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4, Thy angels shall around their beds

Their constant stations keep :
Thy grace and truth shall shield their heads,

For thou dost never sleep.
5. May we with calm and sweet repose,

And heav'nly thoughts refreshid, Our eye-lids with the morn's unclose,

And bless the ever-bless'd.

Hymn 396. C. M.
1. OSANNA, with a cheerful sound

To God's upholding hand!
Ten thousand snares attend us round,

And yet secure we stand.
2. That was a most amazing pow'r

Which rais'd us with a word:
And ev'ry day, and ev'ry hour

We lean upon the Lord.
3. The ev'ning rests our weary head,

And angels guard the room ;
We wake, and we admire the bed,

That was not made our tomb. 4. The rising morning can't assure

That we shall end the day ;
For death stands ready at the door

To take our lives away.
5. Our breath is forfeited by sin

To God's avenging law;
We own thy grace, immortal King!

In ev'ry breath we draw.
6. God is our sun, whose daily light

Our joy and safety brings ;
Our feeble fiesh lies safe at night
Beneath his shady wings.




Hymn 397. P. M.
OD of my life to thee

My cheerful soul I raise ;
Thy goodness bade me be,

And still prolongs my days :
I see my natal hour return,

And bless the day that I was born. 2. A clod of living earth,

I glorify thy name,
From whom alone my birth,

And all my blessings came :
Creating and preserving grace

Let all that is within me praise. 3. Long as I live beneath,

To thee, O let me live !
To thee my ev'ry breath,

In thanks and praises give :
Whate'er I have, whate'er I am,
Shall magnify my Maker's name.

4. My soul and all its pow’rs,

Thine, wholly thine shall be ;
All, all my happy hours,

I consecrate to thee:
Me to thine image now restore,

And I shall praise thee evermore. 5. I wait thy will to do,

As angels do in heav'n;
In Christ a creature new,

Eternally forgiv'n:
I wait thy righteous will to prove,
All sanctifyd by perfect love.

6. Then when the work is done,

The work of faith with pow'r, Receive thy favour'd son,

In death's triumphant hour : Like Moses to thyself convey, And kiss my raptur'd soul away.


Hymn 398. P. M.
OW away with our fears,

The glad morning appears,
When an heir of salvation was born!

From Jehovah I came,

For his glory I am;
And to him I with singing return.
2. Thou, my Jesus alone,

Art the fountain I own
Of my life and felicity here;

And I cheerfully sing

My Redeemer and King,
'Till his signs in the heavens appear.
3. I with thanks do rejoice

In thy fatherly choice
Of my state and condition below;

If of parents I came, .
· Who did honour thy name,
'Twas thy wisdom appointed it so.
4. O the infinite cares,

And temptations, and snares,
Which thy hand hath conducted me throʻ!.

O the blessings bestow'd

By a bountiful God,
And the mercies eternally new!
5. What a mercy is this,

What a heaven of bliss,
How unspeakably happy am I!

With thy people to live and to die!
Indulge your eyes, indulge your tongue,

Gather'd into thy fold,

With thy people enrolid,
! 6. Now ail honour and praise

To the Father of grace,
To the Spirit and Son I return:

I the business pursue,

He hath made me to do,

And rejoice that I ever was born. +

Hymn 399. 1. L.

Youth and Judgment, Eccl. xi. 9.

E sons of Adam, vain and young,
Taste the delights your souls desire,

And give a loose to all your fire.
2. Pursue the pleasures you design,
And cheer your hearts with songs

and wine ; Enjoy the day of mirth—but know,

There is a day of judgment too.
3. God from on high beholds your thoughts,

His book records your secret faults ;
The works of darkness you have done

Must all appear before the sun.
4. The vengeance to your follies due

Should strike your hearts with terror thro':
How will ye stand before his face,

Or answer for his injur'd grace? 5. Almighty God, turn off their

From these alluring vanities,
And let the thunder of thy word
Awake their souls to fear the Lord.

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Hymn 400. L. u.
Old age and death in an unconverted state,

Eccl. xii. 1,7. Isa. Ixv. 20. 1.

ow in the heat of youthful blood,

Remember your Creator, God: Behold the months come hast’ning on,

When you shall say, "My joys are gone." 2. Behold the aged sinner goes,

Laden with guilt and heavy woes,
Down to the regions of the dead,

With endless curses on his head. 3. The dust returns to dust again;

The soul, in agonies of pain
Ascends to God, not there to dwell,

But hears her doom, and sinks to hell. 4. Eternal King! I fear thy name,

Teach me to know how frail I am;
And, when my soul must hence remove
Give me a mansion in thy love,

Hymn 401. c. m. 1.

VIME! what an empty vapour 'tis, "TA

And days how swift they are!
Swift as the archer's arrow flies,

Or like a shooting star.
%. The present moments just appear,

Then slide away in haste,
That we can never say, They're here,

But only say, “ They're past.”.
3. Our life is ever on the wing,

And death is ever nigh;
The moment, when our lives begin,
We all begin to die.

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