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Saviour to Himself, Luk. iv. 18. He has SER M.
anointed me to preach the Gospel to the
Poor,- -to preach deliverance to the cap-
tives,- -to fet at Liberty them that are
bruifed. Laftly, of fuch a Perfon, who
thus delights to do the Will of God, it
may be declared, though he be a Servant,
that yet he is the Lord's free Man, 1 Cor. vii.
22; that because the Son has made him
free, therefore be is free indeed, Joh. viii.
or (as it is in the Words of the Text,)
that he knows the Truth, and the Truth
doth make him Free.



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A Virtuous Mind the best Help to
understand True Religion.

DAN. xii. 10. latter part.
And none of the Wicked ball un-
derftand; But the Wife ball


O feek a man's true and final SER M. Intereft, by parting with some present and inconfiderable Advantages for the fake of more and much greater ones to come, is the proper Act of Wisdom; and the general Character of Folly, is the purchafing some trivial present Benefit, at the hazard

SERM. hazard of much better and more valuable
things in reverfion. For This reason, in
Scripture-phrafe, Religion and Virtue are
almost always fignified under the denomi-
nation of Wisdom; and Folly, is but ano-
ther Name for Sin. The Sinner and the
Fool, are always reciprocal Terms; and
no man is ftiled Wife by the Spirit of
God, upon any other account than that
of being Religious. For unto man he said;
The Fear of the Lord, That is Wisdom;
and to depart from Evil, is Understanding,
Job xxviii. 28. And This is so much the
known language of Scripture, that I need
in this place but just mention it. Thus
Ecclef. ii. 13. Then I faw, fays Solomon,
that Wisdom excelleth Folly, as far as Light
excelleth Darkness; the Meaning is, that
Religion and Virtue is as much more, ex-
cellent and more profitable to men than
Wickedness, as one thing can be prefera-
ble to another. And in the Words of the
Text; None of the Wicked fhall under-
ftand: But the Wife, (those who are fuch
in oppofition to the Folly of Wicked-
nefs, that is, the Righteous) shall under-

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To Understand, may be taken in two SER M. Senses; Either to fignify the understand- II. ing of these particular Prophecies; the understanding the true nature of Religion in general. In Both these Senfes, the Words are very proper and emphatical; and in Both, they are very remarkably fulfilled. If we take them in the former Senfe; None of the Wicked Shall underftand; i. e. none of them fhall apprehend the true meaning and intent of these Prophecies; But the Wife, viz. the righteous and well-difpofed, the careful and diligent inquirers, shall understand them: If we take them, I fay, in This Sense, then They were very remarkably fulfilled upon the Jews in our Saviour's time; who, notwithstanding that this Prophecy of Daniel contained as clear a Prædiction as could be defired, of the Time and Manner of our Saviour's appearing in the Flesh; yet through their obftinate prejudices againft Him and his doctrine, they refolved not to fee it: And because there were other paffages in the Prophecy, more obfcure, and difficult to be interpreted; therefore they would by no means be perfwaded to understand what was plain. The like to

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