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NIME by moments steals away;


Small the daily loss appears,
Yet it soon amounts to years :
Thus another year is flown,
And is now no more our own
(Though it brought or promis'd good)
Than the years before the flood.
But each year, let none forget,
Finds and leaves us deep in debt;
Favours from the Lord received,
Sins that have the Spirit grieved,
Mark'd by God's unerring hand,
In his book recorded stand :
Who can tell the vast amount
Placed to each of our account?

We have nothing, Lord, to pay;
Take, oh! take our guilt away:
Self-condemn’d on thee we call,
Freely, Lord, forgive us all :
If we see another year,
May we spend it in thy fear;
All its days devote to thee,
Living for eternity.


Christ o’er sinners weep,

And shall our cheeks be dry?
Let floods of penitential grief

Burst forth from every eye,


The Son of God in tears,

Angels with wonder see:
Be thou astonish’d, O my soul!

He shed those tears for thee.
He wept that we might weep,

Each sin demands a tear;
In heaven alone no sin is found,

No weeping shall be there.
Then tender be our hearts,

Our eyes with sorrow dim,
Till every tear from every eye

Is wiped away by him.


T nigh :

NIME is earnest, passing by;

Sinner, wilt thou trifling be?
Time and death appeal to thee.
Life is earnest: when 'tis o'er,
Thou returnest never more.
Soon to meet eternity,
Wilt thou never serious be?
God is earnest : kneel and pray,
Ere thy season pass away;
Ere he set his judgment throne;
Ere the day of grace
Christ is earnest, bids thee come;
Paid, thy spirit's priceless sum;
Wilt thou spurn thy Saviour's love,
Pleading with thee from above ?

be gone.

O be earnest, do not stay;
Thou mayest perish e'en to-day.
Rise, thou lost one, rise and flee;

Lo! thy Saviour waits for thee. 18

YAY, sinner, hath a voice within



Urged thee to leave the ways of sin,
And yield thy heart to God's control ?
Hath something met thee in the path
Of worldliness and vanity,
And pointed to the coming wrath,
And warn’d thee from that wrath to flee?
Spurn not the call to life and light;
Regard in time the warning kind;
That call thou may'st not always slight,
And yet the gate of mercy find.
Sinner, perhaps, this very day
Thy latest call from God may be;
And should'st thou harden'd turn away,

Then hope may never beam on thee. 19

FASTEN, O sinner, to be wise,

Hand sun;


The longer wisdom you despise,
The harder is she to be won.
O hasten, mercy to implore,
And stay not for the morrow's sun;
For fear thy season should be o'er,
Before this evening's stage be run.

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O hasten, sinner, to return,
And stay not for the morrow's sun;
For fear thy lamp should fail to burn,
Before the needful work is done.
O hasten, sinner, to be blest,
And stay not for the morrow's sun;
For fear the curse should thee arrest,
Before the morrow is begun.
O Lord, do thou the sinner turn,
O rouse him from his senseless state;
Nor let him thy salvation spurn,
Nor rue his fatal choice too late.


ILGRIM, burden'd with thy sin,


There, till mercy speaks within,
Knock, and weep, and watch, and pray.
Knock-for Jesus lends an ear;
Weep-he marks the mourner's sigh;
Watch-till heav'nly light appear;
Pray--he knows the sinner's cry.
Hark! it is thy Saviour's voice-
“Welcome, Pilgrim, to thy rest :".
Now within the gate rejoice,
Safe, and own'd, and bought, and blest.
Safe—from all the lures of vice;
Own'd-by joys the contrite know;
Bought-by love, and life the price;
Blest—the mighty debt to owe.

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Happy pilgrim! what for thee
In this world can now remain ?
Seek that world from which shall flee
Fear, and shame, and tears, and pain.
Fear !—thou hast in heav'n no place;
Shame !-from glory's view retire;
Tears !-be wiped from ev'ry face;
Pain !—in endless bliss expire.


RETURN.. wanderer, return,

And seek an injured Father's face ;
Those warm desires that in thee burn
Were kindled by reclaiming grace.
Return, O wanderer, return,
And seek a Father's melting heart;
Whose pitying eyes thy grief discern,
Whose hand can heal thy inward smart.
Return, O wanderer, return,
He heard thy deep, repentant sigh;
He saw thy soften'd spirit mourn,
When no intruding ear was nigh.
Return, O wanderer, return,
Thy Saviour bids thy spirit live;
Go to his bleeding feet, and learn
How freely Jesus can forgive.
Return, O wanderer, return,
And wipe away the falling tear;
'Tis God who says—No longer mourn;
'Tis mercy's voice invites thee near.

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