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Inventions, their Hypocrisy, and their Cruelty; Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.

THE Assembly was confused. There was no Order, no Reason, no Moderation among them. The very Type of our High-Church Mob again ! And the more part krew met wherefore they were come tagether : that is, though, as I said before, they came determined co do Mischief, yet they were at a Loss what Species of it to go about, till their General, the Priest, gave them the Word. Oh, my Beloved, let us lament the horrible State of those poor unregenerate Souls, whose Pastors feed them with Poison instead of the Food of Life, and teach them Rage instead of Religion. Take Warning, Sirs, I say unto you, take Warning; beware of Diana, and her Craftf men; and cleave to your Bibles, as you love your · Souls.

AND they drew Alexander out of the Multitude, the Jews (the believing Jews) putting him forward. And Alexander beckoned with his Hand, and would have made his Defence unta the People. But when they knew, that he was a Je v, (that is, a believing Jew) all with one voice, about the Space of two Hours, cried out, Great is Diana of the Ephesians' v. 33, 34.


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WAS there ever such a couple of TwinCases as theirs and ours ! Verily, our HighChurch Bigots and Ragamuffins are the undoubted Descendents of Diana's Tories at EpheSus fixteen hundred Years ago. Nor is the Breed one whit mended ; they are still the Black-guard of the Craftsmen, blind, outrageous, and loud.

We too, my Brethren, would, like the good Alexander in my Text, make our Defence unto the People ; and they will not hear us. Pray mark the different Manner of our disputing from theirs, and the contrary Arguments we use; we appeal to the Bible; they cry the Church! and answer the Word of the Lord with a Brickbat: Oh horrible!

GREAT is Diana of the Ephesians ! HighChurch for ever! and 'tis likely they swore to it. This was the Cry for the Space of two Hours. Poor Souls! it was all that they could say, and all that their Priests bad caught them to say, Great is Diana of the Ephesians! Was ever Church more pithily defended! Certainly the Craftsmen of our Days have learned their Logic from their Epbefian Predecessors. Great is Diana of the Ephesians! I have heard a Sermon a full Hour long upon the fame Subject, and yet not more said, nor better.



You have already, my Beloved, heard two Speeches, one from the Craftsmen, and the other from the Mob. Dr. Demetrius, being in the Chair, tells his Brethren of the Trade, that by this Craft (observe, by this Craft!) ebey had sbeir Wealth. This is the first part of his Sermon; and in troth, he puts the best Leg foremost, and uses his strongest Argument first : He fairly puts the Stress of his Faith upon the ready Rhino, and in the very Dawn of his Difcourse, shews himself to be Orthodox. I dare say, the whole Convocation was convinced. He has, however, a rare Gudgeon behind for the Mob; and what should that be; trow ye, but a Charge of Heresy against Paul? The Apostle had the Assurance to publish, forsooth, that they be no Gods which are made with Hands : Terrible Atheism against the Established Divinity! and you see what a bitter Spirit it raised.

This, my Friends, was the Priest's Speech or Sermon: Now hear the Mob's Speech once more; for it is a Rarity, as we say in Berkshire, Why they cried out till their Throats were jaded, Great is Diana of the Ephesians; and lugged a couple of painful Dissenting Ministers into the Bear-Garden, where I am forry we



must leave them to the Mercy of High-Church Men.

Now, my Chriftian Friends, you shall hear a third Speech, which by its Honesty, Mode. ration, and good Sense, will refrefh you after all the Knavery and Impudence in the Craftfmen, and all this Sottishness and Fury in the People.

AND when the Town-Clerk had appeased the People, he said, Te Men of Ephesus, what Man is there, that knoweth not how that the Cia ty of the Ephesians is a Worshipper of the great Goddess Diana, and of the Image which fell down from Jupiter ? Seeing then that these things cannot be spoken againji, yi Jught to be quiet, and do nothing rashly: For ye have brought his ther these Men, which are neither Robbers of Churches, ror yet Blasphemers of your Goddess. Wherefore, if Demetrius, and the Craftsmen which are with him, have a Matter agains any Man, the Law is open, and there are Dem puties : Let them implead one another, V. 35, 36, 37, 38.

This is the Speech of a Layman, and a Lawyer! Think ye not, my Friends, that he was Low-Church Man? I wor he was.

SEEING then that thefe things cannot be Spoken against. Right, Mr. Town - Clerk !


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their dowdy Image was established by Law; and if it had been a Broom-stick, it would have had the Priests on its Side, and must have been worThipped: Where the Carcase is, there will the Ravens be gathered together.

TE ought to be quies, and so do nothing rafbly. So they would, if the Priests had let them alone. But the Craftsmen had goaded their Sides with the Cry of the Church, till the poor Reprobates were Itark mad.

WHAT Man is there, that knoweth not, &c. Why, every body knew, that Madam DiAna's Palace at Ephefus had more Superftition and Peter Pence paid to it, and consequently had a greater Swarm of Cnapiains, that all the Divinity-Shops in Afia belidés. She had Men and Money of her Side. What! could not all this secure her? No; her Bully-boys were afraid of Jesus Christ, and Two or Three Dissenting Teachers, his Servants.

AND the Image which fell down from Jupicer. Fell down from Jupiter ! what great Lyars some Priests are, my Beloved! They will needs fetch all their Fables, and filthy Ware, out of Heaven itself; and yet who has less Intereft there? Their very Ballads and RareeShews are fathered upon Divine Right. Oh Sirs, the brazen Front of Some Men! The


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