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How Abraham was called.

at the time.

Whither Abraham went.

To separate him from all idolatrous connexions, God told him to leave his country and kindred ; and to dwell in a strange land, which He

would point out to him and give him. Abraham's age

This command was given when Abraham was 75

75 years old, and is generally termed the call of Abraham.

He immediately obeyed, and went from Ur to dwell in Canaanthe land of promise.

* CANAAN was so called from Canaan, son of Ham. It was ca led PALESTINA by the Romans, being a corruption of the word Philistina, or land of the Philistines. It was called the LAND OF ISRAEL, because the Israelites under Joshua took possession of it. It was called the LAND OF PROMISE, because God promised Abrasiam to give it to his seed. It was called the HOLY LAND, because it was set apart by God for his own people, and was his kingdom on earth. It was called after the captivity JUDÆA, because the tribe of Judah was the principal tribe which returned from Babylon. It contained 11,000 square riles ; was 200 miles long, and 90 broad. Why Canaan

Canaan was so called because God promised Abraham to give it to

his seed for an everlasting possession. This promise,

This promise was fulfilled


was so called.

when fulfilled.

Companions of Abraham.

they separated.

about 400 years afterwards, when Joshua conquered Canaan and divided it amongst the Israelites.

Abraham was accompanied to Canaan with his nephew, Lot. And both of them took their wives, their servants, their herds, and all their substance with them. Why and where

They separated at Canaan, because their flocks and herds were too large to pasture together. Where they cach Lot selected the fertile plains of Sodom to live in, and Abraham went to dwell in the vale of Mamré, near Hebron.

After eight years a misfortune befel Lot. Four petty kings, who came to pillage Sodom, seized him and made him prisoner, together with several of his neighbours.

When Abraham heard thereof, he armed his servants, pursued the marauders, rescued the captives, and

dwelt .

What evil befel
Lot at Sodom.

How rescued.

on his return.

How Abraham honoured him.

Melchizedek, who he was.

having recovered the spoil, took it back to Sodom. Who met him

On his return, Melchizedek met him, and pronounced a blessing on him.

Abraham, in return, honoured Melchizedek by giving him tithes of all. (Gen. xiv. 20.)

This MELCHIZEDEK was king of Salem (afterwards called Jerusalem), and priest of the most high God. He was a Canaanite, and descendant of Ham.

The king of Sodom was very grateful to Abraham for his seasonable aid, and promised to give him the spoil he had recovered; but Abraham modestly declined the offer.

After this, Lot continued to dwell in Sodom for five more years, when the wickedness of the people drew down a terrible judgment from the Lord. What that judg. This judgment was no less

The offer made to Abraham.

Where Lot dwelt after this.

Who perished in the fire.

than the entire destruction of Sodom and its three neighbouring cities by fire and brimstone. (Gen. xix. 24.)

Together with Sodom were destroyed Gomorrah, Admah, and Zebóim. After this fearful judgment, the site of these four cities became the bed of the Lake Asphaltỉtés or Dead Sea.

All the people of the four cities perished in the fire except Lot, his wife, and his two daughters, who were warned by angels to make their escape, without stopping to look be

hind them. Who disobeyed this injunction.

Lot's wife obeyed not this injunction : but stopped on the road to look at the burning cities, and was instantly converted into a pillar of salt.

Probably the volcanic matter of the burning cities overwhelmed her, and formed over her person a saline incrustation similar to that which covers the “remains” found at Pompeii.

God had forewarned Abraham of this judgment, and Abraham had pleaded earnestly with Him to spare the guilty cities.

Abraham was forewarned.

to Abraham.


What replyah God. God promised He would do so, provided He could find ten righteous men therein; there was, however, only one righteous man, and that was Lot. Whither Lot went After the destruction of Sodom, Lot retired to

near Zoar, where he lived with his two daughters, and had two sons.

Their names were Moab and Ammon; and they were the fathers of the Moabites and Ammonites.



The names of
Lot's two sons.

Section II.


B.C. 1906–1885.


God's promise to Abraham,

God's first promise to AbraHAM was that his posterity should be as “ numerous as the stars," although at the time he was 84 years old, and had no child.

His first son, Ishmael, was

When his first son was born.

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