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which Mofes commanded 7 And when ye shall hear for a testimony unto them. of wars, and rumours of wars,

45 But he went out, and be ye not troubled: for such began to publish it much, things must needs be; but and to blaze abroad the the end Mall not be yet. matter, insomuch that Jesus 8 For nation shall rise could no more openly enter against nation, and kingdom into the city, but was with against kingdom: and there out in desert places : and shall be earthquakes in divers they came to him from places, and there shall be faevery quarter.

mines, and troubles: these

are the beginnings of forCHAP. XIII. ND as he went out of 99 But take heed to your

the temple, one of his felves : for they shall deliver disciples faith unto him, Maf- you up to councils ; and in ter, fee what manner of stones the fynagogues ye shall be and what buildings are here! beaten : and ye shall be

2 And Jesus answering said brought before rulers and unto him, Seeft thou these kings for my fake, for a great buildings ? there shall testimony against them, not be left one stone upon 10 And the gospel must another, that shall not be first be published among all thrown down.

nations. 3 And as he sat upon

the II But when they shall mount of Olives over against lead you,

and deliver you up, the temple, Peter and James take no thought beforehand and John and Andrew asked what ye shall speak, neither him privately,

do ye premeditate : but what4 4. Tell us, when shall these foever shall be given you in things be ? and what shall be that hour, that speak ye, for the sign when all these things it is not ye that speak, but shall be fulfilled ?

the Holy Ghost. 5 And Jesus answering 12 Now the brother shall them began to say, Take betray the brother to death, heed lest any man deceive and the father the son: and you:

children shall rise up against 6 For many shall come in their parents, and shall cause my name, saying, I am Chrift: them to be put to death. and shall deceive many.

13 And ye shall be hated


of all men for my name's sake. 22 For false Christs and But he that shall endure unto false prophets shall rise, and the end, the same shall be shall shew signs and wonders, saved.

to seduce, if it were possible, 14 9 But when


shall see even the elect. the abomination of desolation, 23 But take ye heed: bespoken of by Daniel the pro- hold, I have foretold


all phet, standing where it ought things. not, (let him that readeth

24 9 But in those days, underltand,) then let them after that tribulation, the fun that be in Judea Aee to the shall be darkened, and the mountains :

moon shall not give her light, 15 And let him that is on 25 And the stars of heaven the housetop not go down shall fall, and the powers that into the house, neither enter are in heaven shall be shaken. therein, to take any thing 26 And then shall they fee out of his house:

the Son of man coming in 16 And let him that is in the clouds with great power the field not turn back again and glory. for to take up his garment.

27 And then shall he fend 17 But woe to them that his angels, and shall gather are with child, and to them together his elect from the that give fuck in those days! four winds, from the utter

18 And pray ye that your most part of the earth to fight be not in the winter. the uttermost part of hea

19 For in those days shall ven. be amiction, such as was not 28 Now learn a parable from the beginning of the of the fig-tree; When her creation which God created branch is yet tender, and unto this time, neither shall putteth forth leaves, ye know be.

that summer is near : 20 And except that the So

ye Lord had shortened those when ye shall see these things days, no fesh should be come to pass, know that it is saved: but for the elect's nigh, even at the doors. fake, whom he hath chofen, 30 Verily I say unto you, he hath shortened the days. That this generation shall

21 And then, if any man not pass till all thefe things shall say to you, Lo, here is be dane. Christ; or, lo, he is there; 31 Heaven and earth shall believe him not :

pass away: but my words



in like manner,

35 Watch

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shall not pass away.

vants, and to every man his 32 But of that day and work, and commanded the that hour knoweth no man, porter to watch. no not the angels which are


therefore : in heaven, neither the Son, for ye know not when the but the Father.

master of the house cometh, - 33 Take ye heed, watch at even, or at midnight, or and pray: for ye know not at the cock crowing, or in when the time is.

the morning : 34 For the Son of man is 36 Left coming suddenly as a man taking a far jour- he find you sleeping, ney, who left his house, and

37. And what I say unto gave authority to his ser- you, I fay unto all, Watch.

From the Gospel according to St. LUKE.

she should be delivered.
ND it came to pass in 7 And she brought forth

those days, that there | her firstborn son, and wrapwent out a decree from Ce-ped him in swaddling clothes, far Auguftus, that all the and laid him in a manger-3 world should be taxed. because there was no room

2 And this taxing was first for them in the inn. made when Cyrenius was go

8 And there were in the vernor of Syria.

fame country shepherds abid3 And all went to be tax- ing in the field, keeping watch ed, every one into his own over their fock by night. city.

9 And, lo, the angel of the 4 And Joseph also went up Lord came upon them, and from Galilee, out of the city the glory of the Lord shone of Nazareth into Judea, unto round about them: and they the city of David, which is

were sore afraid. called Bethlehem; because he 10 And the angel said unto was of the house and lineage them, Fear not: for, behold, of David :

I bring you good tidings of 5 To be taxed with Mary great joy, which shall be to his espoused wife, being great all people. with child.

in For unto you is born 6 9 And so it was, that, this day, in the city of Dawhile they were there the vid, a Saviour, which is days were accomplished that Christ the Lord.

12 And this shall be a fign, as it was told unto them. unto you: Ye shall find the 21 q And when eight days babe wrapped in swaddling were accomplished for the clothes, lying in a manger. circumcising of the child, his

13 And suddenly there was name was called JESUS, with the angel a multitude which was so named of the of the heavenly host praising angel before he was conGod, and saying,

ceived in the womb. 14 Glory to God in the 22 And when the days of highest, and on earth peace, her purification according to good-will toward men. the law of Moses were ac

15 And it came to pass, as complished, they brought him the angels were gone away to Jerusalem, to present him from them into heaven, the to the Lord; fhepherds said one to an- 23 As it is written in the other, Let us now go even law of the Lord, Every male unto Bethlehem, and see this that openeth the womb shall thing which is come to pass, be called holy to the Lord; which the Lord hath made 24 And to offer a facrifice, known unto us.

according to that which is 16 And they came with said in the law of the Lord, hafte, and found Mary and A pair of turtle doves, or two Joseph, and the babe lying young pigeons. in a manger.

25 And, behold, there was 17 And when they had a man in Jerusalem whose seen it, they made known name was Simeon; and the abroad the faying which was fame man was just and detold them concerning this vout, waiting for the confochild.

lation of Ifrael ; and the Holy 18 And all they that heard Ghost was upon him. it wondered at those things 26 And it was revealed which were told them by the unto him by the Holy Ghost, Thepherds.

that he should not see death 19 But Mary kept all these before he had seen the Lord's things, and pondered them Christ. in her heart.

27 And he came by the 20 And the shepherds re- Spirit into the temple. And turned, glorifying and prais- when the parents brought in ing God for all the things the child Jesus, to do for him that they had heard and seen, after the cultom of the law,

28 Then 28 Then took he him up God with fastings and prayin his arms, and blessed God, ers night and day. and said,

38 And the coming in that 29 Lord, now lettest thou | instant gave thanks likewise thy servant depart in peace, unto the Lord, and spake of according to thy word: him to all them that looked

30 For mine eyes have for redemption in Jerusalem. seen thy salvation,

39 And when they had 31 Which thou haft pre- performed all things, accordpared before the face of all ing to the law of the Lord, people;

they returned into Galilee, 32 A light to lighten the to their own city Nazareth. Gentiles, and the glory of thy 40 And the child grew and people Ifrael.

waxed strong in spirit, filled 33 And Joseph and his with wisdom: and the

grace mother marvelled at those of God was upon him. things which were spoken of 41 Now his parents went him.

to Jerusalem every year at 34 And Simeon blessed the feast of the passover. them, and said unto Mary 42 And when he was twelve his mother, Behold, this child years old, they went up to Jeis set for the fall and rising rusalem; after the custom of again of many in Israel; and the feast. for a sign which shall be 43 And when they had fulspoken against;

filled the days, as they re35 (Yea, a sword shall turned, the child Jesus tarried pierce through thy own soul behind in Jerusalem; and Joalso,) that the thoughts of feph and his mother knew many hearts may be revealed. not of it.

36 And there was 44 But they supposing him Anna à prophetess, the to have been in the company, daughter of Phanuel, of the went a day's journey; and tribe of Afer; she was of a they fought him among their great age, and had lived kinsfolk and acquaintance. with an husband seven years 45 And when they found from her virginity; him not, they turned back

37 And she was a widow again to Jerusalem seeking of about fourscore and four him. years, which departed not 46 And it came to pass, from the temple, but served that after three days they



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