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MARYLAND.–Sunday, July 15, 1786. I rest from riding. Preached “Who hath warned you to flee from the wrath to come?” I had sweet communion with God in the woods--my soul hatb rest in the Lord.

Monday 10. Came to Old Town, and preached on 1 Tim. i. 15. ; and administered the sacrament.

Tuesday 11. I rested to look over some papers and prepare some parchments. Spent nearly a third of the day in prayer, that the Lord would go with me to the springs. O what hath God wrought for brother Jacobs and his wife since I lodged with them four years ago ! I believe from that day the Lord heard our prayers for them.

There has been a remarkable storm of hail at, and about the warm springs, by which great damage. has been sustained : some of the hail, it was said, measured seven inches in circumference.

VIRGINIA.— Tuesday 13. I came to Bath ; the water made me sick. I took some pills and drank chicken-broth, and mended. I am ill in body, and dispirited. I am subject to a headach, which prevents my reading or writing much, and have no friends here ; but I desire to trust the Lord with all my concerns. Having no appointments for three weeks to come, I have concluded to stay here awhile ; and I am the more inclined so to do, as I am apprehensive my stomach wants all the healing efficacy of the waters to restore it to its proper tone.

Sunday 16. I had some divine assistance in speaking to the people under the trees, on “ Lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God.” In the afternoon I enlarged on “ Having the form of godliness, but

I denying the power thereof.

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Quite weak, and considerably affected by the water. Vol. II.


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Thursday 20. I am better. Employed in reading Mr. Harvey, and Brooks's Practice of Physic; more than ordinary in prayer, and spoke in public every other night.

Sunday 30. I spoke plainly and closely in the playhouse on “Oh! wicked man, thou shalt surely die.” The people were serious : I cannot get the people to attend preaching except on the Sabbath this evil is to be remedied only, I presume, by our getting a preaching-house, and preaching therein by candle light.

Saturday, August 5. I began to pack up, in hopes of moving on Monday.

Sunday 6. I had a serious, little congregation in the country. Returned to town, and preached at four o'clock. A pleasing thought passed through my mind; it was this, that I was

; saved from the remains of sin ; as yet, I have felt no returns thereof. I was solemnly impressed with the account of the death of poor Styor, a German, who dropped down suddenly and died. He was a man of piety, and had a gift to preach ; had a noble spirit, and sound judgment. I have spent twenty-three days at this place of wickedness (Bath.) We are trying what can be done towards building a house for worship: we collected something on the Sabbath for that purpose, and it appears the business is entered upon with spirit. My horse was running in the pasture last week, and hurt himself, so that I find him utterly incapable of travelling, and that I am compelled to linger here another week; this, as it is, I am willing to do, for the sake of the people, the cause of God, and my health ; and I am disposed to consider it a providential call, although I should not remain, was my borse able to carry me away. I sent brother B. to my appointments, and directed him when and where to appoint for me. hopes revive here, and I trust my labour is not all in vain.

Tuesday 15. I preached for the last time during this visit, but the people showed but little affection for the word. Capon River being full, I crossed in a canoe, and found my horse

1 better. The cut was a deep one, but we applied a piece of bacon to the wound, bound some leather round it, and on Thursday I took my departure from this unhappy place.

Came to my old friend B. Boydstone's. I had the happiness of seeing that tender woman, his wife, who careth for the preachers as for her own soul : full oft hath she refreshed my spirit: her words, looks, and gestures, appear to be heavenly. Here I could make no stay, lest I should miss my appointments in Philadelphia ; and if so, be too late for those made in the Jerseys and New-York.

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MARYLAND.-Sunday morning, Rode twenty miles to Pipe-Creek chapel, and preached to a large congregation.

Monday 21. Reached Mr. Gougb's, where I spent two days : the weather was very warm ; but for one hundred miles and upwards I have had it sufficiently agreeable.

Came to Abingdon-Our college is still without a cover, and our managers, as I expected, almost out of breath. I made but little stay, but hasted on to Philadelphia, and arrived there on the twenty-sixth, Saturday, New-Jersey.--Monday 28. I came to Trenton ; and thence

proceeded on to Brunswick. I was accidentally, or rather providentially, favoured with a ride in a carriage ; else, I know not how I should have proceeded on my journey. I reached New-York on the thirty. first of August, having travelled three hundred and fifty miles since I left Bath, in Virginia.

New-York. I was taken ill, and was confined about eight days, during which time I was variously tried and exercised in mind. I I spent some time in looking over my Journals, which I have kept for fifteen years back : some things I corrected, and some I expunged. Perhaps, if they are not published before, they will be after my death, to let my friends, and the world see how I have employed my time in America. I feel the worth of souls, and the weight of the pastoral charge, and that the conscientious discharge of its important duties requires something more than human learning, utwieldy salaries, or clerical titles of D. D. or even bishop :-the eyes of all both preachers and people, will be opened in time.

Saturday, September 17. It was a very solemn season at the ordination of brother Dickens to the eldership. I gave the charge from 1 Tim. üi. 10, 14. In the afternoon I preached to the people from these words, “ Pray for us ;” and in the evening from “ The world by wisdom knew not God: it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe.” I met the society, and opened my mind to them on various subjects.

Tuesday 20. I rose with a sense of God upon my soul.

I have been a little grieved with letters from : but it is in vain to look for more than man in the best of men : my witness is on high ; and I shall have respect to my Great Shepherd in all things. After preaching on

66 The

grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God," &c. and settling some temporal matters relative to the support of the stationed preachers, I left the city and came to Elizabethtown: at seven o'clock I preached and had much liberty.

NEW JERSEY-Friday 21. We dined at Amboy, and reached Mon. mouth at nigh.

Saturday 22. I preached with life and love at Leonard's : the people bere appear very lifeless. I have lately been much tried and much blessed.

Tuesday 26. I had mapy to hear at Potter's church, but the people were insensible and upfeeling.

Wednesday 27. I met with brothers P-s and Budd; we sailed over the bay to the sea, for the benefit of the air.

Thursday 28. Since this day week we have rode about one hundred and fifty miles over dead sands, and among a dead people, and a long space between meals.

Friday 29. I preached in a close, hot place, and administered the sacrament; I was almost ready to faint. I feel fatigued and much dispirited. We lodged at Freedom Lucas's, Dear Batskow, an honesthearted man. We shall see whether he will continue to be the same simple-hearted Christian he now is, when he gets possession of the estate which, it is said, has fallen to him in England.

New-JERSEY.-Sunday, October 1. We had a very large congregation; to whom I enforced “ Look unto me, all ye ends of the earth, and be saved."

Cape-May.-We stopped at the Cape.--I find there is a great dearth of religion in these parts ; and my spirit is clothed in sackcloth before the Lord.

Tuesday 3. At P. Cresey's we had a few cold hearers—the glory is strangely departed.

Thursday 5. There are a few pious souls at Gough's; but here also there is an evident declension. My soul is under deep exercise on account of the deadness of the people, and my own want of fervour and holiness of heart.

Friday 6. At Morris-River church I was warm and close on, “Lord, are there few that be saved ?"

The people were attentive to the word.

Sunday 8. At New England Town we had a small house and large congregation ; I had liberty in preaching on “ By grace are ye saved through faith.” Thence I proceeded to M—'s, where I had poor times. Next day I felt quite unwell for want of rest, so annoyed were we the night before.

Thursday 12. I was shut up in speaking on 1 Cor. i. 30. At Marfrey's we had many dull, prayerless people. We came to the widow Airs's ; the mother and daughters are serious, and the son thoughtful. The weather is oppressively warm, and I feel weary and faint. I was much shut up at Bethel on 1 Pet. iii. 18. Three times have I been here, and always straitened in spirit.



Saturday 14. Came to Sand-Town: the weather very warm, and the people dull : I admioistered the sacrament, and rode away to Cooper's ferry, where we left our horses and crossed to the city : (Philadelphia) bere I fouod brother Whatcoat, with whom I took sweet counsel.

PENNSYLVANIA.—Sunday 15. I had some energy in speaking, and at sacrament. In the afternoon it was a feeling time on “ The Lord will give grace and glory.”

New Jersey.- Monday 16. Rode to Holly, where I preached on Come, ye blessed of my Father,” &c.—and then at New-Mills on “Suffering affliction with the people of God."

At Burlington I enlarged on, " Neither is there salvation in any other,” &c.-these are not a zealous people for religion.

PENNSYLVANIA.-Wednesday 18. We returned to the city of Philadelphia. Next day I preached, and was close and pointed.

Friday 20. I was led to treat on the sufferings of God's people; as entirely distinct from those they endure in common with other men, and certainly unavoidable by all who are really alive to God. I found it

necessary to change some official men ; and to take proper steps in preparing to defray our church debt, which is now £500. I gave them a sermon on “ By this shall all men know that ye are my disci


love one another.” Sunday 22. In the afternoon I left the city, and preached in the evening at Chester.

DELAWARE.-Monday 23. I rode forty-five miles to Dickenson's, in the Delaware State. Preached at Little-Creek, and then rode five miles to Dover, and preached in the court-house. I bless God peace

of mind, and communion with him. Sunday 29. I had many to hear at Dover, and had power and liberty in speaking on Gal. i. 5.: we also had a good sacramental time. In the afternoon I spoke on the latter part of my text-how and what it was to suffer according to the will of God. Thence to Thomas White's, where I was closely employed.

Sunday, November 5. I preached at Cambridge on “We preach Christ crucified,” &c. little light, and less heat. I was blessed in my own soul, and bad liberty in preaching at M.Keels's in the afternoon, where there is some revival among the people.

Thursday 9. I rode to Mr. Bartholomew Ennalls's ; the notice was short, and the congregation small; the word, nevertheless, reached some hearts. I crossed at Vienna, a dead and dark place for religion.

Friday 10. We had more than I expected of hearers at Quantico chapel. Thence I went to Wycomico-River, and lodged at Captain



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