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Prayer was offered by Rev. Thos. Arnold. The report was read by the Rev. A.
Hannay. The committee were chosen by ballot. Henry Richard, Esq., M.P., was
elected with acclamation as Chairman for the year 1877.

The second session was held at the City Temple on Tuesday the 9th ; the Rev.
Dr. Aveling, Chairman, who, after devotions, led by Rev. J. Corbin, delivered an

“Within the Fold,” containing important suggestions respecting the best modes of conducting the services of the sanctuary. The appointment of the “ Reference Committee,” and the introduction of visitors having been considered, the Rev. C. Clemance, B.A., read a paper on "The Duty of the Churches in relation to the Evangelisation of England.” Discussion ensued, which was conducted by Revs. Bryan Dale, M.A.; J. H. Wilson, J. Radford Thomson, M.A.; G. Mabbs, A. MacKennal, B.A.; T. Arnold, and J. B. Robertson. The proposed transference of the “ Congregationalist ” and “ Christian Penny" magazines to the Congregational Union formed a topic of great interest.

The proposal was advocated by the Rev. Messrs. H. T. Robjohns, B.A., and E. W. Shalders, B.A.; but opposed by the Rev. J. C. Harrison and the Rev. Dr. Allon, who found sympathizers in the Revs. Dr. Kennedy, Dr. Brown, and A. Reed, B.A. The Revs. J. G. Rogers, B.A., and the Rev. A. Hannay supported the Union taking the magazines. After speeches by the Revs. R. W. Dale, M.A., Dr. Raleigh, and Ll. Bevan, LL.B., the subject was referred back to the committee to prepare it for future consideration. The meeting then adjourned.

On Friday, May 12th, the assembly met in the Memorial Hall, and was presided over by the Rev. Dr. Aveling. After devotions, the Rev. J. H. Wilson read a statement respecting the financial position of the Memorial Hall. A paper was read by the Rev. Dr. Parker on “Organized Congregationalism." The Rev. E. Armitage, M.A., read an essay on “University Reform," and the Rev. J. G. Rogers, B.A., spoke at considerable length on “Elementary Education.” Resolu. tions were passed on these several themes.

On Friday evening the assembly resumed its sitting after a soirée in the library.
Dr. Aveling again presided. Dr. Ridge read a paper on “The National Vice of
Intemperance.” Among the speakers were the Revs. W. Hewgill, M.A., J. Nunn,
S. McAll

, G. M. Murphy, Urijah Thomas, S. Toms, J. Morgan, Lí. Bevan, LL.B., A. Hannay,&c. A resolution, calling on ministers and churches to use their influence against the appalling evil, was passed unanimously. Petitions were ordered to be presented to both Houses of Parliament for closing public-houses on Sunday.

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News of Our Churches.
MINISTERIAL CHANGES, has been chosen pastor of the church at


Rev. W. R. FLETCHER, M.A., Rich. Rey. G. BAILEY, of Crockerton, has mond, Victoria, is removing to South removed to Heytesbury.

Australia, to become pastor of Stow Rev. A. CREE, for the last eight-and- Memorial Church in Adelaide. a-half years minister of Innerleithen, Rev. HENRY SIMON, who has been Scotland, has accepted an invitation to preaching at Westminster for the past the pastorate of the church at High six months, has accepted an invitation to

become the co-pastor and eventually the Rev. D. C. HARRIES, of Bala College, successor of the Rev. Samuel Martin.

Street, Ware.




Rev. R. A. REDPORD, M.A., LL.B., has resigned his charge at Streatham Hill to undertake that of Union Church, Putney.

REV. J. W. Baker has resigned his charge at Hayward's Heath, Sussex.

Rev. D. INGLIS, B.A., of Lancashire College, is about to commence his ministry at Werneth, Oldham.

Rev. W. A. BEVAN, of Wiveliseombe, has accepted the oversight of the church at Crediton.

Rev. J. B. Parry, of Lancashire College, has received an invitation to settle at Festiniog, North Wales.

Rev. T. JARRATT, formerly a Baptist minister, recently pastor of the Free Ohurch at Golden Hill, has accepted the pastorate of the church at Tunstall.

Rev. J. B. JOHNSTONE, of Inverurie, is about to become minister of Great Hamilton Street Church, Glasgow.

Rev. DORRALL LEE has, by the advice of his medical attendant, resigned his charge at Peazley Cross, St. Helen’s.

Rev. E. V. HORTON has accepted the pastorato at Therfield, Herts.

Rev. H. E. RADBOURNE, of Cheshunt College, is about to commence his ministry at Newcastle-on-Tyne.

Rev. P. T. FORSYTH, M.A., of New College, has accepted an invitation to Shipley, Bradford, Yorkshire.

Rev. T. WICKHAM Tozer is leaving Carlisle Chapel, Kennington, to become pastor of Nicholas Street Chapel, Ipswich.

Rev. T. G. HORTON, of Wolverhampton, is about to succeed Rev. J. G. Miall as minister of Salem Chapel, Bradford.

Rev. T. R. DONALDSON, of Thornbury, has accepted an invitation to become minister of Dr. Wardlaw's Memorial Church, Glasgow.

Rev. IRA BOSELEY, of Kidderminster, is removing to James Street Congregational Church, Blackburn.

Rev. T. M. HERBERT, M.A., of Cheadle, has been appointed to the professorship in Lancashire College, racant by the death of the Rev. Professor Newth.

Rev. A. WARNER was recognised on April 24th, as pastor of the church at Henfield. The Rovs. C. Brake, R. Hamilton, A. Foyster, E. Storrow, and G. 0. Frost, took part in the services.

Rev. W. FAITH recognised April 14th, as pastor of the church at Bicester. The Rev. J. Bagley gave an exposition of Congregational principles, and the Rev. F. W. Holmes preached the sermon to the people.

Rev. W. EDWARDS received recog. nition on April 20th, as pastor of the church, Bromley-by-Bow. The Rev. D. M. Jenkins gave the charge, and the church was addressed by the Rev. J. S. Watts.

Rev. J. BRIERLY, B.A., was recognised pastor of the church at Leytonstone, or April 18th. The charge was given by the Rev. Dr. Newth, and the Revs. J. Knaggs, D. Davies, and H. Hurry took part in the proceedings.

Rev. J. BLACKBURN was publicly recognised on April 17th, as pastor of the church at Brightlingsea, Eset X, and the extinction of the chapel debt was at the same time celebrated. The Revs. T. W. Davids, T. Batty, J. Llewellyn, W. H. Cole, J. B. Dadd, and other ministers took part in the service.

Rev. J. Hewett, of Nottingham Institute, was ordained to the pastorate at Sleaford, April 11th. An exposition of Church principles was given by the Rev. E. Johnson, B.A.; the ordination prayer was offered by the Rev. A. Murray; the charge to the pastor was given by Rev. Professor F. S. Williams, and the charge to the church and congregation by the Rev. C. S. Slater, M.A.

Rev. R. ROBINSON, late of Hull, received recognition as pastor of the church at Ashby - de - la - Zouch, on April 26th.

The Revs. James Sibree, G. Snashall, C. Clark, J. Greggor, J. Hardy, and C. Haddon officiated.

Rev. A. T. GILL was ordained at Rainhill, near Liverpool, on May 2nd. An exposition of Congregational principles was given by the Rev. S. Pearson, M.A. The prayer was offered by the father of the minister, the Rev. G. Gill, of Burnley, and the charge was delivered by the Rev. Professor Scott, of Lancashire College.

Rev. H. IRVING was ordained, May 2nd, at Snow Hill Church, Wolverhampton. The Revs. Dr. Newth, Dr. Stoughton, R. W. Dale, M. A., and other gentlemen took part in the service.


It has a

at Southport was laid on April 10th, by E. B. Dawson, Esq., LL.B., J.P. An address on Congregationalism was dolivered by the Rev. J. Wishart, M.A.

The foundation stone of a memorial church at Barrow, near Clitheroe, was laid on April 14th, by T. Grime, Esq., of Darwen. The Rev. J. Stroyan gave the address.

The foundation stone of a new chapel at Church, near Accrington, was laid on April 14th, by Miss Sandeman. The address was delivered by the Rev. Professor Scott.

A new church was opened at Westborough, Maidstone, on April 11th, by the Revs. Dr. Parker and J. C. Harrison, The building is in Gothic style, and is intended to seat 475 persons. tower 85 feet high.

The foundation stone of a new chapel was laid at Denton, near Manchester, by Miss Bradbury, of Southport. The Rev. Joseph Waddington, who has been pastor of the church for twenty-five years, gave an appropriate address.

The Watts Memorial Hall and Schools, situated on the site of Rev. Dr. Watts' garden, at the back of Above Bar Chapel, Southampton, were opened on April 10th, when & sermon preached by the Rev. Dr. Aveling. The building consists of a large assembly

fourteen class-rooms, and a spacious library.

A TEMPORARY chapel has been erected at New Chesterton, where the congregation of Emanuel Church, Cambridge, have long had a mission. Mr. Guttridge, B.A., of St. John's College, has undertaken the duties of pastor.

The new church at Westgate, Cleckheaton, was opened April 25th, by the Revs. Dr. Parker and Dr. Mellor.

A new church at Newton Abbot was opened April 27th, by the Rev. Dr. Allon. A memorial tablet is erected in the building to the memory of the Rev. T. Yeo, M.A., who was ejected from the vicarage of Newton Abbot in 1662, and for some time met his sympathising


A new mission chapel was opened at Great Cornard in connection with Trinity Chapel, Sudbury, on Easter Monday, by the Rev. Dr. McAuslane.

A NEW schoolroom was opened at Adderbury, on the 18th ult. The cause in this village is affiliated to the church at Banbury, and supplied by local brethren.

A MEMORIAL schoolroom was opened at Axminster on April 18th. It is built on the site of a chapel built in 1698, and is designed to commemorate the faith and patience of the church during the days of persecution, and especially to perpetuate the memory of the Rev, B. Ashwood, M.A., the incumbent of the parish, who refused to comply with the Act of Uniformity.

The memorial stone of a new mission chapel in connection with the Woodsley Road Congregational Mission Room, a branch of East Parade Church, Leeds, was laid, April 18th, by the Rev. E, R. Conder, M.A. The total cost of the building, including land, is to be £2,000.

New schools were opened at Mount Pleasant, Glossop, on April 14th. The Reys. R. Stainton, W. Lenwood, J. Wilson, and J. Hall took part in the proceedings.

The memorial stone of a new church


parishioners by night in Bradley Wood for the worship of God.

The new lecture hall in connection with the church at East Finchley was opened April 30th, by the Rev. Joshua C. Harrison and the Rev, A. Rowland, LL.B. The hall has been built on the site of the chapel which was destroyed by fire, November, 1875. It will seat 350 persons, and has excellent schoolrooms in the rear for senior and infant classes. It will be used by the congregation for worship till the new church is finished.

A HANDSOME Sunday-school, erected at an expenditure of £9,000, which, along with the cost of the site, has been defrayed by Sir Titus Salt, Bart., was opened April 29th, at Saltaire. Mr. Titus Salt took the chair, and Master Harold Salt, in the name of his grandfather, declared the school opened.

DEATHS. Rev. E. Owen, minister of Brywchy's Independent Church, Llansantffraid, died, after a protracted illness, on the 1st of May.

Rev. T. GAMMIDGE, for many years minister of the church at Ketton, died at Oakham on April 30th, at the age of 82.

REV. JAMES MORETON died at Sutton, Surrey, on May 5th, after a ministry of more than half a century, aged 78.

Rev. JAMES WOOD, 'of Shaldon, South Devon, fell asleep in Jesus, May 1st, aged 72.

Rev. T. MANN, West Cowes, died May 4th, aged 81. His ministry began in 1821.

Rev. E. A. WALLBRIDGE, late of Demerara, died April 27th, in the 63rd year of his age, and 33rd year of his ministry.

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Managers' May Meeting.

The usual May meeting of the London and country managers of the Evangelical Magazine was held at the Guildhall Coffee-house, Gresham-street, after the missionary sermon at Surrey Chapel, on Wednesday, May 10th.

The following were present :—The Rev. J. Viney, the treasurer, in the chair; the Rev. Drs. H. Allon, T. W. Aveling, A. M. Brown, J. Edmond, R. Halley, A. Raleigh, and J. Stoughton; the Revs. R. Bruce, C. Clemance, W. S. Edwards, J. Fleming, J. C. Harrison, S. Hebditch, E. Jones, W. P. Lyon, I. V. Mummery, R. Redpath, W. Roberts, and W. M. Statham.

Letters were received from the Revs. Dr. Kennedy, Dr. Reynolds, J. Parsons, E. R. Conder, G. D. Cullen, W. Campbell, and S. Pearson, expressing regret for unavoidable absence,

Among the visitors were the Rev. Drs. Morley Punshon, J. Mullens, F. J. Falding, J. Guthrie; the Revs. R. Ashton, J. G. Rogers, H. Griffith, W. Marshall, J. C. Gallaway, W. Tarbotton, C. F. Vardy, G. Clarke, J. Graham, E. Jukes, and R. D. Wilson.

Very touching and appropriate reference was made to the death of the late editor, the Rev. Dr. Spence, and to the exemplary manner in which he had discharged the duties of his office for eight years.

The claims of the Magazine to continued and enlarged support were advocated.

The Treasurer stated that the amount received during the year, in answer to the appeal for sacramental collections in aid of the Widows' Fund, was largerthan usual, and urged the importance of sustaining that source of revenue, so that the number of grantees might be increased.



London Missionary Society.

I.-Anniversary of the London Missionary Society. TI

HE services in connection with the Eighty-SECOND Annual Meeting

of the London Missionary SOCIETY were, as usual, held during the second week in May. The crowded and enthusiastic audiences which assembled to listen to appeals on behalf of the Society, both from the pulpit and the platform, bore testimony to the firm hold which its operations have taken upon the affection and liberality of the members of our Churches, and were in full accord with the Report for the past year which it was the Directors' happiness to present.

On Monday MORNING, May 8th, at half-past seven, a small company, consisting of Directors, officers, and friends of the Society, met at the Mission House for special prayer in view of the engagements of the week.

On the afternoon of the samE DAY the Annual Meeting of DIRECTORS was held in the Board Room, at which there was a large attendance of ministers and laymen from all parts of the kingdom.

The usual sermon at SURREY CHAPEL was preached on WEDNESDAY morning by the Rev. W. MORLEY Puxshon, D.D., one of the Secretaries of the Wesleyan Missionary Society, from Isaiah xlii. 1-4. The liturgical service of the Church of England was conducted by the Rev. NEWMAN HALL, LL.B., and prayer was offered before the sermon by the Rev. CHARLES Wilson, M.A., of Plymouth. The evening sermon, specially addressed to young men, was preached in WESTMINSTER CHAPEL by the Rev. J. A. MacFADYEN, M.A., of Manchester, from Philippians ii. 19, 20. The Rev. G. S. REANEY, late of Warrington, led the derotional exercises of the congregation.

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