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things for the good of Thy People : We beseech Thee, grant us the grace of Thy Holy Spirit, to teach us rightly to acknowledge our misery, and patiently to bear Thy chastenings, which we have deserved ten thousand times more severe. We know that they are not the evidences of Thy wrath, but of Thy fatherly love towards us, that we should not be condemned with the world. O Lord, increase our faith in Thine infinite mercy,

be more and more united to Christ, as members to their spiritual Head, to whom Thou wilt make us conformable in sufferings and in glory. Lighten the cross, so that our weakness may be able to bear it. We submit ourselves entirely to Thy holy will, whether Thou art pleased to continue our souls longer in these tabernacles, or take them into eternal life; since we belong to Christ, and therefore shall not perish. We would willingly leave this weak body in hope of a blessed resurrection, when it shall be restored to us much more glorious. Grant us to experience the blessed comforts of the remission of sins, and of justification through Christ, that we by that shield may overcome all the assaults of Satan. May His innocent blood wash away all the stain and uncleanness of our sins, and His righteousness answer

that we may


for our unrighteousness in Thy last judgment. Arm us with faith and hope, that we may not be ashamed nor confounded by the terrors of death. But when our bodily eyes are closing in darkness, may the eyes of our souls be directed towards Thee : and when Thou shalt have deprived us of the use of our tongues, may our hearts never cease to call upon Thee. O Lord, into Thy hands we commit our souls : forsake us not in our last extremity; and that only for the sake of Jesus Christ : Who hath taught us to prayFather, etc.



ALMIGHTY and most Merciful Father! in

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Whose hands are the issues of life and death : Look down, we beseech Thee, in compassion, upon the sick child for whom our prayers are desired. If it be Thy good pleasure, deliver him from his bodily sickness, prolong his days upon the earth, enable him to live in Thy fear and to Thy glory, and visit him with Thy salvation. But if it be Thy will, O gracious God! to take his soul at this time out of the world, receive him, we pray Thee, into those heavenly habitations, where the spirits of all who are in Christ enjoy perpetual repose and blessedness.

Grant this, O Lord! for the love of Thy Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ. AMEN.


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MERCIFUL God and heavenly Father! Who

hast taught us in Thy holy Word that Thou dost not willingly afflict the children of men : Look with pity, we beseech Thee, upon the sorrows of Thy servant, for whom our prayers are desired. In Thy wisdom, Thou hast visited him with trouble, and hast brought distress upon his soul. Remember him, O Lord ! in mercy : sanctify Thy fatherly correction to him; endue his soul with patience under his affliction, and with resignation to Thy blessed will. Comfort him with a sense of Thy goodness, and give him, peace; through Jesus Christ our Lord. AMEN.



GOD, Creator and Governor, Who preservest man

and beast, look, we beseech Thee, on our dry, thirsty land; water it abundantly from Thy river which is full of water, and let Thy paths drop fatness, that the springing of the earth may be blessed, the

fruits thereof be perfect and plentiful, and the year crowned with Thy goodness. Spare us, O Lord, in Thy mercy, and cause Thy people to rejoice because of Thy bounty. Shed forth Thy Holy Spirit on Thy Churches, that Thy heritage may be confirmed and Thy word be fruitful abundantly, for the glory of Thy holy Name through Jesus Christ our Lord. AMEN.





GOD of love and compassion, Who of old didst set

Thy bow in the cloud for a token of a covenant between Thee and the earth, we humble ourselves before Thee on account of our sins, and acknowledge Thy chastisement to be just. Yet spare us, O Lord. Stay the excess of rain, and cause Thy sun to shine, that, the hope of harvest being fulfilled, our barns may stored with Thy bounty, and our souls rejoice in Thee. Above all, O Lord, grant that the Sun of Righteous

arise upon us with healing in His wings, and Thy people, walking all the day in the light of Thy countenance, in Thy righteousness may be exalted. Do this, O Father of mercies, for the sake of Thy Son Jesus Christ. AMEN.

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GOD of peace, Who didst send unto us messages

of peace by Thy Son, the Prince of peace, and commandest us to be at peace with all men, we entreat Thee to save us from quarrel, bloodshed, and war. Still the tumult of the people as Thou dost the raging of the sea.* Disappoint the devices of the wicked, and bring their machinations to naught. Fill our hearts and the hearts of all men with Thy love, that so we may dwell in safety under the wings of Thy Holy Spirit, and have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. AMEN.


GOD, we are consumed by Thine anger, and by

Thy wrath are we troubled. Thou hast seen that our iniquities are great, and Thou hast sent the angel of death to smite us sorely. Oh, vex us no more in Thy displeasure, but by Thy Holy Spirit turn our hearts and the hearts of all our people to Thy righteous ways, that so Thou mayest repent Thee of the evil, and our lives may be prolonged for the honour of

* In time of war may be here inserted:

Give us not over into the hands of our enemies, but defend us, and grant us the victory, which is in Thine hand.

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