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the missionaries within the year, is one pearances are highly encouraging; and hundred and five years and three months, in all, the influence of the gospel has and the average proportion of aid in been in a measure felt. There is not their support granted by the Society, perhaps a missionary of the Society is about one-fourth.

who has not been honored as the inSeveral important Societies at the strument of leading more than one West and South have already become sinner to repentance. The whole auxiliary, and it is confidently believed number of souls converted in all the that most of the State Societies will congregations where the missionaries adopt similar measures at their next have laboured, is probably not less anniversaries.

than one thousand. The whole number of Auxiliaries The amount of monies paid out by which have been recognized by the the Committee during the year for the Society, is one hundred and twenty-six. support of missionaries, including the

But while the committee do antici- expense of office and agencies, is pate for the society, at no very distant $13,984 17; 'and more than $10,000 period, a ten-fold enlargement under have been pledged in the support of the smiles of a beneficient Providence, agents and in aid of congregations they would not speak ungratefully of now on our list, which is, or will bethe past. They would rather wonder come due in the successive months of that the blessing of God has enabled the year. The total receipts, incluthe Society to accomplish so much. ding $1,890 45 paid over by the U. D. The influence of this single year has M. S. is $20,031 21. Now in the been felt by hundreds of thousands. treasury, $6,047 04. The institutions of Christianity estab

In looking over the sources from lished and perpetuated in 195 town- which this income has been derived, ships, villages and parishes, embraced

we see, (say the Comınittee) marked in 84 counties and 15 states and ter- with peculiar distinctness, the hand of ritories, will not fail to exert a power. God as giving it all. There has yet ful agency in the improvement of the been no such concentration of the moral character of this nation, --while moral strength of the nation as the imthe souls that have been saved by the portance of the cause of Home Mispreaching of 168 ministers of Christ, sions demands. And the Society has will never cease to admire, with all

no permanent funds. All its pecuniasaints, the length and breadth, and ry resources have been derived from a heighth and depth, of the love of Christ, very small portion of the Christian which passeth knowledge.

community, and have come of God's From a review of the reports of the immediate blessing. Among other remissionaries, the Committee have been ceipts we notice the following: deeply impressed with the following circumstances of interest to the friends From 17 Life Directors, 1,700 00 of the Redeemer's kingdom. The From 56 Life Members, 1,680 00 first is, that Sabbath Schools and Bi. Payments in part for some purble Classes have been very generally


809 51 supported in the congregations aided From Auxiliary Societies and

Associations, together with by the Society; and in many instan

several Societies not Auxil. ces have been attended with the hap

The want of Bibles, Thanksgiving, Monthly Con-

5,996 39 piest results. and of religious Tracts and books for

cert and other collections, distribution, is a subject of earnest ap From Geneva Agency (for

2,264 40 peal in their communications, The

support of 32 missionaries Monthly Concert of Prayer has been in the Western District,) 2,038 36 generally, if not uniformly, observed From Boston Society for Home at their stations.


997 60 Sixteen special visitations of the From Young

Merr Missionary Holy Spirit have been experienced Society of N. Y. City, (apunder the labors of the Society's mis

plied to the support of 22 sionaries, and have resulted in the missionaries)

1,300 00 hopeful conversion of seven hundred From Monroe county Auxilsouls. In several other stations ap


400 00

The American Bible Society held its er's Guide-4000 Testaments_2000 eleventh anniversary at the same place Reference Testaments 2500 Reports on the following day. The receipts -11,500 Decalogues—606,000 Tickfor the past year amounted to $64,764 ets—-17,000 Primers---4000 Cata13; which is 11,774 19 more than logues--10,000 Spelling books—2250 those of the preceding year. Of the Regulations---48,000 Catechisms--whole amount, $35,366 29 were re- 35,000 Hymn books, and 289,250 ceived in payment for Bibles and Test- other publications ; making 1,616,796 aments, $19,282 82 as free donations, publications, which, added to those $4,225 as subscriptions to pay the debt issued by the Society in the two preon the Society's House, and $2,970 as ceding years, make a grand total of permanent loans. The particularsour. 3,741,840. ces from which the income has been The circulation of the American derived, are as follows:

Sunday School Magazine has much Donations from Auxiliary Soci

increased, and the edition now consists eties,

$13,466 90

of 2500 copies monthly—of the smaller Donations from Bible Societies

Magazine 10,000 copies are printed not auxiliary,

352 14 monthly. Remittances for Bibles from

There are now established in differ Auxiliary Bible Societies, 29,918 42 ent parts of the United States, in Remittances from Bible Socie

whole or in part on the capital of this ties not auxiliary,

1,794 52 Union, 67 depositories for the sale and Donations from Benevolent So

distribution of the Society's publicacieties,

20 00 tions. Legacies,

640 00

Sixty-three auxiliaries have been To constitute persons Directors

added during the past year, making for life,

450 00 463 which have been recognized by To constitute persons Members

the society. There are now connectfor life,

3,113 00 Annual contributions,

ed with the American Sunday School

444 00 Donations from individuals,

Union, 362 auxiliaries, 2,415 schools,

639 83 Congregational collections, 157 95

22,291 teachers, 159,246 scholars. Proceeds of Bibles and Testa

Increase 2,993 teachers, 24,172 scholments entrusted to individu

Whole number of hopeful conals in foreign parts,

780 31

versions during the past year, 1,481 Sales to individuals,

2,893 06 -723 of whom are teachers, and 758 Rent of parts of Bible Society

scholars. Excess of hopeful converBuilding,

700 00 sions over last year, 481. Add these Dividends on stock,

620 00 to the 4,000 hopeful converts before Interest on money loaned to

returned, and the amount is 5,481. Trustees of Building,

550 36 The General Agent, in discharging Donations for payment of debt

his duties, has already travelled more on Building,

4,225 00 than 3,000 miles, and has collected Reimbursment of debt on Build

$3,665 77, of which $1,500 have been ing by Trustees,

1,049 64 Permanent loans, interest to be

left with the managers of local deposi

tories. paid in Bibles and Test. 2,970 00

Since the last anniversary, the $64,764 13

Board of Managers have been enabled,

by the liberal contributions of their fel. The American Sunday School Un

low citizens in Philadelphia, to purion celebrated its third anniversary, at

chase a convenient lot with buildings Philadelphia, May, 22d.

thereon for their depository, and are Since the anniversary, in May last

now preparing them, and erecting they have published 11,000 Tracts

other buildings on the same lot, for the 1000 Hymns in sheets-3000 Teach

accommodation of their printer, stereer's Manual—6500 select Scripture

otype-founder, letter-press and copperLessons—10,000 Alphabetical cards

plate printer, binder, wood and cop2500 Class books—2000 Bible Ques

per-plate engravers, &c. the whole extions-484,000 Premium books—2000

pense of which, when completed, inTeachers' Hymn books-23,000 Sun- cluding the cost of the original purday School Magazines--2000 Teach

chase, will amount to about 34,000 VOL. 1.-No. VII.



dollars. Their depository will thus be Benevolent Societies in the country. furnished them free of expense. The Thus it is ascertained, that of those amount of the contributions above men- whom the Society has assisted since tioned is already 14,000 ; 10,000 of its formation only twelve years ago, ONE which have been paid in. The build- HUNDRED AND THIRTY-SEVEN have being purchased is at 148 Chesnut street: come preachers of the gospel. the lot has 50 feet front and 130 feet The amount of donations and of othdepth. The new building erecting for er sources of disposable income during printing-office, &c. is 50 feet long, 24 the year, as appears from the Treasur. feet wide, and 5 stories high. "llie er's report, is $13,428 90. The amount book store has 24 front and 50 feet of expenditures is $12,003 09. About depth : a very tasteful and substantial sixty scholarships of one thousand dol. marble front has been put up, the dif- lars each have been subscribed, part of ference in the expense of which, be- them payable in five years, and a large tween it and ordinary wood work, has part has already been paid into the been paid by a liberal friend of the in- hands of the Treasurer on account of stitution here.


The American Education Society, The General Assembly of the Presheld its annual meeting at Boston, May byterian Church commenced its ses28th.

sions in Philadelphia, May 17th. The A delegation from the Presbyterian narrative of the state of religion with Education Society was present, and in the bounds of their church, exhibits the contemplated union of that society a mixture of light and shade, of good with this as a branch society, was con- and evil. In surveying the destitute sumated. The number of beneficia- settlements, says the narrative, which ries received since the last annual are without the regular ministrations meeting, is 35. The whole number of the Gospel, the remote northern assisted by the funds during the year, parts of the State of New-York, the 156.

States of Ohio, Indiana, Alabama, MisThe whole number of young men to sissippi, Missouri, Georgia, and Kenwhom appropriations have been made tucky, present themselves in mournful since the foundation of the Society in array before us. For although in all 1815, is five hundred and seventy-six. these, there are some regular, faithful They have resided in nineteen or twen- ministers of Christ, there is an imty States ; and have pursued their stu. mense territory lying waste, without dies at as many Colleges, and at more laborers to cultivate it. Now and then, than 40 academies.

a travelling missionary scatters the Of those who have been patronized seed of the kingdom. But having none by the Society from its commence- to succeed him, the fruit of his toil is ment, 78 have been settled as Pastors blasted for want of efficient cultivation. of churches, in 14 different States ; all of this we have painful evidence in of whom, it is believed, yet sustain the fact, that within the limits of a sinthat office, except 4 or 5 who have died gle Presbytery in the Synod of Indiaor been dismissed. Six or seven have na, five churches have become extinct devoted themselves to the work of for during the last year, from this cause. eign missionaries ; two of these, the The present destitute condition of those lamented Mosely and Chapman, have extensive western regions, and the raalready ceased from their labours, and pidly increasing population, which far their bodies lie buried far in the wil. surpass ós the increase of ministers, furderness of America. Four have been nish pressing motives to exertion and ordained as Evangelists, and six others prayer on the part of the churches, as Domestic Missionaries. Thirty- that the laborers may be multiplied, three are preaching as Licentiates and and that these thousands of our fellow Candidates for settlement ; seven are sinners may not be left to perish for Licentiates, and, at the same time, In- want of the bread and the water of structors of youth ; and two others who life. They are our brethren, and they have received ordination, have been cry to us for help. Let us not be deaf called to stations of great usefulness, to their entreaties, lest “their cries enin connexion with two of the largest ter into the ears of the Lord of Saba


oth," and he come and smite us with a The General Association of Connectcurse.

icut, convened at Stratford, on the And, continues the narrative, while third Tuesday of June. The Scribe of the assembly would rejoice and bless that meeting has politely furnished us God for sustaining, and multiplying, and with the minutes of their proceedings, giving increased action to the benevo- from which we make the following exlent institutions within our church, and tracts. throughout our land, they have still A resolution, from a Committee of higher grounds of joy and gratitude to the Pastoral Association of Massachuthe Head of the church, for the show- setts, having been communicated ; reers of divine grace, with which their commending “a day of humiliation, Zion has been favored during the past thanksgiving, and prayer, to humble year. The Holy Ghost, like a mighty themselves for past deficiencies, to aerushing wind, has descended and rest- knowledge with gratitude the goodness ed on many assemblies, and by his all- of God for the success the gospel bas conquering energy has subdued many already had, and to implore greater efstout hearts which were fraught with fusions of the Holy Spirit upon themenmity against God, and the Gospel of selves, upon all who are preparing to his grace. The past year has been preach the gospel, and upon the churchemphatically a year of revivals. Το es and congregations of the land :” a enumerate all the towns and congre- committee was appointed to corresgations on which God has poured out pond with the committee of that body, his Holy Spirit, would swell our report upon some suitable time for carrying beyond its assigned limits. Suffice it the resolution into effect. to say, that upwards of twenty Presby- The following resolution of the Pasteries have participated, in a greater toral Association of Massachusetts was or less degree, in the refreshing show read. ers with which God has been watering Considering the great and increashis church.

ing want of ministers of the gospel, to A committee of this body, and one supply our own country, and other of the General Association of Connect- parts of the world, and the important icut, which met in August last, unani- influence which the American Educamously resolved to recommend two tion Society is destined to exert in raisrules for the future regulation of their ing up ministers of the gospel ; resolvinterconrse with each other. The re- ed, that we cordially recommend the solutions were adopted by the assem- observance of the concert of prayer bly; and Drs. Green, Blatchford, and which is appointed on Tuesday afterHillyer, were appointed a committee noon and evening following the usual to prepare a memorial on the subject, monthly concert, to pray for those unto be sent to the other ecclesiastical der its patronage, and generally for the bodies of New England, represented great object of praying the Lord of the in the Assembly. The proposed rules harvest, that he will send forth labor. follow :

ers into his harvest." “ 1st, That it shall be deemed irreg. On hearing the above resolution, ular and unfriendly for any Presbytery Voted, that this association do cordialor Association within the bounds of the ly approve the object of the American Corresponding churches, to receive Education Society, and recommend any candidate for licensure, licentiate, either the observance of the proposed or ordained minister, into connexion concert, or that the object be distinctwith either, without regular testimoni- ly remembered at the regular monthly als, and a regular dismission from the concert. Presbytery or Association, from which Resolved, that this association do the said candidate, licentiate, or min- cordially approve of the principles and ister, may come.

object of the “ American Society for “ 2nd, That the delegates commis- the promotion of Temperance," and sioned respectively by the Correspond- that we will use our influence as Pasing Churches to attend the highest bo. tore, to prevent entirely the common dy of each be hereby empowered, use, and all the abuses of strong drink. agreeably to the original plan of Corres- A committee was appointed to whom pondence between the Churches, to sit were referred the following questions, and deliberate only, but not to vote." viz: “Is not a minister whose recommendations have been recalled by the enlarging the General Association; council that dismissed him, on account and apportioning the ratio of represenof gross immorality, to be considered tation, as nearly as possible, to the as silenced or deposed ? If so, can any number of members composing said asnumber of ministers casually convened, sociations. restore such minister to his office, Voted, that the Association approve against the voice of said council and of the object of the Agents of the Westthe association to which he belonged ? ern Reserve College, in soliciting funds Who reported, “ That when a minis- for the aid of that institution, and ter who has been dismissed in good pledge ourselves to encourage it. standing, and with a recommendation Resolved, that the Association do of the dismissing council, shall after- highly approve of the object and eserwards be guilty of notorious and ac- tions of the Colonization Society, and knowledged immorality, the council do recommend to the ministers in our that dismissed have a right, upon the connexion in this state, to use their inknowledge of the fact, provided he is fluence in that way they shall judge still unsettled, to recall their recom- proper, to aid the society. mendation, and the minister whose re- Voted, that a delegate be appointed coinmendation is thus recalled, is sus- to attend the State Cont:rence of pended from the ministerial office. Maine, and propose a union with us on

No casual meeting of ministers, the same terms, on which a union is nor any other body of ministers, to formed between us and other bodies. which he is not amenable, can regular- Voted, that one person from each ly restore him."

district association be appointed to reThe committee appointed by the port the existing regulations respectGeneral Association the last year,“ to ing church government in their respectprepare and present a summary of ive Consociations. Christian doctrine to this body at this Voted, that the next meeting of this session," submitted a report which was Association be in the city of New Ha. read and accepted.

ven, at the house of the Rev. Leonard In considering the report of this com- Bacon, the third Tuesday of June mittee, the following resolutions were 1828. adopted.

Resolved, that in the opinion of this Sandwich Island Mission.— The PruAssociation, the adoption of a common dential Committee contemplate sendsummary of Christian doctrine, by the ing a reinforcement to the Sandwich evangelical ministry of New-England, Island mission, next autumn, if Proviwould greatly subserve the interests of dence permit,--a measure the necessitruth and religion.

ty of which must be apparent to all Resolved, that a committee be ap- who have attended to the progress of pointed to request of the ecclesiastical the mission, and to the present state bodies of New-England, in connexion of the islands. It should consist of at with this Association, the appointment least three ordained missionaries, a phyof a committee of conference, who, sician, and a printer. It is desired, inwith this committee, may prepare such deed, by the missionaries at the islands, summary, to be reported to each of that five clergymen may come to their these ecclesiastical bodies, with refer- help: and if this number does not go at ence to such ulterior measures as they present, it should not long be withmay deem expedient for the promotion held. of the general object.

As the mission was situated, at the Resolved, that the proposed com- latest dates, the population of the mittees of conference meet for the pur- Sandwich Islands enjoyed the Chrispose specified, at Hartford, on the third tian ministry in the proportions about Tuesday of October next, or at some to be stated. time and place which may be agreed

Population. Preachers. op by themselves.

Island of Maui, 10,000

1 Voted, that a committee be appoint

Tauai, 15,000

1 ed to correspond with individuals in

Oahu, 20,000

1 The several district associations, and

Hawaii, 85,000 report at the next meeting of this body, if they deen it expedient, some plan for


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