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her communion. Her very flest, septimo-octave head as that which was next eaten, by the sale of the St. John had before identified even church lands in revolutionary with the whole beast himself. And France, by the secularization of the whether the Infidel king is to beGerman ecclesiastical electorates come this head or not, this is certain and monastic principalities, and by that he will be a principal actor in the temporary creation of anatheisti- "the time of trouble,” and “shall cal republic in her capital. But she come to his end, and none shall help will not be utterly burnt with fire till him:" nor will the contrariety of the time of the end.

infidelity to popery be an impediThe seventh vial is said to be ment to the accomplishment of the poured out into the air, in allusion to prophecy, that the beast and the The dreadful storms of political false profihet shall be taken, banded thunder and lightning which it will in arms together. This union, produce. Three important events broughtabout by secret, diabolical inare comprehended under it. 1. The stigation, will probably be directed earthquake by which the great city cither against the Jews now beginis divided into three parts, which ning to be restored ; or the great manifestly signifies some very great protestant states ; or lastly against revolution by which the Latin Em- both the Jews and Protestants jointpire will be divided into three sov- ly. Hence it will probably be a sort reigntics. 2. The full of the spirit of crusade of all the atheistico-paual Babylon described at large in pal powers, against the Jews, and the 18th chapter, which relates to their defenders the Protestants. the same event as the destruction of

The Author brings together into ihe little horn of Daniei's fourth one point of view the four prophebeast. They both equally predict cies of St. John, Daniel, Zechariah, the complete subversion of the pa- and Joel, relative to the awful events pacy at the end of the 1960 years. with which the 1260 years will con3. Exactly contemporary with the clude, to which we refer our readers. fall of the shriritual Babylon, or the Rev. xix. 21. Dan. vii. 9-11, 25. adulterous church of Rome, will be --27. and xi. 44, 45--and xii. 1. the overthrow of the secular Baby- Zech. xii. xiii. xiv. Jcel ü.iii. From Ion or the ten horned Roman beast, these prophecies he concludes that The power of both will be broken | Palestine will be the scene of this in the same battle of Armageddon. battle. Since Zechariah and Jcel are This is abundantly manifest from in these passages treating of the resthe concurring testimony both of toration of the Jews, all the matters Daniel and St. John. He is to be of wirich they speak, as connected destroyed along with the false firo- with that restoration, must be the pihet.

as those of which Daniel The batile of Armageddon, the speaks as being similarly connected

with it. Zechariah fixes in general Author supposes to be the same with the time of trouble such as never

terms the scene of action in PalesWas since there'was a nation, men

tine, and in the neighborhood of Ittioned by Daniel the same likewise rusalem. Joch likewise fixes the as the dreadful slaughter of the scene of action in Palestine, declarGentiles in the neighborhood of being that the nu rthern army, (which, rusalem, predicted in such furcible from his descriptic, can be no otliterms by Zechariah and Jul. The er than the army of the infidel king, beati, who is to take so active a mentioned by Daniel coming by way part in this struggle, is the same of the north) shall be driven back, VOL. I. NO, 10,

Z z


with its face toward the eastern or at least successful in their attempt ; dead sea, and its hinder part toward the former teaching us that before the utmost sea, the western or Med- the infidel king shall come to his iterranean. Daniel no less expli- end, he shall have succeeded in citly afirms that the infidel king, af-planting the tabernacles of his pralo ter having planted the tabernacles aces in the glorious holy mountain ; of his palaces between the seas, in and the latter more openly informthe glorious holy mountain, shall / ing us that immediately before the come to his end, none being able to Lord shall go forth and fight against help him. And St. John informs us the assembled nations, those nations that the wine-press shall be trodden shall have sacked Jerusalem with in a land which extends 1600 fur- circumstances of great cruelty. See longs. Now the length of the region Zech. xiv. The last part of this between the two seas, which is des chapter points out how the overtined to witness the fall of Anti-throw of the huge host, assembled christ and his congregated host, if at Megiddo, will in some measure a line be drawn along the sea shore at least be effected. A supernatufrom its southern to its northern ral panic will be sent among them, frortier, amounts exactly to 1600 so that they shall madly turn their Jewish Risin or Stadia.

swords against each other. Vet in

the midst of his righteous judgments Not merely the land, however, is

God will not forget his darling atpointed out where this great battle tribute of mercy. A third part will is to be foug!it, but even the very be spared and become the people of. filuce in that land. Joel informs us God. Zech. xiii. 8, 9. not only that it shall be between the

It is observable that Daniel dates two cocs, but in the valley of the beginning of the restoration of Jehoshaphar; and St. John, not only the Jews at the end of the 1260 years; that the land extends 1600 furlonge, that he pronounces him blessed but in a certain filace of that land that scaitch and cometh to a period calleci Armagrddon. The valley 75 years later; and that he menof Jchosathat, therefore, and Ar- tions an intermediate period 30 years mageddon are the same. Now later than the first, and 45 years bethe word Jehoshaphat signifies the fore the accomplishment of the last, judgment of the Lord--and the without giving the least hint of what valley of Jehoshaphat is indifferently is to take place at the era of this distyled by Juel, ihe valley of Jehoshu- vision. The Author supposes that phat, or the judgment of the Lord, the passage may receive light from and the valley of concision or da- Zechariah xji. 7—“The Lord also struction. This, therefore, is only shall save the tents of Judah first, a descriptive not a pirofler name that the glory of the house of David Armageddon, signifies the dësiruc- and the glory of the inhabitants of tion of Argidio, and Megiddo is a Jerusalem do not magnify themtown situated between the levo seas, selves against Judah.” He thinks in the half-tribe of Manasseth at a it no unnatural supposition that the smui distance from the shores of 30 years will be devoted to the resthe Mediterranean.

toration of Judah ; and the remainIt appears, both from Daniel and ing 45 in bringing back the house of Zechariah, that the confederacy shall David and the inhabitants of Jertat the first prove in some measure' salem.,

From the view which the author Many of our children may witness takes of the above mentioned pro- these events. For ourselves, we phecies, together with others, parti- have only to lavor through the cularly the 18th and 60th chapters of grace of God and the assistance of Isaiah, he collects the following po- his Holy Spirit, that we may be presitions. The Jews most certainly pared to meet the Lord at his comwill be restored. They will as cer- ing: Death whensoever it shall artainly be converted to Christianity. rest our progress will assuredly be They will begin to be restored as the end of the world to each of us: soon as the 1260 years shall have ex- and neither a hearty reprobation of pired. They will successively be the cruelties anti corruptions of Porestored in two great divisions. The pery; nor an abhorrence of theimmain agent in restoring the first of pious imposture of Mohammedism; these divisions will be the prevailing nor a detestation of the diabolical protestant maritime power of the principles of Antichrist ; are alone day. Agreat opposition will be made sufficient to prepare us for the kingto this attempt of the maritime pow- dom of heaven. We must beware, er, by a confederacy consisting of the lest we have a name that we live beast, the false-fırofinet, and the and are dead. We must be watchkings of the earth or Latin empire. ful and strengthen the things which The confederacy, one member of | remain that are ready to die ; lest which is certainly the atheistico-pra- our works be not found perfect bepal king, having sanctified their fore God. “Blessed is hethat readwar by proclamation, will invade eth, and they that hear the words of Palestine, in order to prevent the re- this prophecy and keep those things turn of the Jews; and will succeed | which are written therein : for the in taking Jerusalem, and in planting time is at hand.” the tabernacles of their palaces in the glorious holy mountain between the two seas. Their triumph however will be but short, for assembling FROM THE LONDON RELIGIOUS themselves at Megiddo, they will be struck with a preternatural confusion, and draw every man his sword

Three Dialogues between a Min

ister and one of his Parishion. against his fellow. The confederate

ers, on the True Principles of hoat will consist of three parts.

Religion, and Salvation by JeThe Latin city will be divided by

sus Christ. an earthquake into three parts immediately previons to these events.

DIALOGUE. 1. Two out of three parts of the confederacy will be destroyed | M. NEIGHBOR, good-morat Megiddo. The third will

row ; I find you have be spared and converted. The been early up, diligentiy empower of the beast and the false ployed ; your cattle are fed, and prophet will be forever broken. At people at work. I see thriving the end of 75 years, after the ter- in the world is a matter very mination of the 1260 years, the sea near your heart. son of millennian rest will com P. Ay, sir, all this is necessamenice.

ry. Meat and clothes must be


provided ; taxes must be paid ; deed are wicked, swearing, and this requires much care and drunken men : but we are not labor.

all so. You know yourself that M. I would by no means dis- I regularly attend public worcourage your industry. It is ship. I never hurt any man in your duty to be not slothful in my life, and pay every man his business. But you know you due. have another calling besides hus

M. And upon

this you build bandry: the soul must be fed your hopes of heaven If this and clothed too.

be your foundation, I must plainP. Doubtless the soul ought ly tell you, it will leave you hopeto be minded in the first place, less in the day of trial. Let us for that is the chief concern : examine it by the word of God, but I hope I do not neglect my “ You never hurt any man." soul and the world to come : 1 You mean, I suppose, you never should be sorry you should think robbed or murdered any person ; me so bad a man : I believe you I do not think you have ; but have no reason

still you have committed much M. No particular reason to be sin, and done much hurt, not suspicious of you more than of only to others, but especially to others. But when I look round, your own soul, by great and and observe the general uncon- numberless offences against the cern about salvation in which holy law of God. Nay you men live, I am anxious for my have broken every one of his fellow-mortals; and with res commandments. pect to you of this Parish in P. Who could give you such particular, I think myself obli- an account of me? I never comged to admonish you of your mitted idolatry, murder, aduldanger, that you may not die tery nor theft. before you have obtained forgive M. Yes, all of them. Hare ness of sins through faith in you never loved any worldly Jesus Christ, and are made thing more than God and his meet for an inheritance among favor ; nor feared any thing them that are sanctified. more than his displeasure, so as

P. Lord, Sir! why should to neglect a known duty rath. you entertain such uncharitable er than draw upon yourself some thoughts of us?

temporal evil? This was a 31. Do not abuse the word breach of the firs! commandcharity : it signifies the same as ment. The sccond commandlove. Now love does not re ment respects the manner of quire that we think well of every expressing the devotion of the body with or without reason, but healt: and therefore, whatever that we wish and intend well to 1 in your service has been unbe. every body. I give myself coming, such as wandering no trouble about you, that is, is thoughts, carclessness, and irreI were utterly void of charity, verence, as well as using images, would you think me a very is a breach of this commandcharitable man?

ment: so is also neglect of God's P. But I hope you do not service. And here you will not condemn us all : some of us in- I pretend, I suppose, to be not

guilty.. Cosequently, your at- especially injurious language, is lending public worship in this accounted a degree of murder ; careless, unthinking manner, and who can acquit himself of deserves rather to be reckoned these? If you take the same among your sins, than trusted 20 method to understand the other for justification before God. But commandments, all parts of a few ininutes ago, in my hear your behavior that are unsuitable ing, you took the Lord's naine in to your station, all irreverence vain, using it needlessly, and and rash censure of superiors, without an awful sense of his and all unkind and injurious Majesty, of whom you spake. treatment of those beneath you You have done the same per- will appear breaches of the fifth haps ten thousand times in your commandment. All evil-speaklife. This is a breach of the ing, and repeating stories injuthird commandment. When- rious to the character of others, ever you have neglected to at- contrary to the riinth ; and all tend God's worship on the Sab- murmuring and discontent, enbath, without a necessary, bin- vy and greediness, are sins fordrance ; suffered worldly tho'ts bidden by the tenih. to unfit you for God's service ; P. Then it seems there is done worldly business on that but one commandment against day, that might have been done which I have not sinned. on another; and neglected to NI. If you rightly knew yourdevole the whole lo God, by self and the law of God, you reading, hearing, prayer, medi- would not acquit yourself of that tation, and useful conversation, neither. De not offended, I speak you have profaned the Lord's out of love to your soul. I day. The substance of these do not think you a thief or a rolcommands is, “ Thou shalt love ber : yet, have you never conthe Lord thy God with all thy cealed the faults of what you heart :” but you have come sold, when you knew that ignoshort of this, whenever you have rance of these was the very not acted to the glory of God. thing that induced the person to Now what think you of your buy? Nay, have you not olien innocence with respect to the recominended your goods in duties of the first table of the such gencral terms as were not commandments?

consistent with strict truth? P. I cannot pretend to justify Have you not cruelly taken admyself with respect to God; vantage of the necessity of a but I am sure I bave done to needy seller', and beaten down hurt to man,

bis ware much below its real M. You would not say so, if value? These will certainly you understood the spiritual 1a- witness against you. ture and extent of God's law, as P. Why, sir, after this rate, explained by our Lord in his you condemn all the worki.--sernion on the mount. (Matt. According to your account, v.) There you find that wan. there is not a good man upon conness in the eye or heart is earth. esteemed adultery in the sight of M. It is not my account, but God; and causeless anger, and, the scripture account : “There

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