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before. The earth where he took , drank deep of their poison, throughhis new station was the secular Ro- out a great part of Europe, and inman empire. No longer arrayed deed of the whole Roman earth like an angel of light, he assumed where the dragon, had takeń his the garb of humanity, liberality, can- station. Here he has vomited a dor and philosophy, and vomited food, of mock philosophers, Gerforth a flood of atheism and infidelity, men and French illuminated and mawith which he hoped to swallow up sonic, of philanthropic cut-throats, the woman. The war of Michael civic thieves, humane anarchists, and his followers with the dragon, and candid atheists, with all the in its predominant character was sweepings of all the streets of the spiritual ; they overcame by the great city Babylon. But the earth blood of the Lamb, and by the word helped the woman. Congregated of their testimony : it is commen- Europe met the infidels in aims, surate with the whole period of and notwithstanding the successes 1260 years ; the great victory over of the latter, at the peace which the dragon was atchieved at the era took place in the year 1801, the of the reformation; then the accu- earth had swallowed up the flood. ser of the brethren was cast down ; Atheism was dethroned, and papal and thence forward he has taken Christianity, at least nominally, rehis new station on the earth : a wce, stored. Britain, because she stayed even the third woe was proleptically herself upon her God, has wonderdenounced against the inhabiters fully withstood this raging food; of the earth and of the sea, for the here Christianity maintains its devil had come down to them, hav

throne ; &:d here, as also in some ing great wrath, because he knew that he had but a short time. He other Protestant countries, the wowas cast from Heaven under the man is nourished in hếr place presecond woe, but his pieculiar time, pared of God, in the midst of a the short time, comnienced with the wilderness of Popery, Mohammedsounding of the third woe trumpet, ism and infidelity. The war of the which began in the year 1792, and dragon against the remnant of the will end in the year 1866, at the woman's seed, being at the close of close of the period of 1260 years, the 1260 years, seems to be yet being only 74 years, a very short future, and will take place at the iime, when compared with the pre- time of the end. It will most likeceding centuries of his sway in the ly be a sort of crusade or holy war. church of Rome. The revival of England, as at present, will doubtletters in Europe discovered the ab- less be a principal object; and it surdities maintained by the church will end probably in Palestine, in of Rome. The mummeries of popery the fatal battle of Armageddon, were charged upon the gospel, and in the utter destruction of the comhence arose scepticism, infidelity bined enemies of God. and atheism. These at first were

The author now proceeds to anconfined to the higher and the lite-fold the contents of the third chaprary orders, but of late years Satan ter of the little book, in developing has taken a wider range ; and the character of the seven-headed sceptical publications, adapted to and ten-horned beast of the sea, and the comprehension of the lower or of the 1920-horned beast of the ders, have been zealously distributed, earth, of which the following is the and the mass of the people have great out-line. The beast first menVOL. I. NO. 8.


tioned, using the words of Bishop , saw him as revived, and he was to Newton, is designed to represent the practise and prosper from his reviRoman empire, for thus far ancients val 1260 years, and then to go into and moderns,papists and protestants, perdition ; accordingly, he is menare agreed. The Bisliop further tioned as the beast that was, and is pronounces trr:ly this beast to be a nol, and yet is, and his reign is comsecular beast : still, however, incon-mensurate with that of the little horn şistently with this, he maintains that of Daniel's fourth beast, to wit, for this beast is the same with the little a time, times, and half a time. In horn of Daniel's fourth beast, which order to see how this beast can be he proves to be the papacy, a power said to be, not to be and again to merely spiritual, and as St. John be, it will be proper to observe, that identifies the beast with his last head, a beast, in prophetie style, is a ty. so according to the Bishop the papa- rannical, idolatrous empire. Such cy, a sfiiritual power is the same an empire is a beast so long as it as a secular empre ; this difficulty is tyrannical and idolatrous ; when cannot be obviated, otherwise than it puts away its tyranny and idolaby saying, the pope is the head of try it is no longer a beast, though it the state, as well as of the church, may still continue an empire; and king of kings, as well as bishop of when it resumes its tyranny and bishops. But though the popes have idolatry, it again becomes a beast. claimed, they never have really pos- The Roman empire has been all sessed, temporal supremacy. Had this. It was originally a beast, it they succeeded in establishing such was professedly idolatrous, and it a claim, they might have been the persecuted the first men of underlast head of the secular beast ; but standing mentioned by Daniel ;

it history decidedly proves the contra- ceased to be a beast under Constanry. Apart from this, no doubt is tine the Great, when it became entertained that Daniel's fourth Christian ; and it again became a beast is the Roman empire ; by the beast, when it adopted the worship Bishop's proposition, St. John's first of saints and martyrs, and persebeast is the Roman empire; there-cuted the second set of men of unfore, they symbolize the same powderstanding ; this he did in the year er ; now if the little horn of Dan- 606, when he made the pope uniiel's fourth beast, be the fapacy as versal bishop, so delivering the saints is clear, and the head of St. John's into his hand. Then it was, that first beast, which is the same as

the beast arose out of the sea, or the beast itself, it must be the the tumult of Gothic invasion, and same as Daniel's last beast, that is, he took his station firmly on the the beast and his little horn are the shore, in the year 607, when same, which is absurd. St. John's idolatry was openly set up in the old first beast ; then is the secular Ro- heathen Pantheon, then the dragon man empire. But here will arise gave him his power, and his seal, the question, low could St. John and great authority. prophetically see this beast arise

The seven heads of the beast ! from the sea, when it had existed lude to the seven hills on which! ages before he was born? To which city of Rome was founded, threy are the answeris, the beast which existed also seven different forms of goto at the time of this vision, was to ernment, which had arisen, or shall cease to exist as a beast, and was arise, in the Roman empire. With afterwards to revive and St. John I respect to the six first of these, is

beast was,

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seems agreed, they were kings, con-| Gentiles will continue through the suls, dictators, decemvirs, military Millennium, and will constitute the tribunes with consular authority, Gog and Magog which, without and emperors. The first five had success, shall attack the Christian fallen in St. John's days; the impe- Church, towards the end of that rial head was then existing, and period, when they will be consigned was idolatrous; it ceased to be so,

to the same perdition with the Roman in the days of Constantine, and in beast. Bp. Newton adopts the same the year 606 became so again, when

general idea of the existence, death it constituted the bishop of Rome ty- and revival of the Roman beast, but rant over the church. Thus the after all, wholly departs from it;

and is not, and yet is, for he maintains, that the death of under the same sixth head. This the beast under his sixth head seventh head, in point of chronology, means the subversion of the Weshad not arisen, when the beast revi- tern empire, and his revival, the ved, still he was represented as com rise of the Carlovingian empire : plete in all his members. The but this cannot be true, for the sixth seventh head is represented as a head of the Roman empire was double head, or the seventh melting, alive in the East until the days of as it were, into the eight; and also, the Turkish horsemen under the seas the beast which was and is not ; cond woe. so powerful as to be identified with

With respect to the rise of the the whole beast himself. What

last head of the beast, it must be power is intended, history must de evidently subsequent to his revival termine. In the year 313, when

in the year 606, because the beast Constantine published his famous edict for the advancement of Chris- sixth head was then seated in the

revived under his sixth head; the tianity the beast was wounded to East; consequently his seventh death in his sixth head, and ceased head must rise in the West. But to to be a beast : andin the year 606,


still further back, Mr. Mede supwhen the emperor Phocas made the

poses the seventh head to be the pope a spiritual tyrant, to wear out line of the Western emperors and the saints, the beast revived ; this the righth head to be the papacy, period of 293 years the beast was But this plan gives the beast anpadead, or was not. This interpreta- rently eight heads and really only tion of the death and revival of the

seven ; because the line of Westein beast accords with the general tenor of symbolical language. At the end the sixth or imperial head. On this

emperors was in fact a branch of of the 1260 years this beast is to be plan, in order to reduce eight heads to slain, never to revive ; but we have

seven, he must suppose the sixth and no warrant for supposing that all go-seventh to constitute one imperial vernment, within the precincts of

head, while the eighth remains disthe Roman empire, is to be at an end ; thrones will remain, but they tinct: but the prophet says, that the will be occupied by the saints, and eighth head should be one of the preafter the Roman beast has gone in ceding seven. Bp. Newton thinks, to perdition, the lives of the other the Exarchate of Ravenna is the three beasts, seen by Daniel, will be seventh head, and the Papacy the prolonged for a season and time, eighth, but neither can this be true; though their dominion be taken because the Bishop makes the Exaway. In other words, nations archate one of the ten horns of the which adhere to the vanities of the beast ; but it cannot be both a horn

and a head; at least on his own after, in the year 800, Charlemagne plan, because, while the emperor of assumed the imperial dignity, which Constantinople was the sixth head, dignity has ever since been borne by his viceroy, the Exarch of Ravenna, a prince within the limits of the old could not be the seventh ; and be- Roman empire ; and has ever since cause, the prophet makes the sev- given him precedence over the ten enth and eighth heads to be one sen- horns by constituting him in a mantimo-octave head, but the Bishop ner their head. Here then we be

hold the rise of the sepimo-octave makes them in fact two. The truth is, the scptimo-octave France, Charlemagne was but a

head of the beast. As king of head must be one power, existing in

horn of the beast: as emperor of a two fold capacity ; and it must the Romans, he was its last head: cease to be in one capacity, when it begins to be in the other. The nor is it absurd, that he should be

both a head and a horn of the beast seventh head must continue a short

in different capacities. This power space, and is not to co-exist with the ind eighth, but to give place to him. The in the days of Charlemagne was pope is thought by many to be the commensurate, either by actual sova septimo-octave head of the beast, reignty, or acknowledged supremBy some, that he is one head in his acy, with the whole beast ; and he temporal, and another in his spirit- really possessed, what the popes only ual, capacity: by others, that he is ineffectually claimed ; and this powone head as the sovereign of his own the head of the beast, as truly as the

er though now diminished, is still dominions, and another, as king of the whole world. But in addition to

imperial power, under the sixthu whạt has been said of the incongru- The beast was to practise and pros

head, was in the days of Augustulus, ity of a spiritual head to a secular beast, it is sufficient to observe, that per forty and two months, the same these plans make the twofold domin- cute the woman ; the persecution

period as the dragon had to perses ion of the popes to co-exist through is the same; the dragon is the authe whole period of their reign, and thor, the beast the instrument. The the prophet makes the eighth head Roman world worshipped the drato succeed the short dominion of gon and the beast by obeying them the seventh, and in reality to be one rather than God. The beast blaswith it, so as to constitute one septi- phemed God and his people, by sup mo-actuve head. The power, which porting idolatry and persecution ; alone will fully satisfy this descrip- and would prevail against the Saints, tion, is the Carlovingian empire. during the whole period. The RoThe subversion of the kingdom of man beast still retains all the characLombardy, in the year 774, made teristics of a beasl, and in this state Charlemagne king of France, mas

he will finally go into perdition, on aeter of Italy, under the title of Patri- count of the great words of the little cian of Rome. Here then, after the horn. The prophet concludes the death and revival of the beast un- account of this great enemy of God der his sixth head, we behold the and his church, with words of comrise of the Carlovingian patriciate, fort: “He that leadeth into caso the seventh independent temporal tivity shall go into captivity, he that head of the beast: this head however, killeth with the sword, shall be kilwas to continue but a short space;

led with the sword,” which in accordingly we find that 26 years


time, God will verify, in the salva- | And it is the advice of your tion of his people, and in the de-Creator and Benefactor. Into struction of his enemies.

this volume, you are to look [To be continued.]

that you may find the path to heaven : for it is a map pointing out to wandering sinners the direct way to

the celestial Advice to Ycuth.

Canaan, to the Zion above. · It

is profi'able for doctrine, for re(Continued from p. 155.) proof, for correction, for instruc

lion in righteousness, that the man OD 80 loved the world that of God may be perfect, thorough

he gave his only begotten ly furnished unto all good works. Son that whosoever believeth in It has been the means of openhim should not perish but have ing the eyes of blind sinners and everlasting life. From this pas- of enlightening their minds : sage of inspiration it is very and accompanied with the influevident that all believers in ences of the Holy Spirit, it has Christ shall have everlasting life: been quick and powerful and and it is as evident that all un- sharper than any two edged sword, believers shall perish. It is also and made millions to rejoice in written, He that believeth shall hope of the glory of God. You be saved, but he that believeth not are to read it, that you may be shall be damned. It is therefore, better neighbors, citizens and precious youths, of infinite con companions than those ever can sequence that you believe in be, who are ignorant of its conChrist. If you do not, you will tents. lose eternal life, and must suffer When you open this volume, unutterable wo, for ever. Think, remember by all means that it of the boundless love of God is the word of that Being who in giving his only begotten Son created and will soon judge you to die for the world ; to die for --whose voice causes the pillars your precious souls and let the of the earth to tremble—whose thought thereof, put you upon Son died that sinners might live seeking that which will secure and to whom you are amenable to you the favor and enjoyment for all your conduct. You must of his Son Jesus Christ. Per- take care that you do not read it

with the same indifference with 4. To advise you to read the which too many youths, look Bible much. This book was over a novel or an idle story ; given by inspiration, and con- that you do not think and speak tains what is of the highest im- of its contents, with indecent portance for men to know. Il levity and familiarity, nor suffer makes known the true character your attention to be diverted by of God, and his dispensations every trifle which intrudes itself; of mercy to the world. From because this would be to offer il we learn what we are, and insult to him whose mind it de what we must

to be saved. clares and of whose awful majesty In it you will find the best ad. and glory it bears manisest sigvice that can be given you. nalures. But when you take it

mit me

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