ver. 1. And therefore worked but few Miracles among them, ver. 5. He sends forth his Twelve Apostles to preach, ver. 7. The Opinion of Herod and Others concerning Jesus, ver. 14. The Cause and Manner of John Baptist's Death, ver. 17. The Apostles give an Account of the Success of their Preaching, ver. 30. Jefus feeds five Thousand with five Loaves and two Fishes, ver. 35. Walketh on the Water, ver. 45. and healeth

many Sick, ver. 55. 1. AFTER thefe Things Ielus re 'AN Probe went of his Education, to converse a while and came into his amongst his Friends and Relations ; his disciples followed

own countrey, and and his Disciples went with him.

him. 2. And there on the Sabbath-day

2 And when the he went, as usual, into their Place of fabbath-day publick Worship, and expounded to come, he began to them the Writings of the Prophets, teach in the synaand taught them plainly the Doctrine gogue: and many of true Religion. And they that heard hearing him, were him, were greatly amazed at the Wil- From whence bath

saying, dom and Excellency of his Instructi

this ons, at the Gravity and Authority


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