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“Adeste Fideles." LATIN, 17TH CENTURY. TR. RÝ Rev. EDWARD CASWALL, (1814–1878).

Marco Antonio Simao, (1762—1830).


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1. Come hith-er, ye faithful, tri - um - phant-lysing; Come, see in the
2. True Son of the Fa-ther, He comes from the skies, To be born of
3. Hark! hark to the an-gels, all sing - ing in heaven,“ To God in the
4. To Thee, then, 0 Je-sus, this day of Thy birth, Be glo - ry and


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hith - er, Oh come ye, come hith - er, to worship the Lord !
hith - er, Oh come ye, come hith - er, to worship the Lord !
hith - er, Oh come ye, come hith - er, to worship the Lord !
has - ten, Oh come, let has - ten to worship the Lord !


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"Irby." 8. 7. 8. 7. 7. 7. MRS. CECIL FRANCES ALEXANDER, (1829–1895) 1848. Henry John Gauntlett, (1805–1876) 1856.

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1. Once in roy - al Da - vid's cit - y Stood a low - ly cat - tle shed, 2. He came down to earth from heaven, Who is God and Lord of 3. And, through all His wondrous childhood, He would hon-or and o bey,



Where a moth - er laid her Ba-by, In a man - ger for His bed : And His shel - ter was a sta-ble, And His cra - dle was a

stall; Love, and watch the low-ly maid-en In whose gen - tle arms He lay.

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4 Oh, our eyes at last shall see Him, . 5 Not in that poor lowly stable,

Through His own redeeming love, With the oxen standing by,
For that child so dear and gentle We shall see Him; but in heaven,
Is our God in heaven above;

Set at God's right hand on high;
And He leads His children on

When like stars His children crowned ·
To the place where He is gone.

All in white shall wait around.



“Mendelssohn." 7s. D. REV. CHARLES WESLEY, (1708–1788) 1739.

Felix Mendelssohn, (1809-1847) 1840.

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1. Hark! the her - aldan-gels sing, “Glo - ry to the new-born King, 2. Hail the heaven-born Prince of Peace! Hail the Son of Right-eous - ness!


Peace on earth, and mer - cy mild, God and sin - ners
Risen with heal-ing in His wings, Light and life


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Joy-ful, all

ye na - tions, rise, Mild He lays His glo - ry by,

Join the tri - umphs of the skies; Born that man no more may die,

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With th’an-gel - ic host pro - claim, “Christ is born in Beth - le - hem !” Born to raise the sons of earth, Born to give them sec - ond birth;


With th’an-gel - ic host pro-claim, “Christ is born in Beth - le - hem."
Born to raise the song of earth, Born to give them sec-ond birth.


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Yon - der where they sweet vig - il keep O'er the Babe, who in Came blest vis - ions of

gel-throngs With their loud al - le Thou didst smile on us when Thou wast born! Blest in - deed was that


si - lent sleep, Rests in heav-en-ly peace, Rests in heav-en-ly peace. lu - ia songs, Say-ing, “Je-sus is come,” Saying, “Je-sus is come.” hap-py morn, Full of heav-en-ly joy, Full of heav-en-ly joy.

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1. Hark! a burst of heavenly mu-sic From a band of seraphs bright,
2. Slumbering in a low-ly manger Lies the might-y Lord of all,
3. And this joy - ful Christmas morning, Breaking o'er the world be-low,

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Sud - den - ly to earth de-scending, In the calm and si - lent night.
And be - fore the ho - ly Stranger See the trembling shepherds fall.
Tells a gain the wondrous sto - ry Shepherds heard so long a - go.

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To the shepherds of Ju-de - a, Watch-ing in the ear- llest dawn,
He has come, the long-ex-pect-ed, Full of wis - dom, love, and grace,
Who shall still our tune-ful voi-ces, Who the tide of praise shall stem,

So they bear the joy - ful ti-dings, “Je - sus, Prince of peace, is born.”

To redeem His ruin -ed creatures, To re- store our fall - en race. Which the blessed an - gels taught us In the fields of Beth-le- hem ?

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